Very Satisfying Video Compilation 89 Kinetic Sand Cutting ASMR


  1. Sand Tagious

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    Just wanted to say Hi to all my subscribers, thank you so much. If you are not a subscriber, hopefully you will be :-) I'm always working on new content that will hopefully make you feel relaxed or at least entertained 👍 Have a great day (or night)!

  2. Eri' Carey

    Eri' Carey4 dias atrás

    first time here Feb 2020 .. wow!!!!

  3. The Satisfying world

    The Satisfying world26 dias atrás

    I love your channel and how this video makes me want to fall asleep and it is really hard for me to fall asleep. PS LOVE YOUR VIDEOS

  4. The Satisfying world

    The Satisfying world26 dias atrás

    Sand Tagious I love your channel and how your videos can put me to sleep because I have trouble sleeping . I hope you more subs

  5. mw 94

    mw 947 horas atrás

    Love the sound

  6. Ruby And Dexter

    Ruby And Dexter20 horas atrás

    Roses are red Violets are blue This is amazing And so are you

  7. ujuara gliabasa

    ujuara gliabasaDia atrás

    Tu parles français

  8. thereallife _;

    thereallife _;Dia atrás

    I want eat it.. 😋 Yummy

  9. Sierra Kincheloe

    Sierra KincheloeDia atrás

    2:11 just made me laugh

  10. Arap Çayır

    Arap Çayır3 dias atrás

    Bu ne böyle bok kessem daha iyi

  11. Suojelupoliisi- SUPO

    Suojelupoliisi- SUPO3 dias atrás

    Really cool vid and i know im late

  12. playing games and haveing fun

    playing games and haveing fun3 dias atrás

    WTF why do I want to take a bath innsand now

  13. Ivan Hernandez

    Ivan Hernandez3 dias atrás

    I followed u on tiktok and i love ur vids they make me feel so good

  14. notMalfoy GD

    notMalfoy GD3 dias atrás

    No one: Sand: Peep playing wif sand: Subtitles: [mUsIc]

  15. Seth Davis

    Seth Davis4 dias atrás

    This is actually pretty satisfying

  16. Davi Miguel

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  17. Марина Иващенко

    Марина Иващенко4 dias atrás

    Делай побольше таких видео 3:03 от них больше мурашек😴

  18. 77 i8

    77 i85 dias atrás

    2:23 best sounds 😍

  19. тима и саша Алексеев

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  20. Latrez Curtis

    Latrez Curtis6 dias atrás

    Sooooo satisfying anyone else feel tingly inside

  21. Kristen Spano

    Kristen Spano8 dias atrás

    Like if u got satyifided

  22. Pedro Bessa

    Pedro Bessa9 dias atrás

    Isso e satisfatório que. Acha deixa laike

  23. HabneuesLadekabel

    HabneuesLadekabel9 dias atrás

    Randoms at 2:40: Oh.. Extremly satisfying ..🙇😌 Me at 2:40: Oh.... the knife looks beatifull👉😏

  24. Annabelle Potter

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  25. Runa slime

    Runa slime11 dias atrás

    Sand ASMR best of best🌺🌸💖💘🌸🦄🌼💐🌷🥀🌸🌷🌹 Like the button down 👇🏻

  26. Eevee and her friends :3

    Eevee and her friends :311 dias atrás

    Sooo churchy I love you vid tho

  27. rahaf adlbi

    rahaf adlbi12 dias atrás

    هل من عرب هنا

  28. عمار عمار

    عمار عمار12 dias atrás

    😙😙😙😙😙😍😍😍😍😚😚😚😚😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍 love

  29. Daisy Artz

    Daisy Artz13 dias atrás

    It’s even more satisfying when you play it at 2x speed

  30. Powerpuff Girls

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  31. angel santa ana

    angel santa ana14 dias atrás

    Is it weird that i think there is going to be a crunching sound in my mouth if i eat it ?𝚡𝚍

  32. DankBoi Productions

    DankBoi Productions14 dias atrás

    Watch this be a special type of porn

  33. Ich hab' hinternnett

    Ich hab' hinternnett14 dias atrás

    2:37 looks like you are cutting granite with knife

  34. Gatuno Galactic

    Gatuno Galactic15 dias atrás

    Like si vienes por ochoplay

  35. ashley Constantino

    ashley Constantino16 dias atrás

    Brother: HEY ASHLEY FILL THIS GLASS OF WATER PLS!!! ME: OK!!! *filled the glass of sand*

  36. Тени Задолбали!

    Тени Задолбали!17 dias atrás

    Нож с микрофоном боже мой😂😂😂😂

  37. Wilson Mecham

    Wilson Mecham17 dias atrás

    When you make a mistake, you try to fix it.

  38. Sand Tagious

    Sand Tagious16 dias atrás

    Yes, i usually redo the entire video :-)

  39. Маша Голуб

    Маша Голуб17 dias atrás

    D hg hahahaha shhsbseyer😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  40. BIEL TV

    BIEL TV18 dias atrás

    Mano, q coisa é essa q esse ser humano coloca, a veio dá uma vontade de oegar. Haaaaa

  41. Daniela Carbajal

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  42. melodi melodi melodika

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  43. Abby Hordon

    Abby Hordon20 dias atrás

    so satisfying

  44. Moonlight

    Moonlight20 dias atrás

    2:14 footage of alien chicken hatching from egg

  45. Alpha Bastien

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  46. Alpha Bastien

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  47. Alpha Bastien

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  48. Stella Shipley

    Stella Shipley21 dia atrás

    I cut kinetic sand all the time 😂

  49. Keisha Juliani

    Keisha Juliani21 dia atrás

    Aku juga mau ihk pasir nya teh plis

  50. •Pøch Kins•

    •Pøch Kins•21 dia atrás

    Your videos are so cool, relaxing and soothing like you wanted them to be. Not only are they satisfying, but sweet. I appreciate the effort you are using to make us these lovely videos!

  51. •Pøch Kins•

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    @Sand Tagious No problem, you deserve WAY more subscribers than you already have. Plz subscribe to my channel, if you don't mind, I only have like 3 subscribers. Thanks if you do! ♡♡♡♡♡♡☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

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    Thank you so much for the nice message :-)

  53. Francisca y su mundo magico

    Francisca y su mundo magico21 dia atrás

    Es super satisfactorio

  54. Satisfyingvideos

    Satisfyingvideos22 dias atrás

    I could watch this for hours. Love it!!

  55. 은빈

    은빈22 dias atrás

    썸네일 3:03 4:00

  56. Zoey Chan

    Zoey Chan22 dias atrás

    I don’t know why *B U T I W A N N A E A T I T*

  57. Ej Tt

    Ej Tt22 dias atrás

    5:47 endermen

  58. Ej Tt

    Ej Tt22 dias atrás

    2:11 hello how ya doing

  59. Pip and DapperGrape

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    Best moments 2:24 5:45 Change my mind.

  60. Queen Mikayla

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    You cut so well

  61. Maria Aparecida

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  62. ghost_rider_xX

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    For some reason I found the first one hella disturbing 🤣

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  64. yahiya shaikh

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    Try to more good

  65. 너블워

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    나도 해보고 싶다 ㅠㅠㅜ

  66. David Godler

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    I dont know why but 2:10 looked oddly yum