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    New rihana m.brreporter.com/v/video-EtpZesY7F7c.html

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    Im so in love with you rihrih

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    Slay Pisces, slay ❤️


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    CrInGy!!!! Ass fuck y'all shes a shity bitch discussing ass fuck hope she has a bad day

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    My bae so fineeeee 😍😂💗💗💗 ilh

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    Rihanna u don’t know how much I love u😭 I wish that u will know

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    What is that fore head

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    Guys this is RIHANNA where are all her fans why does she only have 407000 fans ps love ya Rihanna

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    Your famine Robyn :-)

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  11. Marco Caruso

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    follow your dream ry are not men for you those over all that asshole crys us not to mention the nullity of drak go on your way and your dream good luck ry

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    Do more pls Rihanna I love watching these videos

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    Me Acostumei Com a Outra Voz Dela kkkkkkkk

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    I wish I did my makeup like this because you look so good. I love youuuu

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    She's so happy. 😭💜

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    6:26 omg she is solo pretty😍. Yasss honey😍👑

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    She is too good 💋💋💋

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    Rihanna omg i love u u so damn beautiful like if u agree

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    Haha! 1:20-1:38 kills me every time. Also, Rih's beauty regimen is called SUCCESS and it looks soo good! #goals

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    Rihanna is really a very pretty lady. I never noticed before and her voice is so soft. I love this tutorial from her, and I am not really a makeup fan.

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    She looks beautiful without make-up and she rocks EVERYTHING

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    You've only partially bloomed ....I think you should make your own private video's an do these like slow mo body fashion shows, quick flashes of your own style of lingerie. Your teasingly exotic one of a kind, I see a ever so slight Innocents in you that makes me feel ....well bad ...I mean I know I shouldn't but it feels so good feeling ....I'm sorry you've captured my heart an I'm all mushy inside sweet heart" ! Damnit!? Check out my Facebook @ Justin case theirs fashion show video's an stuff I like, completely clean no worries I'm normal,.. promise!

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    Seductively sublime, you have no idea how many pairs of pants iv ruined watching you....jeeeez!

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    What a prize package full of all assorted flavors, there's butter pecan, vanilla cream, your a living candy coated vanilla cream pie ...well at least I am when I watch your show in slow mo, I think you should do a slow mo intro an whip your hair an then go natural. As a guy I see so many different personna$ you could have like when you go dark with it you have a deep rich sublime look that's dominant. Your a vicious delicious digital display your eyes are electrifying, I think you have to know that one dead on look can cause ppl to have eregular heart beats an impulse control problems, I found myself actually drulling, your mesmerizing you actually take my breath away....you can keep it if you want I don't mind you already have my heart just don't break it k?

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    I came here for the asmr😂 love you riri❤️

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    the palette is sooo gorgeous but I'm soooo broke

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    722 dislikes???😭😭

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    I really like your makeup !! Use it a lot !!! But you are so beautiful without! ❤❤

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    I want all of theeeemmm

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    Gorgeous!...Love it!

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    Why is she actually a goddess

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    Why am I just finding out about this channel I love you ❤️💕

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    The fact she doing a review for her own product is funny to me😂😍 .....but I love the video over all 😍

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    dziubek nie byłaś dawno i twoja szminka na moim fiucie,chuja porzdnie umyje żebyś wytargała gałgana i ukręciła łepek żółwia

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    Furniture spend yours why complain you might get what you got like that young got a house need new furniture. Love 3kkfo brorrh. Enerkr j ny loce dma fo 1hyr

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    Y'all do know Rihanna is a TRANNY right? #RihannaTRANNYalert

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    Let’s all take a moment for how fucking gorgeous RiRi is. Like DAMN. She legit looks so good in everything, I might die. She deserves the world bro.

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    Rihanna bare faced is a concept I didn't know I needed She bomb af

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    She looks flawless

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    your my favret singer

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    Ma love Riri, and always i love you rihanna..

