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    I have the mini version of this palette. It’s so cute but it’s all mattes (since I suck at doing shimmers).

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    Make up Sexy Spice girl

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    I am never learning how to apply makeup 💔💔💔🌚

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    So I tried it and I look like someone punched me in my eye i dont know what happened in the process that I have eyeshadow in my neck.....

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    It's good eyeshadow??

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    It's very cool, i love it, it's simple and natural.

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    Simple but it's look so beautiful 😍

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    I like 🍒

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    C'est super jolie

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    Un ojo muy bien pintado...pero siempre ponen pestañas postizas! Y eso cubre muchos defectos de los ojos! 😖😖 No hay ningún tutorial sin pestañas postizas!!! Yo las tengo larguísimas😝😝😝

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    هههه والعرب فينكم

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    Tooop 👍😻

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    Красивые глаза.Палетка просто супер.Тоже есть такая палетка.Только на азиатскии глаза получается другой макияж.Видео.лайк.))

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    Love it 😍😍 i have eyeshadow looks video on my channel check it out 😉😍😍

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    Alla går in på min kanal och prenumererar nuuu snälla😬🤗🤗

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    i have never watched such a calming tutorial its nice

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    Вот это брови...

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    Очень красиво))

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    C est vraiment jolie

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    كل الحلوين يضغطو لاااايك

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    Wowww what a hot eyes😍😚

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    Beautiful look,i still love this gorgeous UD palette ❤

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    This music is so obnoxious 😩😩😩😩

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    انا خفت عنجد مافي هون حدا عربي انا مخنوآ😑😑😣😣😥😥😥😥

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    Thank you! I did it with another palette it turns out really good on me

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    My favorite palette EVER.

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    Why! M.A.C I think 🤔 is perfectly good

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    Very beautiful

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    So beautiful 😍💖👍👍

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    Who's here after watching Kelsey and Cody's video?


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    very nice .....I try it to

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    Nice 💜

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    Nästan 5 miljoner visningar! 😱😻❤️ (så himla bra video!)❤️

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    Muito lindo

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    Love it Great

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    L'îke Wibo...)

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    OMG!!!! I LOVE HOW U SHOULD HOW TO DO IT BY STEP BY STEP! Like i have all the naked makeup pallets and idk how to do my own makeup THANK YOU even tho this video is from 2015 😬

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    Boht mazedaar

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    Hi, what music did you use for the video?

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    I love all the english comments

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    what eyeliner is that?

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    Beautiful look,I like it.Kisses from Bilbao🌹

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    What eyeliner is this?

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    Would love to achieve the results these women have.

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    You watch this video! Second step:you go trying to wear makeup like a pro""" After all ,you're heading to your mirror to see your face Then:you look like a weird thief taking a punch in his face"""

  70. Амина

    Амина6 meses atrás

    If you have a struggle doing this look try it in different order : take busted and put it on your crease, then take YDK and apply on crease, after take YDK again and apply on lid, next take half baked and apply on inner corner, at the end take blackout and apply on the V crease. And that’s how you get the look easy

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    tysm this was a lifesaver

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    Am I the only one who looks like a greasy glitter ball??

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    What kind of eye liner dose she use ?

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    YDK used to be one of my favorite UD shadows...so much so that I’ve bought many of the singles....but the last couple I bought, it seems the consistency has changed. The shadow used to be a lot creamier. Now it’s dry and too powdery. I wonder if they changed their formula?

  76. Cristina Gomez

    Cristina Gomez6 meses atrás

    Could you tell me what brush you used at 1:35 and 1:45 for applying blackout?

  77. Octavia 92

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    The eye makeup looks great ,but the eyebrows are too red. The eyebrows must be brown-gray, not the colour of a carrot.

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    this video is lit

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    Very pretty.

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    I like it but I cannot do it it’s hard for me I have a special shadow to put on my 👀

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    My eyes would have been start to water

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    What eyeliner she used? Anybody knows?

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    Thank you for this tutorial! Its the first time in my life when i thght my makeup was actually done rlly well

  89. Ana Passarela

    Ana Passarela9 meses atrás

    Could be better. YDK (lid )+ Half baked ( inner corner )= no constrast! And please, take care with the language. There are many incorrect words in your video: "togeter", "crese"...

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    How cost is it??

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    this palette is the best thing i have..so good

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    I wish is have the eyeshadow palette ❤️❤️❤️

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    4 miljoner har sett videon och fler!!

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    Te recomiemdo que no te eches mucho producto

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    Such a beautiful elegant easy everyday neutral eye xxx

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    Naked 2 Love Love loveeeeee

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    I love your make up, fab job!

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    Du ska prova makeup revolution makeup revolution iconic de är super och är lika bra som URBAN DECAY NAKED