trying to beat tommy at wii sports resort basketball goes wrong


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    like and subscribe so i can afford new tv

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    @Connor Lamb oh ok

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    No poofeure.

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    @Connor Lamb who me

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    Dude are you a child.

  7. florezluza

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    In 12:43 I can’t 👎 see 👀 because someone’s 🚶‍♂️ ass is on the screen 📺 I was crying 😢 of laughter 😂 😆 😝 in that scene give this comment a like if you were crying of laughter in that part

  8. Mrcreeperknight 28

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    You know tommy looks like Reggie the old Nintendo of America ceo rip reggie

  9. Brianna Wilson

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    4:20 me with shots, watch for a bit

  10. Ryder Martin

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    When you become a meme and about to start earning millions 17:27

  11. Deejay G Vlogs

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    *sHe’s ScisSorIng yOu sO HaRd MavEn!!!!!*

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    How do you not have more subscribers your fucking hilarious

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    1 acknowledgement of my existence= I pray for poofesure’s neighbors

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    12:42 I died laughing and happy

  15. Ghosty is mean

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    Am I the only one who beat tommy on the first try when I was like 6

  16. Hayward Johnson

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    watch your language

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    6:50 "I wanna break something" We know where this went.

  18. I have six names

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    Person i'm on a date with: So do you have any hobbies? anything you just really love to do? Me: 2:15

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    *everybody gangsta on Tommy's team till they hear the chicken scream*

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    * Psychotic Laughter

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    You should do a face cam

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    3:45 super Mario

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    is it me, or does his laugh sound like Pennywise

  25. Deen R.

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    Friend: *gets hurt* Me: 4:03

  26. Olivia T

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    he is literally my basketball coach @ my team

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    Somebody forgot to put on their Wii remote strap

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    *jesus exorcising demons* The demons: 9:52

  29. glamourous.

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    7:03 Me when someone takes my seat in class

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    6:51 i was laughing so hard

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  32. Kermitt

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    your neighbors be cooking and hear "YOU B**CCCCHHHHH" kids look at parents parents look is what the fu...... c*

  33. snake_z

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    nobody: victims of the school bully: 10:03

  34. snake_z

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    When you have to walk by a scary halloween deceration 6:11

  35. I Am A Wombat Hear Me Roar

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    14:56... 15:16 15:24 *curb your enthusiasm music plays*

  36. I Am A Wombat Hear Me Roar

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    Nobody: The mii: 12:43

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    3:35 What’s the name of that song? I think I heard it in a few PewDiePie videos.

  38. I Am A Wombat Hear Me Roar

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    0:45 ur fault for making him white smh

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    this video wants me to reply to my own comment

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    damn same bro

  41. im a starfish

    im a starfishDia atrás

    damn same bro

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    I worry for his sanity

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    The new Tyler1

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    His becoming insane

  45. Doge Biscuits

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    Me casually sleeping nicely 😴 MY ALARM CLOCK: 4:03-4:17

  46. TruMoo Perdue

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    Your team is like me in Gym class

  47. Ptron 2005

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    I can’t tell if he’s laughing or crying

  48. Jake the Astronaut

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    3:10 I swear that's literally everyone when I start beating them in cod

  49. Morgan Dagenais

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    I wonder how many things this guy has broke when raging 😤? 🤔

  50. squirrel boy

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    Best basketball coach

  51. Reagan_ LovesKitties

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    1:56 when you are doing a math project with a group and they just keep talking about fortnite

  52. Cats meow :3

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    11:28 sounds like a cookabara is it just me

  53. Cosmetic Boom

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    mom come get me im scared

  54. Joey

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    4:03 Feel Good Inc.

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    5:59 😂😂😂

  57. Steeler Talk Radio

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    7:03 When you touch popular girl in school

  58. Brendan Garner

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    4:02 Shenzi is that you

  59. YourBroKace

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    I hate it when games make their AI react to the shot as soon as you press the button, it’s so broken.

  60. Krem Coin

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    Nobody: Mockey at christmas day: 9:50

  61. WRLD_Champ

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    15:17 topt ten moments before desasters

  62. Moo

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    6:11 that’s all I need to say

  63. Callum McGuinness

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    These videos are the funniest videos on BRreporter

  64. Dairymilk *

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    Me in dodgeball 2:15

  65. yo gii

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    Nobody: Poofesure: EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  66. Tommy FromYT

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    Hello dellor's dad Nice to meet you, i see where dellor gets his anger from

  67. Elisa From Wii sports

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    6:11 that’s me when poofesure makes a fucking shirt saying he hates me on it and I accidentally buy it and can’t return it cause idk how