1. Craig Barlow

    Craig Barlow3 dias atrás

    That's not my note at the top of the first page Satan Craig Barlow don't anyone touch this note sorry Rihanna 😊😊😊

  2. Amanda Costa

    Amanda Costa3 dias atrás

    Eu olho pra Rihanna e só me lembro d voz do Diogo paródias

  3. Elizabeth L

    Elizabeth L4 dias atrás

    Girl yessss

  4. Ineida Joao

    Ineida Joao5 dias atrás

    Love 💕

  5. Ellie-may clark

    Ellie-may clark5 dias atrás

    So amazed

  6. Kaya Chauke

    Kaya Chauke8 dias atrás

    the way she said ok 1:04

  7. Kaya Chauke

    Kaya Chauke8 dias atrás

    the she said ok 1;03

  8. Tamera Lynn

    Tamera Lynn9 dias atrás

    I have that, I love it and how many carats

  9. Maria Hernandez

    Maria Hernandez9 dias atrás

    @bretmanrock the ear highlight sis

  10. Agnesa H

    Agnesa H9 dias atrás

    damnn dat wide nose

  11. Norma Robledo

    Norma Robledo13 dias atrás

    Rihanna muy😘

  12. bichou . Gm

    bichou . Gm13 dias atrás

    plz name lenses 😩😩😩😩😩

  13. Siren Rose

    Siren Rose14 dias atrás

    Do anyone know where her necklace from i need it

  14. anaci paulina

    anaci paulina14 dias atrás

    Hi Riri..I have a MAC eye shadow.. which is your signature brand..well i bought it and never use even once..honestly i dont know how to apply those stuff..i just bought because it has your name on it..pls give some steps how to use it.thanks

  15. Grayce Melas

    Grayce Melas15 dias atrás

    Voilà I love when the stars speak French I love my country France is the best

  16. OliviaB. Unique

    OliviaB. Unique16 dias atrás

    Anyone notice she says drama a lot and she is my favorite celebrity I love her confidence and I wish I could me her one day

  17. scarlett_ nutella

    scarlett_ nutella16 dias atrás

    why did i get like, asmr vibes?

  18. 혜정이 누구니?

    혜정이 누구니?17 dias atrás

    wait a minute..... at some point she looks like shuri omg am i the only one?

  19. megha Sinha

    megha Sinha17 dias atrás

    that eye roll!! hell yeah...I dont know why but i do feel like she's so perfect?!

  20. Niesha Thomas

    Niesha Thomas17 dias atrás

    She's too sweet love her

  21. Ariana Darian

    Ariana Darian19 dias atrás

    U dont need makeup ❤️

  22. makeupdossantos

    makeupdossantos19 dias atrás

    Amazing 😍 Watch our Fenty Beauty for every Prince🤴 brreporter.com/v/video-EdCRoxbsYP4.html

  23. rhexia orz

    rhexia orz20 dias atrás

    Gurl, I keep staring at her boobs. Help lol

  24. Rih Shar

    Rih Shar20 dias atrás

    I love that lip color

  25. Cherrybomb 200528

    Cherrybomb 20052820 dias atrás

    Seriously like damn boi without Rihanna there would be no fashion

  26. Christine Chiem

    Christine Chiem21 dia atrás

    Wow-beautiful jade, gold, and diamond necklace. The Nguyễn Dynasty would be proud ;).

  27. Rihanna Fan

    Rihanna Fan21 dia atrás

    WOW! So beutiful your mekaup! And very good your mekaup tutorial!!😻😍😍😍

  28. Loving Life

    Loving Life22 dias atrás

    Jesus is here

  29. Herbal Baptist

    Herbal Baptist22 dias atrás

    Woman, when u comin' wit dat edible body paint? #Freekyshyt

  30. fouad dahnine

    fouad dahnine23 dias atrás

    crazy and biotyfull rihanna

  31. Tiffany Allen

    Tiffany Allen23 dias atrás


  32. Diptanu Karmakar

    Diptanu Karmakar24 dias atrás

    Rihanna, u dnt need no makeup. U r beautiful eternally and that shows in ur face. Love ur voice

