Van Life: What I Eat in A Day - NO FRIDGE NO STOVE | Hobo Ahle


  1. marie puterbaugh

    marie puterbaugh23 horas atrás

    Red, yellow, and orange peppers all start out as green bell peppers. They are just different stages of ripeness. They are the same they just get more sweet.

  2. Kal Val

    Kal ValDia atrás

    Ever tried making a campfire?

  3. Rii Bradbury

    Rii Bradbury2 dias atrás

    Green peppers 💚

  4. smokey kool-aid

    smokey kool-aid2 dias atrás

    Do she actual lives in a van...or is this all for BRreporter...I'm only asking because I use to live out my car due to being homeless and it's no joke. I'm sure she doesn't have to live out her car.

  5. SCRUFF Outdoors

    SCRUFF Outdoors2 dias atrás

    Cook food on your engine whilst driving. there are some great videos showing you how to wrap and cook when driving.

  6. Catherina Horowitz

    Catherina Horowitz2 dias atrás

    Living without a fridge is easy if you live near a supermarket and have a stove/oven. You just buy your shopping each day instead of once a week. Any meat you cook up just after buying it. I find that milk, eggs, butter and cheese all keep long enough for me to eat it, no problem. For milk, I buy a 1lt carton of lactofree or UHT and have half of it on the day of opening, and half the next day. It has never gone off on me. More people should live without a fridge. I've been living without one for 11 years and it isn't a problem. In fact the thought of storing things for days in a fridge sounds more yuck to me than eating stuff in a short period which is what I do. If I buy guacamole or cottage cheese, I'll use the whole pot as a little meal with bread/salad. I never buy cake. If I get a ready meal, I eat it the same day I buy it.

  7. Shannon King

    Shannon King2 dias atrás

    Living the dream

  8. Sarah Strong

    Sarah Strong3 dias atrás

    Wholemeal bread. Pumpernickel. Oat crackers/cakes. Popcorn. Nut butters. Marmite. Hard cheeses such as chedder, well wrapped will keep a few days without refridgeration in most weathers. Fruit, fresh or tinned. Tinned fish, maybe smoked fish in cool weather, if you keep it in an air tight container & use it within 48hrs. Tinned chickpeas/beans. Tinned sweetcorn. Carrots & celery. Salad items, as long as you use up leaves or anything else that goes off quickly. Biscuits & dark chocolate. Tinned tomato soup is nice cold in warm weather. Thats my suggestions from camping experiences.

  9. Ana Gonzalez

    Ana Gonzalez3 dias atrás

    My favorite pepper would have to be.......Jalapeños! Lol you’re so beautiful and positive I love your vids

  10. james morgan

    james morgan5 dias atrás

    Banana 🌶 peppers

  11. Océane Cerdan

    Océane Cerdan5 dias atrás

    Red peppers are like the beeeeest and the most nutritious peppers

  12. Tracy Sansotta

    Tracy Sansotta6 dias atrás

    Orange then yellow red and lastly green peppers. Never tried that sandwich but looks so good. I like butter and sweet onion sandwiches on pumpernickel bread. Its good also!!

  13. Juana Landers

    Juana Landers7 dias atrás

    This is my first time on your channel. I just wanted to let you know if within your travel you come across a WAWA they allow you to get a large cup of ice for free at least the WAWA in florida due. God bless you. 🙏

  14. James Brandon

    James Brandon8 dias atrás

    Green bell peppers.

  15. Kimberly Loposer

    Kimberly Loposer9 dias atrás

    2:39 sabra gives you all your daily nutrients like 0 grams of trans fat and oh my god cholesterol

  16. Paige 1996

    Paige 19969 dias atrás

    I live in a 32 foot long camper trailer full time and have all full sized amenities but my microwave is blown and needs to be fixed and you’d be surprised at how easy it is to get used to boiling water for meals and using a toaster oven or stovetop to cook meals. I also don’t have hot water and have become accustomed to boiling water in my kettle for washing dishes or myself or whatever. It’s kinda old timey feeling and I love it.

