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    I live in Massachusetts 😭

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    How do we know you ain't going to eat paint? You use to eat Play Do lmao 😂

  3. Tammy Buckley

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    It's the "Warren's" not the Lorenes lol. They are/we're demonologist

  4. Tara Budau

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    At 7:28 into the video while you were in the bathroom, the cabinet mirror was slightly ajar. At 7:56 when you turned around towards the bathroom again, the mirror door IS OPEN. Check and see if I'm not correct.

  5. Cjs Transp

    Cjs TranspDia atrás

    I did hear some whisper in the basement as soon as Omar said oh cool in that little room. Other than that I couldn't hear to good because of all that crap on the floor.

  6. Shatoya Barker

    Shatoya BarkerDia atrás

    Fort Reno in el reno or haunted train station in el reno Oklahoma

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    15:14 yall got a tiddy ceiling too?

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    If u look when he shows the windows in the attic a image appears and then it goes away wow

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    night time is more scary

  11. hunter weinberg

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    maybe just your dude but at 16:26 it looks like a shadow on the stairs coming from the room in the right or somthin.

  12. Janet Marrero

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    When you left the bathroom the mirror was closed and when you came oit the mirror was open

  13. Esmeralda Cortez

    Esmeralda Cortez5 dias atrás

    Hi Omar this is like my very first time watchi g your videos and this has to be the scariest video ever. But I would like to talk to you about another haunted place in Florida and would love to go with you and explore with you. I will message you about the place and city in which the place is at in Florida

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    13:47 it sounds like something whispering lets play

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    you better check your phone pal a cell phone can record for more then 10 mins i got an 30 min long video on my phone

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    110 ocean ave Amityville, on the south shore of Long Island, New York.

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    Not Massachusetts

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    the medicine cabinet was open

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    Omar can you explore the Winchester haunted mansion !?

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    you should have stayed there for a night to find out whats up!!!

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    Give me a like if you saw a ghost in this vid

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    Gimmie kiss

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    In the bathroom the mirror door was closed at first but when you were leaving an looked behind it was open

  26. Ryan O'Donnell

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    at 5:53 after he answers james "somebody followed up the stairs behind me" you can heart a faint "i did"

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    yop yop

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    You guys should come to Illinois and investigate Bachelor's Grove Cemetery

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    What the hell did i just saw at 13:34 after the flashhh

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    I love your videos so much! These videos always give me a scare but that has helped me defeat my fears and it really helps me with my depression. So thank you, Omar. Thank you so much!

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    You need to plan a visit to the small rural town I currently live in. 😉

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    not going there way to much talking so how can we hear anything over u

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    Why didnt you go at nite?

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    what about red room :D

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    Huge fan omar!!!!!

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    My room is creppy and haunted..

  38. Louvenocturne

    Louvenocturne21 dia atrás

    Around 16:21 you can see a shadow on the light of the stair's ramp. I doubt it's the shadow of James cause of the angle of the light, even if it runs towards him. Technically, his shadow would be in front of him.

  39. Jaayy Mariee

    Jaayy Mariee21 dia atrás

    When You First Walked Into The Bathroom , The Mirror Closed .. And After You Started To Walk Out Because You Heard Footsteps , Then Turned Back To The Bathroom .. The Mirror Was Open ...

  40. Ethan Foster

    Ethan Foster21 dia atrás

    Bruh the looks like a altitude trainer mask😂

  41. Tarah Allison

    Tarah Allison21 dia atrás

    At 7:51 u see that the cabinet was open. It was shut when he went in the bathroom.



    The mirror n the bathroom was closed as u walked out n turend around its open!!!!!!

  43. greight angel

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    @4:38 "I almost made him fall" then "that was good"

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    At 12.24 u can see right below the window there looks like a ghost king or something

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    Can I get 1k like please

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    5:54 something said “yes i did”

  47. Tammie Rice

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    Great architecture beautiful stair case and book case. So much caricature in the older homes. Back when people had pride in what they made.💖✌🙏

  48. Dee Nielsen

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    Early 1920-1930 it looks like it was built.... Nice floor plan......

  49. John Dolan

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    Omar my underwear is haunted....will you investigate my cheezsy cruds


    CALLINDA KNOX28 dias atrás

    I saw the other shadow

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    I use to live in Massachusetts but I moved to Florida

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    Did you notice the medicine cabinet was closed....then it was open!

  53. Dusty E

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    I grew up with lead paint and asbestos. My brother and I played in and around it I'm sure. We both have been tested and we are both good luckily. But that stuff is nothing to mess with.

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    Good video but maybe next time don’t play any music cause it masking the sounds, and taking away from it

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    Hey! You have a new follower. Your videos is amazing, and its give me goosebumps and i`ve got terryfied everytime.. But its so nice =)

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    Rickards Journey n(

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    Brass balls I can’t describe this any better

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    the medicine cabinet opened

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    7lmaggio he opened you can see his shadow

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    Dude I'd live in it no matter if haunted or not lol

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    Umm let me ask you have u ever look at someone with full of Love when ur scared shit out of u XD I'm trying to imagine that expression 23:44 James scared Crap out of me :'( *he looks possessed like watching in 0

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    Yall should go back with a spirt box go in the death rooms talk too them 3am or not love your vids

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    1.5k Dislikes?? Y'all are never happy huh? The point of this video is to be creepy and entertain and that it did!!! I enjoyed this video Omar!! Thank you!!

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    It looked like someone was crouched by the right attic window.

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    The mirror in the bathroom opened on its own....

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    The med cabin was close but its open now


    NOELLE PINEDAMês atrás

    I saw something that moved


    NOELLE PINEDAMês atrás

    I heard that. I think that’ was a glass that broke. What do you think that was?

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    Thank goodness no Luna no Patty no other add on people in this video. I like it better when it’s just you or James together. Anyone new messes up your videos. Lessens the value for me to watch

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    Where did that glass on the stairs come from it wasn't there when you want down

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    SHOUT OUT PLZ!!! can you plz shout out to my sister Emma because me and my sister love watching these videos together. PLZ SHOUT OUT TO MY SISTER!!!!!

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    The medicine cabinet was closed, when into h bathroom you left the room it opened

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    Somethin' lives in that bathroom medicine cabinet, mate!

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    @ 9:50 - 9:54 it does look like two shadows. It moves when you do. But sorta looks different than your shadow on the left. I don't know. Seemed creepy to me

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    You are right about mesothelioma, my granpa got it from his time serving in tanks.

  78. Burnout Paradise Remastered

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    Damn! This place reminds me of that movie the shining when haxing with an ax by the door creepy! Great video omar

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    That's my home state thanks for coming to Massachusetts Omar. Massachusetts love to ya. Try to get permission to explore Medfield State Hospital it is quite haunted same with Taunton State Hospital.

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    Thank you for remembering your health, and explaining to those who may not know

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    Nothing haunting about it.

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    That was a nother showed and it was not your's because when you moved it did not

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    mirror in bathroom was closed then next look it was open...

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    hmmmm, your 5 mins is a lot shorter than most folks 5 mins would be.

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    5:54 right after you said it sounded like some followed you up the stairs, there is a whisper that sounds like it's saying 'I did'

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    dude 7:30 your not slick i can literally see your shadow open the mirror door 😂

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