1. JustCardsBy Sara

    JustCardsBy Sara3 horas atrás

    Wasn't it built on a indian burial site or something??? They didn't dig the bodies up was that just for the movie??

  2. Paige

    Paige11 horas atrás

    16:19 as you walk down the stairs there’s a shadow on the left hand side that moves away which cane from the room I the right

  3. Todwin Lakien

    Todwin Lakien15 horas atrás

    why don't you come to sedroo woolley washington use to be a mental hospital now is cascade job corps to check if it is hunted I have heard many many stories about it u can also google it..

  4. Ambyr Wagner

    Ambyr WagnerDia atrás

    Somewhere around 12:22, at least to me, it looks like there's a man standing on the right side of the screen. That area is also much darker compared to the left (not exactly sure if that's positioning of the sun or somehow coincidental).

  5. Isabela N. Lopez

    Isabela N. LopezDia atrás

    7:30 😂😂

  6. Andrew Grace

    Andrew GraceDia atrás

    Nothing about this video is scary I'm sorry to say

  7. Valentus

    Valentus2 dias atrás

    A whisper in 11:29 said "yes go"

  8. Brian Tumlinson

    Brian Tumlinson3 dias atrás

    You know I'm hearing footsteps also and it sounds like so impatient but it might be James who knows


    MARCI'A THE HOOLIGAN3 dias atrás


  10. TheMadcrazy730

    TheMadcrazy7303 dias atrás

    Spirits really don't like when the houses they dwell in are renovated . They become more active because of it most times.

  11. MegaTammytv

    MegaTammytv3 dias atrás

    You had a little boy following you around

  12. MegaTammytv

    MegaTammytv3 dias atrás

    He goes in the bathroom the vanity is closed then he pans back and it's open

  13. Erin Casner

    Erin Casner3 dias atrás

    Did you guys realize the mirror in the first bathroom closed at first and its opened when you go back in

  14. Justine Gaubatz

    Justine Gaubatz3 dias atrás

    At 16:01-16:09 it sounded like a ghost fell down the stairs.😂

  15. ThatBratSophie

    ThatBratSophie3 dias atrás

    I can clearly hear a cough at 4:56 and then shortly after something is thrown your way. Interesting......

  16. Seth Hudson

    Seth Hudson5 dias atrás

    You should go at 3am

  17. Death Spades

    Death Spades5 dias atrás

    24:41 Rip Headphone users

  18. Tammy Rivera

    Tammy Rivera6 dias atrás

    No... he's no longer married, but, in a relationship with Tiffany. However, if y'all want to meet multiple personality disorder... scroll til u find Greta..or however the hell she spells it!


    RED GAMING6 dias atrás

    There is a women at 26:16

  20. Sandra Araya

    Sandra Araya6 dias atrás

    😦😦😦😱😱😱😱gracias por tu trabajo saludos de Barcelona

  21. Charles E Bauer

    Charles E Bauer6 dias atrás

    11:28 you can hear something whisper something, over his voice

  22. iamA believer124

    iamA believer1246 dias atrás

    Yo but that medicine cabinet was closed few mins ago please get back to me if I’m rite

  23. Janet Charter

    Janet Charter6 dias atrás

    the bathroom mirror check it

  24. death922_yt

    death922_yt8 dias atrás

    At 7:57 the door open

  25. Bambi Shiflet. The fam

    Bambi Shiflet. The fam8 dias atrás

    Hello guys how are you today I hope you're fine I hope your doing good and God bless you give me kiss

  26. an0n

    an0n9 dias atrás

    11:29 there is a whisper " man is coming towards us" !!!!

  27. an0n

    an0n9 dias atrás

    10:58 baby shouts !!! listen carefully !!!1 creepy

  28. Bryan Swilik

    Bryan Swilik9 dias atrás

    Would you guys STOP making ya-all videos at the same time. It's rude to the viewers , Ya got the other guys stombing around and you can hear their voices in the back ground. Stop trying so hard your getting too thirsty !

  29. Stephen Showalter

    Stephen Showalter9 dias atrás

    I noticed that when Omar was in the bathroom the medicine cabinet was closed when he turned back around to look back in the bathroom the cabinet was open.

  30. Chance Houck

    Chance Houck10 dias atrás


  31. mama fel

    mama fel10 dias atrás

    Did you guys hear that cough when he's up in the staircase?

  32. BloodStained Floor

    BloodStained Floor10 dias atrás

    You said you're in Massachusetts. Sorry. Gotta bail. Amityville is in Long Island. Peace.

