VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 9


  1. some idiot

    some idiotDia atrás

    VFX Ghost Rider 2007 and Ghost Rider spirits of vintage 2011 VFX pls or something do whatever

  2. Neel Patel

    Neel PatelDia atrás

    React to more bollywood flims like Shivaji the boss Dhoom 3 War

  3. zook420000

    zook4200003 dias atrás

    skin sleeve

  4. Husky Petersen

    Husky Petersen3 dias atrás

    2:07 real big eyeballs 👍

  5. Roach Man

    Roach Man5 dias atrás

    Who only came here for Alita?

  6. 15h4n __

    15h4n __6 dias atrás


  7. TwinShocker _The_Swordsman

    TwinShocker _The_Swordsman6 dias atrás

    React to Transformers: Dark of The Moon please

  8. Mecha Apple

    Mecha Apple7 dias atrás

    Chappie wasn’t bad tho

  9. Cam Dvlogs616

    Cam Dvlogs6167 dias atrás


  10. Mr.Witherstorm

    Mr.Witherstorm7 dias atrás

    10:45 didn't even notice transition at first

  11. Vojtěch Tesař

    Vojtěch Tesař8 dias atrás

    Alita looks more realistic than her BF. XD

  12. Edmund Gonzales

    Edmund Gonzales9 dias atrás

    Aquaman rooftop chase?

  13. Hasin Hafiz

    Hasin Hafiz11 dias atrás

    the scene in Joy where J Law is walking with the reflective shades and the camera straight up on her face

  14. Jadon Garcia

    Jadon Garcia11 dias atrás

    Alita's wonky? How dare you

  15. CatchTheCoyote

    CatchTheCoyote12 dias atrás

    I llke how similar Zapan and Alicia Vikander are

  16. Salim Karimi

    Salim Karimi12 dias atrás

    San Andreas

  17. CanDIEland

    CanDIEland13 dias atrás

    Can you please talk about the digital resurrection of celebrities in commercials??? ....like the Audrey Hepburn dove commercial, the marilyn Monroe j'adore commercial, etc...I was stunned when I saw them and how great they looked! Thanks.

  18. StimezMedia

    StimezMedia14 dias atrás

    1:01 Eyes get dilated when there’s little light...does he not know how eyes work? 😂

  19. AT'S condition ZERO

    AT'S condition ZERO14 dias atrás

    The eye budget

  20. Never Know

    Never Know15 dias atrás

    When someone sees the dilated eyes of the person they find attractive it triggers a subconscious desire to reproduce...You cannot help it. I've studied the subconscious for years and years

  21. Uriel De Leon

    Uriel De Leon16 dias atrás

    12:21 that was so cool

  22. motorcycleperson

    motorcycleperson17 dias atrás

    have you guys seen that slo mo part in Behind Enemy Lines when Owen Wilson's character is crossing this trip wire grid while being pursued by some AK wielding dude. said dude sets off a booby trap while firing his AK and the shot of him getting blown away by the shockwave at like, idk, 28000 fps is INSANE. here's the link: brreporter.com/v/video-HdCQlFAwFrk.html

  23. Olamide Awe

    Olamide Awe18 dias atrás

    Joshua and the promise land

  24. Grygory

    Grygory19 dias atrás


  25. Raphtalia Is My Waifu

    Raphtalia Is My Waifu19 dias atrás

    Yes or no?

  26. hesus saviorofearth

    hesus saviorofearth19 dias atrás

    funny part is, if you must explane it , .......... she wakes up completly naked............. and yet ni milimeter skinn to find, stand up naked from bed............. most disapointed screen if you let somebody waiting for this

  27. Dinu Comendant

    Dinu Comendant22 dias atrás

    i'm just wondering where the hell did you get the star wars ship in 2001?

  28. epiccollision

    epiccollision22 dias atrás

    Anyone who has issues with the “uncanny valley” in Alita are just being pedantic, she was beautiful (we still can’t get lips right, sorry) the rest were almost perfect. It’s

  29. NBC motion

    NBC motion22 dias atrás

    Let's see some Mortal Engines up in here


    ENGICIAN23 dias atrás

    2080 :- CGI characters reacting humans !

