Van Life: What I Eat in A Day - NO FRIDGE NO STOVE | Hobo Ahle


  1. Beyond

    BeyondDia atrás

    she is fire.

  2. TinyLifeRocks133

    TinyLifeRocks133Dia atrás

    I currently use a 5 cup rice cooker in my house, at work and in my stealth camping van. It uses a mere 250 watts of power and the recipe options are quite numerous. A small inverter will run it, I've actually been driving and cooking dinner at the same time...

  3. JayrseyshoreGardner

    JayrseyshoreGardnerDia atrás

    Dynamat lining for awesome sound dampening.. and no rattles... Yeah I noticed.. Lol

  4. Joey Paddia

    Joey Paddia2 dias atrás

    I feel like protecting you

  5. Joey Paddia

    Joey Paddia2 dias atrás

    you go girl

  6. Kira videos.

    Kira videos.5 dias atrás

    My favorite pepper is the green one

  7. braunthorne

    braunthorne7 dias atrás

    Great video, yeah.. no fridge in my opinion would be tough but like you said's doable. When in doubt, just get a salad!! Be safe! Keep the videos coming.

  8. Rayronda Rush

    Rayronda Rush7 dias atrás

    keep hand sanitizer and rubbing alcohol take a pop can make into a penny can stove the alcohol can burn like a gas stove and it's safe or open tuna can clean it out after u eat the tuna put hand sanitizer in it take a match light it barley touching the gel it makes a blue flam u can boil water cook soup and melt candle wax to if need be cook Ramon noodles boil bath water get a small Stan at a thrift store that u can sit your pot on over the tuna can flam there u go honey look up BRreporter videos on tuna can stove and pop can hobo stoves

  9. lejaders

    lejaders8 dias atrás

    green peppers are my favourite.

  10. Dane Lobe

    Dane Lobe8 dias atrás

    jalapenos are my favorite pepper.... lol

  11. DE

    DE9 dias atrás

    She is to pretty to live in a Van..

  12. Kylie Christian witch

    Kylie Christian witch9 dias atrás

    Thanks for the video. Its so inspiring.

  13. Dee Watson

    Dee Watson10 dias atrás

    Who do you volunteer for?

  14. Shin Lona

    Shin Lona10 dias atrás

    Yes! Peppers and hummus is so pro. I always go with green, but I'll check out the orange next time.

  15. Omar Cortina

    Omar Cortina11 dias atrás

    Wow your adorable!!! And thabk you for all the good ideas. I live in a university dorm so I don't have much to cook food. There's a kitchen downstairs but usually there's alot of students cooking n it's annoying so I rather improvise and make stuff in my room so thabk u!!!

  16. Joe Williams

    Joe Williams11 dias atrás

    Damn dude! That was such a big mess to clean 😂😒

  17. Watch me eat/ Fat, belly dancer

    Watch me eat/ Fat, belly dancer11 dias atrás

    l gotta cook :(

  18. David Pedder

    David Pedder12 dias atrás

    What a beautiful person she is

  19. Emilio Navarro

    Emilio Navarro12 dias atrás

    Yellow peppers and red roasted delicious 😋

  20. Hriiyizhuo Siikruna

    Hriiyizhuo Siikruna12 dias atrás

    You got a new subscriber.. I subscribe only for people who inspire with Thier creative living.. not just a fun or a pretty face trying to get more subscriber..

  21. The National Socialist Network

    The National Socialist Network12 dias atrás

    Government cheese, living in a van down by the river.

  22. Majin Buu

    Majin Buu13 dias atrás

    What an interesting life you live

  23. Conrad Yukio

    Conrad Yukio13 dias atrás

    You are such a smart and beautiful person my friend!❤

  24. Rylee White

    Rylee White14 dias atrás


  25. Rylee White

    Rylee White14 dias atrás


  26. Kristian Ng Fong

    Kristian Ng Fong15 dias atrás

    woah them eyes :O

  27. Gabe Reff

    Gabe Reff15 dias atrás

    I’m wondering if you ever thought about solar power for your small frig or whatever else

  28. joemchang

    joemchang16 dias atrás

    I live out of a CVS

  29. Joe Visueth

    Joe Visueth16 dias atrás

    At least she. Live in a van ECT. I lived. Under bridges for 4 months now I'm good

  30. Joe Visueth

    Joe Visueth16 dias atrás

    Gee I just felt in lovee..

  31. Douglas Herr

    Douglas Herr16 dias atrás

    You should tell people about your window covers. I've lived in a van now for five years, and just accidentally found reflectix. I was looking for material I could put under my sleeping pad, and realized this stuff would make a great window cover. The same stuff you're using for window covers

  32. AMarie Mag

    AMarie Mag16 dias atrás

    I'm with you. I prefer the orange pepper. It used to be the most expensive of all the bell shaped peppers in the grocery store. I believe because they were imported from from Hungary?

