TSM Fortnite Cook-Off 2


  1. TSM

    TSM6 meses atrás


  2. Doritp

    Doritp15 dias atrás


  3. Keithless

    KeithlessMês atrás


  4. Finessjazzy XD

    Finessjazzy XD2 meses atrás

    @Aritic_ XR at ur dads house im mean

  5. Finessjazzy XD

    Finessjazzy XD2 meses atrás


  6. kurzツ

    kurzツ2 meses atrás


  7. Seth Second

    Seth Second3 dias atrás

    It’s part 1.5 without dae

  8. Natedog 17

    Natedog 176 dias atrás

    Stop saying g

  9. Bluffzi

    Bluffzi6 dias atrás


  10. Matthew Peniston

    Matthew Peniston9 dias atrás

    myth is no longer allowed to say the n word, hes white now

  11. Nathan ugly

    Nathan ugly16 dias atrás

    Hankins is not black he dint season the chicken

  12. Maniac

    Maniac17 dias atrás

    The fire extinguisher is as tall as myth lol


    MONARCH21 dia atrás

    Yo i'm 12 and i can cook a burger better than hamz.

  14. K_c_r1

    K_c_r121 dia atrás

    Myth looking like Walmart version of beerus

  15. :/

    :/22 dias atrás

    The girl seams so lost the hole time

  16. XarazBoii

    XarazBoii28 dias atrás

    I wanna see HAMZ amd Myth burn some damn eggs 😂

  17. Kayhan Hamidi

    Kayhan HamidiMês atrás

    Guys make sure to never infect the cutting board

  18. Venx Elusion

    Venx ElusionMês atrás

    Imagine daequan cooking

  19. Delia Gabrielle

    Delia GabrielleMês atrás

    33:34 sounds like my neighbors cars when they’re trying to get out of their driveways without plowing first.

  20. Delia Gabrielle

    Delia GabrielleMês atrás

    “Okay okay cut the domestic violence” oh lord... lmfao

  21. Leyana Flemming

    Leyana FlemmingMês atrás

    The first sus moment “yuuuuhhhhhhhh 😏” (20:30)

  22. Dna Slain

    Dna SlainMês atrás

    Can I have some my guy I’m hungry

  23. Alen Gomez

    Alen GomezMês atrás

    What about dae?

  24. Gabriel Perry

    Gabriel PerryMês atrás

    To be honest Hamlinz messed up so much cooking his chicken skewers. He should've cut the chicken first before cooking it and cooked it before the burger.

  25. shahan osman

    shahan osmanMês atrás


  26. mainalex

    mainalexMês atrás

    hamz literally got rid of all the juiceyness that burger had 😂

  27. Isaiah Jimenez

    Isaiah JimenezMês atrás

    A 10 oz. Ribeye 🥩

  28. BananaDerp1

    BananaDerp1Mês atrás

    I find the fortnite in the title irrelevant

  29. UNI Simba

    UNI SimbaMês atrás

    Can you guys make cooked macaroni with none expired milk

  30. James Leggio

    James LeggioMês atrás

    Get Gordon Ramsay and do a cook off together pleaseeee !!!!

  31. zaybbiur hall

    zaybbiur hallMês atrás

    Preach myth preach

  32. TSG KiLLem Twice

    TSG KiLLem TwiceMês atrás

    This man literally squeezed the flavour out of the burger🤭... GAAAHDAMN

  33. Andrew Guillen

    Andrew GuillenMês atrás

    She got them mixed up said the names the wrong way

  34. tg gaming

    tg gamingMês atrás

    Nobody: Not a single soul: Hamlinz: YEAHH

  35. Be Yourself

    Be YourselfMês atrás

    I grew up in a chief family

  36. Zack Folden

    Zack FoldenMês atrás

    cook pie

  37. Vexilxted

    VexilxtedMês atrás

    Where daequan?

  38. Sleepy Hollow k

    Sleepy Hollow kMês atrás

    Everybody not talking to while eating the food Hamlinz:Mmmmmmmmmmmmm!

  39. caden doeun

    caden doeunMês atrás

    ngl hamsus's meal looks fire

  40. zAiFeR sØnGs

    zAiFeR sØnGsMês atrás

    TIE 100% 1-1

  41. Oliver Matias-Lorenzo

    Oliver Matias-LorenzoMês atrás

    Hamnliz won

  42. Carexo

    CarexoMês atrás

    Yall im ready for a Cook-Off 3

  43. Bakuz

    BakuzMês atrás

    Do Pizza Pizza Pizza!!! DO that

  44. piszz

    piszzMês atrás

    Are u really about to walk past the facts she called hamz myth and myth hamz?

  45. Mozzie

    MozzieMês atrás

    That burger pretty juicy


    WAFFLE ROYMês atrás

    I can cook better than hamz and I’m 13

  47. Hugosthere ?

    Hugosthere ?Mês atrás

    Wait the video was uploaded in a gist and that Milk says april😐

  48. Andrew Andreoli

    Andrew AndreoliMês atrás

    Hamlinz smashed all the jucices out of his burger and broke it

  49. Alex Patrizi

    Alex PatriziMês atrás


  50. Luis Ortiz Moreno

    Luis Ortiz MorenoMês atrás

    You are the worst clan ever you suck slappie and winttrs

  51. Unknown Slayer

    Unknown SlayerMês atrás

    Hamlinz just stay walking around with the burger in his hand

  52. XSad_ HbkX

    XSad_ HbkXMês atrás

    When u finna nut 11:52

  53. F34R PAIN

    F34R PAINMês atrás


  54. Jhefferson Cruz

    Jhefferson CruzMês atrás

    "The crack helped" The CRACK?!?!

  55. TSD_ Scar555

    TSD_ Scar555Mês atrás

    Thanksgiving Dinner

  56. Kai The God

    Kai The GodMês atrás

    Season the burger

  57. Mx-_- ruzzix

    Mx-_- ruzzixMês atrás

    Where is the cooking oil in this video

  58. Keyu Chen

    Keyu ChenMês atrás

    hamliz be like mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm every sec

  59. Keyu Chen

    Keyu ChenMês atrás

    i want the food myth so bad now G

  60. Barbecue Tity

    Barbecue TityMês atrás

    Is it me or i hear ham saying ya like 7

  61. Unnamed-jayden

    Unnamed-jaydenMês atrás

    What is up with G so much they said it like 20 times

  62. Your Father Big Chungus ok

    Your Father Big Chungus okMês atrás

    cook daquan

  63. fuck this

    fuck thisMês atrás

    my mans didnt use oil ONCE

  64. King Carr

    King CarrMês atrás

    Myth won

  65. OGJ KING

    OGJ KINGMês atrás

    Do a other one I like when yall cook