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twenty one pilots: Jumpsuit [Official Video]


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    The yellow arm band keeps switching sides!

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    Y’all it’s still on trending slelwlsksksk

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    patiently waiting for josh and getting slowly more emotional about his absence as the video goes on also black neck but not hands is this a thing agaIN I CANT WAIT UNTIL OCTOBER PEOPLE I CANT WAIT THIS LONG

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    SHOOKETH /-/

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    Why is Josh not in the vídeo??!

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    Jumpsuit jumpsuit cover me ❤️

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    who is watching this video with me???

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    The symbology is awesome

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    2 SONGS IN ONE WEEK... 😍

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    Where can I buy that jacket????? :0

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    What's the time in here that you can see the Bishops standing

  16. Lena Yousif

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    Did we just get a face reveal for blurryface?

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  18. Sour Steck

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    I have a theory and this will drown in the comments BUT I think Blurryface is the outcome of Clancy after Dema had captured and brainwashed him. Notice the hair on Clancy. In various music videos from the Blurryface album Blurryface has hair until Heavydirtysoul (the very last music video for Blurryface). Trench is Clancy's transition to Blurryface. The Blurryface album is Clancy trying to fight Blurryface. In Heavydirtysoul, he succeeds and at the end of Jumpsuit Clancy puts on the yellow jacket to reveal his return. Trench could either be a sequel or prequel to Blurryface.

  19. Nico Britos

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    1min 44 seconds 30 microseconds

  20. Daniel Knight

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    I just noticed something. At 2:37, the finger marks that the cloaked figure put on Tyler spreads to Tyler's entire neck, just like in the Blurryface era. But at 3:29, when Tyler is surrounded by the yellow pedals, you can clearly see the black fade away and all that is left are the marks again!

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    the best

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    #47 trending

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    There' back love the songs

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    why is tyler laying with a flower and blurryface is with him? does it mean that blurryface won ?

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    I dont see a josh dum?

  27. Ana Victoria Ok

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    Yes finally back

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    I can't believe how much I hate Pressures of a new place roll my way Jumpsuit, jumpsuit cover me Jumpsuit, jumpsuit cover me I crumble underneath the weight Pressures of a new place roll my way Jumpsuit, jumpsuit cover me Jumpsuit, jumpsuit cover me Spirits in my room, friend or foe? Felt it in my youth, feel it when I'm old Jumpsuit, jumpsuit (cover me) Dusting off my (jumpsuit) (cover me) I can't believe how much I hate Pressures of a new place roll my way Jumpsuit, jumpsuit cover me Jumpsuit, jumpsuit cover me I'll be right there But you'll have to grab my throat and lift me in the air If you need anyone (If you need anyone) I'll stop my plans But you'll have to tie me down and then break both my hands If you need anyone I'll be right there But you'll have to grab my throat and lift me in the air (If you need anyone) If you need anyone (If you need anyone) If you need anyone (If you need anyone) If you need anyone I can't believe how much I hate Pressures of a new place roll my way Jumpsuit, jumpsuit cover me Oh, jumpsuit, jumpsuit cover me Jumpsuit, jumpsuit cover me Jumpsuit, jumpsuit cover me

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    бля оно в России в трендах Урааааа!!!))))

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    9+10=21 pilots

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    They’ve snatched my wig

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    Waited for new music for quite a while... Didn't give up... Kept listening to the old songs over and over again... *And now that 'Trench' is coming, I know it was worth the wait.*

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    Hell Yeah! 🤯

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    *I am just blown away by the quality of the song, video and lyrics.* THE SONG IS PRODUCED SO WELL, they shot the video *IN ICELAND*, and the lyrics are just once again the most beautiful thing I have ever heard. Not to mention the drumming, screaming etc. Josh...Tyler... *You did a great job on this. I hope you both realize what a blessing you are for humanity.*

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    I've literally listened to this song over 50 times. No regrets at all... ||-//


    JIMINAH PARK3 horas atrás

    WAIT WAIT HOLD UP..did you guys noticed that in some part Tyler doesnt have hair and hes bald and in other part he HAS hair????? idk its probs me

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    Long since u made a song . Big fan

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    Blurryface and Trench are going to bring together a story rivaling any dumb YA fantasy yet.

