VFX Artists React to THE PREQUELS Bad & Great CGi


  1. Hiren Vadagama

    Hiren Vadagama10 horas atrás

    Do the Bollywood movie, krish 2 and 3

  2. shin godzilla

    shin godzilla11 horas atrás

    Pacific rim pls

  3. King Grimlock

    King Grimlock13 horas atrás

    What about Ep3

  4. :Dillon Wingull

    :Dillon Wingull13 horas atrás

    Everybody loves to love the prequels

  5. Vaportrail

    Vaportrail14 horas atrás

    What I'd love to see is the Crew take another shot at rendering those clones and see just how lifelike they can get them. The ultra-reflective visors especially bug me, when that sort of look doesn't show up in any other similar helmet I'm the saga, even Jango's.

  6. JL Studios

    JL Studios14 horas atrás

    Could you guys PLEASE look into this scene/shot: Transformers (2007) - “Autobots Roll Out”/“Autobots At The Observatory”

  7. Liam Robertson

    Liam Robertson16 horas atrás

    Lol all the clones are cg

  8. torphi0086 The Dragon

    torphi0086 The Dragon17 horas atrás

    Can you react to Mars Needs Moms and Aragon please

  9. Dillon James Locke

    Dillon James Locke17 horas atrás

    The Clone Wars revealed that Maul survived. In season 4. He was also in Rebels. But i'm not surprised that you haven't seen those. The Clone wars was over before The Force Awakens came out, except for season 7 coming out sometime late this year or next year.

  10. Dream

    Dream19 horas atrás

    9:30 i think they did it so you dont focus on the saber

  11. Chernov Gaming

    Chernov GamingDia atrás

    You guys ruin some movies for me

  12. Nick Owens

    Nick OwensDia atrás

    Please do a second episode for the prequels, you missed the weird morphs used for merging certain takes, and other great effects used in Episode III.

  13. Nerd Society

    Nerd SocietyDia atrás

    How did you guys not notice dookus cgi face in attack of the clones aha

  14. Mean Bean Productions

    Mean Bean ProductionsDia atrás

    Is that a yellow lightsaber at 11:51??

  15. Nooa Mosselman

    Nooa MosselmanDia atrás

    Do the scene from I am legend on the wharf

  16. Krsnam Bhatia

    Krsnam BhatiaDia atrás

    Please make a Bad and great cgi video in music videos.

  17. louis arenas

    louis arenas2 dias atrás

    please do Lord of the Rings. :D

  18. toa nuva 294

    toa nuva 2942 dias atrás

    anyone else think about the force awakens duel when niko talks about the lightsaber casting light at 8:16

  19. Dutch Republic MappingTM

    Dutch Republic MappingTM2 dias atrás

    Them: So-so brought back maul Me: Together Brothers!


    WALLACE2 dias atrás

    altered carbon tv series netflix pls check it out

  21. Ron Wylie

    Ron Wylie3 dias atrás

    I really enjoyed this, Im a digital artist and cell animator and work a lot in 3D now, I retired and only do stuff for myself now but I know all of the terms you were using and it is rare than I get to listen to technical stuff in this way so very enjoyable for me, my friends dont know anything about this stuff so it was all great

  22. Mosiah Mendoza

    Mosiah Mendoza3 dias atrás

    I need you guys to react to King Arthur: The Legend of Excalibur

  23. Returning Shadow

    Returning Shadow3 dias atrás

    That's was NOT Christopher Lee fighting a CGI Yoda. That was a stunt double ith Lee's HEAD CGIed onto the body.

  24. Sophia Ignacio

    Sophia Ignacio3 dias atrás


  25. Dragon Rex

    Dragon Rex3 dias atrás

    Christopher Lee's face was actually added on to a stuntman's body for the more dynamic sequences in the Yoda fight.

  26. Dragon Rex

    Dragon Rex3 dias atrás

    Jake Lloyd was in Jingle All The Way.

  27. Johnny blaze

    Johnny blaze3 dias atrás

    @CorridorCrew guys please do Disney movies, Dinosaur, tangled, frozen, big hero 6, zootopia, moana and do Pixar movies, toystory 1-4, monsters inc, finding nemo, wall-e, ratatouie, brave, cars, incredibles, please guys thanks.

