1. evelyn christine vlogs

    evelyn christine vlogs8 horas atrás

    When u order what type of coffe do u get

  2. tatiana alejandra

    tatiana alejandra15 horas atrás


  3. Iris Van lokven

    Iris Van lokvenDia atrás

    In the Netherlands a coffeeshop is shop to use and buy marihuana

  4. Kim Vlogs

    Kim Vlogs2 dias atrás

    emma: *coffee shops are gonna start clothings-* *coffee sherps----* *Coffee shops are gonna start clothings--are you kidding me?* I keep cracking up to this😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Olivia Smith

    Olivia Smith3 dias atrás

    “a danger hazard”

  6. Kyle Graeme

    Kyle Graeme3 dias atrás

    I get my .50 coffee at burger king and i love it lmfao

  7. Azra Atik

    Azra Atik4 dias atrás

    I've honestly watched this like 50 times and i still enjoy it

  8. Mid20sCrisis

    Mid20sCrisis5 dias atrás

    Seeing her progressively talk faster and less coherently throughout the video is a mood.

  9. Amie Hayes

    Amie Hayes6 dias atrás

    I'm picky about coffee too.

  10. Nadine Fourie

    Nadine Fourie8 dias atrás

    hey emma

  11. Samantha Silva

    Samantha Silva9 dias atrás


  12. ImSillyLilly

    ImSillyLilly9 dias atrás


  13. Emily nelsonlloyd

    Emily nelsonlloyd10 dias atrás

    Okay but Emma is in the ghetto

  14. Stephen Yin

    Stephen Yin10 dias atrás

    I watch emma's vlogs to sleep

  15. Defi Munawaroh

    Defi Munawaroh11 dias atrás

    Stop you gonna got diabetes

  16. Jay

    Jay11 dias atrás

    In all of Australia multiple sizes of Air Force ones are completely sold out country wide they’re that popular 😂

  17. judy

    judy12 dias atrás

    ‘I know that i like the coffee shops that i like’

  18. Samantha Hickey

    Samantha Hickey12 dias atrás

    Emma: It won’t be a Monday when you’re watching this but.. *it is emma*

  19. whateveritslisa

    whateveritslisa14 dias atrás

    i did a toronto version of your video (it’s on my channel) and was lowkey disappointed ☹️ why is good coffee so hard to find?!

  20. Deija Hill

    Deija Hill16 dias atrás

    This girl tested Emma’s official coffee brand and I am fing shook at her reaction 😨😨🤮🤮🤭🤭😁😁😁

  21. Bill Le

    Bill Le16 dias atrás

    She looks 13 how is she driving

  22. galaxyyy

    galaxyyy14 dias atrás

    Bill Le LMAO SHES 18

  23. justininvestor

    justininvestor18 dias atrás

    maybe get rid of the wool hat in the middle of summer it cant help stress

  24. Iyana Heard

    Iyana Heard19 dias atrás

    Fun Fact about Air Force Ones: If you can fit kid sizes they still have them on Nike. com for kids!!

  25. Grace Smith

    Grace Smith19 dias atrás

    erm it’s monday

  26. Oh_Its _Eriaart

    Oh_Its _Eriaart19 dias atrás

    Its monday!

  27. Amazing Kate

    Amazing Kate20 dias atrás

    I dare you to go a week without coffee

  28. Annaclaire Looney

    Annaclaire Looney20 dias atrás

    Fuck now i want coffee

  29. Annaclaire Looney

    Annaclaire Looney20 dias atrás

    I only drink good iced coffie I am 13 I am not what the photo looks like ok don't be like " coffie stunts ur growth" well guess what I don't fucking care.

  30. Diana Xue

    Diana Xue20 dias atrás

    One time, I slipped in the shower and I tried grabbing onto the water....

  31. Elizabeth_Pickles

    Elizabeth_Pickles22 dias atrás

    When I realise 70degrees Fahrenheit is only 21 degrees Celsius

  32. Belle McGovern

    Belle McGovern22 dias atrás

    I’ve literally only been watching Emma for a day and she’s already my favorite BRreporterr! I love this! :))

  33. Etwas Liebe

    Etwas Liebe22 dias atrás

    Who is also drinking coffee right now ?:)

  34. Danielle Arps

    Danielle Arps23 dias atrás

    emma, u r officially my favourite BRreporterr 🙃🙃

  35. Sierra McCormick

    Sierra McCormick26 dias atrás

    it's a monday 4 me lmao

  36. Najibah

    Najibah26 dias atrás

    Who's watching this after she started her own coffee line?

  37. lauren helfrich

    lauren helfrich28 dias atrás

    tell me why i KNEW the last one time was gonna be philz😂

  38. Mr. Spartan

    Mr. SpartanMês atrás

    damn Emma looking like a straight 5 course meal in this video!!!

  39. Sam Losco

    Sam LoscoMês atrás

    I wanna bang u

  40. Lili Rose Busatta

    Lili Rose BusattaMês atrás

    Can you make a matcha latte beanie

  41. Nae’s World

    Nae’s WorldMês atrás

    Have you tried Vietnamese coffee ?

  42. Grace Leonard

    Grace LeonardMês atrás

    literally fuc everyone in the live chat like: YoUR NoT SaVInG THE tURtLEs- ToO mUCh PlAsTic🤡- like let the girl drink her anti bitch serum ho

  43. Gulcin Karakas

    Gulcin KarakasMês atrás

    Which coffee machine is best for iced coffee?

  44. Agustina.eilish S

    Agustina.eilish SMês atrás

    Vine por angie velasco y no entiendo q verga dice pero me gusta ahre

  45. ubh nee owerc

    ubh nee owercMês atrás

    bro... the *straws*

  46. David

    DavidMês atrás

    13:50 best part

  47. kamil ahmadzani

    kamil ahmadzaniMês atrás

    I'm starting to think that she's not an economist but at least she's addicting to binge

  48. B

    BMês atrás

    Now try the other type of coffee shop

  49. Amirah Cordova

    Amirah CordovaMês atrás

    When she said “it’s gonna be a surprise” I said “Philz” and then she got philz😭🤚🏼💀

  50. Samantha Samaniego

    Samantha SamaniegoMês atrás

    “Zoom in on that “ she’s alone 😂

  51. Buttface99999

    Buttface99999Mês atrás

    Whitest whites

  52. Izzy Evans

    Izzy EvansMês atrás

    Emma they all taste the same and aren't unique because they are all iced lattes

  53. nyamnyam eme fat cat

    nyamnyam eme fat cat2 meses atrás

    My only goal in my life

  54. Melanie Rueda

    Melanie Rueda2 meses atrás

    emma makes me feel better about my caffeine addiction :) :) :)

  55. Tiana  Lampe

    Tiana Lampe2 meses atrás

    I love the fact that 70 degrees is hot for her while a girl raised in the Caribbean is like a heaven weather also a little chili

  56. Alana Plays

    Alana Plays2 meses atrás

    Number 4 and number 5

  57. Nimrat Kaur

    Nimrat Kaur2 meses atrás

    Starbucks is my thing and nothing else

  58. sister scandal

    sister scandal2 meses atrás

    does anyone else notice her back seats in her car have one head rest

  59. Nisheka Burrell

    Nisheka Burrell2 meses atrás

    why dont you go to starbucks

  60. It’s Simi

    It’s Simi2 meses atrás

    Emma: you are probably not going to watch on Monday Me: but it is monday

  61. Gabriela Mendoza

    Gabriela Mendoza2 meses atrás

    She thinks 70 degrees is hot...guuuuuuuuurl we up in 90 in FL 😂