  17. Cintia Pollock

    Cintia Pollock10 dias atrás

    Love sweet orange peppers : )

  18. L. A. McDonough

    L. A. McDonough10 dias atrás

    Problem for me is I live in a hot climate for months along the gulf. Frozen fruit out of season is great for smoothies like B blerries, black B and razz B., mangos. Gotto have a fridge for cold water and kombucha. Salad greens won't keep either w/o fridge. Stir fried rice with quinoa gotta have a stove.

  19. Emilian-Mircea Martazan

    Emilian-Mircea Martazan11 dias atrás

    🍯 de salcâm și apa călduță pentru băut. Honey don't spoil Best food.

  20. Swann Reid

    Swann Reid12 dias atrás

    Wow I just watched a video with you with glasses on and wondered what you looked like. Your gorgeous!😍

  21. Jade Arthur

    Jade Arthur12 dias atrás

    Distilled water tends to be acidic and can only be recommended as a way of drawing poisons out of the body. Once this is accomplished, the continued drinking of distilled water is a bad idea. Water filtered through reverse osmosis tends to be neutral and is acceptable for regular use provided minerals are supplemented.

  22. brendan sloley

    brendan sloley12 dias atrás

    I lost this girl for a year now i found her again . but how can see video and drive at the same time ? shes not drriving it's windy. i wander what it's like to be in her head 24 hours a day.

  23. Mitters

    Mitters13 dias atrás

    Pepper Potts is my favourite pepper. :)

  24. Henty Langidrik

    Henty Langidrik13 dias atrás

    Damn I would love to live with her and part of her life😍😍😍 .....

  25. tim o

    tim o14 dias atrás

    It's so adorable that she seems afraid to hurt the feelings of red peppers.

  26. Bernie Choy

    Bernie Choy14 dias atrás

    Orange for sure. Then yellow, red and green

  27. Melina Öchsl

    Melina Öchsl15 dias atrás

    R E D P E P P E R S !

  28. Anna Gamble

    Anna Gamble15 dias atrás

    Green pepper all the way

  29. Berna

    Berna15 dias atrás

    She kinda looks like shinee's minho lol

  30. x Brittany

    x Brittany15 dias atrás

    why do you live in a van? Just askin

  31. Vegan AF

    Vegan AF15 dias atrás

    Fruit fruit fruit

  32. Amethyst witchblades

    Amethyst witchblades16 dias atrás

    I like green peppers

  33. Dan Martin

    Dan Martin16 dias atrás

    I really don't care.

  34. Teana Bryer

    Teana Bryer16 dias atrás

    My favorite is a red pepper

  35. Nick El

    Nick El16 dias atrás

    To go Pepper from lil Cesar pizza

  36. Chels xo

    Chels xo16 dias atrás

    oh and canned food =]=]=]=] lol

  37. Chels xo

    Chels xo16 dias atrás

    lol love this... green is my fave then red/yellow lol .... i bought a like MINI grill form a yard sale 5$ I TOTALLY RECOMMEND IT =]=] and my mom is watching this w me she said cooler and ice for like lunch meat and yogurt .. easy food lol ... new sub love these van life videos

  38. Shama Maat

    Shama Maat16 dias atrás

    From one woman to another. Please be safe and watch your surroundings. I admire your strength for doing this and knowing what works for you. It takes a certain kinda of person to be content with Van living. So big ups and one 💛

  39. Amber Fla

    Amber Fla16 dias atrás


  40. kyla anne

    kyla anne17 dias atrás

    i absolutely admire you.

  41. Paula Abad

    Paula Abad17 dias atrás

    Omg phum viphurit

  42. Paula Abad

    Paula Abad17 dias atrás

    Bring back the gray hair

  43. Megan Marycz

    Megan Marycz17 dias atrás

    Where do you get your mail sent too ?? I’m honestly curious, love your vids!!

  44. Georgi Kaua

    Georgi Kaua17 dias atrás

    Homeless or Houseless? People sleeping on the streets(full time) are called homeless people.........people sleeping in a van(full time) are called what? houseless people?????? It's just a question i wanted to ask!

