Trying CRAZY CLOTHING HACKS to see if they work


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    hiiiii friends we made it on trending!!

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    Good Job! I'm a big fan also I subscribed to you on sssniperwolf sorry if I spelled it wrong

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    Little Lia I love u❤️I would die to meet u😢❤️❤️

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    avakin Noodles 🍝

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    I saw this a 5 in the morning

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    You did da

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    You are soo cute and I am new subscriber I subscribed sssniper wolf too

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    u wore it better xD

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    wait im comfused aren't you doing the yt Chanel at sssniperwolf??

  15. Infinate Girl

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    Big booty Judy thickness 😂

  16. Hafsa Mohammad

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    Lia looks amazing and beautiful anyways this girl don’t need any hacks 🤗love u lia

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    Sniper wolf is that you lol

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    I have some shoe hacks

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    U does talk so much wayzz

  22. ally dj and alessa

    ally dj and alessa2 dias atrás

    Omg I tried the one where ya cut the shirt down this middle and I loved it but I did a little decorating to it to plain for me lol

  23. Elz Skie

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    Sana ol ede wow hehehehhehehheehheheehheeheheheehehhheehheehehehwhhehehehehehe

  24. Oreoxxiia

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    7:12 she cussed the word was a**

  25. Anahi Sanchez

    Anahi Sanchez2 dias atrás

    **I don't know**

  26. Wanda Holcombe

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    sssniperwolf wore it better

  27. Micayla Bush

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    Oh pretty jacket

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    Sausage looks like Post Malone ngl

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    1:36 Bootie Judy? *Judy Mc bootie* OwO

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  31. Novia Fullere

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    You shuold do you're onwe life hack

  32. Ema Timinskaite

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    Hi friends I done all hacks SIKE!!!!

  33. Seema's channel Snow

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    Roses are red Vilots are blue You are good looking So why isn't your boyfriend too?

  34. Sivaganga A V

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    Last one and the first coat nice no super duper😢😍😍😻❤❤❤❤

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    ur night owl ness makes me feel less bad about mine

  36. Inna_Queen i love Cookies

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    Al wer good

  37. Emily Lawless

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    Leah sausage wore it the best I was like dammmmm

  38. Martin Anastacio

    Martin Anastacio4 dias atrás

    Taped Gucci: I'm not sure but you can try ironing it on a piece of cloth. Just put a baking paper on it before ironing. Your butt: already looks nice, doesn't need making it bigger Hoodie-into-Bag: You can do the running test if you're using books instead.

  39. Shay Brooks

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    You where it better sniper 🐺

  40. Catherine Vasquez

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    You did it look cute gril

  41. Phyo Hunny

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    My tablet is a size of laptop🤣

  42. Ilanah Arenzonova

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    I love big long shirts

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    Who’s watching this I. 2020😅

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    @Reyzo 092 like really what?

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    Well.. everyone

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    Can u not like everone says that not to be mean but like plase dont like really

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    Why did you need a long hoodie?

  50. Violet Arbulu

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    Y did that second one sound like troom troom

  51. Alpha Misty

    Alpha Misty6 dias atrás

    9:12 - 9:35 Miss Wolf does not look impressed

  52. Poonam Choudhary

    Poonam Choudhary6 dias atrás

    Before you told you are not having a hoody now you have it for the laptop hack maddd

  53. Sui Hlawn

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    2020 anyone????

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    I feel sad....i LOVE long shirts......Its my favorite stile

  58. Katherine Nguyen

    Katherine Nguyen7 dias atrás

    “I’ve had this laptop for years so......” If the hack didn’t work you would have an excuse to get a new laptop

  59. Jatm Mtaj

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    My booty is bigger than Kim K's. ->-

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    Do a collab with gloom

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    liaa! i love your viiiids! subscribed at least 5 yeARS ago

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    Little lia won

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    On her laptop I see a laurenzside sticker

  64. Formal Plum

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    I tried the Gucci hack and it did not work

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    Are u sniper wolf

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    To big of a shirt become a Visco girl

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    Lia sucks

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    who else is watching in 2020 and on a laptop

  70. wowtrte keke

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    Ya if I was desprit