Van Life: What I Eat in A Day - NO FRIDGE NO STOVE | Hobo Ahle


  1. will Roland

    will Roland26 minutos atrás

    One thing Ahle, grab the spring water instead of distilled. The distilling process removes all the minerals and trace elements we need, and when consumed can actually leech things out of our body, like say calcium for instance. Thus the new wave of osteoporosis....we should drink alkali water. Walmart spring water tested alkali on every occasion I'm aware of and is as cheap as any other..just a tip, have a great one...

  2. Cathy Cotton

    Cathy CottonDia atrás

    I know I sound like a mom here, and I am, but it doesn't seem like you're getting enough protein, especially since you seem active. This could negatively impact your long-term health, as well as your energy level, and how you feel. And consistent cell-building fuel is super important to your immune system which will not work as well unless your body knows it will receive reliable and sufficient protein. Okay, take care of yourself!

  3. C C

    C C2 dias atrás

    i only watch your videos because you are hawt...

  4. mas henza

    mas henza2 dias atrás

    Whats the background music name?

  5. mas henza

    mas henzaDia atrás

    +Pelden Thinley Thanks

  6. Pelden Thinley

    Pelden Thinley2 dias atrás

    Lover boy by Phum sth

  7. Jon P

    Jon P2 dias atrás

    Where you at? I'll bring you in-N-out burger.

  8. carlin mac

    carlin mac3 dias atrás

    how about.. a cooler?

  9. Christopher Fawcett

    Christopher Fawcett3 dias atrás

    Cook the peppers before putting on the sandwich very good if u can

  10. Christopher Fawcett

    Christopher Fawcett3 dias atrás



    CALM KITTY5 dias atrás

    you can cook food under the hood. There are ways to wrap in foil and near the engine that steam foods. Yup, use the drive to cook the meals. ^^ I lost it when you did that funny noise lifting the water lols!!

  12. Voeun Voeun

    Voeun Voeun6 dias atrás

    How u get started? How u keep in touch with parents?

  13. Adrian Jimenez

    Adrian Jimenez7 dias atrás

    Mine is ghost pepper

  14. Youngndreckless

    Youngndreckless9 dias atrás

    Ur pretty u can come live with me for free

  15. Brent Bush

    Brent Bush9 dias atrás

    2019 beautiful women living in vans riding solo. I'm impressed!!!

  16. Brent Bush

    Brent Bush3 dias atrás

    +ETB the fact these woman are ok with showering in a bucket, sleeping in a van, living on nuts and berries, all in the name of freedom, and a monetary BRreporter page.... even though they aren't free to park that van wherever they want!!! 😂😂😂😂

  17. ETB

    ETB3 dias atrás

    What's impressive about that?

  18. TheGreatDoy S

    TheGreatDoy S10 dias atrás

    Your eyes are so beautiful!

  19. cvndk123

    cvndk1235 dias atrás

    They're contacts

  20. MissThotiana

    MissThotiana11 dias atrás

    damn yr super cute and u seem really happy living this way so good 4 u!

  21. Meion McQuilla

    Meion McQuilla12 dias atrás

    Green peppers. I put them on everything. Kinda

  22. Adam slemp

    Adam slemp14 dias atrás

    Here's a tip to avoid eating cold oatmeal I learned while living in my vehicle. I would go into a convenience store and get a small cup of hot water to mix my oatmeal into some places will charge a little for the cup and some will give you the cup of hot water free either way they won't usually charge much

  23. VIKO

    VIKO15 dias atrás

    Hey guys I hope you guys can help me on a few questions here ? I've always wanted to live in a van, I find it so much smarter, cause you go where you want, you don't pay rent... like I want to work a job and live in a van in the same time. 1- if you install solar panels, how many electricity will you get ? 2- what's your favourite way to shower? I'm already planning on buying biodegradable soaps and shampoo or things like that. I guess you can stand in front of your sink with a bath cloth ? 3- how did you build your van ?

  24. Jmmy Pockets

    Jmmy Pockets16 dias atrás

    remember, what you eat comes out around 4 dairy chocolate.

  25. Jmmy Pockets

    Jmmy Pockets16 dias atrás

    get a burner stove ,eggs mamas. eat right out of cast iron pan.

  26. Karen Moo

    Karen Moo16 dias atrás

    Do U work ?

  27. Brenda Hernandez

    Brenda Hernandez16 dias atrás

    You can go to Target Walmart or any stores like that to get a stove I live in my car as well it cost me $15 for me to get the stove I buy some butane for it butane is about $2 per can I use that can and I'm able to cook anything I want on the stove it's really worth it you should do it you're going to love it it's going to save you a ton of money and you get to learn how to cook better and do eat better you're going to really like it I really recommend you to go and get stove and you are going to feel much more better than spending all the money on that type of food

  28. RAM ZOLO

    RAM ZOLO17 dias atrás

    Your cute we should hangout

  29. Adrielle del Rosario

    Adrielle del Rosario19 dias atrás

    You are so pretty! For realss 😍

  30. Danny Mccoy

    Danny Mccoy20 dias atrás

    Try living in a Toyota Corolla like myself 😑

  31. no name

    no name20 dias atrás

    You could get a solar panel on your roof and a battery bank inside the fan and that could keep a mini fridge going. Might use up a bit of space, but then you could have regular foods without the fear of spoilage.

