UFC 241 Embedded: Vlog Series - Episode 5


  1. Blake Shelton

    Blake Shelton13 dias atrás

    Nate the gangster black belt bjj submittion master...best striker Mann nate will slap khabib I wanna see that fight he has already slapped khabib idk why khabib doesn't like to fight nate...the outcome won't be like the previous 27 fighters..noone has ever submitted nate diaz.

  2. Dee Murphy

    Dee Murphy13 dias atrás

    6:07 pettis gf is HAF those legs god damnnn

  3. Dee Murphy

    Dee Murphy13 dias atrás

    I luhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you

  4. Дарья Собянина

    Дарья Собянина13 dias atrás

    Фонтан в начале красивый

  5. Mun Loong

    Mun Loong17 dias atrás

    Diaz is just like I am here to smoke weed.

  6. nathan mcpherson

    nathan mcpherson20 dias atrás

    was that Pettis's chick? WOW

  7. c88.rex

    c88.rex27 dias atrás

    DC is too damn fat

  8. ian spangler

    ian spangler27 dias atrás

    Anthony Pettis girl got a stupid crazy figure

  9. Abzed Mo

    Abzed Mo29 dias atrás

    Crazy N.Diaz

  10. Ticklemehomo

    Ticklemehomo29 dias atrás

    8:06 the mma gods smile upon these two.

  11. Skyler Stutzman

    Skyler Stutzman29 dias atrás

    Nate Diaz creates a buzz around his name without even trying to be anything different than what he is.

  12. Ерлан Маратович

    Ерлан Маратович29 dias atrás

    Бро!Как можно с тобой пообщаться?

  13. khrom

    khrom29 dias atrás

    Stipe "And Still...WAIT FUCK" old habits die hard

  14. TheAmazingMrMcFlyy

    TheAmazingMrMcFlyyMês atrás

    DC had 80% of that fight conservatively. That's life

  15. WhyTheHorseface

    WhyTheHorsefaceMês atrás

    Ballsy of Novitzky to say that to Nate after his brother’s career basically ended due to weed suspensions.

  16. WhyTheHorseface

    WhyTheHorsefaceMês atrás

    Yeah. Yoel is 100% natty.

  17. Luis arias

    Luis ariasMês atrás


  18. Fony Terguson

    Fony TergusonMês atrás

    Yoel looks like Cuban Tarzan who found out his mom was the terminator ,his dad was a rhino, and then got bit by a radioactive rhino.became radioactive and then bit himself.

  19. submissivelover

    submissiveloverMês atrás

    9:12 "Why the hell is he on the Wheeties box and i'm not? i been here"....YOU...HAVE...NOT...HELD...ONE...SINGLE...UFC TITLE...IN YOUR...ENTIRE....13 YEAR....UFC CAREER.

  20. Kirill Vassiljev

    Kirill VassiljevMês atrás

    Диаз красавчик, как всегда в своем репертуаре. ))

  21. Lucky Lefty

    Lucky LeftyMês atrás

    I really like Nate's boxing coach !

  22. Ted Bicard

    Ted BicardMês atrás

    Go, nate. GO Stipe, gonna love it

  23. Ted Bicard

    Ted BicardMês atrás

    Connor trainer in it nate say hi on way out. He, Irishman proud, bet dont like Connor 80 % irish fan. GONE. Cause he not a idol but a twat, im Dublin man hate Connor

  24. hkim4111

    hkim4111Mês atrás

    Nate he is cool fighter.

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  26. Jom Lol

    Jom LolMês atrás

    Stipe got belt back. Knew it

  27. Mark Silva

    Mark SilvaMês atrás

    Best embedded to date!

  28. The Wooly Ryno

    The Wooly RynoMês atrás

    "IDK, we'll see how his feelings feel!" is probably the most underrated comeback/answer I've ever heard.

  29. PurpleRain500

    PurpleRain500Mês atrás

    “Why was he on the Wheaties Box?” Um, maybe because he was the champ and you WEREN’T! #Hater

  30. F Fuentes

    F FuentesMês atrás

    Stipe:qeryupplgfadxbn Yoel: What is he saying?