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    Only Riri who fits with the product the most

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    This look is a mess lol

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    curti seu canal, visita o nosso canal. :-)

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    You are the Hottest woman

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    Why is she soooooo pretty I wish that I looked like her ♥️♥️♥️queen

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    Tu es la plus belle au monde Riri! Bonne continuation❤

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    I bought my mum that highlighter palette

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    Why is she so beautiful even without make up ?

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    Quem veio por causa do Diogo Paródias dá like hahaha

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    Nice makeup and I love your voice

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    Her voice is so fucking good. I just wanna keep on listening to her.

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    Whilst I was never a fan of her music, her products are beautiful and easy to work with. Really quite enjoying her makeup techniques... they are refreshingly different from all the usuals. Sometimes, it’s nice to be surprised by someone you wouldn’t ordinarily give much thought to, y’know...?! ☮️💜

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    are we not gonna talk about the purple highlight in her ear lol i love her she so goofy

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    I love the shape of Rihanna's head.

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    Another reason to believe in Africa

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    She is like a barbie 😍

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    Omg I love 😍 💄 👑

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    I love that lip stick!💜

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    #Rihanna mulher que cor de cabelo é essa? Já querooooooooooooo😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤩

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    Rihanna inspires me to sing. We almost have the same name. My name is Relonna

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    manny and laura have been replaced

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    Only freaking rihanna🤩🤩

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    i love you so much

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    Rihanna is such s friend in my head. She seems so personable.

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    1:34 A very cool moment.


    MOODY COW26 dias atrás

    I think she is at a stage of her career where she is just having fun and experimenting with different stuff💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚


    MOODY COW26 dias atrás

    "Not too much drama but its still drama you know us girls we love drama"😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I love her

  78. TheArtofBeingReacts

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    Yes girl, that's what *I* enjoyed, RiRi being RiRi!! I agree, that was fun! She gave me so much life when she said that! Lol


    EDWARD VICTOR26 dias atrás

    Beauty guru. Bow down to riri

  80. Taylor Tanksley

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    Her skin is flawless. Her collarbone looked heavenly

  81. William Reid

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    The colors in this tutorial look like they are full of fun and can be inspired by so much.

  82. alexis maravilla

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    I just love how shes so giddy over her own makeup, like aghhh, it's so cute! Plus her voice is so soothing 💞💖

  83. Sonia Martinez

    Sonia Martinez27 dias atrás

    Hi Rihanna, I don't know if you are used to it, but it seems like you would be more confortable wearing a ponytail, so your makeup doesn't go on your hair. Also like you start wearing make already in the you look with too much makeup on. For the everything is beautiful. When I find a job I will buy your products

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    She kill me at 6:26 💗😍😍😍👏👏

  85. Holly Nunn

    Holly Nunn28 dias atrás

    Rihanna is just so freaking likable. I feel good about supporting Fenty for many reasons, but it’s clear that Rihanna loves makeup and wants to share that love. And I am HERE for that.

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    Holly Nunn omg yesss I didn’t really like/dislike her before but now I think I love her!

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    just subscribed this ..for jerk off

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    Super on adore votre travail 😍

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    This look is amazing 😍.... Can you release some music please ?

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    African Queen ...

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    Thanks for sharing!! Awesome 👼

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    What if...... the background music she uses in her tutorials is a tease for the new album?

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    Just amazing

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    Beautiful 😍😍😍😍

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    Bruh she pretty inside out

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    Rihanna is eye dropping gorgeous she a truly beautiful women now damn!!

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    Does this girl ever stops working? Girl, you grab life by its hair and i feel so useless. The definition of entrepreneur

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    My queen nice make I love

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    Watching her do makeup 💄 is amazing

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    Willie/Rihanna beautiful thank you

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    Rainha, linda 👑

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    “I know u like it, cus I love it😂” 😍😍😍😍