TWICE "Feel Special (Rearranged Version)" MV


  1. ab mashups

    ab mashupsMês atrás

    y’all like my momo dance break at 2:58-3:12 ??

  2. Romeen Gurung

    Romeen GurungMês atrás

    Camille A T E E Z u

  3. Precious Kpop

    Precious KpopMês atrás

    Böyle videolar nasıl yapılıyor amacı ne ?

  4. Azka Dhiya Saffanah

    Azka Dhiya SaffanahMês atrás

    999 YES FROM ME ;;; almost cry when heard it tbh😂

  5. —godwinluv

    —godwinluvMês atrás

    ofc yasshh.

  6. Kuraaa Caaa

    Kuraaa Caaa10 horas atrás

    Good job, awesome, love this so much

  7. Smart River730

    Smart River7302 dias atrás

    Can someone make version without dahyun part's ?

  8. i stoled Jimin’s jams

    i stoled Jimin’s jams6 dias atrás

    *its 5:41 am and I have school in the morning, but that isn’t stopping me from dancing 😂*

  9. xxBerry_Bulletxx

    xxBerry_Bulletxx10 dias atrás

    What a coinsedence ab, I was introduced by their baby sister groups, Black Pink and Red Velvet. Also Twice!

  10. dat one bish

    dat one bish14 dias atrás

    SaiDa is Thriving

  11. bobasleep

    bobasleep17 dias atrás


  12. Fareyans Dwi Sandy

    Fareyans Dwi Sandy18 dias atrás

    That clap or kick rhythim in the background distrub a lot


    AB KPOP MUSICS18 dias atrás


  14. Imma yeet myself out of here

    Imma yeet myself out of here20 dias atrás

    I personally prefer the original but this is good too!

  15. Azid

    Azid22 dias atrás

    i think this is better than the original

  16. Azid

    Azid22 dias atrás

    and im knew to twice

  17. *Christian Zack*

    *Christian Zack*24 dias atrás

    Day 1- Requesting for Fake and true rearranged

  18. Noor Muhd

    Noor Muhd28 dias atrás

    Better than areia remix coz the song doesnt change much

  19. Cata Przok

    Cata PrzokMês atrás


  20. cera hyung

    cera hyungMês atrás

    After seeing this ver. I actually feel special ❤

  21. school socks

    school socksMês atrás

    jyp should hire u lol

  22. Precious Kpop

    Precious KpopMês atrás

    Böyle videolar nasıl yapılıyor amacı ne ?

  23. rosie chocolate

    rosie chocolateMês atrás

    Tedy ????

  24. Sammy Bro

    Sammy BroMês atrás

    The only thing i mightve changed is putting the rap part in the 3rd verse/bridge instead of 2nd because it just felt abit misplaced and having pushed it to the bridge wouldve given it more power. Apart from that im lovin the rest of it heaps

  25. kim sara ،،،

    kim sara ،،،Mês atrás


  26. Kwamie Pedrosa

    Kwamie PedrosaMês atrás

    I like this twice feel special rearranged version

  27. Cookie kawaii

    Cookie kawaiiMês atrás

    I was gonna comment how this is rearranged (i didn't realise sana and Nayeons parts were switched with Jihyo and Jeongyeon), until Dahyun was like *BITC*-

  28. Jadon Mejia

    Jadon MejiaMês atrás

    i think putting mina's part as a glamour before the dahyun rap part is better since you want to build momentum before the chorus of sana. but what you did is what would teddy of yge would do then put another rap part on instead of adlibs on the later part.

  29. Lia Enriquez

    Lia EnriquezMês atrás

    muy bueno

  30. Blue strawberryz pie

    Blue strawberryz pieMês atrás


  31. Kirsten Pedalino

    Kirsten PedalinoMês atrás

    Dahyun to Mina that's my FAVORITE parttt!!!!!!

  32. Ririn Ririn89

    Ririn Ririn89Mês atrás

    You make me crazy. OH MY...

  33. Rose Quartz

    Rose QuartzMês atrás

    i wished you used mina's part as an bridge xd

  34. João Guilherme de Jesus Souza da Silva

    João Guilherme de Jesus Souza da SilvaMês atrás

    2:46 voice of an angel? ♥️

  35. Bzeus28

    Bzeus28Mês atrás

    i didn't realize i was so used to hearing the choruses being in a certain order like when nayeon finished the second chorus my brain immediately started singing and expecting mina's part even tho it had come earlier. life is whack

  36. Najma Abdirisaq

    Najma AbdirisaqMês atrás

    Can you do fancy writed by teddy park

  37. kurt

    kurtMês atrás

    no one: literally no one: english captions at 0:53 : *you magnet bills* SPECIAL



    I wish they would just give more dance breaks to momo cuz she deserves it gorL!!!!😩

  39. Giovanna Di Benedetto

    Giovanna Di BenedettoMês atrás

    3:01 EXCUSE YOU

  40. Shernette Williams

    Shernette WilliamsMês atrás

    This is definitely a music festival/club mashup!!!

  41. Marie Ann Dela Cruz

    Marie Ann Dela CruzMês atrás


  42. it's just lynn

    it's just lynnMês atrás

    so ur telling me this isn't the original? 👏👏

  43. tc ooi

    tc ooiMês atrás

    What do you mean by REARRANGED VERSION

  44. yuqi gurl

    yuqi gurlMês atrás

    can we use this for a dance cover for a competition??

  45. Adelia Indah

    Adelia IndahMês atrás

    Dahyun's rap ❤️😍