  33. De'Vil T'Soni

    De'Vil T'Soni28 dias atrás

    makes me think of B:the Beginning

  34. Vivi Gomez

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  35. Maureen and Dillon

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  36. Bradley Ashtonne

    Bradley AshtonneMês atrás

    On ne peut s'empêcher le vol d'une oiseaux noir niché nos rêve 🍆♨

  37. Rdwan Vita

    Rdwan VitaMês atrás

    I need this in middle east ok. I love you I love you I love you

  38. Rdwan Vita

    Rdwan VitaMês atrás


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  40. Alexandria Babadilla

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  41. All States Games

    All States GamesMês atrás

    ❤❤ no me canso de verte

  42. Troy Crith ll

    Troy Crith llMês atrás

    Peip op

  43. Troy Crith ll

    Troy Crith llMês atrás

    Wtep cetpl bety ep nept

  44. Troy Crith ll

    Troy Crith llMês atrás

    Werpt beyence hetes enp netp

  45. Troy Crith ll

    Troy Crith llMês atrás


  46. Troy Crith ll

    Troy Crith llMês atrás

    🚜 hertes

  47. Troy Crith ll

    Troy Crith llMês atrás


  48. Troy Crith ll

    Troy Crith llMês atrás


  49. Jhosary Utrera cruz

    Jhosary Utrera cruzMês atrás

    I love you... Nice Rihanna and beautifull

  50. Y Flores

    Y FloresMês atrás

    I love riri

  51. Kishia Moore

    Kishia MooreMês atrás


  52. Ingrid rodriguez

    Ingrid rodriguezMês atrás

    Time flies she is now 30 years old, and no children’s.

  53. go away. hey don't leave

    go away. hey don't leaveMês atrás

    I love Rihanna. Yes queen sister SLAYYY!!!

  54. Demetrius Witherspoon

    Demetrius WitherspoonMês atrás

    9014286366 dj

  55. satemnaro jamir

    satemnaro jamirMês atrás

    And that look is called a complete mess look 😂😂😂

  56. khalid 777

    khalid 777Mês atrás

    The makeup is so nice and the voice of Rihhana is so nice

  57. Robert Stevenson Jr

    Robert Stevenson JrMês atrás

    Well you won't see my version of your beauty products....i believe you know why....lol..but for real tho i can't buy nothing like that cuz my girl ain't into beauty products like that...but you keep doing you 👑....keep being fine azz as a mofo 4ever...

  58. Robert Stevenson Jr

    Robert Stevenson JrMês atrás

    No don't go to the collarbone.....yes its pretty...stop it....lmao..

  59. Robert Stevenson Jr

    Robert Stevenson JrMês atrás

    I don't like drama..hope you don't either

  60. Annie ♡

    Annie ♡Mês atrás


  61. Robert Stevenson Jr

    Robert Stevenson JrMês atrás

    I like it that she knows her colors.....thats hot too....

  62. Robert Stevenson Jr

    Robert Stevenson JrMês atrás

    She's a hot woman.....sometimes i have to catch myself when it comes to her lol......lol...

  63. C XC

    C XCMês atrás

    “Outskirts” of her eye?! Man sometimes you can really tell she struggles to find the right words...weird since English is official language of Barbados

  64. Miss. G1994

    Miss. G1994Mês atrás

    Hey guys take a look at my page

  65. Asala Ahmed

    Asala AhmedMês atrás

    are u the real rihanna

  66. NadiaQuinn Delphine

    NadiaQuinn DelphineMês atrás

    For these 7 minutes I just turned bisexual. 😂😂😂 That woman is the most beautiful human that has ever lived. Those eyes are epic. Cupid’s bow for days. And then her voice is ASMR heaven. She’s got a very etherial presence and it just captivates you and pulls you in.

