Tyga Reveals His Insane Closets With Over $100k of Sneakers | Complex Closets


  1. Steven Holscher

    Steven Holscher22 horas atrás

    Wo bleibt der Reaktionsboss..?

  2. Danny Polites

    Danny PolitesDia atrás

    Ur net worth is 3 bro

  3. Selah7

    Selah72 dias atrás

    Nothing I haven’t seen before. Majority aren’t rare and vans are trash. Nothing unique. It’s like every celebrity has the same shit. I mean it’s cool but it’s like they bought shit that nobody can get or afford unless you’re a celebrity or connected. Idk. Flexing just cuz you have the money to just makes you look like you flexin on those who can’t afford to buy these things. Rant over.

  4. Rayi Oficial

    Rayi Oficial2 dias atrás

    brreporter.com/v/video-e5PChwFvmI8.html Video porno gratis 😍🤩☝️❌❌❌❌❌❌

  5. Daniel Cobb

    Daniel Cobb3 dias atrás

    Good to hear rappers articulate and show that other side... Mad Respect.

  6. Daniel Cobb

    Daniel Cobb3 dias atrás

    Those Skates...

  7. Rory Cooper

    Rory Cooper3 dias atrás

    Anyone got id on the shoes please?

  8. 0BAMIUM

    0BAMIUM3 dias atrás


  9. Moritz von hugo

    Moritz von hugo3 dias atrás

    Warte auf den Reaktionsboss

  10. Koen

    Koen4 dias atrás

    does anyone know the beat at 6:45?

  11. ALS

    ALS4 dias atrás

    i was so happy for no reason when i saw that he Jordan XIV retro thunder cuz i have the same ones

  12. NB

    NB4 dias atrás

    Most rappers that become rich spend their money on the same things: sneakers, jewelry and cars. Very materialistic. Doesn´t bring long-term happiness. I would like to see a rapper saying how he spent his money on charity, promoting health research or other forms of societal good. I don´t care for the guy´s sneakers, It´s just sneakers. They are made for walking and they smell.

  13. NB

    NB3 dias atrás

    @T REZ yes, XXX was different. RIP

  14. T REZ

    T REZ3 dias atrás

    NB xxxtentacion 🙇🏻

  15. toby Golding

    toby Golding5 dias atrás

    small feet look like 9 but could be 10 nike looks like 8 ...he should donate all shoes he doesn't wear !! I don't understand hoarders or greed !! No wonder they broke up He needs more closet than Kylie/ i hate white furniture just like white shoes

  16. Saif Hasan

    Saif Hasan6 dias atrás

    I have to say with the current situation of the Hip hop industry, even though some of it is utter rubbish, the politeness that Tyga has is excellent. He has my respect in department. As for Cardi b and Azealia Banks, I have 0 respect for them.

  17. Jhay garcia

    Jhay garcia7 dias atrás

    i wish i could get one of those shoes

  18. Csabi Bakonyi

    Csabi Bakonyi7 dias atrás

    Converse :hi wat's up? Adidas: shut the fuck up

  19. Gabbelito

    Gabbelito7 dias atrás


  20. SLump Lucas

    SLump Lucas8 dias atrás

    i wonder if tyga picked up a pair of travis scotts? lmao

  21. BlissfulBlip experience

    BlissfulBlip experience9 dias atrás

    Plz subscribe to my channel" blissfulblip experience" God bless you with no limit!

  22. TyLee’s_world Of_roblox

    TyLee’s_world Of_roblox9 dias atrás

    His house is so peaceful and clean

  23. NoLimit aka MR.CLUTCH

    NoLimit aka MR.CLUTCH10 dias atrás

    Joe: how ya doin? Tyga: yessir

  24. John Smith

    John Smith10 dias atrás

    He won’t be able to take those to hell with him when he dies🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  25. Texas Toast

