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twenty one pilots - Levitate (Official Video)


  1. Christina olascuaga

    Christina olascuaga20 minutos atrás

    Love ❤️ this song!!! But then again I love all their songs! ✌🏻

  2. David Richardson

    David Richardson14 horas atrás


  3. Mikeyla Roman

    Mikeyla Roman15 horas atrás

    2:05 the first guy was like "fuck he took Tyler" I can relate bro give us our smol bean

  4. Melissa Ritter

    Melissa Ritter20 horas atrás

    2:23 "let's go, you need to go to school"

  5. Loop Canalz

    Loop Canalz22 horas atrás

    literally tho, in so many music videos that TOP has made, Tyler cuts off his hair

  6. Maxi Claveria

    Maxi ClaveriaDia atrás

    Que rayos es ned

  7. Adrian Pereida Abellán

    Adrian Pereida AbellánDia atrás

    i need that outfit

  8. Luciano Arebalo

    Luciano ArebaloDia atrás

    Real TØP fans rap to this at 2x speed

  9. Macy Rogers

    Macy RogersDia atrás

    i can do it guys. i can rap it

  10. Isobel Maehler

    Isobel MaehlerDia atrás

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa Car Radio

  11. Arkidie

    ArkidieDia atrás

    Selftitled: 2009, RAB:2011 ,vessel: 2013(albeit very early on in 2013 so pretty much 2012), blurryface: 2015, Trench: 2018... Nextalbum: 2021? for the most part two to three years seems to be legit...

  12. XendercraftX

    XendercraftXDia atrás

    one of the best songs of twenty one pilots tayler mucgas thank you for your music inspire me give me a like symbolizing our friendship I do not know you but give me a signal that you are tayler thank you I love you I hope you continue to be a good singer thanks

  13. Royer 32ø

    Royer 32øDia atrás

    0:41 In the background, the silhouette is a cheetah? (Put the brightness at 100% and the video at 720p)

  14. Zen643 the Gamer

    Zen643 the GamerDia atrás

    I just noticed that the beginning of this song is sounds like the end of jumpsuit lol

  15. Eva Vite

    Eva ViteDia atrás

    When everyone was a sleep

  16. Eva Vite

    Eva ViteDia atrás

    Linkin park

  17. dawn d

    dawn dDia atrás

    i'm gonna keep exposing the fuck outta you . you better keep blocking me and hiding me fuckers

  18. dawn d

    dawn dDia atrás

    everything you guys are talking about in this song is about the occult witchcraft majick levitating? sewing into the fabric of this thing you made. kinda like a voodoo doll or something? you guys thing everyone's fucking stupid? i'm not your goyim you dumb fuckers

  19. dawn d

    dawn dDia atrás

    actually like this one the best...but alas you guys gotta go....stop misleading souls into hell. your tattoos? what do they mean tyler? i would pick on josh but he don't sing in nimrod worship videos on youtube when he was younger. or did i miss those? does he decorate an Xmas tree too liar?

  20. Zoom_jr85

    Zoom_jr85Dia atrás

    Short but good

  21. Raymond Duca

    Raymond DucaDia atrás

    Imagine if Tyler would collab with Eminem.


    STEALTH MONK3YDia atrás

    Director's thoughts at 2:17 "hey maybe we should drag Tyler by his neck again, thatd be fun, right?"

  23. ETTEM

    ETTEMDia atrás

    Who's going through trench songs after watching chlorine?

  24. dark girl.

    dark girl.Dia atrás

    A r t .

  25. typiara jakaś

    typiara jakaśDia atrás


  26. DexDark

    DexDarkDia atrás

    Such a great flow. Can't stop bobbing my head.

  27. Will Todd

    Will Todd2 dias atrás

    "I got back what is once bought back" the car radio hmmmm 🤔🤔

  28. Lisandro Gole

    Lisandro Gole2 dias atrás

    00:42 un cheetah atrás del carroñero :v

  29. mr.lioro fattalo

    mr.lioro fattalo2 dias atrás


  30. Mybløøncy Tøp

    Mybløøncy Tøp2 dias atrás

    Second 0:41 a pet cheetah ?

  31. Wren VanDixon

    Wren VanDixon17 horas atrás

    scuse me. that's an eagle?

  32. Yazin Fareed

    Yazin Fareed2 dias atrás

    Im sure that there is a mole in the clique and he is feading information to dema and he druged josh and everbody else

  33. Tipton.

    Tipton.2 dias atrás


  34. Girly GamezAlot

    Girly GamezAlot2 dias atrás

    Who needs to fly when you can *LEVITATE*

  35. ProfessorPinK 223

    ProfessorPinK 2232 dias atrás

    Trench is the place where all thoughts reside. Where anxiety and depression fight against happiness and joy. leave this city tonight, and head true east. Head true East. Head true east. HeAd TRue EaST. He d rue ea t together we are BANDITOS. welcome to Trench. ||-// Spread all over BRreporter.