  32. Stop Jelly

    Stop Jelly20 dias atrás

    I wanna live with you

  33. Choc Luva

    Choc Luva21 dia atrás


  34. elite boxeo

    elite boxeo21 dia atrás

    Hope ur travels are safe and adventurous! You are very beautiful ! Those eyes !

  35. GOTMILK Rose GOKu

    GOTMILK Rose GOKu21 dia atrás

    Where you located how much was ur van

  36. GOTMILK Rose GOKu

    GOTMILK Rose GOKu21 dia atrás

    Ur cute

  37. dupe you

    dupe you23 dias atrás

    Show the audience your poop-bucket.

  38. Local Man

    Local Man24 dias atrás

    I just started watching your channel and just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your honesty and courage!

  39. Deadlyfati 1

    Deadlyfati 124 dias atrás

    I don’t understand why she lives in a van? I mean nothing wrong but why?

  40. junbert paquibot

    junbert paquibot25 dias atrás

    One thing... Do you realy travel solo? Is it safe for you as a female? You should have guns for your safety..the last video i saw shows his gun for his safety reasons so you should do that uswell

  41. Alex Schlegel

    Alex Schlegel26 dias atrás


  42. Jerry Thomas

    Jerry Thomas27 dias atrás

    How often do you get to wash your monkey?

  43. sam mallory

    sam mallory28 dias atrás

    Hispter Millenial labeling herself a HOBO ... oh lawd.

  44. kchartzog

    kchartzog29 dias atrás

    Red peppers, followed by any of the others, based on what color scheme I want

  45. jade4r4

    jade4r429 dias atrás

    Red pepper for me :)

  46. BeeBee Tee

    BeeBee Tee29 dias atrás

    Red pepper is my favorite pepper. Jalapenos are my favorite peppers to pair with cheese.

  47. Colin Parsons

    Colin Parsons29 dias atrás

    Anyone who travels these roads, should have a healthy understanding that we (USA) are not by any means really free. License sure, but tax, registration, and road pirates (DMV & alphabet agencies) will own you in all ways that a land lord would own you if you chose the overpriced cubicle life. This is what your elders vote for, apparently. It’s actually the system protocol put in place by the banking cartel, but who am I, just the toxic masculinity that chemical neutering is neutralizing as we twiddle our pinkies.

  48. Roy B

    Roy BMês atrás

    How do you shower? Like you can use McDonald washroom but how do you take a bath?

  49. Christopher Vega

    Christopher VegaMês atrás

    About a year ago I found out that the bell peppers are picked at different stages of their life for the color lol not different peppers. Should had been obvious but never put much thought into it. Big fan good luck!!

  50. lost peanut

    lost peanutMês atrás

    Your so beautiful i use live im my jeep not by choice so thumbs up to you i know its hard

  51. C Jasz

    C JaszMês atrás

    my kind of gal

  52. shams pollock

    shams pollockMês atrás

    how do you deal with mosquitos? please make a video about that

  53. tripnh4209

    tripnh4209Mês atrás

    Why are you living like this?

  54. tripnh4209

    tripnh4209Mês atrás

    Hey chicken nugget why are you living like this?

  55. engine magmraa

    engine magmraaMês atrás

    alright you can seriously find a guy with a home.

  56. my name is jeff

    my name is jeffMês atrás

    May God bless you with a mansion

  57. Alley Kat

    Alley KatMês atrás

    Are you vegan or vegetarian

  58. Lee XBL

    Lee XBLMês atrás

    Can you please do a draw my life

  59. MrEmpireBuilder

    MrEmpireBuilderMês atrás

    I completely get the free food at the volunteer place. I used to do that myself and I was such a food hog that I'd actually take home the leftover food at these events. Because that's another thing about American culture. We are really wasteful. Even churches throw away half a bag of chips if nobody wants it. So I took it all. I had an apartment back then and a refrigerator.

  60. MrEmpireBuilder

    MrEmpireBuilderMês atrás

    oatmeal is great with powdered milk or a packet of chocolate powder. easy to store as well. I had powdered milk when I had a van.

  61. MrEmpireBuilder

    MrEmpireBuilderMês atrás

    It's good to see you out there after all this time. You and so many others are survivors and living life to the fullest.

