1. Romana Geres

    Romana Geres10 horas atrás

    for a moment i thought ‘COFFEE SHOP’ in my country (the netherlands) a coffee shop is a weed shop so i had to think twice lmao

  2. Emily Isabeau

    Emily Isabeau14 horas atrás

    Emma the turtles are coming for u. They’re mad.

  3. Marc Knight

    Marc KnightDia atrás

    Also be prepared, bring a couple of tin cans!😥😓🧚

  4. Marc Knight

    Marc KnightDia atrás

    Obviously your pops should buy you a house somewhere rural... Tell him your fans request it for you

  5. Lucie Budská

    Lucie BudskáDia atrás

    You mixed coffee no. 4 and 5 :O

  6. Emma Webster

    Emma WebsterDia atrás

    I wish I had that much money to buy 10 coffees a day 😂

  7. Min Yoongi

    Min YoongiDia atrás

    Emma you’re over reacting about your weather being “hot” where I’m from it’s 45*c and the hottest we’ve came to is 52* we gonna burn until we become chicken nuggets

  8. Lucasbut13r

    Lucasbut13rDia atrás

    Emma: wow that was a lot of coffee, I just want to sit down relax and drink some coffee


    BURNAYYDia atrás

    Literally I never knew Air Force 1’s were popular, I found black and gold ones easy as hell I also have all black ones so I don’t have to be flashy

  10. RoseTheSmurfette

    RoseTheSmurfetteDia atrás


  11. Shaye Nicolexo

    Shaye NicolexoDia atrás

    I have an awesome skin care routine for you if your interested haha

  12. 5cent27

    5cent272 dias atrás

    Your adrenals are probably fried.

  13. Kelsey b

    Kelsey b2 dias atrás

    "Anti-bitch serum ehhh" 😂😂😂😂

  14. George Collins

    George Collins2 dias atrás

    the DREAM

  15. Mariah Lamb

    Mariah Lamb2 dias atrás

    I was one hundred percent sure that was a popped zit on her hat

  16. mexiaznann

    mexiaznann2 dias atrás

    I need to know what the final price was, considering those coffees had to be around $5 each 🤣

  17. Nadia Purplez

    Nadia Purplez2 dias atrás

    Did she poop or pee

  18. SISTER Ronack

    SISTER Ronack2 dias atrás

    Try to not drink coffee for 72h hours 😂😂😂😂

  19. Zara Perfect

    Zara Perfect2 dias atrás

    Imagine Emma not drinking coffee for a whole day 🙊🙈


    ISABELA BALDI2 dias atrás

    Or something


    ISABELA BALDI2 dias atrás

    They should make a coffee named after at philz called the Emma

  22. bomatt

    bomatt3 dias atrás

    Omg that lady by the pink wall coffee shop, lol.

  23. Abi Holmes

    Abi Holmes3 dias atrás

    emma pls can you try use reusable straws and cups bc that is a lot of waste. Thanks

  24. KodaStorm

    KodaStorm3 dias atrás

    Your videos always make me happy and uplift my mood so much. Thank you

  25. shanaya xox

    shanaya xox3 dias atrás

    Maddie c im sorry

  26. Briana Nightingale

    Briana Nightingale3 dias atrás

    Why didn’t you go to starbucks

  27. Softball 15

    Softball 153 dias atrás


  28. 3 dias atrás

    What does she do with all her coffee she has in her car?

  29. cheesy kimbap

    cheesy kimbap3 dias atrás

    I really like how you edited this video Emma especially the motion tracking sideways thingy

  30. Ariella Naena

    Ariella Naena3 dias atrás

    How is she lifting her legs that way

  31. Jeff Phillips

    Jeff Phillips3 dias atrás

    Liberal ass hippy bitch

  32. hcgwarvts

    hcgwarvts3 dias atrás

    the amount of coffee she was drinking got me confused when my water didn’t taste like coffee 🤪🤪

