MY HOME IN EUROPE | Van Tour | Australian Musician Simeon Baker


  1. Simeon Baker

    Simeon Baker15 dias atrás


  2. Yentl Adams

    Yentl Adams10 dias atrás

    'byeeee' *strike a pose*😁 haha amazing! I was wondering all the time where guitars and your music gear was hidden ☺️your van is pretty cool! thanks for sharing!

  3. flying foxy

    flying foxy20 dias atrás

    Love your new channel already! :) I'm from Austria 🇦🇹 have a wonderful time in the mountains!!!!

  4. Simeon Baker

    Simeon Baker16 dias atrás

    Danke! I look forward to making it back to austria soon :)

  5. Sam Shepherd

    Sam ShepherdMês atrás

    So cool Simeon. I love the T5 and your setup is brilliant 👍 very jealous.

  6. Simeon Baker

    Simeon BakerMês atrás

    Cheers Sam

  7. Andrés S. Macnamara

    Andrés S. MacnamaraMês atrás

    Awesome bro!

  8. Simeon Baker

    Simeon BakerMês atrás

    Thanks man!

  9. Katie Shepherd

    Katie ShepherdMês atrás

    Great video, Simeon! It's nice to see someone without a crazy conversion. I love the simplicity of your van 🤙 What would you say is the number one thing to consider before deciding to start living in a van?

  10. Katie Shepherd

    Katie Shepherd26 dias atrás

    @Simeon Baker thanks for that awesome answer! I didn't even think about the lack of toilet haha. I'm kinda considering converting a van for travel around Europe so everything you said is good food for thought. Looking forward to your next videos! :)

  11. Simeon Baker

    Simeon BakerMês atrás

    My Conversion is crazy... no toilet and no fringe 😂 Glad ya like it katie :) and good question.. I think its important to know why you want to be able to live on the road. For me it was the freedom to be able move on easy with all my gear and have to be checking in and out of accomidations around europe. Plus the cost of paying for so much accomidation on the road sucks. Also for photography this has been a dream to be able to be at locations first thing in the morning and shoot. I just being clear with intention is important and not getting sucked into #vanlife just cos it looks cool at times. Have a mission and purpose and then use vanlife to accomidate that if it does :) Also consider how much you love proper bathrooms before going full time 😂

  12. Theopal Armine

    Theopal ArmineMês atrás

    So cooool !

  13. Gypsydanger

    GypsydangerMês atrás

    A very nice "mobile apartment"...sweet.

  14. Simeon Baker

    Simeon BakerMês atrás

    It does the job for sure! :)

  15. Break Wood

    Break WoodMês atrás

    I was waiting for a video like that !!! Enjoy your life !! And don't forget "Happiness is only real when shared" from Christopher McCandless

  16. Simeon Baker

    Simeon BakerMês atrás

    wooo nice little quote! thanks for watching

  17. foxy.books78

    foxy.books78Mês atrás

    So I'm a little confused, there r just to much models😅 this the T5 Cali or just the normal Multivan?🙈

  18. foxy.books78

    foxy.books78Mês atrás

    @Simeon Baker okay, thanks!😅🙏🏼♥️

  19. Simeon Baker

    Simeon BakerMês atrás

    Mines not the Cali, its a transporter and its been converted

  20. foxy.books78

    foxy.books78Mês atrás

    That's so cool🙏🏼😍

  21. K.C

    K.CMês atrás

    Thank you for this upload! Loved it! I am so glad I subscribed to your channel! (zemira) 🙌🔥🔥

  22. Simeon Baker

    Simeon BakerMês atrás

    Thanks for following the journey :) glad you enjoy it

  23. Charles Pacqué

    Charles PacquéMês atrás

    So this is my *tap tap* stove. I used to have a *tap tap* fridge down here, but I replaced it with all this music gear *tap tap* and this *shake shake* noodles.

  24. Simeon Baker

    Simeon BakerMês atrás

    hahaha I was born to tap things.....😏😂

  25. Estrella Vega

    Estrella VegaMês atrás

    A van can be everything you need, basically 👌💜

  26. Just A Person

    Just A PersonMês atrás

    This is goals, I love it! This is how I want to live once I'm out of college. One question: how do you make your money for food and stuff? Just by busking? Or do you do anything else?

  27. Just A Person

    Just A PersonMês atrás

    @Simeon Baker thats awesome dude! Thanks!

  28. Simeon Baker

    Simeon BakerMês atrás

    Over the past years it was mostly busking and shows here and there. But these days I'm also working with photography as well so now its a mix of music and photography

  29. Jara Molina

    Jara MolinaMês atrás

    Wow 😍 i'm jealous! A wonderfull life on van yes? Are you missing something?

  30. Jara Molina

    Jara MolinaMês atrás

    @Simeon Baker ups! Do you miss something during your stay in the van?

  31. Simeon Baker

    Simeon BakerMês atrás

    haha I'm confused what this means :/ sorry

  32. Isabel Bessa

    Isabel BessaMês atrás

    Loved it!!!

  33. Lilian

    LilianMês atrás

    You haven't showed the best thing...your unicorn😂🦄

  34. Johanna Gronau

    Johanna GronauMês atrás

    Great video!