Van Life - Young Woman Living in a Van as Full-Time Tiny Home


  1. rhythmandacoustics

    rhythmandacoustics14 horas atrás

    She should keep posting travel pictures in social media and make some income or do reaction videos on BRreporter just to get some passive income.

  2. Shawn Ireland

    Shawn Ireland17 horas atrás

    your cute wish to meet a woman like u

  3. L.R. Parker

    L.R. Parker2 dias atrás

    WOW, what a cutie pie.

  4. allan navarra

    allan navarra3 dias atrás


  5. Abu Bakar Bin Khalid Khalid

    Abu Bakar Bin Khalid Khalid4 dias atrás

    Hi Clarissa, enjoy traveling

  6. Mark Hooton

    Mark Hooton5 dias atrás

    You're adorable, and authentic. True meaning to a nomad. Happy trails to you, be safe out there. You're video inspired many.

  7. νικος γιώργος

    νικος γιώργος5 dias atrás

    Sooo, where's the dog?

  8. Ivan Sunardi

    Ivan Sunardi5 dias atrás

    Landed here cause she's hot..looks like an actress

  9. Doyan Pubg

    Doyan Pubg6 dias atrás

    Utingnya kecil utingnya...

  10. Madison Daily

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  11. Rose M

    Rose M6 dias atrás

    working 2 jobs and no money?? ur overhead is so low, so why no money to upgrade your home??

  12. NCFX

    NCFX6 dias atrás

    what camera do you use to shot these footage? Looks gorgeous!

  13. Bore Jack

    Bore Jack7 dias atrás

    Youre beatiful. Deymmm

  14. MaWo

    MaWo7 dias atrás

    Are you driving barefoot ?

  15. asd flux

    asd flux7 dias atrás

    She looks not easy as a van life...but she still move and happy

  16. drew christenson

    drew christenson8 dias atrás

    Is this your only home?

  17. bourdon845

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  18. Ervis Plaku

    Ervis Plaku8 dias atrás

    Hippiee nice

  19. setiabudhy setiawan

    setiabudhy setiawan8 dias atrás

    👍👍👍 be safe

  20. Aril Aryl

    Aril Aryl10 dias atrás

    Beautiful girl especially your eyes and you very strong tho good luck.

  21. benmerim yacine

    benmerim yacine12 dias atrás

    You are my love

  22. Bas Benny

    Bas Benny13 dias atrás

    Great van you've done excellent job. Enjoy your experience.

  23. Sunny Van Gloria

    Sunny Van Gloria13 dias atrás

    Im not watch to see shes good looking😱😭 ... im lie

  24. Ersin Çitak Camper bus prenses

    Ersin Çitak Camper bus prenses13 dias atrás


  25. razorsharpsmile

    razorsharpsmile17 dias atrás

    Who's taping you?

  26. Jersey Paul

    Jersey Paul17 dias atrás

    The comments on this video are hysterical! I’d be down at the park selling dope out of the van...LOL!

  27. Cory Allen

    Cory Allen19 dias atrás

    I love this girl, shes more down to earth and she doesn't have weird friggin snakes on her head named Alfredo!

  28. Love_1_another77

    Love_1_another7719 dias atrás

    Shes just a baby and I felt bad for her that she was alone when she needed care.

  29. jonny appleseed

    jonny appleseed20 dias atrás

    supermodel van life

  30. First Last

    First Last21 dia atrás

    What I don't get is she is working two jobs 6 days a week and living in a van. And said if she had the money she would have put wood on her ceiling. She must have had a ton of debt.

  31. M S R

    M S R28 dias atrás

    Pretty chick!

  32. 1968196859

    196819685928 dias atrás

    life is short, do what you love whenever you can because before you knew it you already 50 years old if not more. good luck

  33. roger lao

    roger lao29 dias atrás

    i love you

  34. john Dana

    john DanaMês atrás

    question for how long you can do this??

  35. Le Cul Du Chien

    Le Cul Du ChienMês atrás

    Total fake.

  36. 007nadineL

    007nadineLMês atrás

    Is no one going to talk about how she's Canadian and didn't have to pay out-of-pocket for that surgery? It's easier to be poor in Canada.

  37. 007nadineL

    007nadineLMês atrás


  38. Alex Cetin

    Alex CetinMês atrás

    marry me i will be your driver, wash your car and anythink you want me to do i will.

  39. LanceCampeau

    LanceCampeauMês atrás

    Dear BRreporter: For the last time... I AM NOT INTERESTED IN SEEING VIDEOS ABOUT WOMEN LIVING IN VANS. Thank You

  40. Frito Lahey

    Frito LaheyMês atrás

    I'm going to find an attractive girl borrow a van and make a video.

  41. #RidOne 07

    #RidOne 07Mês atrás

    i want freedom, take me girl

  42. Avril Stacy

    Avril StacyMês atrás

    Invest in AAA roadside assistance insurance. It is so worth it, and a lifesaver for single travelers.

  43. Universal TruthSeeker

    Universal TruthSeekerMês atrás

    What do you do for earning money ?

  44. Erick S

    Erick SMês atrás

    3:13 ill fix whatever you need to be repaired my dear.. 💗🥇✨🌼😌.

  45. 정우

    정우Mês atrás

    what about taking the shower and using the toilet?

  46. Jyden Style

    Jyden StyleMês atrás

    She look like my future wife She look really stunning.

  47. Styder

    StyderMês atrás

    "I really wish that living in a van helped me save money." Apparently works 6 days a week. Pays no rent and next to nothing in utilities. You should definitely have money.

  48. Marshall Malone

    Marshall MaloneMês atrás

    Matt Foley would flip out on her and break a coffee table.

  49. Pete391

    Pete391Mês atrás

    All these ladies living in a van now...Whats going on..



    Cute girl. Hoped she would take of that seater...

  51. Richard Wales

    Richard WalesMês atrás

    Good for you, Clarissa. Stay safe.

  52. anderson cavalcanti

    anderson cavalcantiMês atrás

    She's so pretty.

  53. Mick

    MickMês atrás

    You can get (CO) carbon monoxide poisoning with that heater and stove.

  54. Cosmic Quantum Awakening

    Cosmic Quantum AwakeningMês atrás

    Gorgeous I'd ride Co pilot with you

  55. finster444k

    finster444kMês atrás

    All these “Van life” videos are BS. They’re not living free, they’re a flat tire away from being homeless. This is all just for views and $$$.

  56. Suzy Berlinsky

    Suzy BerlinskyMês atrás

    She needs a man to protect her because she's a woman.

  57. Sir Lance Goodthrust

    Sir Lance GoodthrustMês atrás

    Cute girl ... but how do you shower?! Are there that many public showers where you are ?

  58. bonfalex

    bonfalexMês atrás

    i think she needs new pair of jeans

  59. zozo z

    zozo zMês atrás

    I would love to be your handyman you are gorgeous

  60. Jesus Fernandez

    Jesus FernandezMês atrás

    She is so cute