  36. MAL YT

    MAL YT2 dias atrás

    My phone is almost dead 😭😭😭 trying to listen to it

  37. Gerson Collins Vercudia

    Gerson Collins Vercudia2 dias atrás

    *I just watched a fucking masterpiece.*

  38. spoopy kelekaa

    spoopy kelekaa2 dias atrás

    there i torches... a car... and i Tyler that got snatched... gives me a car a torch and a death kinda vibes

  39. Kylikes _

    Kylikes _3 dias atrás

    The ORANGE beanie

  40. lidl

    lidl3 dias atrás

    my dad always tells me Tyler isnt a rapper bc he's white.... wtf

  41. NixPix PixleCat

    NixPix PixleCat3 dias atrás

    1, I can rap this 2, I was listening to trench, just heard Jumpsuit, i thought, Levitate would play, NOPE AN ADD F*CKING PLAYED!!!

  42. Dusan Paulik

    Dusan Paulik3 dias atrás

    I always wonder how singers can speak so fast. I can not

  43. Macy Rogers

    Macy RogersDia atrás

    i can do it after a ton of practice lol

  44. TrevorBOB

    TrevorBOB3 dias atrás

    TOP for the Super Bowl halftime show

  45. Bruno Jorge

    Bruno Jorge3 dias atrás


  46. Mango 69

    Mango 694 dias atrás

    This is so bangerrr🔥💯🔥💯🔥💯

  47. Josh Fire

    Josh Fire4 dias atrás

    Who else heard sahlo folina at 2:03

  48. Adriana Rivas

    Adriana Rivas4 dias atrás

    I love the dance pf tyler

  49. Iuna Solar Canudas

    Iuna Solar Canudas4 dias atrás

    learn to levitate with just a little *hoe*

  50. Comet Eclipse

    Comet Eclipse4 dias atrás

    aaa I can't stop singing/rapping to this everytime i listen to it! I love it!

  51. Alexandria Mister

    Alexandria Mister4 dias atrás

    2:11 *Welcome to Trench*

  52. andzi

    andzi5 dias atrás

    i love youuuu

  53. A Steele

    A Steele5 dias atrás

    I only like 0:00 through 2:33. the rest is just obnoxious.

  54. Camren A Bellow

    Camren A Bellow5 dias atrás

    What was the first song you ever 21 pilots sing. mine was car radio

  55. It's free real estate

    It's free real estate5 dias atrás

    Somehow, i understood every word he said

  56. Aurora Animations

    Aurora Animations6 dias atrás

    1:55 o no he didn’t 2:01 *yoink* 2:14 bruh he Finna die m8

  57. Merp Derp

    Merp Derp6 dias atrás

    The end of Jumpsuit and the beginning of Levitate are the same

  58. Ricky Powers

    Ricky Powers6 dias atrás

    Are there gonna be music videos or most or maybe every song on the trench playlist? I’d love one for morph, leave the city, and cut my lip

  59. Kawaii Unidog

    Kawaii Unidog6 dias atrás

    I’m in 7th grade lol it’s like this song was made for me lol

  60. Ducke Jajic

    Ducke Jajic6 dias atrás

    Hey did anyone who is listening this song on headphones notice how sounds go from left to right and back I just noticed that

  61. Ural Gökçeel

    Ural Gökçeel6 dias atrás

    Watch this at 2x speed

  62. Ural Gökçeel

    Ural Gökçeel3 dias atrás

    And this tricks helps you to sing the song easily

  63. Yasser Ali

    Yasser Ali5 dias atrás

    When you speed it up for a while and put it back to normal it sounds really slow.

  64. Rik

    Rik6 dias atrás

    А где было снято?

  65. Ashley Lovato

    Ashley Lovato6 dias atrás

    they good but no no no rock

  66. Georgie Shiel

    Georgie Shiel6 dias atrás

    2:12 welcome to Trench ||-//

  67. vikas vishwakarma

    vikas vishwakarma7 dias atrás


  68. Annika B

    Annika B7 dias atrás

    why is 0:41 my favorite part of this video

  69. ChainDraft

    ChainDraft7 dias atrás

    1:00 god that voice affect has me!

  70. Anna Banana

    Anna Banana7 dias atrás

    i mean hes not eminem but i personally cant rap that fast

  71. Vanilla

    Vanilla7 dias atrás

    I like how Josh is just doing his thing.

  72. Marisol Cortes

    Marisol Cortes7 dias atrás

    L E V I T A T E

  73. alinka king

    alinka king7 dias atrás

    Блин как же это круто😍😍😍

  74. Dave Lopez

    Dave Lopez8 dias atrás

    Possibly one of the very few songs I crank up the volume on anywhere. Esp in my car. Yeah, I'll be that guy for this song.

  75. MR KOT

    MR KOT8 dias atrás


  76. lil Trend DJ

    lil Trend DJ8 dias atrás

    Fix your music, go back makeing your old music

  77. lil Trend DJ

    lil Trend DJ22 horas atrás

    +Macy Rogers buddy, i was on phone when i did that. Also i don't really care about my grammar.