    Texas Toast10 dias atrás

    How you doin... Yessirrr

  26. Young Seraa

    Young Seraa10 dias atrás

    Damnnn this man got a bunch of shoes

  27. Gothmann TooIcyFoAho

    Gothmann TooIcyFoAho13 dias atrás

    Even tho it’s team king soulja big Draco...I fw typa Air Force 1/ bapes shoegame

  28. quezo36

    quezo3613 dias atrás

    Organize drip

  29. Dj Hustler

    Dj Hustler13 dias atrás

    Tyga-Borrowed they know who they are Me-i think it's Chris😅

  30. Dj Hustler

    Dj Hustler13 dias atrás

    Tyga has more Than Chris B😎

  31. David Lévesque

    David Lévesque14 dias atrás

    That handshake at the end was so fucking cringe omg


    GOKU GAMER14 dias atrás

    Enseña la colección de travis scott😍😍😍

  33. Stunna Fire

    Stunna Fire16 dias atrás

    T Raw

  34. GGLV Chucho

    GGLV Chucho17 dias atrás

    dang his voice dont change wtf hehe im an upcoming rapper, tune in fore i take off brreporter.com/v/video-WbRNjCA56LY.html

  35. Blow on my poop pipe 69 _123

    Blow on my poop pipe 69 _12318 dias atrás

    He almost said arkelly

  36. Fertin Bulhões

    Fertin Bulhões19 dias atrás

    Wow well organized man,you knew he is good.

  37. KazaKashi

    KazaKashi20 dias atrás

    If i have a lot of money like him I will buy Balenciaga. Yeezy.nike 97 But the shoes he got looks shit. Tbh

  38. Mazinho

    Mazinho20 dias atrás


  39. seba 070

    seba 07022 dias atrás

    That why he went broke...

  40. 5 plus Minutes Crafts

    5 plus Minutes Crafts23 dias atrás

    JOE: How are You? TYGA: Yessir then: youtubers becoming celebrities. now: celebrities becoming youtubers.


    SALTY_ EYEZ23 dias atrás

    Rack city chick, rack rack city chick


    TACO FLIP24 dias atrás

    this nigga got all black air force 1's in his "small closet"

  43. Jahan Zaib

    Jahan Zaib24 dias atrás

    Waste of money 💰

  44. Sebastien Xu

    Sebastien Xu24 dias atrás

    the intro: tyga: whats poppin bro joe: how you doing tyga: yessir

  45. Diego Rodriguez

    Diego Rodriguez24 dias atrás

    Que sujeto tan estupido, excesivamente materialista y superficial.

  46. 莆田鞋Jsz5940

    莆田鞋Jsz594025 dias atrás


  47. 莆田鞋Jsz5940

    莆田鞋Jsz594025 dias atrás


  48. Joahanna Reza

    Joahanna Reza25 dias atrás

    T-raww i want all your shoes 😍

  49. Andre Miller

    Andre Miller25 dias atrás

    👀TiGA Ant Never Got The White AF-1s With The GUCCI Print NiGGAS Was Rocking Them Back in like 06,07✅💯

  50. -Negromen-

    -Negromen-25 dias atrás

    I like how you can actually understand him without trying too hard as it is with most of the rappers of this show


    SMOKE DOPE25 dias atrás

    He ain’t got no echos tho

  52. ohne name

    ohne name26 dias atrás


  53. classy gal

    classy gal26 dias atrás

    Love his house it's on 🔥🔥🔥🎆🎇🎆

  54. Poly Blanco

    Poly Blanco26 dias atrás

    6173 4926 3369 wally # mmmeeeeel

  55. Yaa Kuu sheegaayo

    Yaa Kuu sheegaayo26 dias atrás

    Why so pinkish 😳🙄🤔

  56. Go sub 2 AURABYSS

    Go sub 2 AURABYSS27 dias atrás

    Nobody Joe: how you doing Tyga: yessir

  57. André Ferreira

    André Ferreira27 dias atrás

    The name of Joe la puma shoes ???

  58. Capitol SAGE

    Capitol SAGE28 dias atrás

    The shoes the host has on are my fave shoes ever. What the name? The closest I found was the sacai


    DREADY BEATS28 dias atrás

    Traggic not classic.lol

  60. Yung Nasty Thug

    Yung Nasty Thug28 dias atrás

    Rack City was a moment and you can’t never take that away

  61. Felix

    Felix28 dias atrás

    I am surprised because he actually seems very cool and usually we don’t even uderstand rappers when they talk but i could understand him😅

  62. kk

    kk28 dias atrás

    life hacks with tyga: Every time you go to a sneakershop buy a 100 dollar shoe so you dont have to clean them