  33. Pierce Rainy

    Pierce Rainy17 dias atrás

    Shouldn't hummas stay refrigerated?

  34. Shannon King

    Shannon King17 dias atrás

    This girl is pretty az

  35. Rasp Berry

    Rasp Berry18 dias atrás

    Does she have a boyfriend? Itll be a good trip when your with your love one. And just plan all travels. ♡

  36. Chad Gentile

    Chad Gentile18 dias atrás


  37. Christine Ziegler

    Christine Ziegler19 dias atrás

    For me, the order is yellow, then maybe orange or maybe red, then maybe red or maybe orange, then green. Yellows are my favorite

  38. Lioncash

    Lioncash21 dia atrás

    Man... just make a rocket stove out of some bean cans and some sand from the beach.... problem solved, you can cook off twigs 0.o

  39. Scott Martinez

    Scott Martinez21 dia atrás

    I live on pumpkin seeds and hard boiled eggs. You are amazing.

  40. Tyler Durden

    Tyler Durden22 dias atrás

    4:52 YES! Those are cicadas... And that is close to the perfect sound of summer for me! Love me some cicada roaring!

  41. Sharon Cretsinger

    Sharon Cretsinger22 dias atrás

    oh god annoying

  42. snowfall white

    snowfall white22 dias atrás

    Cooked many things even coffee on tealite candles

  43. Mackenzi Lowery

    Mackenzi Lowery22 dias atrás

    I love your videos so inspiring! I remember living in my car ughh

  44. dell ford

    dell ford22 dias atrás

    Lived once for a few weeks with no electricity. Two bricks and a candle between bricks and food can be heated up. Takes a while but it works great and i still had my coffee

  45. dell ford

    dell ford22 dias atrás

    I had a 150 watt power inverter and could watch tv and run a light all day. I had two batterys and every day i would drop one off at autozone to be charged for free. Non stop emergency power

  46. Barty Bartolini

    Barty Bartolini25 dias atrás

    Wow! I love You, Hobo Ahle...

  47. J K

    J K25 dias atrás

    Walmart's oat bran bread is great and it keeps you going, if you know what I mean.

  48. The best me

    The best me25 dias atrás

    There’s places that refill the 5 gallon bottles and they’ll fill up little ones too. But I’m sure you know that🤓

  49. SykoJ Gaming

    SykoJ Gaming26 dias atrás

    Is there an online community with tips and tricks for living in a van? I am in a smaller van. Toyota Sienna but its got lots of room after I took the two seats out. How do I make something for privacy for the windows. What's good long term storage food?

  50. diana alvarez

    diana alvarez26 dias atrás

    Green pepper rice is delicious you should try it

  51. Kalvin Lo

    Kalvin Lo26 dias atrás

    Purple pepper is the best

  52. Sunny Island

    Sunny Island26 dias atrás

    Treat yourself go get a bag of avocados. Try a dab of tabasco and bacon bits in the center.

  53. Sunny Island

    Sunny Island26 dias atrás

    Yu tough brave soldier. Surviving ain't nuthin to you.

  54. The Real Issues

    The Real Issues27 dias atrás

    Fruits and nuts. Eat them within 4-7 days you should be fine

  55. abe woldu

    abe woldu27 dias atrás

    you became a homeless? why are you doing ?

  56. lol dx

    lol dx28 dias atrás

    Lol mine is actually the red pepper 😂😂

  57. zepbigfoot bearcove

    zepbigfoot bearcove28 dias atrás

    I hope you carry at least a revolver and know how to defend yourself. The world of full of dangerous people.

  58. MyNameIs Paul

    MyNameIs PaulMês atrás

    I love this life. It takes a while to get used to it but it's awesome! It's time for the snow oh no.

  59. Hunter Runge

    Hunter RungeMês atrás

    Distilled water is actually not too good for you. Distilled water has nothing, so when it gets in your system, it dilutes all of your nutrients and minerals in your body

  60. the traveling june crew

    the traveling june crewMês atrás

    love these ideas! our rv stove and oven are currently broken so i’m always looking for new food ideas.

  61. crazyconfedy

    crazyconfedyMês atrás

    So you don't cook you're oatmeal ......

  62. Alexandria Gardner

    Alexandria GardnerMês atrás

    Yellow and orange are my fav!

  63. TO THREE

    TO THREEMês atrás

    you can get a gas stove at Walgreens

  64. booboo kim

    booboo kimMês atrás

    She is really attractive.

  65. John F. Murphy

    John F. MurphyMês atrás

    Love the videos....

  66. Arid Yaacob

    Arid YaacobMês atrás

    Nasi lemak, the best breakfast ever. Yummmmssss! Btw why is such a young girl living in a van?

  67. rocluzo

    rocluzoMês atrás

    my list is the same for peppers, except switch green out for red. so orange yellow red and then green.