  78. Macy Rogers

    Macy RogersDia atrás

    dude your like ten you can't even spell. All of their stuff is good. Don't be a fake fan and hate on twenty one pilots.

  79. lil Trend DJ

    lil Trend DJ6 dias atrás

    +Your Local Idiot any of there old song are the best, my personal favorite is message man

  80. Your Local Idiot

    Your Local Idiot7 dias atrás

    Lemme guess your favourite song by tøp is heathens or stressed out?

  81. bubble bath

    bubble bath8 dias atrás

    piss off u lil shit

  82. SpOoDeR mAnS

    SpOoDeR mAnS8 dias atrás

    Im so fucking confused shaves his head here shaves his head in car radio and has hair in like 2 seconds in the next official vid

  83. Fátima Lima

    Fátima Lima8 dias atrás

    Welcome to trench

  84. totes marve

    totes marve8 dias atrás

    Eminem's wig has been spotted in another dimension.

  85. anamaria

    anamaria8 dias atrás

    soo if he got back what he once bought back, he basically got his car radio back which means he doesn't sit in silence anymore which means he's finally happy?????????????????????



    Trench entro con canciones muy memorables

  87. Panic! Trash

    Panic! Trash9 dias atrás

    Hello my frens I am starting a Clique army Hehehe All you have to do is...???? Whatever video you watch on BRreporter I want youuuuu to write this "I'm a member of the Clique army ||-// Stay alive -clique army" Cool? Got that army? Are you with me? Please I have no life Just do this for a fren ||-// Take care!

  88. Kate George

    Kate George9 dias atrás

    Anyone else hear the lyric link to car radio with "I dont need to replace" line. And they saved his head. Just saying

  89. ParZivaLL1980

    ParZivaLL198010 dias atrás

    *Essa música pra mim é como um hino de guerra contra os meus problemas de saúde mental*

  90. Rama Gari

    Rama Gari10 dias atrás

    It's a challenge to get better.... He's telling us to join the rebellion. We can feel better.

  91. imaghostya

    imaghostya10 dias atrás

    In tribes we live, in tribes we die. $birdgang

  92. lolo lolo

    lolo lolo10 dias atrás

    00:00 ●━━━━━━─────── ] 2:33 ⇆ㅤㅤㅤㅤ◁ㅤㅤ❚❚ㅤㅤ▷ㅤㅤㅤㅤ↻

  93. lolo lolo

    lolo lolo10 horas atrás

    +Macy Rogers ohh thank you

  94. Macy Rogers

    Macy Rogers10 horas atrás

    you made a play thing and it is amazing fren

  95. lolo lolo

    lolo loloDia atrás

    +Macy Rogers what is??

  96. Macy Rogers

    Macy RogersDia atrás

    this is wonderful fren

  97. Edson Perez

    Edson Perez10 dias atrás

    Que dises

  98. Edson Perez

    Edson Perez10 dias atrás

    The love levitate yes

  99. Andressa

    Andressa10 dias atrás

    I love it

  100. Bridget E.

    Bridget E.10 dias atrás

    what is this cult shit

  101. !animastacion¡ *hola*

    !animastacion¡ *hola*10 dias atrás

    Nooooo te cortes el pelo

  102. David Baer

    David Baer10 dias atrás

    Is that poor chap being dragged away by his mother?

  103. Nivesh dave

    Nivesh dave10 dias atrás

    Imagine a rap battle between Eminem and Tyler 😍😍

  104. E

    E10 dias atrás

    When the masses are so entertained they can't hear the call...#WAKEUP

  105. Миша Ка

    Миша Ка11 dias atrás

    Hi, I was at your concert in St. Petersburg on February 4 from you, I was sitting on the top to the right of you at the very top!

  106. ray danial

    ray danial11 dias atrás

    this is not rap, this is not hip hop

  107. Natasya Ichi

    Natasya Ichi11 dias atrás

    um scuse me red hooded sir, could u please leave?

  108. Andrea S

    Andrea S11 dias atrás

    This album is blowing my mind.Just like the last two.I absolutely love these guys!!

  109. Chris Gaming

    Chris Gaming11 dias atrás

    2:15 6ix 9ine is in this WAT

  110. dark gamer 437

    dark gamer 43711 dias atrás

    Pinche rolon 💥

  111. {Nica}

    {Nica}11 dias atrás

    0% Drugs 0% Porn 100% Talent

  112. Wren VanDixon

    Wren VanDixon17 horas atrás

    omg yus finally someone realizes

  113. Reannan Davis

    Reannan Davis12 dias atrás

    Love the fist bump guys!! 😍 How do you get the job of shaving Tylers head??! I just wanna touch him so where do i apply? 😉

  114. Cocaine & Bitches

    Cocaine & Bitches12 dias atrás

    This man can do anything