  31. Owen Pescod

    Owen Pescod23 dias atrás

    I don't know if you guys would want to, but I think reacting to the Overwatch cinematics would be awesome!

  32. Miles Emad

    Miles Emad23 dias atrás

    Rosa Salazar is a good actress

  33. Prittish Mandal

    Prittish Mandal24 dias atrás

    Fuck u suckers

  34. NaitomeIya

    NaitomeIya24 dias atrás

    And now I know why that electricity guy in Amazing Spider-Man 2 was wearing some lighting rig around his face in the BTS. It’s easier and more realistic than CGing the light.

  35. LadyShay

    LadyShay24 dias atrás

    I feel like if James Cameron didn't spend all the money and/or wasn't an insane perfectionist, this would absolutely look uncanny. But as is, the design has done *just enough* to escape the uncanny valley. I can buy that someone designed a robot like that. But I can still buy that it's still a person capable of emoting.

  36. Cameron Scott

    Cameron Scott24 dias atrás

    Do mortal engines

  37. Lakshith Rathi

    Lakshith Rathi25 dias atrás

    Guys please react to Ready Player One !!

  38. Yellow Tri-stand

    Yellow Tri-stand25 dias atrás

    9:20 Welcome to Australia

  39. Uriel De Leon

    Uriel De Leon16 dias atrás

    That was bad

  40. Uriel De Leon

    Uriel De Leon16 dias atrás


  41. icykickflip

    icykickflip25 dias atrás

    R.I.P. Kobe Bryant T__T

  42. Dino Schachten

    Dino Schachten26 dias atrás

    Alita - yes, very imperfect. But incredible mountains of emotion!!

  43. Daksh Garg

    Daksh Garg26 dias atrás

    Try movie Lucy

  44. Rohit kumar

    Rohit kumar26 dias atrás

    If you think of it, there is no point in making a robot skinless when you have skin on hands and face.

  45. Christian Smith

    Christian Smith26 dias atrás

    4:12 is that a full size mountain or a miniature set of a mountain with 2 foot tall trees?

  46. ALT

    ALT27 dias atrás

    we need new Spawn movie, give some love please :(

  47. Tizio

    Tizio27 dias atrás

    "Your face is the main workhorse."

  48. Z34L J4K3

    Z34L J4K328 dias atrás

    More Sam please

  49. 『S O D A C A N 』

    『S O D A C A N 』29 dias atrás

    Alita battle angel sounds like a roblox role play name

  50. Clanktitan 2000

    Clanktitan 200029 dias atrás

    lol I saw it in like 16p

  51. NeonX

    NeonX29 dias atrás

    react to doctor who

  52. NeonX

    NeonXMês atrás


  53. Uneducated Opinion

    Uneducated OpinionMês atrás

    When you guys finally talk about Life of Pi, say what you think about how the animation studio got screwed over, not only by the production studio that forced them to close because they would pay them, but how the Oscars started the music to refuse them the time to even say they got screwed over

  54. Fabian Keidies

    Fabian KeidiesMês atrás

    min 6:10 she sit down and her Hand dissapears, great cgi effects :P

  55. Eduard Manuel Ionescu

    Eduard Manuel IonescuMês atrás

    did u do "In the name of the king" jason statham (2007) ?

  56. CoolMatt0213

    CoolMatt0213Mês atrás

    What in the world is a BTS!?

  57. Princewill Ifeanyi Onyejeni

    Princewill Ifeanyi OnyejeniMês atrás

    I swear to God that alita always get me of guard. She's so cute.

  58. joseph abady

    joseph abadyMês atrás


  59. ChaffyCaesar80

    ChaffyCaesar80Mês atrás

    im taking a dump.

  60. Алиф Даль Мим

    Алиф Даль МимMês atrás

    Alita is the best movie

  61. Daniel Eccleston

    Daniel EcclestonMês atrás

    9:19 this movie actually gave me nightmares when i was younger... *NIGHTMARES*

  62. Egido Val

    Egido ValMês atrás

    Sam Wren looks and sounds like Nick Rockefort from MDE xD