Unboxing STRANGE AMAZON Products


  1. DAVE COOl

    DAVE COOl22 minutos atrás

    Got shoot in in the leg now in a robot xd

  2. Nathan Du Preez

    Nathan Du Preez2 horas atrás

    Damn vultures 😂

  3. Kooper Hudson

    Kooper Hudson4 horas atrás

    9:21 Well they need water first

  4. Jayden Holm

    Jayden Holm4 horas atrás

    My sister went through cancer 2 times 😭🤧

  5. Taylan Narayana

    Taylan Narayana6 horas atrás

    What flavour boost u get?

  6. sky fawkes

    sky fawkes9 horas atrás

    I W's eating my cereal when I saw the vomit and milk came out of my nose my sister was crying she thought it was barf

  7. sky fawkes

    sky fawkes9 horas atrás

    When lannon was ten years old he broke his arm racing a Go kart into a pole his parents didn't belive him for 3 days

  8. Jackson Williams

    Jackson Williams14 horas atrás

    La la la la

  9. pokershyguy z

    pokershyguy z16 horas atrás

    LazarBeam i need one dimand play botton

  10. Daniel Lorenz

    Daniel Lorenz16 horas atrás


  11. CheeseCake Plays

    CheeseCake Plays16 horas atrás

    Btw the vomiting thing is called gudetama and its and egg

  12. Jayden Sammarco

    Jayden Sammarco16 horas atrás

    So what else is he getting from mr beast

  13. Dimitri 18

    Dimitri 1816 horas atrás

    does anyone know the name of the toy wich lazar beam called a Chinese toy

  14. RLeandry328

    RLeandry32817 horas atrás


  15. ItzMajik YT

    ItzMajik YT17 horas atrás

    U did not even think u were getting a mil

  16. r3 vorce

    r3 vorce17 horas atrás

    1 month

  17. Johnny Venezia

    Johnny Venezia17 horas atrás

    I almost pooped my pants watching this video

  18. Lucas Ytrøy

    Lucas Ytrøy21 hora atrás

    Wait if i make new accounts over and over and subscribe i can get you more subs!😐

  19. Brandonlfc W

    Brandonlfc W21 hora atrás

    Africans don’t have water to make it useful

  20. Csgo SS

    Csgo SS21 hora atrás

    3 ads wow

  21. Calum McShane

    Calum McShane22 horas atrás

    well done ya bloody legend

  22. Andrew Kafka

    Andrew Kafka22 horas atrás

    wow 1 mil in 1 month never done before

  23. Arda Eken060109

    Arda Eken060109Dia atrás


  24. TheGamingMoose - BrawlStars and more

    TheGamingMoose - BrawlStars and moreDia atrás

    8:50 no THAT will give ME nightmares

  25. Yeet Yeet

    Yeet YeetDia atrás

    Can you do more vlogs

  26. Blitx Broken

    Blitx BrokenDia atrás


  27. Dude Decent

    Dude DecentDia atrás

    Who else has been here since crush slash

  28. LatteBrickFilms

    LatteBrickFilmsDia atrás

    *someone tell me what a gilf is*

  29. Ultro STW

    Ultro STWDia atrás

    I love the name biscuit that's also the name of my dog that passed away a couple of years ago 😥

  30. xxoofslarxx

    xxoofslarxxDia atrás

    You yeet your meat to feet

  31. Elijah Wright

    Elijah WrightDia atrás


  32. Thomas Gonzalez

    Thomas GonzalezDia atrás


  33. Thomas Gonzalez

    Thomas GonzalezDia atrás


  34. Thomas Gonzalez

    Thomas GonzalezDia atrás

    11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111100000000000 0000000000000000

  35. Denise Johnson

    Denise JohnsonDia atrás

    Congrats ya legend!

  36. jx11y

    jx11yDia atrás

    Put the Willeh up the biscuit

  37. Nancy Lara

    Nancy LaraDia atrás

    i got an add!!!!11

  38. Chickenasaurus

    ChickenasaurusDia atrás

    8:40 he doesn't know what its for...

  39. The Atom

    The AtomDia atrás

    יש פה ישראלי?

  40. YT. Yeti

    YT. YetiDia atrás

    00:2when lazar beam doesn’t upload on update day

  41. Paul Clemente

    Paul ClementeDia atrás


  42. Phsycho boy

    Phsycho boyDia atrás

    OK so OK so what

  43. Phsycho boy

    Phsycho boyDia atrás


  44. Phsycho boy

    Phsycho boyDia atrás


  45. Mercy 7865HD

    Mercy 7865HDDia atrás

    Lannan-Roses are red,Violets are blue,I can yeet,and I can feet

  46. Mercy 7865HD

    Mercy 7865HDDia atrás

    Lannan-Roses are red,Violets are blue,I can yeet,and I can feet

  47. Jay Squeaks

    Jay SqueaksDia atrás

    I feel bad for will

  48. Kim Navarro

    Kim NavarroDia atrás

    Lazarbeam - Originally non-clickbait family friendly channel and a fortnite god

  49. Budoculis buTul Yeet

    Budoculis buTul YeetDia atrás

    Dipuladoculis getting your merch

  50. Ez Dubs

    Ez DubsDia atrás

    I love your channel, keep it up

  51. XULATED_ Electrified

    XULATED_ ElectrifiedDia atrás

    0:17 lol

  52. Bonnie Coetzee

    Bonnie CoetzeeDia atrás

    youre my hero lazar

  53. Yo its dean

    Yo its deanDia atrás

    congrats lazar bean code lazar in the minecraft item shop

  54. Elizabeth Sanchez Garza

    Elizabeth Sanchez GarzaDia atrás


  55. FUZE SKY-_-

    FUZE SKY-_-Dia atrás

    Stolen play button

  56. Andrea Ocegueda

    Andrea OceguedaDia atrás

    It’s my birthday

  57. Will Giannakouros

    Will Giannakouros2 dias atrás

    900k gang

  58. Croissant Z

    Croissant Z2 dias atrás

    We’re at 6,665,666 views All most THERE GUYSSS!

  59. Pe Rodriguez

    Pe Rodriguez2 dias atrás

    Do you want it to be 6,666,666?

  60. Beth Ploetz

    Beth Ploetz2 dias atrás


  61. 「• Carolyn_ faith •」

    「• Carolyn_ faith •」2 dias atrás

    Out of the 25,440 comments, you bloody legends found mine so you earn a muffin 🧁🧁

  62. Libby Carter

    Libby Carter2 dias atrás

    Use code lazar in the item shop