  45. Melissa Moreno

    Melissa Moreno17 dias atrás

    Try rice cakes and peanut butter, cut a banana in slices and place it on top super yummy! Plus none of this things need to be refrigerated. Try apples with peanut butter for snack. Or Just buy a mini cooler and a hiking stove it doesn’t take much space and like that you would be able to cook so many other things.

  46. Rose Tinted House

    Rose Tinted House17 dias atrás

    wow u guys take driving for hours so lightly. driving from the southernmost point to the northernmost point of england is about 14 hours but i can’t even get my head to agree with a 2 hour road trip let alone any other mission.

  47. Rose Tinted House

    Rose Tinted House17 dias atrás

    *of Britain not England*

  48. Natalie D

    Natalie D17 dias atrás


  49. Cristian Sopena

    Cristian Sopena18 dias atrás

    Oh boy I'm falling for you😂

  50. anthony cruz

    anthony cruz19 dias atrás

    7-Eleven has microwaves

  51. randolph guzmann

    randolph guzmann19 dias atrás

    your a typical snore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Roland R.

    Roland R.19 dias atrás

    Wow, Love your personality so Beautiful 😉

  53. Makeover Megan

    Makeover Megan19 dias atrás

    I i use to travel alot with my dad in his semi and we didn't have a fridge or anything to heat or cook with. We ate peanut butter sandwiches granola bars for breakfast, trail mix, jerkey, dried fruit, fresh fruit if we stopped at a truck stop. And we would fill our cups with water from the soda fountain. Or he drank coffee sometimes. Later on her got one of those ice chest where the ice stays cold for a while we started buying sandwich meat, cheese, vegetables and salads, yogurt, jello, pudding. Now a days trucks come with microwaves and fridges people have it made

  54. Blublu Entre amigas

    Blublu Entre amigas19 dias atrás

    Distilled water🤔

  55. TheBabyrissa

    TheBabyrissa19 dias atrás

    Greeeeb peeper

  56. Michael Morris

    Michael Morris20 dias atrás

    Red pepper

  57. M Mac

    M Mac20 dias atrás

    Ever have any scary moments at night while you’re sleeping (ie: lurker, knocking )

  58. Tim Fowler

    Tim Fowler20 dias atrás

    Or you can buy instant oatmeal cheap at Walmart and just mix water with it. U can eat it cold. You can get a lunch box oven at Pilot truck stop 28.00 their worth it too. Plugs into ciggarette lighter and can cook food with it. They also sell a water boiler for making soup, instant mashed potatoes and other stuff needing hot water, also plugs into acc plug.

  59. Gabriel E32

    Gabriel E3220 dias atrás

    Can I live with you ? :)

  60. Jim Beam

    Jim Beam21 dia atrás

    Good to see you got some window covering for privacy/safety purposes.

  61. Carmen Pagnotta

    Carmen Pagnotta21 dia atrás

    you could get a standard cooler and buy an ice block as needed to keep things cold every now and then. Works really well for camping trips and road trips. Especially if you put something on top two insulate it even more.

  62. Yeli's View

    Yeli's View21 dia atrás

    Living in a van and road tripping seems like a blast!! The biggest hurdle seems to be having residual income. Beyond that hurdle, I think traveling and seeing things would be incredible.

  63. Alexxa Cruz

    Alexxa Cruz21 dia atrás

    lover boy by phum viphurit is my fave

  64. Linh Nguyen

    Linh Nguyen22 dias atrás

    Just being long are u planning to continue doing this (i.e. living in the van) for?

  65. eyerishroses

    eyerishroses22 dias atrás

    Yellow, then orange the rest is ok

  66. Jonathan Rodriguez

    Jonathan Rodriguez22 dias atrás

    I'll take cold oatmeal over a $1,000 rent bill every month.

  67. subaru [RATED]

    subaru [RATED]22 dias atrás

    You have really pretty fingers.

  68. Aaron Martinez

    Aaron Martinez22 dias atrás

    The fact you listen to Phum Viphurit is awesome!!!

  69. Arthur Mario

    Arthur Mario22 dias atrás

    damn, she eats better than I do!

