Under The Sea - 2016 Disneyland Resort All-American College Band


  1. Sophia Stewart

    Sophia Stewart2 anos atrás

    Go percussion!

  2. bob bobinson

    bob bobinson2 anos atrás

    what is the drumline at 1:06 from

  3. Joshua Radin

    Joshua Radin4 meses atrás

    bob bobinson scrubs Have a great day

  4. Phillip Tran

    Phillip Tran2 anos atrás

    Girl at 1:43 spun the wrong way, rip.

  5. Entrance

    Entrance2 anos atrás

    2:10 is why you need black drummers

  6. just. laughs_x

    just. laughs_x2 anos atrás

    tbh I feel like that dab was unnecessary

  7. colby Kramer

    colby Kramer2 anos atrás

    TP FlippingFaite me too

  8. Entrance

    Entrance2 anos atrás


  9. Samuel Jesus Santos

    Samuel Jesus Santos2 anos atrás

    Incredible are very good

  10. Nicola Zuberbühler

    Nicola Zuberbühler2 anos atrás

    Aaand now you made me love that song even more!! :D

  11. Erick Coffee

    Erick Coffee3 anos atrás

    Were are the rest of the woodwind and the clarinets

  12. Silver Trumpet

    Silver Trumpet2 anos atrás

    Guava Juice oh lol i thought u were the real guavs

  13. Silver Trumpet

    Silver Trumpet2 anos atrás

    Guava Juice you watch themm??

  14. Christian Abrego

    Christian Abrego2 anos atrás

    The Pokémon Go master The band is supposed to be on the Jazzier side, and most jazz ensembles only have brass and saxaphones as their winds. Woodwinds like clarinets, flutes, etc. are considered more classical