VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 14



    DARKxMYTH8 horas atrás

    Budget priority lmao

  2. just playing games

    just playing games12 horas atrás

    React to agents of shield 😂 i think the ghost rider looks good and the effects of quake using her powers? Not a movie btw a tv series

  3. The GamingTwo

    The GamingTwo17 horas atrás

    For VFX reacts you should do Jurassic world

  4. The GamingTwo

    The GamingTwo18 horas atrás

    You should make a movie

  5. Gabriella Mariella

    Gabriella Mariella20 horas atrás

    Love Clint's Anima shirt!

  6. 7he Herald

    7he Herald21 hora atrás

    Did they do Kong yet? If not I'd love to see what they think of both the old and new

  7. The Doctor of Dimensions

    The Doctor of Dimensions22 horas atrás

    I have a movie called stargate

  8. Akmalm Shaari

    Akmalm ShaariDia atrás

    Iron man dude please

  9. XenCodes

    XenCodesDia atrás

    Boston dynamics is fake?

  10. Montaje del espectador

    Montaje del espectadorDia atrás

    The fanfilm short of adventure time live action was great Jake dog cg, since i watch the making off i was think It was a puppet, react to 2D Klaus and their making off too

  11. Brendon Sullivan

    Brendon SullivanDia atrás


  12. Bee Emm

    Bee Emm2 dias atrás

    My favourite is good boy simulation

  13. TheTargetMaster

    TheTargetMaster2 dias atrás

    Yeah fine, the new Sonic does look better... but it still looks bad

  14. Angel Cuac Cuac

    Angel Cuac Cuac2 dias atrás

    I still think they had the good version done and worked but they released the crappy "trailer 1" in order to have free Marketing and publicity for free. Not the best strategy but it worked fine!

  15. Chris Moewes-Bystrom

    Chris Moewes-Bystrom2 dias atrás

    OK. Do you guys this this was an intentional plan from the studio? Release the terrifying sonic, then "fix it"? brreporter.com/v/video-kWrsF-SBrqY.html

  16. ChaseProductions1

    ChaseProductions12 dias atrás

    Have you guys seen this video saying paramount was going to change the CGI all along and never publish the bad sonic CGI version. They talk about it in this video it would be cool if you all reacted to it! brreporter.com/v/video-kWrsF-SBrqY.html

  17. Whompa02

    Whompa022 dias atrás

    Man you guys advertise and shill a bunch of shit on your channel.

  18. Evan Salausa

    Evan Salausa3 dias atrás

    Do the quick silver seen from x-men apocalypse

  19. jernej kolar

    jernej kolar3 dias atrás

    Life of Pi

  20. Jake Neylon

    Jake Neylon3 dias atrás

    Maybe in your next video you could mention that the astartes channel was hacked nearly a month ago and BRreporter has done fuck all

  21. JustShayPlays

    JustShayPlays3 dias atrás

    Funny enough, the first episode of the Flash had better running animations than the later ones. Mainly when he circles the tornado trying to stop it.

  22. Guhan S

    Guhan S3 dias atrás

    "sonic looks objectively better" Sweetie, there is no objectivity in art

  23. Satan

    Satan2 dias atrás

    dam, what a pedantic fuck head

  24. Dino Boy27

    Dino Boy273 dias atrás

    This is what I like to call CG pie

  25. Ignacio Cañas

    Ignacio Cañas3 dias atrás

    Do "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" , another CGI nightmare with Jude Law and Gwyneth Paltrow

  26. Montaje del espectador

    Montaje del espectadorDia atrás

    Is better than ultraviolet

  27. MrFunclick

    MrFunclick3 dias atrás

    Ejen Ali from Malaysia please?? Top 3 Animations from Malaysia : 1. Ejen Ali 2. Boboiboy the Movie 3. Upin & Ipin please review. thanks

  28. Picalausa Johnny

    Picalausa Johnny3 dias atrás

    0:02 ...MEH

  29. Daniella Dahoui

    Daniella Dahoui4 dias atrás

    FINALLY! You talk about The Adventures of Tintin!! :D :D :D What a wonderful film! One of my favourite films!!!

  30. Shibui Gaming

    Shibui Gaming4 dias atrás

    I'm still curious to know whether or not the original Sonic trailer was planned, negative reaction and all, to make the real trailer reveal all the more impactful.

  31. Jerms popi

    Jerms popi4 dias atrás

    You guys should do transformers

  32. DemilleJr

    DemilleJr4 dias atrás

    Flash: "fastest man alive." Hawkgirl: "that's probably why you can't get a date."

  33. Subash Khatiwada

    Subash Khatiwada4 dias atrás

    react on hobbit and lord of the ring

  34. Ankur Chongdar

    Ankur Chongdar4 dias atrás

    “This doesn’t look too bad for a TV show” The Mandalorian- Hold my CGI

  35. Austin Directo

    Austin Directo3 dias atrás

    Mandalorian CGI is alright.

  36. Christian Soriano

    Christian Soriano4 dias atrás

    Make Harry Potter R rated!

  37. stainless steel pan

    stainless steel pan5 dias atrás

    Leagues better? More like Justice Leagues better!!!!!

  38. MrVGA

    MrVGA5 dias atrás

    Ready Player One

  39. Screenpunk

    Screenpunk5 dias atrás

    I'd like to request The Lord of the Rings

  40. Mohd Helmi

    Mohd Helmi5 dias atrás

    please review animation movie from Malaysia. boboiboy upin ipin ejen ali

  41. Cre Henge

    Cre Henge5 dias atrás

    Do star wars prequels and make the internet remember that Lucas wasn't better!

  42. Favorite Mustard

    Favorite Mustard5 dias atrás

    But we's wuz hongry fo ah shee-it sammitch... ...or two. @ 1:13 Does this here mean ol' boy Sonics be a *Gemini?*

  43. xXThe Arkham LegendXx

    xXThe Arkham LegendXx5 dias atrás

    Spy Kids has really bad CGI with the fight scenes