  67. Karima Akhmetshina

    Karima AkhmetshinaMês atrás

    Oyyy may.... year by year Rihanna looks more and more pretty 😍love her 🤪🤪🤩

  68. Cairo And Desire

    Cairo And DesireMês atrás

    "Right now i'm going I-CY"

  69. Jessee Nixon

    Jessee NixonMês atrás

    I like this side of her

  70. Rachel C

    Rachel CMês atrás

    I love how she uses the mirrors that are provided on the eye shadow, blush, and powder "palettes" and the lipstick boxes. Proving to the rest of us that using the tiny mirror on the lipstick box is not impossible. :)

  71. anna krassota

    anna krassotaMês atrás



    MOHAMD HAMIDMês atrás

    Rihanna coco Yeees

  73. Heather Puckett

    Heather PuckettMês atrás

    I love Rihanna 🙌. She is absolutely stunning 😻😍💕❤💖

  74. Sukwasa Asawaphum

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  75. Lili Davies

    Lili DaviesMês atrás

    I swear she has the most relaxing voice

  76. For Her Entertainment

    For Her EntertainmentMês atrás


  77. LabelMe 4C

    LabelMe 4CMês atrás

    Her cupids bow is mad detailed.

  78. LabelMe 4C

    LabelMe 4CMês atrás

    1:30 cum thru RiRi.

  79. Cleilson Silva sa

    Cleilson Silva saMês atrás

    e muito linda essa princessa..

  80. Kevin Walston

    Kevin WalstonMês atrás

    The only way i can forgive the vatican,is if they give me you.completely.As far as riri,ill take care of you.but your mine alone.i dont do sideshows.and your music will be back.

  81. he sister callmekevsister

    he sister callmekevsisterMês atrás

    Riri do you know A man named TL HEs in my family and you are one of his friends

  82. Rayssa Oliveira

    Rayssa OliveiraMês atrás

    Adoro essa risada 😂😂😂😍😍

  83. Aida Urazbekova

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  84. Michael Robinson

    Michael RobinsonMês atrás

    Is your favorite color red

  85. Nora Edeke

    Nora EdekeMês atrás

    Wow lovely

  86. J Kim

    J KimMês atrás

    I need that hair color!?! Anyone know!?

  87. Loren Gustus

    Loren GustusMês atrás

    She’s so adorable 🤣🥰

  88. elokubano

    elokubanoMês atrás

    Oh dear! That brainless part of the Internet again. Beam me up Scotty. Hurry the fuck up! To the neural pathways and aboooooooovveeeeeeeee

  89. Alluka Zoldyck

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  90. Charles Almeida

    Charles AlmeidaMês atrás

    Her tutorials with her voices are so satisfying!!!

  91. Rich Melanin

    Rich MelaninMês atrás

    Straight model status 💜

  92. Ache Isawsome2

    Ache Isawsome2Mês atrás

    I'll love marrying this beautiful sexy woman....

  93. Yani Arceneaux

    Yani ArceneauxMês atrás

    I gotta stop watching I'm falling in love all over again..😂😂Rihanna got me on some drooling shit..

  94. William Reid

    William ReidMês atrás

    You got it, I'm A subscriber. d;:B^♡

  95. Raymond Chambers

    Raymond ChambersMês atrás

    I'm a dude and I cant beleave I'm watching this but I am. Rihanna you are stunning you dont need all that, we men wanna be able to kiss you without tasting all that. Please dont be mad at me for this comment.

  96. Sue P.

    Sue P.Mês atrás

    Aff! Que maravilhosa 💜

  97. Tanushree Bargoti

    Tanushree BargotiMês atrás

    How can someone be so gorgeous 🌹🌹🌹

  98. Sarah Anakeeb

    Sarah AnakeebMês atrás

    She matches Chris brown did they ever date I think they should

  99. Sonara Khan

    Sonara KhanMês atrás

    Can you buy this makeup in the UK?

  100. Lori Owens

    Lori OwensMês atrás

    She could pull off any look. Lol gorgeous girl.❤️