  28. XT WOLF246

    XT WOLF2463 dias atrás

    I would love it if you reacted to tron

  29. embrown1117

    embrown11173 dias atrás

    To be fair, it wasn't solo that said he was still alive, it was the comics, books, and clone wars/rebels cartoons

  30. DrZerohour

    DrZerohour3 dias atrás

    The clone wars was an incredible show an really brought out death mail as a character. Would love to see your reactions to obi wan va maul final fight in the rebel’s series

  31. sloan gavin

    sloan gavin3 dias atrás

    Maul was alive in the clone wars, so... yeah

  32. Cj Weeks

    Cj Weeks4 dias atrás

    Do specific rim

  33. Vease with Eaze

    Vease with Eaze4 dias atrás

    Complaining about physics in....Star Wars...really?

  34. alan li

    alan li4 dias atrás

    star wars the clone wars, compare the malevolence arc and the umbara arc

  35. A Michael Norden

    A Michael Norden4 dias atrás

    The Force Awakens

  36. Ryan Timms Jr

    Ryan Timms Jr4 dias atrás

    Jurrasic worldddd

  37. Themememaster 42

    Themememaster 424 dias atrás

    I noticed the thing about the lightsaber casting light onto to Yoda but not Dooku but I thought it was a metaphor for the Dark and Light side of the force.

  38. Jan Strzelecki

    Jan Strzelecki4 horas atrás

    But we kinda _can_ see the red tint on Dooku's face (visible at 8:27), so...

  39. Joseph Stalin

    Joseph Stalin5 dias atrás

    Darth Maul died on Naboo.

  40. Freis Jurij

    Freis Jurij5 dias atrás

    I know a better ending for the star wars franchise: let little anakins speddster explode with him and the universe is saved

  41. Supermassive

    Supermassive5 dias atrás

    the misinformation of the darth maul situation is abysmal...

  42. Brian H

    Brian H5 dias atrás

    11:26 See those lasers? Light moves much slower in the Star Wars universe.

  43. The El Diablo

    The El Diablo5 dias atrás

    Do the epic Darth Vader scene at the end of Rouge One...

  44. hermanni1989

    hermanni19895 dias atrás

    Please please please tell us more about different practical effects like the salt fall. I would love to hear about it.

  45. David Larocque

    David Larocque5 dias atrás

    Ayo let’s see that scene from last Jedi where they ram the fleet


    JTxXPHANTOMXx5 dias atrás

    I wanna see them fix the prequels and in it they remove jar jar

  47. FalcoTheGreat

    FalcoTheGreat6 dias atrás

    Star Wars: “I’m limited by the technology of my time”

  48. Ethan Robinson

    Ethan Robinson7 dias atrás

    You boys should react to Space Jam, Looney Tunes back in Action and Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

  49. M1A1 Abrams 3rd Generation MBT

    M1A1 Abrams 3rd Generation MBT7 dias atrás

    wren looked cgi'd

  50. Katie Alcazar

    Katie Alcazar7 dias atrás

    Awww i just realized this is the first video i watched from this channel and I love these guys noww

  51. Denise Huston

    Denise Huston7 dias atrás

    You can tell how old these guys were when these movies came out.

  52. hihihi101

    hihihi1017 dias atrás

    You guys can not do this show if you don't react to Who Framed Roger Rabbit!! Classic

  53. Christian Schmude

    Christian Schmude7 dias atrás

    Jar Jar is my BOY! Yeah I said it fight me!


    SAGGIN WAGGIN7 dias atrás

    Watch the clone wars.

  55. Joseph Tellier

    Joseph Tellier7 dias atrás

    Niko darth mahl is alive is cannon

  56. Jalen

    Jalen7 dias atrás

    I like how they mention "Solo" as bringing Maul back but uh...lol they never watch the Clone Wars or Star Wars Rebels then huh :p

  57. Aaron

    Aaron7 dias atrás

    Totally the same kid from Jingle All The Way! Jingle All The Way is top 10 in "Movies You Think Are Good but Actually Are Not." :'')

  58. TsarKaiser

    TsarKaiser7 dias atrás

    Maul was alive before solo, eg clone wars TV series

  59. Jack McDowell

    Jack McDowell7 dias atrás

    I can really tell they haven't seen Clone Wars.

  60. Ethan Denton

    Ethan Denton8 dias atrás

    I feel like Wren is never fully being himself. It always feels like he is trying to impress people or react a certain way.

  61. Kaos Taishou

    Kaos Taishou8 dias atrás

    It is nice to know how much effort they put into the prequels. I guess no one can say the same thing about Eps 7 & 8.