  33. Keven Lockwood

    Keven Lockwood11 dias atrás

    !!! SEEN A SHADOW !!! On 16:26 watch the handrailing 😲 Omar maybe it was fam's shadow walking into the room downstairs.. but I don't think it would cast a shadow on your side of the stairs 🤔🤔

  34. Alyssa Dreher

    Alyssa Dreher12 dias atrás

    try fining th red room plese

  35. Alyssa Dreher

    Alyssa Dreher12 dias atrás

    beware at 3 :15 the killing happens ok so stay up please

  36. dawndahlia randomsarcasm

    dawndahlia randomsarcasm13 dias atrás

    Why you wearing a mask 🤔🤔

  37. Red Cobra

    Red Cobra13 dias atrás

    For those who are wondering what is the name of the song in the end of the video, the song is Got Some Jones by Push N' Glide. :P

  38. Tracy King

    Tracy King13 dias atrás

    Small door in wall was closed but now its open in the beroom

  39. Zach aka Mr. Zark

    Zach aka Mr. Zark13 dias atrás

    I'm from Salem MA. Aka Halloween Capital

  40. Elizabeth Adah Odiniya

    Elizabeth Adah Odiniya15 dias atrás

    12:14 there's some creep shit under the window

  41. Untracing

    Untracing15 dias atrás

    I know I’m late but they should do a 24 hour challenge in the attic

  42. Memories in the making With Grandma’s girls

    Memories in the making With Grandma’s girls15 dias atrás

    I am on my computer 💻 playing roblox

  43. Random vlogger

    Random vlogger16 dias atrás

    7:56 look its open the mirror

  44. Sherrie Haynes

    Sherrie Haynes16 dias atrás

    Yes there's another shadow

  45. Sherrie Haynes

    Sherrie Haynes16 dias atrás

    The mirror on the bathroom cabinet was closed when you went in and open when you flashed the light in there

  46. Christina Irwin

    Christina Irwin16 dias atrás

    Really cool i know what you mean in alot of these im in snoqualmie wa. In my apartment things move water turns on and my bathroom door opens so youre pretty cool idlike tomore currenr events thank you for teading this. Give youreself a selfie kiss

  47. Esmeralda Oxlaj Acevedo

    Esmeralda Oxlaj Acevedo16 dias atrás

    The mirror in the restroom was closed and it opend scary

  48. David Vied

    David Vied16 dias atrás

    Lame asses, says “let’s be quiet for 5mins” then they can’t even stay quiet for 5 secs

  49. killsing01

    killsing0117 dias atrás

    Man, Omar. You are spot on about James always talking! But when you have James AND Patty together? Forget about it! As soon as anything happens, Patty gets flapping them gums! Lol! I love Patty. She's def great people. I am just busting her and James chops about the amount of gabbing.

  50. killsing01

    killsing0117 dias atrás

    at 12:31 You say, ooh, it's scary up here, immediately followed by an disembodied voice , I couldn't tell what he said.

  51. Tom Griffiths

    Tom Griffiths17 dias atrás

    16:24 there’s a shadow moving on the bannister

  52. Nutmeg 65

    Nutmeg 6518 dias atrás

    Omar, when you went in the attic, how did you feel? There WAS something in that attic, at 12:14 when you are looking at the windows look to the right of the window on the right, then look at 12:21......What is that?

  53. Kim Turner

    Kim Turner18 dias atrás

    I thought you were going to be quiet for 5min....you weren't.

  54. jemma cooper

    jemma cooper19 dias atrás

    i just saw legs near the window in the addict

  55. Nathaniel Jorgensen

    Nathaniel Jorgensen19 dias atrás

    The mirror was closed now it's open

  56. YouTube support

    YouTube support19 dias atrás

    The door wat open it sof

  57. Pov Yi

    Pov Yi20 dias atrás

    Bring in some Cambodian monk, lol.

  58. Kiluanahugs

    Kiluanahugs20 dias atrás

    Looks like a nice fixer upper to me.

  59. Kelley Colvin

    Kelley Colvin20 dias atrás

    Also mold spores are bad

  60. Kelley Colvin

    Kelley Colvin20 dias atrás

    Dude you’re way too dramatic and jumpy and the loud scary music is annoying and distracting

  61. meaad ali

    meaad ali20 dias atrás

    بسم الله وش ذا يخووفف 😂😂🤔🙁

  62. Brooke Stallsmith

    Brooke Stallsmith21 dia atrás

    Pretty sure I heard a fart at 4:15

  63. wahleey87

    wahleey8721 dia atrás

    Omar I got a place for u it's in a confirmed haunted library in Harvey North Dakota check it if out

  64. Joshua Cormack

    Joshua Cormack21 dia atrás

    You and Fam should put a queue point in your videos on when to start the side by side to make it easier to match up.

  65. Proud American

    Proud American21 dia atrás

    I guess the title "Amityville" is thumbnail bait? Idk.

