VFX Artists React to STAR WARS bad and Great CGi


  1. Nicolas blazquez

    Nicolas blazquez6 horas atrás

    My guy,it ain’t jedee , it’s jedi

  2. Georgia Sunderland

    Georgia Sunderland6 horas atrás

    Harry Potter

  3. JW Murray

    JW Murray19 horas atrás

    The return of the what now... 9:40

  4. Ajc 7575

    Ajc 757522 horas atrás

    7:45 Wow, corridor is gonna time travel just so we get an extra episode of VFX artists react.

  5. Brian Spragge

    Brian Spragge23 horas atrás

    Yeti falling in snow on Hoth looked like TF2 rash dolls

  6. Shylo Watson

    Shylo WatsonDia atrás


  7. Lukson

    LuksonDia atrás

    Really creative stuff humans can come up with.

  8. Rasmus Lundström

    Rasmus LundströmDia atrás

    Am i the Only one that noticed that the part 2 of vfx artist react lord of the rings is in January 4 2019 and not 2020.

  9. mdoerkse

    mdoerkseDia atrás

    The matte paintings of soldiers in the hangar bay looks more realistic than the stupid CG clone troopers in the prequels.

  10. Kevy Nova

    Kevy NovaDia atrás

    9:40 Return Of The *WHAT?!?* Jedi does not rhyme with yeti!

  11. hayden goodwin

    hayden goodwin2 dias atrás

    It’s not return of the Jed E it’s Jed I

  12. Lucas Pospeshil

    Lucas Pospeshil2 dias atrás

    Whats amazing is that the film is almost 50 years old, and the effects still hold up pretty well today.

  13. Thimble _

    Thimble _2 dias atrás

    9:40 did Wren just say Jeddii

  14. LimeTheLemon

    LimeTheLemon2 dias atrás


  15. Dysfunctional Dildo

    Dysfunctional Dildo3 dias atrás

    Can you guys do Terminator 2?

  16. Richard Harrison

    Richard Harrison3 dias atrás

    Actually I have the story of how Mark Hamill Was talking about it before It came out to my mother because she was his banker

  17. Mayhem Modder

    Mayhem Modder3 dias atrás

    The best movies out of all the star wars series

  18. YouTubeUser

    YouTubeUser3 dias atrás

    The OT is so special god damn

  19. ValueOfNothing

    ValueOfNothing3 dias atrás

    Weren't some of these the new CGI versions?

  20. PUC

    PUC3 dias atrás

    i don't think so

  21. Jacob Reidy

    Jacob Reidy3 dias atrás

    Do more non-CGI videos please. This was your best so far. Thank you!

  22. jadestoner

    jadestoner4 dias atrás

    the cutouts are "masks" or "reverse masks"

  23. Trent Frederick

    Trent Frederick4 dias atrás

    When the AT-AT falls over after Luke throws in the detonator, an actual stick pushes over the walker from under its back foot. The shot in this video is 15:16.

  24. John Cena

    John Cena4 dias atrás

    Where did you get those open ear headphones

  25. Patrick Welch

    Patrick Welch4 dias atrás

    And this is what makes these films incredible.

  26. Zaque

    Zaque4 dias atrás

    it would be cool for these guys to try to make a short space battle using these methods

  27. Martin Jørgensen

    Martin Jørgensen4 dias atrás

    Practical effects are far more fascinating than modern cgi. And they age better imo.

  28. 308328928

    3083289284 dias atrás

    The Hoth battle is the best

  29. Bulldog D

    Bulldog D4 dias atrás

    The weird thing is... if you watch the original trilogy now, the worst effects are generally the crap cgi additions that were added 20+ years later

  30. Bill Kong

    Bill Kong4 dias atrás

    If they did lightsabers today I bet they can just build a good enough prop. There's some really good ones out there.

  31. LunarAlmanac

    LunarAlmanac4 dias atrás

    Summary: "Woah that looks so real!" "BECAUSE IT'S REAL"

  32. Leli Dawi

    Leli Dawi4 dias atrás

    Are you even using the original versions? Because when you talk about the lightsabers in A new hope, remember that they were re-done like three times... Later, you use footage of CGI-ships as examples of great work with models...

  33. Peter Mauro

    Peter Mauro5 dias atrás

    Do the movie the count down

  34. Ephraim lewis

    Ephraim lewis5 dias atrás

    (No hate) 7:47 December 28th, 2019 January 4th, 2019 ???

