Veterans Voices | Listening is Honoring


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    I know him. 😏

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    Love this

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    promoting a Channel with 13M views The Channel still with the 8k subs

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    00:52 looks like my father in law. Korea vet. He died a year ago. It was suspicious to family. If I say more, I could be blocked. I loved my FIL. My ID has been stolen, swapped. Get her please, my addresses are his ID at Heather Brae Apartments This is like... anathema Why mess with me after an elder vet dies from neglect? IFF that is the case My wife is suffering so deep from the lies, it's hard to stay together

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    I deeply appreciate & respect all the veterans. I thank them all

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    It’s sad how veterans end up in the roads HOMELESS! if I were them I’d say “my country have failed me” Disclaimer: this is my opinion....


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    Sarti Grèce


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    I love this my grandpa is Calvin Jernigan

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    my sixth grade writing teacher is a retired veteran.

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    This is so important. Respect

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    all my respect and honor. Exciting .. a hug for everyone.

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    Eu levo 9)?; Bom momento MPB, mi.. É a k. JM. T a oportunidade y

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    good lack

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    Finally a good ad

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    Happy Veterans Day. I don’t know any veterans personally but I love the cause of this video.🇺🇸❤️

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    I just want to give a warm thanks to all the veterans out there. Thank you 💓💓💓

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    There ar two relatives and the Boxed flag is an honor, but an answere is moot to those whom gave thei lives for a country. Do we not remember the secretary of defencee. Robert McNamara hid the fact our you persons gave heir all and as a remembrance a boxed flag and spread their ashes on the ground? no all stories are the same, okay, not all the lives are the ssame honored soldier. And I am safe?

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    This Was Perfect!! Nice job I'm gonna start doing things like this for the veterans they deserve the respect!!

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    Rebel Cbrz

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    without our veterans we wouldn't have this life thanks about that

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    I would like to thank all of are veterans for the life that they made possible for us all the people

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    When google finally does something that isn't leftist propaganda

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    honor our vets by upholding the values they fought hypocrites...rebuke the Amerikkkan Stasi police STATE...You UNGODLY good for nothings...closet communists !

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    Remember google and BRreporter, without these people, you wouldn’t exists.

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    Fora bom soldado lutam bravamente, esta na hora de seguirmos bons caminhos !

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    We wanna hear their voices not you talking about hearing them

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    HAPPY VETERANS DAY, I like being interested in history.

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    I got this ad but accidently skipped it and then I found it and now im here

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    Anything to make a buck.

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    For everyone who liked this vid and is still asleep just wait until the United States dollar becomes worthless and when u think it’s the end of the world it’s really going to be the beginning of the chosen ones to come back to the 5th dimension

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    Don’t ever comment on videos... that said Google and the team nailed this one. They have the power to influence the world. Nice to see they are showing good with it. Thank you Google do more of them. If it wasn’t for the Vets of Omaha beach to Iraqi Freedom. Google wouldn’t be google. Freedoms create.

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    Aww this is beautiful veterans, you all are amazing brave people thank you for your service ❤️

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    Por fa en español

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    There is no Google Spanish channel

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    My grandfather was at The Battle of the Bulge. He never talked about it. In 1983 I graduated Basic Training and had two weeks leave before I had to report to AIT. I went to upstate New York since my parents were visiting my grandfather and more family. Every morning I was religiously doing my PT and would run the mountain roads around my grandfather's house. One day I came back and he was sitting on the porch with two cups of coffee. We sat talking about what I wanted to do and then he began talking about Bastonge and he shed a good bit of tears. I had never seen him cry till that day. It made me appreciate all the men and women I would come to call my brothers and sisters for the next 25 years.

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    This is a great video

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    Giggles and squiggles we all shout. We all know we don’t show who this all about. Father loves you he cares for your soul. Why don’t you show him how grateful you are ?

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    My hero , my Dad . Gone forever but NEVER forgotten . U S M C from the first day on Guadalcanal 8/7 /42 through the battle of Guam in 44 . He gave it his all till he was stopped by mortar shrapnel in the back . A lifetime burden of hidden sadness from the events and carnage but muscled through his grief to give back a lifetime of goodness to all he knew . A true hero as were SO many others . Just another grain of sand on an eternal beach . Your loving son , Michael

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    I was in middle school and we had a WWII veteran speak in my Accelerated Reading class about how he helped liberate a concentration camp. You can read about it in books but there's nothing like hearing it from someone who has been there.