  68. kierdis duhaney

    kierdis duhaneyMês atrás

    all peppers are the same, the color just depends on how ripe they are and when they are harvested lol

  69. Isabel Diaz

    Isabel DiazMês atrás

    So why is she living in a van

  70. Noel Solis

    Noel SolisMês atrás

    You've got beautiful eyes , be safe always Ma'am ,

  71. Marcio Coelho

    Marcio CoelhoMês atrás

    My kind of girl.

  72. Rubenak

    RubenakMês atrás

    So beautiful!!! ❤️❤️

  73. Brian Chv

    Brian ChvMês atrás

    My favorite ...........Sergeant pepper

  74. ThePotheads Crypto

    ThePotheads CryptoMês atrás

    So freakin cute

  75. Herminia Lauro

    Herminia LauroMês atrás

    I like red pepper

  76. Live Bravely

    Live BravelyMês atrás

    Well guys, I just became homeless today hahha atleast I have my car so maybe Its time to try this out. Although I only have 25 cents to my name haha

  77. Patricia King

    Patricia KingMês atrás

    Da worse thing in da world is being convenient to others and not yourself. Don't worry . Be happy!

  78. Patricia King

    Patricia KingMês atrás

    This freaking life ain't about being fortunate but keeping it real. Love and peace to ya .

  79. chunkhutchinson

    chunkhutchinsonMês atrás

    Shame you don't live in the UK. I would give you a home.

  80. Matt Chavez

    Matt ChavezMês atrás

    Canned stuff, cereal, veggies that don't require a fridge. It can be done! Heck sometimes if I want a hot meal I'll buy brats or something and go start a fire lol. Simple things. And yes your right NO FAST FOOD! Good luck to you girl! You're one of a kind ;) Edit: buy a cooler. Ice is fairly cheap or can even get for free.


    MLO VISUALMês atrás

    no way i will survive eating what she eats. I can down a peanut butter jelly sandwich as a lunch every now and then- everyday would drive me nuts.

  82. gabby Banks

    gabby BanksMês atrás

    Does she have a phone

  83. Karina Girl

    Karina GirlMês atrás


  84. carableu

    carableuMês atrás

    Orange or yellow peppers... 🌶

  85. Mary Koppe

    Mary KoppeMês atrás

    Wow,that nap made you be on hyperdrive!Whew!Take a breath! Lol


    LOREE LEEMês atrás

    None.allergic to both peppers and chick peas

  87. Lisa Davies

    Lisa DaviesMês atrás

    I dont know about you van people. Why and how are you all so gorgeous?! I look like one of those mock up dummies of stone age man at the museum, after a weekend camping. Are you sure you all dont drive back to your house after filming? lol!

  88. Sam LSD

    Sam LSDMês atrás

    4:52 it's clear that she hasn't been out in to the woods that long. 😂😆😁🤣

  89. Sam LSD

    Sam LSDMês atrás

    That humus brand is the worst! Nasty white people don't mind anything but that brand is horrible.

  90. Sam LSD

    Sam LSDMês atrás

    You can get the one eye camping stove top

  91. Will Mire

    Will MireMês atrás

    Hi 👋☕️

  92. B Jamin117

    B Jamin117Mês atrás

    Wow God Bless with the best riches and blessings

  93. New Watchmen Ministry

    New Watchmen MinistryMês atrás

    keep up your 4:00 am prayer, worldly people don't like you seeking GOD, christian's have to maintain their relationship with GOD, BLESSING'S, FROM MISSIONARY MARIE REYES FROM SAN BERNARDINO WORSHIP IN TRUTH CHURCH. YOUR WELCOME TO COME VISIT ME. LOVE YOU SISTER Ahle.

  94. New Watchmen Ministry

    New Watchmen MinistryMês atrás

    I'm alergic to yellow bell peppers, marie reyes, this is my son adrian's youtube

  95. Jeff H.

    Jeff H.Mês atrás

    she talks alot and says nothing

  96. Lioness006

    Lioness006Mês atrás

    I mega dislike bell peppers, especially green peppers, but that hummus sandwich would still be good with cucumber, sprouts, maybe some spinach. I have used hummus as a base for turkey sandwiches and stuff too. Very good.

  97. apq1990

    apq1990Mês atrás

    Damn you are bold. Living in a van that is not fully equipped or remodel like many on youtube. I applaud you girl. Also hummus and bell pepper are a heavenly combooooo

  98. The Vegan Pill

    The Vegan PillMês atrás

    you are beautiful

  99. marie puterbaugh

    marie puterbaughMês atrás

    Red, yellow, and orange peppers all start out as green bell peppers. They are just different stages of ripeness. They are the same they just get more sweet.

  100. Kal Val

    Kal ValMês atrás

    Ever tried making a campfire?

  101. Rii Bradbury

    Rii BradburyMês atrás

    Green peppers 💚