  35. Zac Offutt

    Zac Offutt5 dias atrás

    Why did none of you mention the stick punching up the back foot of the walker Luke destroyed?

  36. ZSIGGY

    ZSIGGY5 dias atrás

    React to the rise of Skywalker and explain it

  37. 4D Laquest

    4D Laquest5 dias atrás

    Hello there

  38. TheMisanthropist _

    TheMisanthropist _5 dias atrás

    Everytime I hear about how practical effects were done back in the day, I thank each and every one of them for where we are today. Thank You.

  39. tinkerintenor

    tinkerintenor6 dias atrás

    Ok but at 8:35 are those WIRES showing in the background set against the stars? Was the asteroid set piece being moved by wires or something? Thin bright white vertical lines are visible back there. I’d never noticed them until this video.

  40. Adi Aviani1

    Adi Aviani16 dias atrás

    15:16 A stick pops out from it's back foot to make it fall

  41. C7TV

    C7TV6 dias atrás

    9:41 “jeddy”?!

  42. Bluustreak

    Bluustreak6 dias atrás

    I now have more respect for tha making of this.

  43. Talguy21

    Talguy216 dias atrás

    You know, I heard somewhere that someone on the OT cast thought A New Hope was going to bomb. And going by just some of the on-set shots I saw, I could see why they'd think that. But really, Star Wars was made great in the edit. This is a mind-blowing amount of effort and commitment.

  44. vaderbase

    vaderbase6 dias atrás

    show how they made the at-st smashed by logs

  45. pluot77

    pluot776 dias atrás

    Best explanation of the Star Wars SFX I've seen in all this time.

  46. Mario 1023

    Mario 10237 dias atrás

    Have y’all reacted to stranger things ?

  47. toaster917

    toaster9177 dias atrás

    Please do "The Island of Dr. Moreau" !

  48. Rodolfo Pimenta

    Rodolfo Pimenta7 dias atrás

    Jedi? pft! Jerry is the real deal

  49. goofyfoot2001

    goofyfoot20017 dias atrás

    Someone needs to slap the fuck out of whomever put CGI in the original Star Trek.

  50. Duck Moore

    Duck Moore7 dias atrás

    Breakdown KRULL (score by James Horner👀 by the way). Or David Lynch’s DUNE (👈that might be more fun for you guys. You’ll see why.😉)

  51. Artistic Evan

    Artistic Evan7 dias atrás

    Mad respect for Phil tippet and the other practical effect artists of the time

  52. MarineBis

    MarineBis7 dias atrás

    no CGI in this video.... i"d like to see VFX artist speaking about infamous jabba CGI or jar jar

  53. i minabrons

    i minabrons7 dias atrás

    When did Red get to be the opposite of Blue? I thought Orange was the opposite of Blue.

  54. Etienne

    Etienne7 dias atrás

    The non-altered cut?

  55. swifty1969

    swifty19697 dias atrás

    Jedee.....what's a Jedee??????

  56. Blue_Squirrel

    Blue_Squirrel7 dias atrás

    They should react to the old republic

  57. J H

    J H7 dias atrás

    The matte work was super sloppy in pre-Special Edition VHS releases of ANH (and presumably in the theatrical release) - not shown here. I still have vivid memories of this, viewed on a crappy tube TV that somehow highlighted the problem. These were not perfect X-Wing cutouts, but rather rough cutouts, reminiscent of a scrapbook. Not only was the star field obscured immediately around the spacecraft, but the black levels were totally mismatched, revealing the exact polygon shape of the cutout against a darker background. Wish I still had that VHS!

  58. OnionLad Food Reviews

    OnionLad Food Reviews8 dias atrás

    Can I get more please

  59. Gavin Hunt

    Gavin Hunt8 dias atrás

    You guys should do an Avatar (James Cameron) review that movie is beautiful and still holds up to this day

  60. Hey It's Drew

    Hey It's Drew8 dias atrás

    jj Abrams has something against space battles. I hated episode 7 for its lack of space battles. and 9 was better but still lacked actual battles In space. and 8 had an intense but stupid battle in the beginning and the rest of the movie was shit. so I'm very disappointed In the new trilogy altogether. I came for the spaceness. for the space battles not for the LA de da shit story. ugh

  61. Night Uber

    Night Uber8 dias atrás

    Call them 80-80s one more time...