Unsolved Mystery of Sven


  1. Dream

    Dream5 meses atrás

    Correction: PewDiePie is using a data-pack not a mod. Wrong terminology. Also, you can't drown on magma blocks but you can still drown in bubble ravines. (See in chat at 6:03, my dog drowns) Like the video if you enjoyed it :)

  2. Isimsiz

    Isimsiz6 horas atrás

    Try checking tail angles after he took damage. It is a small but important clue.

  3. RoosterboyZ

    RoosterboyZ13 horas atrás

    Wait was that baldboyhalo

  4. Gladiator 3000

    Gladiator 300015 horas atrás

    If you watch the clip at 8:00 you can see Sven's is at max height (max health), and then at 8:05 the tail is VERY low to the ground (low health). this shows how lucky Sven is to still be alive. no mods.

  5. koolaidkidaf also a bacon hair

    koolaidkidaf also a bacon hair17 horas atrás

    Me: :0

  6. Haiku Shogi

    Haiku Shogi22 horas atrás

    just tested, tails of dogs with invinsibility tag on dont go down

  7. Nilesh Sharma

    Nilesh SharmaDia atrás

    It can't be luck as minecraft is programmed go into the tamed wolf AI code and see what's the truth

  8. godza zillo

    godza zillo2 dias atrás

    Wait is that badboyhalo lmao no one realized

  9. godza zillo

    godza zillo2 dias atrás

    Now I feel bad to pewdiepie, because of his animal

  10. i love Anime

    i love Anime2 dias atrás

    Give this man an a+ for an amazing theory that will never have its answer

  11. Ian Moon

    Ian Moon2 dias atrás

    Sven does die

  12. Daniel N

    Daniel N2 dias atrás

    Sven drowned

  13. GamiingRooster

    GamiingRooster3 dias atrás

    Dogs teleport.

  14. TheCreeper

    TheCreeper3 dias atrás

    plot swist: this video is sponsored by pewdiepie


    ENDERBENDYBRINE3 dias atrás

    hol up, whats the seed?

  16. Hikacvx

    Hikacvx4 dias atrás

    Unsolved tho? What if the data pack had a line that made dogs look just like Sven?

  17. BloxySans.

    BloxySans.4 dias atrás

    It's HeyYa Sven survive because of HeyYa stand

  18. BloxySans.

    BloxySans.4 dias atrás

    Maybe HeyYa is sven stand 1 out of 50 million luck

  19. Silent Banana

    Silent Banana4 dias atrás

    Dream: and that animal, has lived the longest Llama guy: visible confusion

  20. Yusuf Nebi Taşçıoğlu

    Yusuf Nebi Taşçıoğlu5 dias atrás

    Sven is dead now. Mystery solved. RIP 2020

  21. Miny Kat

    Miny Kat5 dias atrás

    Sven follows pewds at all times so Sven would’ve headed in the direction into the cave getting sucked in Boom

  22. Blaster gaming

    Blaster gaming5 dias atrás

    Sven is maybe a dog from god XD🤣

  23. Mariah Ellisor

    Mariah Ellisor5 dias atrás

    Dogs teleport dont you think once he got off the magma block he would just teleport to the nearest dry land?

  24. Kasper Sebastian Skattør

    Kasper Sebastian Skattør6 dias atrás

    Cant you download the datapack and see if your dog survives

  25. Wilson Liny2

    Wilson Liny26 dias atrás

    They weren't pets, they were a father to him

  26. Detlaff von Drac

    Detlaff von Drac6 dias atrás

    Sven's BF: (In his dying breath) Sven! This is my last hamon, take it! Sven: SHIIIII- I mean, BFFFFFFFFFF!

  27. Detlaff von Drac

    Detlaff von Drac6 dias atrás

    Also, yeah, Sven is Joseph Joestar, that explains why he doesn't die

  28. UBTS. Cardboard

    UBTS. Cardboard6 dias atrás

    [F] [*] doggo grave (leave [F[ or candle([*]) in comments pls)


    GAMER'S GUIDE6 dias atrás

    Sven is the first and the Last pet in PewDiePie's Minecraft world, the legendary Minecraft dog

  30. Sasuke_uchiha

    Sasuke_uchiha6 dias atrás

    The gods of Minecraft r on pewdiepies side

  31. Sven

    Sven7 dias atrás

    sup :P

  32. Stefan Stănescu

    Stefan Stănescu8 dias atrás

    Notch made Sven invincibile so that Felix Will make The minecraft still popular

  33. Lele

    Lele8 dias atrás

    I think Sven has increased max health or never ending resistance effect without bubbles

  34. Pixl V

    Pixl V8 dias atrás

    Answer: the minecraft gods don't want the series to end so they kept Sven alive

  35. lotee

    lotee9 dias atrás

    ngl when you said pewdiepie i instantly clicked off the video

  36. Lord Jaraxxus

    Lord Jaraxxus9 dias atrás

    The Dark Side is a path to many abilities some would consider... unnatural.