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    I missed this band sm lowkey oops

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    Loving this song💙

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    Cool song😎😎

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    It's still on trending lol

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    Really?? 17k dislikes for this?

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    we weren’t sleeping don’t blame the hiatus on us bitch

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    4:12 Me after listening to this.

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    This song is so much better and understandable after seeing the video.

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    Español por favor

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    if it weren't for top and other bands i wouldn't be here right now, so thank you, and a special thanks to the clique for helping me and talking to me and getting me through the long, rough, emotional, depressing, and heart breaking journey that is suicide. thank you all soooooo much! ||-//

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    #twenty one pistols

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    Pause EXACTLY at 1:44

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    Nice! Glad u two are back!!

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    f*ck kpopers

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    Ame es lo mas groso de la vida AAAAAAAAAAA

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    We stan. ||-//

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    Oh my goodness! I love this so much! "Jumpsuit" and "Nico and the Niners" are my top favorite songs. I love this video. Thank you so much Ty!

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    finally returned

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    0:49 the "tower of silence" in the background on the hill

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    This is my favorite imagine dragons song

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    Where is josh?!

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    Omg I’m obsessed!! I’ve definitely already listened to this at least 100000 times

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    Jumso jumso cover me

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    Luis Gimenez

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    There Was An Ad Of This Before I Got To Watch It!!!! xD

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    3:34 best part.

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    JUMPSUIT COVER ME!!! ||-//


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    Here to bump Ariana Grande down a notch 👌

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    2:35 ngl this made me cry

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    at first, i was a lil disappointed but i guess its grown on me.

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    I honestly don't see what's the huge fuss about those guys. Decent track, partly flawed but really, how did they blow up like that?

  85. Andrew Stem

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    Yoooo! If you love Jumpsuit, I have an orchestral piano instrumental of it on my channel! Good for studying or ambiance!!! Check it out

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    Tyler: you were sleeping Me: what is sleep damnit Tyler:time to wake up Me: fucking lucy that bass line is amazing

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    Im goin to the concert in Madison Square Garden so excited


    JULIAN Q ASCO4 horas atrás


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    I’m surprised to say this is my favourite song of theirs...message wise. Surprised because I’m usually a lover of the early music. If my understanding is right, which is always up for debate until they flat out describe exactly what anything means which we know they won’t haha, I’m going through the same thing Tyler is...and it’s a huge thing.Their music is relatable with me as life moves forward.

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    I’ve been listening to this like 20 times a day. Sadly I’m not even joking or exaggerating.

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    So good

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    yellow tape is on his right arm 1:06 and then on left arm 2:58 ...

  94. Emily Reier

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    I just realized something. Josh said that the trench era would pick up where blurrryface ended, and goner was the last song on the album. In goner tyler says "I've got two faces, Blurry's the one I'm not. I need your help to take him out." In jumpsuit the people at the top of the cliff throw yellow rose pettals which scares the person in the red cloak (burryface) and brings tyler out of his trance. They're trying to help tyler take burryface out! It all makes sense now ||-//

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    I clicked faster than I thought was possible

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    ok but pray for the wicked just came out i m n o t r e a d y f o r t h i s

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    Finally You’re the best my heroes @Twenty_Øne_Pilots I’m waiting for 3 years to doing this song It’s very awesome BrØooOoOo Love U verrrrrrrry much 😍😌❤️👊🔥💪❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    Plz one tour in KZ

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    Finally..happy to hear a new song from them..Love this song..It's so symbolic

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    Dema don´t control us, Dema don´t control us

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    So excited!

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    What a trash song. Legit Garbage