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    My grandfather or pa was a survivor of word war ll he passed away on my birthday which was a month ago happy veterans day!

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    Didn’t know G-Easy was so patriotic

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    ugh youtube stop shoving your adjenda down my throat

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    Fawks MacLeod finally found someone who is probably part of Rfg movement and not a sheeperson

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    Thanks for this we need it for all of our vets, miss you g-pa ❤️.

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    Hate the way the word hero gets thrown around. I was a paramedic 20yrs and saved many life's. But I just did my job. These guys here are the true "HEROS" thank you!

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    Who TF disliked

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    no comment me because I am a person who is awake

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    Much love to all the veterans 💯❣️❣️🇺🇸🇺🇸

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    I can only imagine what the Marine was dishing out to at him at the end. 😎

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    Premiere Pro in the thumbnail

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    Respeck to them

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    RIP google+

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    Thank you for all your sacrifice how do you do in the alfall

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    Можем повторить

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    Wait i think im familiar with this voice

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    Thank you for your service Grandpa. Thank you for keeping the Commies at bay. Sadly now Americans are embracing Commies and calling it Social Justice. But some of us remember what Commies do, how they infiltrated, create division, how they rebrand themselves as anti fascists, yet pushing for anarchism. People eventually will have to decide... The Free everything Commie rule or Liberty and freedom to all.

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    This is the most beautiful experience, just seeing the video..... 😌😌😌😌

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    A Google video with a comments section? NANI

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    This is great and all but are we gonna ignore that he didn't put the cap on his lens at 1:54

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    Good Texas boy. Way to go man!

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    Stop silencing conservatives

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    Happy Veteran's day to all the Men and Women who have served this great country.

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    i was only 9 years old.... I loved shrek so much...

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    thank you so much veterans for all you do!🖤

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    They always say, the boys that went to war in WWII was the greatest generation.

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    Using vets to push a new app, really google?

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    worw biz

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    Happy Veteran's day. Thank you for everything💝

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    God bless all the Veterans out there Happy Veterans Day!

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    Happy Veterans Day to America’s hero’s! ❤️❤️💯thank you

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    The 1.2k that disliked can go to hell

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    Love and respect for everybody even though it’s not Veterans Day now we should still honor those who have fought at all times they have made sacrifices just for your/my country also happy 100th anniversary of the end of World War One

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    Very nice

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    thank you veterans !

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    I" like the video google

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    I like the way they hid the MASSIVE notch on the Pixel 3 XD

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    A huge thank you to all the veterans for being very brave, kind and strong , much respect🙏🏽

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    A veteran was giving away american flags and asked me if i would like one ( I am hispanic and my daughter too we have dark hair and olive skin) When i said "yes please thank you" he said "wow" and i asked "wow are people not aanting the falgs?" He said "no im just surprised" an awkward silance arose for a couple of seconds and he said " i have to be very proud of my country i love my country" and i said "me too why wouldnt i want an American flag? This is where my kids were born this is my home where i live and where ill live my whole life" he said nothing didnt smile but instead had a look of womdering like i made maybe his thoughts change toward a sertain type of persons. Idk he didnt say anything after and i felt sad that when i want a flag people question why because i look like what like i hat it here? Idk give me your 2 cents.

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    Thank You To All Veterans & Those Who Still Serving 🙏🏼

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    but muh inclement weather

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    Rip Stan Lee

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    Stan Lee is the only thing that matters! RIP

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    I salute.


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    Rip stan Lee I believe he served

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    You are so right! I love listening to Veterans and their stories! Especially my dads!

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    *I was going to ignore this video but the fact that the title said LISTENING IS HONORING I couldn't ignore*

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    Is Stan lee a veteran?

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    Ok google please change the google game or news thing about stan lee

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    My dad was at 9/11 and I am so thankful to him.

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    🔔Speak about the 100+ million intended pledge to Veterans Affairs programs in 2014 by T Maurice Burris Esq. in Cleveland County NC After a Living Will/trust Executrix Annie Ruth HUNT browner Shelby NC. What happened to Identity theft impersonation forgery fraudsters who stole the money??

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    Freaking big brother

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    Too late! It has beed 15 years and each year you forget about them! When will you celebrate men's day? Scumbags!

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    Rip Stan lee