  37. anonymous

    anonymous10 dias atrás

    i exploded of creeper on the same block my dog was and he survived in first try

  38. Vlad Ivascanu

    Vlad Ivascanu10 dias atrás

    He went after the skeletron

  39. Lalithaditya Wagh

    Lalithaditya Wagh11 dias atrás

    What about that episode when pewdiepie destroys the ikea tower and sven dies

  40. iSunner

    iSunner11 dias atrás

    i thought your gonna try the mod and check if sven has invisibility

  41. Devil’s Advocate

    Devil’s Advocate12 dias atrás

    Biggie man tyrone

  42. Creeper Block 3

    Creeper Block 312 dias atrás

    Rip A lot of dogs 2019 - 2019 And it's 2020 mmmm

  43. AAMAZ TV

    AAMAZ TV12 dias atrás

    this is sutch a stupid theory

  44. * AzureMiles *

    * AzureMiles *2 dias atrás

    How do you mess up the word such?

  45. Redstone Active

    Redstone Active12 dias atrás

    One last thing The main mechanic of dogs They teleport to you when you are on solid blocks

  46. Tri Le

    Tri Le12 dias atrás

    He could of added armour on Sven

  47. RiCh King

    RiCh King12 dias atrás

    But isnt it that some dogs have more hp than others. Like some horses have more hp than others. Maybe sven has like max hp? Idk just a theory

  48. _Cosmic _

    _Cosmic _12 dias atrás

    I would say teleport for the drowning pewdiepie was at the top and the dog was standing and because their was no land on top near him it teleported to the cave

  49. Moon Wukong

    Moon Wukong12 dias atrás

    Or Sven just a bad ass

  50. Green JF

    Green JF12 dias atrás

    I think Sven survived drowning because when pewdiepie swam up and sven sunk he got far enough to teleport, but dogs dont tp to water so he teleported to the closest dry land which was the cave, then felix was still too far away so sven sat, or maybe he did it because he was in a boat before

  51. Clout Attack

    Clout Attack12 dias atrás

    Why pewds dont got the achievement bestfriend forever when he tame sven

  52. Someone On the internet

    Someone On the internet13 dias atrás

    Sven is a real one

  53. ricardo romero

    ricardo romero13 dias atrás

    My dogs always die the first day i tame them

  54. Twilight Envoy

    Twilight Envoy13 dias atrás

    How Sven alived at creeper explosion gravel falling skeleton's arrow at the cave

  55. Mr.swagpanda 418

    Mr.swagpanda 41813 dias atrás

    Deadpool: I'm immortal Sven: hold my water bowel

  56. Peja Kaye West

    Peja Kaye West13 dias atrás

    Pewds protecc sven

  57. Random Dude

    Random Dude13 dias atrás

    Dont you dare f*** my brain like this.

  58. MossyR0cK 123

    MossyR0cK 12313 dias atrás


  59. Doggo

    Doggo13 dias atrás

    Or Sven is just immortal.

  60. Casual Viewer

    Casual Viewer13 dias atrás

    This was genuinely a good video! I want to believe that Sven is real LOL

  61. Meowgod Meow

    Meowgod Meow13 dias atrás

    No it can’t be the mod us u can’t make a data on 1slecific thing if he actually made Sven unkillable then Sven bf would not died

  62. Ultra Aryan 10

    Ultra Aryan 1014 dias atrás

    Late comment here (Sven still alive tho) but a lot of people seem to have a lot of misunderstandings here. *Pewds is on Easy difficulty, so Creepers do less damage* Mobs always deal 'Normal' damage to other mobs, I would assume that applies to explosion as well. *Dogs do not go towards Skeletons while sitting* Dogs however are still attracted to skeletons, they will still look at nearby skeletons, and since Sven is able to move while in water, this could actually increase the chances. *Svens BF died from fall damage so Sven is not invincible* It could be possible that the data-pack only works for dogs named 'Sven' however I highly doubt it

  63. Logan Petros

    Logan Petros14 dias atrás

    Get the mod and check the files