  66. Nykiel Kallier

    Nykiel Kallier22 dias atrás

    Your kinda mean to James 🌚

  67. Gabriel Tobing

    Gabriel Tobing23 dias atrás

    Ha ha ha! Omar is finally wearing a mask and James is just going savage.

  68. Emerald Smith

    Emerald Smith23 dias atrás

    Love your videos! Keep em coming 🤟🏼😊

  69. DragonBorn74

    DragonBorn7423 dias atrás

    11:29 says yes go

  70. Annamaria Sabrina Calderaro

    Annamaria Sabrina Calderaro23 dias atrás

    Holy crap

  71. Asma Abuselmia

    Asma Abuselmia23 dias atrás

    Attic always scares me too

  72. Asma Abuselmia

    Asma Abuselmia23 dias atrás

    Really scary I felt my heart drop out of my chest watching this

  73. Anothony D

    Anothony D23 dias atrás

    The medicine cabinet open it was shut then open in bathroom

  74. Richie Starkers

    Richie Starkers23 dias atrás

    I like the video but why the crappy music everytime something happens

  75. recielda adarlo

    recielda adarlo24 dias atrás

    The cabinet on the bathroom was close he turn around it was open

  76. Kimberly Sweet

    Kimberly Sweet24 dias atrás

    Omar your videos are spectacular.

  77. Donna Garcia

    Donna Garcia24 dias atrás

    Something touches you and you run like a baby!!!😂😂😂😂

  78. Chris Donner

    Chris Donner24 dias atrás

    Bro you should try to reach out to Zak Bagans and try to go investigate with him on an episode of Ghost Adventures! It would be awesome to see you team up with him!

  79. Latiffany Marie

    Latiffany Marie24 dias atrás

    The eye like windows in the attic is creepy af. Omar you rock!

  80. Crafts with Little bit elias

    Crafts with Little bit elias24 dias atrás

    Love you guys you guys should have like a meet and greet and let ppl go with you guys

  81. Ashly Reyes

    Ashly Reyes24 dias atrás

    7:30 he opened that cabinet himself you can see the reflection of the light from the mirror when he’s “checking the shower” than try’s to play it off on how it built. Also you noticed how far he is from the shower he was closer to the mirror. Also if it were a ghost opening up it would open slowly. Plus he would have chills and ran out

  82. Jeana Jett

    Jeana Jett24 dias atrás

    Another voice saying ahh at 10:54. Another whisper at 14:21.

  83. Jeana Jett

    Jeana Jett24 dias atrás

    I heard something at 2:41 that sounds like " I'm on the right"

  84. Sarah Lee

    Sarah Lee25 dias atrás

    what’s really annoying is that James is there too investigating separately for his own vid, why couldnt it just be you with friends who are there to help your vid, not doing this vid as well, it really is distracting

  85. john drenner

    john drenner25 dias atrás

    I am john drenner jr i was featured on a haunting


    DIRTY CUNTRY25 dias atrás

    At 9:15 there is a shadow Omar in the closet...

  87. thebeast39016

    thebeast3901625 dias atrás

    The insulation on the pipes are not asbestos its fiberglass that makes you itchy I've been a plumber for a 15 years none have asbestos

  88. Ceridwen Nytewell

    Ceridwen Nytewell26 dias atrás

    @7:00 or so, Omar that energy looks like it's hit you hard. Take care and cleanse

  89. Torri Tucker

    Torri Tucker26 dias atrás

    When you went into the bathroom upstairs the medicine cabinet was closed. When you stepped out and turned around it was open. 8:04. Also at 16:27 when Omar is looking down the stairs. Watch where the rails at the bottom of the stairs have light on them from the windows. There is a shadow that goes across them, meaning something was passing from the right side.

  90. Black Rose

    Black Rose26 dias atrás

    7:53 in the bathroom the cabinet in the wall was open when at 7:17 it was closed

  91. bob bonilla

    bob bonilla26 dias atrás

    3:15 the family was murdered

  92. Quin Gacha

    Quin Gacha27 dias atrás

    I just watched the remake movie, so much different from the original.

  93. Terri Pusser

    Terri Pusser27 dias atrás

    He didnt notice the mirror was open when he turned back around?

  94. StephanieBlendss

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    stay the night!!!

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    do over night guys!!!!

  96. connie vampola

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    love it!

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    Okay soo- my dad watched your channel and loved your videos and use to say he was youtubeing :,) he passed two months ago. Someone just brought up your channel I got really teary eyed, since he watched your videos I'll be subscribing to you. Thank you for makeing him smile

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    Sorry for your loss bro

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    Sorry for ur loss.

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    Love your videos. Just wanted to point out though that paint peels from moisture/humidity not cold.

  101. Joe Fox

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    Yeah but like he said in the basement all the heat rises so that's probably why he said it feels cold

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    If you see this omar can you give me a ❤ plz

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    Too much talking