trying to get 1 million tik tok followers i cant do this anymore


  1. Extremely Sofi

    Extremely Sofi17 minutos atrás

    ok im sorry but i *kind of love ur jaw line lol*

  2. Carl Boi

    Carl Boi59 minutos atrás

    👎🏻btbtbtbtbtbt (u told us to do this)

  3. Tuesday Bandy

    Tuesday BandyDia atrás

    Animals don’t have money. They get everything for free. Are animals secretly commies?

  4. The Real Deal Bros

    The Real Deal BrosDia atrás

    1 like = one follower for ryan

  5. Gabriel Koplinski

    Gabriel KoplinskiDia atrás

    Dawg, you said you were gonna keep going until a million.??? Where the next episode?!

  6. Aestheticboi - Games

    Aestheticboi - GamesDia atrás


  7. Get Your Glitter On!

    Get Your Glitter On!Dia atrás

    Two week two weeks two weeks two weeks

  8. Ling Ling

    Ling Ling2 dias atrás

    0:12 tru- Mr.beast

  9. Taylor New

    Taylor New2 dias atrás

    Just wanted you to know.. I bookmarked your Spockey-Spockey-Spockey video because I will (literally) wake up in the middle of the night and wish to watch that video. So like half of those views are from me. 🙃

  10. JolienJolien Z

    JolienJolien Z3 dias atrás

    tictoc isnt that popular for 18+ year olds in europe and asia, i dont know about america but those are prob your subscribers on tictoc

  11. Doodle Bob

    Doodle Bob5 dias atrás

    heheh... Ryan's last brain cell: *_that should be work_*

  12. Megan L

    Megan L6 dias atrás

    PLFF 👎😂

  13. Rhianna Rajput

    Rhianna Rajput6 dias atrás

    Glad your continuing the series

  14. hank youtube

    hank youtube6 dias atrás

    gihreotghhrgurhtghrtjggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggi love trahan

  15. Rhianna Rajput

    Rhianna Rajput6 dias atrás

    6:09 ngl it looks like Spock is touching haileys chest 😂😬😅

  16. Rhianna Rajput

    Rhianna Rajput6 dias atrás

    You should of made the “I’m making tik tocs babe” a tik toc 😂😂

  17. Elliott Ayala

    Elliott Ayala7 dias atrás

    👎you sound soooooo

  18. Kayana Ross

    Kayana Ross7 dias atrás

    Hey anyone else wondering when day 7 is coming out😂😂😂love you thraphamily💕

  19. Brandon MZ

    Brandon MZ8 dias atrás

    Your awful >:v gross

  20. Shylah Stewart

    Shylah Stewart8 dias atrás

    Would it help if I told you I just saw one of your TikToks on a TikTok meme compilation? 😂

  21. Gamer 7390

    Gamer 73908 dias atrás


  22. XmeX

    XmeX9 dias atrás

    Wheres day 7??? ITS BEEN 3 WEEKS!!!!

  23. Mr. RANGER

    Mr. RANGER9 dias atrás

    Where is the 7th video?

  24. Spectdon

    Spectdon9 dias atrás

    Day 6? More like month 1

  25. Alia Shady

    Alia Shady12 dias atrás

    If u cant do this just stop tik tok is the social media dumb platform

  26. Jen Beckman

    Jen Beckman12 dias atrás

    Anyone else here because their waiting for episode 7? :((((

  27. Christine Sisler

    Christine Sisler12 dias atrás

    Some of the stuff he did for the BRreporter video is funnier then some of the tik toks

  28. Exotic Slayer

    Exotic Slayer13 dias atrás


  29. Hazel Silva

    Hazel Silva13 dias atrás

    Ryan dont feel bad for not reeching it bc you have it on you tube:D

  30. Hua HK

    Hua HK14 dias atrás

    ahhh, I'm drowning on cringe omg no hate love all ur videos, you are the best! :D

  31. -dont read this- Puppies

    -dont read this- Puppies14 dias atrás

    1.7 mil he says but two weeks later he has 0.2mil more hes growing fast I must say

  32. Chiara Flooped

    Chiara Flooped15 dias atrás

    Ryan why you still tryan

  33. Cyn

    Cyn12 dias atrás

    Chiara Flooped so not funny

  34. 22 squad sam

    22 squad sam15 dias atrás

    Meanwhile I'm out here with 4 tiktok followers

  35. Heidi Cahir

    Heidi Cahir15 dias atrás

    Can we use it on your merch

  36. Noah Bayer

    Noah Bayer15 dias atrás


  37. Kait Lind

    Kait Lind15 dias atrás

    you should make a tik tok about makeing a the bake round

  38. Tasia M

    Tasia M15 dias atrás

    Is this the last episode of this whole tik tok thing?

  39. Manou Wiegers

    Manou Wiegers16 dias atrás

    take 2 weeks this series is fun

  40. someone o.O

    someone o.O16 dias atrás

    Thats it i feel bad im downloading tik tok right noe and following you

  41. Noe TDM

    Noe TDM16 dias atrás

    😡👎 👅

  42. Jenna B

    Jenna B17 dias atrás

    do some stuff where like it’s not just ur face, maybe have haley do some dancing with u

  43. Colten Wood

    Colten Wood17 dias atrás

    Ryan said to do this💩👎

  44. thejastt

    thejastt17 dias atrás

    Sorry i dont trust that link so i downloaded honey from chrome extension web store

  45. xoa!

    xoa!17 dias atrás


  46. Fabulous 4

    Fabulous 418 dias atrás

    I cringed so hard

  47. Happy Cat

    Happy Cat18 dias atrás

    *Can I get a* 👎🏻👅

  48. Mysterious Person

    Mysterious Person18 dias atrás

    Do a joint tik tok with Lauren gray or any other famous brat.

  49. oof 9000

    oof 900018 dias atrás

    Remember the Ryan who did commentary vids

  50. Tyster Cady

    Tyster Cady18 dias atrás

    Hey awesome video! Btw I am creating a discord server for runners to hang out together. If you wanna join use this code: WyMwzAF

  51. Janine Corbett

    Janine Corbett19 dias atrás


  52. Mintae Kpop

    Mintae Kpop19 dias atrás

    maybe I should try this challenge but instead of trying to get 1million followers, I should try to get 5. Im stuck on 3 followers :) ok I have 4 now but still

  53. Allie Kat

    Allie Kat19 dias atrás

    I love watching him make tik toks😂

  54. Tigre

    Tigre19 dias atrás

    Thank you for stoping this stupid ass tik tok videos

  55. Batman Baseball

    Batman Baseball19 dias atrás


  56. Isla Mackintosh

    Isla Mackintosh19 dias atrás

    Wait who has a son?!

  57. Useless Things

    Useless Things19 dias atrás


  58. Lila Gesuale

    Lila Gesuale19 dias atrás

    💨👍🏻 in the chat

  59. Raidoxx

    Raidoxx20 dias atrás

    Bthz 👎🏽 He did say to say it

  60. Cheggie

    Cheggie20 dias atrás


  61. Madison Daily

    Madison Daily20 dias atrás

    Shorts above the mid shin, nice. My 80,s are calling.