  31. MrKegsworth

    MrKegsworthMês atrás

    "He literally cried on national tv, but whatever." Stipe 2019

  32. FungWarb12

    FungWarb12Mês atrás

    Yoel finally steps out of the hyperbolic time chamber!

  33. Ryan Daniel

    Ryan DanielMês atrás

    All you got to do is eye gouge or get one clean shot to the throat and it's over.

  34. Bob Lazar

    Bob LazarMês atrás

    Remember guys, drugs is bad.

  35. Aaron Wilcox

    Aaron WilcoxMês atrás

    Romero’s neck looks like he woke up on he wrong side of the bed.. does he have a injury or something??

  36. E Nigma

    E NigmaMês atrás

    Slapping medicine man- SMACK!- stop drinking wine..

  37. Alexander Tarango

    Alexander TarangoMês atrás

    Nate Diaz

  38. Omar García

    Omar GarcíaMês atrás

    The Thickness Daaawg !! 6:11

  39. Christopher Archambeau

    Christopher ArchambeauMês atrás

    CBD has great healing properties!! Blaze on Diaz!!

  40. Factor Mars

    Factor MarsMês atrás

    8:25 thug life.

  41. Vincent Nguyen

    Vincent NguyenMês atrás

    The golden snitch!!! Hahaha

  42. J Moto

    J MotoMês atrás

    Novitsky: "it's all because you started it man.......... so I'm gonna need you to pee in this cup"

  43. Buff_asian Gaming

    Buff_asian GamingMês atrás

    Y’all really not gonna talk about the fact my man Nate passed smoke then passed Blunt for his open workout

  44. Justin Pharand

    Justin PharandMês atrás

    I hope Nate just sounds like he's high and not punch drunk

  45. Buff_asian Gaming

    Buff_asian GamingMês atrás

    @7:02 Me: aight then blood

  46. Ramy Anthony

    Ramy AnthonyMês atrás

    The dude literally cried on national TV but whatever hahaha

  47. Sam Crutchley

    Sam CrutchleyMês atrás

    I duno see how his feelings feel 💣💥

  48. assassin1234567

    assassin1234567Mês atrás

    DC 4:51 and Pettis 6:02 wearing the same sweater...does anyone know which one it is? Looks dope

  49. Joe Blank

    Joe BlankMês atrás

    Rip chris

  50. colton w

    colton wMês atrás

    Nate's retarded lmao. "Why's he on the Wheaties box I been here" umm probably because he actually has held belts before......

  51. YouTuber

    YouTuberMês atrás

    Yoel Romero happy guy

  52. OT Pie Flipper

    OT Pie FlipperMês atrás

    Yoel definitely needed his translator when he ran into Stipe.

  53. Cory

    CoryMês atrás

    When i watch these i get nerves like im fighting

  54. Cryptic EndofTime

    Cryptic EndofTimeMês atrás

    7:19 Nate’s face looks like something you make on faceapp

  55. Cryptic EndofTime

    Cryptic EndofTimeMês atrás

    Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Not one soul: Stipe:SSSLLLLRRRUUUPPPPP

  56. CombatNinja23

    CombatNinja23Mês atrás

    ...cuz he was a champion...that's why he was on the wheaties box.... neither Diaz bro has ever been a UFC champ... but we still love them

  57. Raphael Qualls

    Raphael QuallsMês atrás

    Nate and Nick Diaz look like the came out the womb with they hands up ready to fight lol

  58. ARingdinger250

    ARingdinger250Mês atrás

    “The dude literally cried on national television,but whatever” - stipe miocic . Dead☠️

  59. MMA GODS

    MMA GODSMês atrás

    Nate repping the Soundgarden during his signing👊🏽

  60. Alan Ross Martinez Rodriguez

    Alan Ross Martinez RodriguezMês atrás

    It may sound like a contradiction but the fact that Romero is so nice and friendly makes him even scarier.