US Navy vs US Marines - What's The Difference & How Do They Compare? - Army / Military Comparison


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    Would you join either service? Which and why?

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    US Marines %100

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    the USMC

  4. Tim Allen

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    Look at the combat deaths since WW2, and you'll see the Army is the most dangerous, the Air Force the safest. The USMC doesn't lose as many as the Army, but then there isn't nearly as many of them. The Navy has been a comparably safe job compared to the Army, but it all depends on what your job is whether or not you might be in a combat zone. Overall, the Air Force is probably the smarter career choice if you can get in, but you won't get the respect that a Marine does.

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    Aight I'm thinking about joining the marines but I'm semi out of shape

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    @FBI boo

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    You're comparing sailors to the deadliest, most murderous breed of warrior on the planet.

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    I'd love to become a Navy Seal...

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    I did not Google for the fukin history of them.

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    I’m going to meps in 2 weeks to join the marines

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    Duh the Navy is Support for land invasion

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    If we work together we will become one great force we are both fighting for the same reason to fight for our country let's go NAVY AND MARINES

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    I honestly don’t know what to do with my life and I feel like I keep getting hints to join the Military. First my cousin wants me to sign up with him and than a Marine came by and talked about his experience.

  16. Andrew Oriez

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    There is one service.... The US Marines paychecks all read "Dept of the NAVY"

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    I prefer Marines, over Army, but then I love the Navy. Go Navy!

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    Can you compare the green berets and recon marines?

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    The. U.S. Navy,because Marines need to get laid also,lol


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    The difference is The Marines are a part of The Navy. They love being reminded of that. Devil Doc, 2nd Recon Marines. Ooorah, Semper Fi.

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    Both are part of the Navy Department.....except the Coast Guard that's part of Homeland Security Department....

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    The Navy specializes in controlling the entry and exit points of the sea ports, while the Marines carry out amphibious combat missions. During times of need, the Navy will supplement the Air Force power, while the Marines support the Army when rapid deployment is needed.

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    I’m going to Navy boot camp in a month

  24. Conner Clark

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    In your depiction of the Battle of New Orleans (1814) you showed an implicit Civil War (1861-65) battle. The USMC did capture New Orleans during the Civil War, but as the attackers, not defenders, and in 1862, 50 years after its defense under General Jackson

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    This bloke talking sounds just like Lennox Lewis is this what he does now after boxing

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    The fruity vs The crayons

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    What music was used for this video

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    Row row row your boat Sneaky down the stream Lock and load Tactical mode United states marines


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    Recon Marines, when you care enough to send the very best.

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    Why cant the navl just shoot em with there cannons

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    I’m a future sailor and I have a close friend that’s a marine. We both bicker all the time about who’s better and he always calls me his taxi service. I think we can all admit that the Navy and Marines are both great.

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    You can tell your friend that you may be his taxi service but the Navy has the greatest special forces unit (SEALS) in the world and they don't let Marines in!

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    I would never join the military because I do not want to die

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    I had always wanted to join up since my Dad was 20 years Navy but I chickened out. Not for fear of dying because I don't care if I die or not, but for fear of not passing in basic training. Tbh, I really do doubt I would have made it. I am way too much of a girly man.

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    Navy: *Exists* Marines: *I’m going to end this whole man’s carrier*

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    The Navy, like Uber but for Marines

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    I can verify. I miss my Marines

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    Semper Fi!

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    They are in the branch

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    Dude we can't debate on them because alote of us can't even join one.

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    Weldone boys iam a army man

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    My son served in the Navy, but in the Men's section: the few, the proud: The Marines🇺🇸

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    One can't fight like the coast guard and needs protection The other is a ground pounder

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    No matter what the nature of service, both are important for the defense of the nation.

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    I am USN retired. I have several friends that are prior active duty Marines. There is a comrodery with my brothers. I am the only person allowed to pick on my bothers. No one else can do that in my presence or I will be there for my brothers. My barking brothers will also be there for me. Another difference. The US Navy has galleys on the ship. Marines eat boxes of crayola 64 crayons. (The original Marine MRE).

  46. Gary Pulliam

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    The Marines are Naval Infantry. Yes, they wear a different color uniform, but they are the infantry of the Navy and carry out ground combat in the name of and on behalf of the Navy. In fact, in some countries, like Russia in World War 2, the forces that carry out ground operations for the Navy are in fact referred to as Naval Infantry, not Marines.

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    I'll join the Marines, than after my time. I'll apply to be a Private Contractor.

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    Both are arms of the Department of the Navy Sorry marines but you are a part of the Navy Different mission same Admiral in Charge Yea I know you’ve got a Commandant. He works for the Admiral too

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    The difference between the Army and Marines is the Army is larger and used for sustaining a post long term. The Marines are small in the size of personnel they have. Hence the term the few and the proud. Don't let the size fool you though the Marines objective is quite simple attack swiftly. They are direct action Raiders. Geared towards combat raids and amphibious assaults. While the Army is the stronghold. Holding down the fort and providing the essential ground work to conquer the enemy or defend against the enemy.

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    Go Navy! Beat Army!!!

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    As a US Soldier, I will say I am glad Marines are on our side. Marines are a bunch of crazy dumb f**ks. Soldiers are more coddled than Marines.

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    I’m 21 and I’m definitely gonna join such an honor but I need some help unsure with details but I’m very determined

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    'Tasked with maintaining free trade amongst all nations' - are you serious? Do you know your nation's views on trade? Do you know what a tariff is...???

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    If it weren't for the Navy, the Marines would just be the the Army. Well, the Army on steroids....

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    Wix be choking chix

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    I have coworkers from both, I'd join either or, so as long as I get to bathe with a bunch of dudes.

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    Very odd. Go back and re-watch this video. If you do; you will notice that whenever they show a person of color as a military member, they depict that person with a sad, angry or disgruntled expression on their faces. I'm sure the content creator and/or the artist had a choice in this matter. What type of subliminal message were they trying to relay to young people who might being interested in joining the military?

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    Marines are just a subsection of the United States Navy.

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    They both have M16s in the thumbnail... I dont know why i commented this

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    How does Navy Seals compare?

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    So the Navy stays on the boat and the Marines leave the boat. Am I correct?

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    Marines are so weak.

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    And at last both are losing against :Iran and hezbollah and their allies in the middle East 😂😂😂

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    This sailor and a marine were walking down the street until they came apon this dog licking himself. The marine told the sailor

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    Lol, that's the amount of ships they let you know about.

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    Bruh, turn the music down

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    Do marines go to war?

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    zztyreseee 4L Yup

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    Well, for the marines, the first ever marines (Gooch's marines) were there and serving since 1740 to 1765. Then later came the Colonial Marines from 1775 to 1783. Now we have modern day marines from 1798 to present day