TWICE - Feel Special [SBS Inkigayo Ep 1020]


  1. PR R

    PR RDia atrás

    Someone tell the name of Dahyun's clothes?

  2. Jason Ross

    Jason Ross2 dias atrás

    whoever was in charge of the cameras, uhhh what?

  3. Ayu Mega Ramadhani

    Ayu Mega Ramadhani2 dias atrás

    jeongyeon so pwettyyyy 💕

  4. Gigi Zhen

    Gigi Zhen5 dias atrás

    camerman has a hand fetish

  5. FarmigaHP Criaturita

    FarmigaHP Criaturita5 dias atrás

    Le hubieran bajado a las luces los vestidos dorados no lucen:)

  6. 김나은

    김나은11 dias atrás

    카메라워킹 진짜 최악이다

  7. NayeonBunny :P

    NayeonBunny :P11 dias atrás

    Ppl who is talkin bout Jeongyeon's outfit ik its a bit plain and all but rlly dont care much about it just watch how they dance and sing (From: Once)

  8. Pra Yogo

    Pra Yogo12 dias atrás

    Dahyun is the bes't rapper

  9. a.d.f. [dragonoid]__

    a.d.f. [dragonoid]__13 dias atrás

    This is truly kpop song, so boring!

  10. Sheikh Sheikh

    Sheikh Sheikh13 dias atrás

    Tzuyu chaeyoung I like you

  11. Monique Vocal

    Monique Vocal14 dias atrás

    Me: *I haven't seen god Jihyo in forever* Cameraman: im about to end this whole man's career Me: JIHYO HAI- *camera man what are you doing showing me her hands. Her HANDS.* *insert screeching noises

  12. Cat Box

    Cat Box14 dias atrás

    Me: YeS iTs AlMoSt dAhYuN's RaP At 2:25 Also me: O

  13. Denox

    Denox14 dias atrás

    The camerawork is baddddd

  14. Dear 6586

    Dear 658615 dias atrás

    Ok camera man. Why? Just why? ._.

  15. miabbyᅣᅭ쿄

    miabbyᅣᅭ쿄15 dias atrás

    Pause the video before following the directions Click 3:24 WHILE THE VIDEO IS PAUSED

  16. No More

    No More15 dias atrás

    Sana looks animated, so cg

  17. seulgi's crown

    seulgi's crown15 dias atrás

    You can hear mina but can't see mina 😭

  18. sharifah ailis nabiha

    sharifah ailis nabiha16 dias atrás

    look at 2:08 , dahyun’s and sana’s hair colour combination ARE PERFECT!! they both have pastel hair (as well as tzuyu^^) I love it 💛💖💖

  19. hi im steve

    hi im steve18 dias atrás

    why do i feel like the camera man was dancing along at 1:27 because they were going "swoosh swish" like how the girls were, lol

  20. aron Cruz

    aron Cruz19 dias atrás

    When dubu got serious face i can't

  21. jungkook's bunny theeth

    jungkook's bunny theeth20 dias atrás

    Im sorry but dahyun’s inner black pants is really bothering me

  22. Angie Cueto

    Angie Cueto20 dias atrás


  23. Layla windy

    Layla windy20 dias atrás

    The Cameramen hates Jihyo that much as she dates Daniel kang

  24. Danica Fernandez

    Danica Fernandez23 dias atrás

    My heart is melting now that Jongyeon gets the attention and appreciation she deserve ❤️


    DETI ANGGRAENI23 dias atrás

    Chaengi lovelove🥰

  26. shamsuyani misnam

    shamsuyani misnam24 dias atrás

    Why mina still not there...😭

  27. zhe yamada

    zhe yamada24 dias atrás

    I wish they gave dahyun safety shorts that matches her dress..

  28. Limi potter

    Limi potter24 dias atrás

    I like the cameraman

  29. Roger Khan

    Roger Khan25 dias atrás

    Best stage outfits I've seen on them to date, nice look.

  30. black clawww pls

    black clawww pls26 dias atrás

    The one who zoomed in on that phat nayeon and dahyun ass got promoted

  31. N O.

    N O.26 dias atrás

    The fact that this is the most decent jeongyeon had had this comeback is sad.

  32. rima lismawati

    rima lismawati26 dias atrás


  33. Aidil Maulana

    Aidil Maulana28 dias atrás

    Jihyo so pretty😍😍

  34. Shofi Cubby

    Shofi Cubby29 dias atrás

    Where is mina

  35. Winst

    WinstMês atrás

    Thought Jeongyeon was Lee Hi

  36. laminlay laminlay

    laminlay laminlayMês atrás

    I just want to know what sana did to the stylist

  37. kokumamo

    kokumamoMês atrás

    This is the first time I really hate the cameraman’s work like where are you focusing and why is it always zooming in and out? My head hurts watching this but I gotta watch until the end because it’s Twice after all 💗 the outfits are amazing, the make up are so perfect and glowing💖

  38. Tom Lin

    Tom LinMês atrás


  39. Sifa Nurhaliza

    Sifa NurhalizaMês atrás

    Jeongyeon unnie sooo beautifull 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  40. Neng Tzuyu

    Neng TzuyuMês atrás

    I really want to KILL this fucking cameraman !!! She/he ruin our girls amazing dance focus !!!