  70. Kevin Dubord

    Kevin Dubord22 dias atrás

    Want to come park next to me? 🚘🚘

  71. Kevin Dubord

    Kevin Dubord22 dias atrás


  72. Paige McIntire

    Paige McIntire23 dias atrás

    My fav peppers in order Green Red Orange Yellow Red peppers however taste terrible if not in season

  73. Dang Dana

    Dang Dana23 dias atrás

    Jalapeño!! 😋

  74. puregoddessuniversity

    puregoddessuniversity23 dias atrás

    You should get a mini cooler and you can get small bag of ice for a few days etc


    THATCHICKFROMMARS23 dias atrás

    You need to add flour or wheat tortillas to your grocery list or like peta bread. It’ll open up your choices. Make veggie raps

  76. Flor Cruz

    Flor Cruz23 dias atrás

    The Orange pepper is the best. I can only eat red peppers roasted or in stir fry

  77. HoneyGirl

    HoneyGirl23 dias atrás

    Peppers start of as one colour, then as they become more and more ripe they change colour. As in they grow and they’re green, then they’ll turn orange/red or yellow (depending on the stage of growth)

  78. Penny Germin

    Penny Germin24 dias atrás


  79. ChantillyyyMarieee

    ChantillyyyMarieee25 dias atrás

    You're dope... and I love your glasses. :)

  80. K Yenzo.

    K Yenzo.25 dias atrás

    My favorite pepper is Pepperoni! Wait........ What????

  81. DeathComposor

    DeathComposor26 dias atrás

    Are those colored contacts?

  82. Mr. A!

    Mr. A!27 dias atrás

    You’re the prettiest human being I’ve ever seen god damn

  83. Alper

    Alper27 dias atrás

    Where do you take shit? In a gas station?

  84. Gracie May

    Gracie May27 dias atrás

    why she actin like eating humus alone is rare

  85. Jennifer Durham

    Jennifer Durham27 dias atrás

    I don’t eat bell peppers....I’m allergic to them and it feels like eating a jalapeño to me 😬

  86. New Generation

    New Generation27 dias atrás

    Put the oatmeal in the front window it will warm it up or get a Metal can with no rubber and put water in it and put it under the hood of your ride in a safe place and go for a small ride or let it run for a min when I use to drill wells I use to use the heat of the motor to cook my food or heat thing up the rig we used we drive to the job and some times we would be there all day I no where so you have to really think to eat or go with out food I got real good at it and safe I cooked baked potatoes you name it if it can be cooked on a stove you can cook on a motor put aluminum foil down or wrap it make sure to set a timer and a note the motor can get up to 500F in places

  87. Yifei Qian

    Yifei Qian27 dias atrás

    You are so beautiful!!

  88. Dylan Havlicek

    Dylan Havlicek28 dias atrás

    so eating like a college kid lol

  89. aysemeah aysemeah

    aysemeah aysemeah28 dias atrás

    What you do is awesome , n unique ! I love this! Subscribed !

  90. AllAboutThatDirtyWaterDespacitoGucciJam Snakeu

    AllAboutThatDirtyWaterDespacitoGucciJam Snakeu28 dias atrás

    I like purple bell peppers

  91. Angelo Salcedo

    Angelo Salcedo28 dias atrás


  92. Brandon

    Brandon28 dias atrás

    lover boy :)

  93. kevin ngo

    kevin ngo29 dias atrás


  94. Hayley Bingbong

    Hayley Bingbong29 dias atrás

    I thought hummus had to be refrigerated?


    GREENMEENIE29 dias atrás

    Apples & humus is a good combo too 👍

  96. it's ggoddess

    it's ggoddess29 dias atrás

    Red pepper ♥️

  97. Notorious Ene

    Notorious Ene29 dias atrás

    Are you living in a van because you have to or because you think it’s trendy and cool to be poor?

  98. Nina Ahgase

    Nina Ahgase29 dias atrás

    i love your eyes sm.. theyre like shiny and watery (?)

  99. Vtihika Kapil

    Vtihika Kapil29 dias atrás

    Green . Only green. I cant eat yellow or orange.

  100. Mishner

    Mishner29 dias atrás

    I liked you better when you lived in a car

  101. HeatCentral

    HeatCentral29 dias atrás

    Btw you are cute