  62. John Curley

    John CurleyMês atrás


  63. mixwell1983

    mixwell1983Mês atrás

    A $20 used coleman white gas 2 burner stove and a $20 cooler from walmart and you can cook and store food items. It comes down to your lack of culinary skills. You can cook a shit load of food in just a skillet/pot and stock up on canned food. No need to eat like a 10 year old. Maybe invest in a pressure cooker. You can get ones for $30. You could even just go to the market daily and buy meat if you're worried about it spoiling...

  64. Long john Silver

    Long john SilverMês atrás

    You’re so beautiful! I’ll come live with you in the van ANY day😍🤔

  65. Eren

    ErenMês atrás

    Wait u said it got busy ??? But u said u did film what u ate, but didn’t say anything? u spent 2 min talking about peppers and how much red was your least fav but the hummus u ate was red pepper? U said u were volunteering at something but didn’t say what type of volunteering work u did, but talked about their being food there ?? And then u had to drop your mom somewhere at 4 in the morning but didn’t say where u were drinking that early in the morning?? Lol girl u are confused at life lol

  66. syzygy thegoat

    syzygy thegoatMês atrás

    I was tryna watch the video and literally couldn't stop thinking how beautiful you are. Quite the van life and become a model.

  67. Tsokhmer

    TsokhmerMês atrás

    Awesome video. Buddha bless 🙏

  68. Aged10Years

    Aged10YearsMês atrás

    How do you contribute to society, exactly?

  69. pansit cantot

    pansit cantotMês atrás

    I imagine porn


    DINGO DOGMês atrás

    You need to eat some meat..!!

  71. proshic

    proshicMês atrás

    Love u !!!!

  72. P Deedee

    P DeedeeMês atrás

    You have the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen.

  73. Trevino Corina

    Trevino CorinaMês atrás

    What is humist is it like penutbutter

  74. TORRES

    TORRESMês atrás

    Ur are so beautiful as so is the life u chose to live stay safe and enjoy life to the fullest

  75. Fyrewyrd

    FyrewyrdMês atrás

    Orange isnt bad but I switched to powdered suppliments and those bars to mash into my oatmeal

  76. davep6977

    davep6977Mês atrás

    I think you're talking about 2 different types of RED peppers. The orange, yellow and green and red are all like bell peppers. The roasted red is a small pepper that's hot. They roaster and dry them for example: crushed red pepper flakes

  77. kenzie kenz

    kenzie kenzMês atrás

    Yo thatz mah jaaam! 1:48

  78. Ted Schroeder

    Ted SchroederMês atrás

    Salt and pepper

  79. David Thourogood

    David ThourogoodMês atrás

    your a nice spirit.

  80. John spella

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  81. Shayla McGrady

    Shayla McGradyMês atrás

    LOL. What the hell is a "quick" 12 HOUR trip that just pops up out of nowhere? Weird

  82. NicoBM

    NicoBMMês atrás

    she got that van in the drive way lol

  83. Red Horse

    Red HorseMês atrás

    red pepper is a high in antioxidants good for the skin aslo.

  84. Secareanu Eduard

    Secareanu EduardMês atrás

    Damn, ur so beautiful

  85. Micah Valencia

    Micah ValenciaMês atrás

    you are my favorite pepper (L) lol

  86. RandomVideoCircus

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    But adamthewoo makes it look so easy, lol.

  87. Guam etrija

    Guam etrijaMês atrás

    you are so beautiful

  88. Chad Small

    Chad SmallMês atrás

    95% of the people here are just talking about how she's hot. I wonder if she's sick of people only commenting on her looks instead of her content or her character. I'd like to know if she lives in a van by choice or necessity.

  89. Kenzie Morgan

    Kenzie MorganMês atrás

    I like all peppers because they taste the same.

  90. Kevin Flum

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  91. Savage Salvage

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    Green pepper is the only pepper

  92. J Braze

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    u need some meat

  93. personasandmoodswings

    personasandmoodswingsMês atrás

    poor but living beautiful

  94. phillyrick

    phillyrick2 meses atrás

    Why is she living in a van? She could be a model making good money

  95. Kenny Gainzzz

    Kenny Gainzzz2 meses atrás

    You can stay with me 😁🤗

  96. Heidi Cameron

    Heidi Cameron2 meses atrás

    Red is my fave hi from Canada!!!

  97. Povilas Povilas

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    She is a beutifull women, and beutifull as a human, so simple and happy

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    Aight I'll say it. Shes hella fine.

  99. Augustina Winebrinner

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    Red bellpeppers are the best !

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    Orange pepper and hummus.... 😏...

  101. Emma Leyva

    Emma Leyva2 meses atrás

    Try chia seeds in your oatmeal. Delicious and very healthy.

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    Can I move in with you ;)

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    Red peppers!!😆

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    let's go too Syria n africa fukk u me a n am from chicago

  105. manny gomez

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    am very very sickkk u staaaaasap

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    Green pepper

  107. bburnnone

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    Lots of pb sandwiches.