  33. Nimo Barre

    Nimo Barre3 dias atrás

    Emma: Wait before I try it..... Me: Bitch u already tried it😏😏😏

  34. Nimo Barre

    Nimo Barre3 dias atrás


  35. Nimo Barre

    Nimo Barre3 dias atrás

    It actually was a Monday when I watched it

  36. Lucinda Myrus

    Lucinda Myrus3 dias atrás

    Lol it’s a Monday

  37. Kayla

    Kayla3 dias atrás

    It’s almost 1am and I’m watching Emma try different coffee shops interesting

  38. シVintage-Charlee

    シVintage-Charlee4 dias atrás

    Emma-it’s 70 degrees Me-it’s 107 here😂😂

  39. Elena Rodriguez

    Elena Rodriguez4 dias atrás

    Tis a Monday actually🥴

  40. Mel D.

    Mel D.4 dias atrás

    Emma acts like 70 degrees is hot 😂👏🏻 ok

  41. Peri Y

    Peri Y4 dias atrás

    emma : curology cured my skin also emma : thats just acne on my face

  42. Yunuen Rodriguez Olivan

    Yunuen Rodriguez Olivan4 dias atrás

    it's strange because toda i's monday so happy monday too

  43. Watermelon Kandy

    Watermelon Kandy4 dias atrás


  44. Niella Cacey Sarol

    Niella Cacey Sarol4 dias atrás

    Sorry I’m (really) late but that means I’m watching this on Monday 😏

  45. Smooth Tears

    Smooth Tears4 dias atrás

    Cofffee overdose

  46. kayla gietek

    kayla gietek4 dias atrás

    Emma: it’s not going to be a Monday when you watch this Me: *its Monday...*

  47. Ella In Alaska

    Ella In Alaska4 dias atrás

    It’s Monday right now😂😂

  48. Ishrah Ahmed

    Ishrah Ahmed4 dias atrás

    Actually ...I’m watching it on a Monday 😊

  49. The jez

    The jez4 dias atrás

    All the turtles died from this video (I'm joking okay)

  50. Keri Bow

    Keri Bow4 dias atrás

    “Ew what’s on my face..oh that’s just acne” FELT THAT

  51. Christopher Newby

    Christopher Newby4 dias atrás

    She should make this a series, coffee hunting with Emma.

  52. Kangaroo Gamer

    Kangaroo Gamer5 dias atrás

    It's not at the top anymore

  53. mika k

    mika k5 dias atrás

    did she just say goat check it out🗿😭✋

  54. Leia Alice Brown

    Leia Alice Brown5 dias atrás

    What coffee does emma have? Is it just iced coffee?

  55. mtdarg07

    mtdarg075 dias atrás

    Please do no coffee for 24 hours lol. Get this to the top

  56. XxGabby GachaxX

    XxGabby GachaxX5 dias atrás

    9:59 a worm or something fell on her rooftop of her car, like if you saw it too

  57. Lps Kit Kat

    Lps Kit Kat5 dias atrás

    A freaking icon in the flesh😂

  58. Nathan Wade

    Nathan Wade5 dias atrás

    im selling replays 4:20 4:20 4:20

  59. Nati D

    Nati D5 dias atrás

    Did she say “because it’s literally 70 degrees”? 😂 in Florida it’s like 90 but feels like 110

  60. Ariana Wasser

    Ariana Wasser5 dias atrás

    "They arent expensive" *sees pairs of shoes over 200$*


    MISS CLEMENTINE5 dias atrás


  62. Catlyn Donovan

    Catlyn Donovan6 dias atrás

    so are they all just iced coffees? like did you get a flavor?

  63. Morgan Lasher

    Morgan Lasher6 dias atrás

    Does anyone know where she got her phone case??

  64. _ badgerhoneysboba _

    _ badgerhoneysboba _6 dias atrás

    oh god it gives me anxiety how she holds the coffee cup by the lid lmao

  65. Kaitlin Sings

    Kaitlin Sings7 dias atrás

    Emma: “I hate hot coffee” Also emma: *the coffee she always gets is hot*

  66. Jennifer Dinsdale

    Jennifer Dinsdale7 dias atrás

    so much wasted plastic for this kind of content...

  67. Jadieh Buendia

    Jadieh Buendia7 dias atrás

    emma : holy fuck i'm sweating also emma : wears a beanie and a long sleeve shirt

  68. Marissa Shugart

    Marissa Shugart7 dias atrás

    you should make a vid of you trying starbucks

  69. michelle allery

    michelle allery8 dias atrás

    You should try being a visco girl for a day!!

  70. Dogs 4 Life

    Dogs 4 Life8 dias atrás

    So does Emma just order and iced Coffey because I want to try one because it looks good but I need to know what she orders

  71. Homemade Adventures

    Homemade Adventures8 dias atrás

    This channels garbage

  72. So here's what I think

    So here's what I think8 dias atrás

    This is literally the whitest channel to ever exist

  73. Taylor x Dunne

    Taylor x Dunne8 dias atrás

    the last coffee was so predictable, i just kept saying philz coffee lmao 😂❤️

  74. Rhythm Basnet

    Rhythm Basnet8 dias atrás

    you swear a lot

  75. Quetzalli Oviedo

    Quetzalli Oviedo8 dias atrás

    I think she would look so good with black hair

  76. Lili Cortés

    Lili Cortés9 dias atrás

    Saw this vid from reddit

  77. destaniea

    destaniea9 dias atrás

    I was literally just thinking to myself you seem so calm when filming in LA 😂 Driving in LA makes me cry

  78. xXLany_ 2007Xx

    xXLany_ 2007Xx9 dias atrás

    What is ur go to ice coffe

  79. Bryce Wolfie

    Bryce Wolfie9 dias atrás

    Does anyone notice that whenever Emma is at a stoplight she is like almost in the middle of both lanes 😆

  80. wendy darling

    wendy darling9 dias atrás

    OKAY but through out the video she is only ordering iced coffee..and she likes hot coffee better, and she wonders why she doesn't like it as much as Phils HOT coffee?? Idk. but love u emma