Video of Conor McGregor Punching Old Man in Head in Whiskey Dispute | TMZ Sports


  1. Novan Hamid

    Novan Hamid3 horas atrás

    Does he represent how Irishmen? I think yes. Big mouth and idiot.

  2. Mahendra Suyadi

    Mahendra Suyadi4 horas atrás

    😂😂😂 he can't KO old man...what a shame

  3. dr solz

    dr solz6 horas atrás

    The old man took that left hand like it was a pat on the back....Not 1 fook was given...probably grabbed his walking stick n went to go read the newspaper in the park

  4. daniel siwak

    daniel siwak6 horas atrás


  5. Ziya Deen

    Ziya Deen8 horas atrás


  6. Felipe Nicolás

    Felipe Nicolás12 horas atrás

    Pussy mcgregor

  7. Edgar De Luna

    Edgar De Luna13 horas atrás

    What a piece of shit ban this Weasel from the UFC!

  8. Jennifer S

    Jennifer S15 horas atrás


  9. Supremefrey

    Supremefrey16 horas atrás

    thats how you know connor mcgregor can talk shit but he is weak and has no honor and pride he calls himself an mma fighter and punches an old man

  10. Strangers Alliance

    Strangers Alliance19 horas atrás

    How dumb can you be. Invest millions on your whiskey business, promote it at every occasion en then punch an old man for not drinking it. I hope this is also the downfall of his whiskey business, that would be great.

  11. talha zubair

    talha zubair20 horas atrás

    Khabib:You think whiskey will help you? Well now I understood what khabib really meant😂

  12. copyy copyy

    copyy copyy22 horas atrás

    Send me location.

  13. Александр Дробот

    Александр Дробот22 horas atrás

    macherghorg like a little girl ......


    TOP TEN OF EVERYTHING22 horas atrás

    Mcgregor is past

  15. Mo Ali

    Mo AliDia atrás

    Lol the old geeza was still chillin waiting on his next drink

  16. Sypher Ti

    Sypher TiDia atrás

    Nobody wants to drink your piss conor

  17. amd imrn

    amd imrnDia atrás

    conor's left hand tap after that punch

  18. ashkhanz

    ashkhanzDia atrás

    That's all this shameless Mother fucker pighead bastard can do beat old age pensioners??? Forgot the way the beast mauling him like a lifeless dog hanging out his tongue??? Ultimately tapping tap tap 5xtimes over 😜😜😜

  19. Jatin Udwadia

    Jatin UdwadiaDia atrás

    That's abysmal from McGregor but he did apologize later. Copy-pasting excerpts from an article I found online: The friend said: "He was having his pint when McGregor came in and offered everyone a drink of his whiskey. "Conor insisted he take it and when he refused a second time McGregor wasn't impressed. "Next thing he punched him in the side of the face. He didn't feel the pain of it at the time but the next day he was in bits. It was a proper hard hit. "His face was very sore. He was very shaken by the whole thing and didn't leave his house for days."

  20. Steven Rotelli

    Steven RotelliDia atrás

    Elderweight Champ!

  21. Lucas Santos

    Lucas SantosDia atrás

    You are shit human, shit father and shit husband. You are done

  22. Dula Johnstone

    Dula JohnstoneDia atrás

    That bul shit guy cant even sucker punch an old man...fu...ckn disgrace...his not worthy of being Irish

  23. Stylin And racially profiling

    Stylin And racially profilingDia atrás

    That old mofo has a better chin than Jose Aldo

  24. YS YK

    YS YKDia atrás

    Cheap Shot! you literally suck! glad Khabib taught you a lesson

  25. Forgive And Be Thankful

    Forgive And Be ThankfulDia atrás

    Old man: why u wanna slap me, you think you're some Conor Mcgregor? Conor: now im gonna show u (throws his best punch)

  26. matt g

    matt gDia atrás

    he is an asshole and that is a bitch move , sucker punching a guy when he turns his head .. he thinks hes so much better than people its gross. if that was my dad, i guess i would be getting knocked out by conor mcgregor i buy almost every ppv but i honestly dont want to give that deush bag a dime ..

  27. Marco Peláez Fernández

    Marco Peláez FernándezDia atrás

    I hope he ends up getting in jail..

  28. tag horde

    tag hordeDia atrás

    so paul daily gets kicked out of ufc for taking a swipe at cheating koshcheck.conner blind sides pensioner=NOTHING

  29. tag horde

    tag hordeDia atrás

    what a scummy man

  30. Evolved Primate

    Evolved PrimateDia atrás

    Hitting an old man while he wasn’t looking? What a fookin disgrace for an Irish thug.

  31. paxster76

    paxster76Dia atrás

    Old guy said he’d rather drink his own piss than drink proper whiskey.. 🤣

  32. Leandro

    LeandroDia atrás

    His days are over. Couldnt knock a 50-year-old-drunk-man down...hahahahahaha

  33. Sylvex Dragonskin

    Sylvex Dragonskin2 dias atrás

    Should've taken the shot ;0

  34. Manu Ginobili

    Manu Ginobili2 dias atrás

    Weres floyd anyone

  35. Jessie Chandler

    Jessie Chandler2 dias atrás

    Wow WTF Connor

  36. Ali N

    Ali N2 dias atrás

    Damn that woosy punch came from McGregor or McChicken? Lmao

  37. Fakawma Martian

    Fakawma Martian2 dias atrás


  38. Andy Games

    Andy Games2 dias atrás

    I used to like Mc Gregor but my god what a cunt he turned out to be

  39. TheGameRfc 1872

    TheGameRfc 18722 dias atrás

    Conor is an absolute wankstain of a guy the lowest of the low but hey what do you expect from a irish republican 😉

  40. Emir Akbar

    Emir Akbar2 dias atrás

    conor think the old man face are ballooon

  41. 83Spades SHOTSFIRED

    83Spades SHOTSFIRED2 dias atrás

    Just because he punched the old man yall hate on him what if that old man killed and raped kids or stabbed kids in his basement would your opinion change then plus who the fook is that guy

  42. LifeofMine

    LifeofMine2 dias atrás

    This reminds me of Drago at the bar in Rocky 4 😂 but worse

  43. mazen42007

    mazen420072 dias atrás

    He act like kids

  44. Jeremy Schneider

    Jeremy Schneider2 dias atrás

    Nobody even moved lol just another day at an Irish bar I guess

  45. Dominic Frost

    Dominic Frost2 dias atrás


  46. Naas Ahmad

    Naas Ahmad2 dias atrás

    Imagine if that was khabibs dad

  47. Luke Morgan

    Luke Morgan2 dias atrás

    Fuck mcgregor I hope he gets cancer after that

  48. Xan Olaz

    Xan Olaz2 dias atrás

    они все там быдло

  49. Wayne Tyson

    Wayne Tyson2 dias atrás

    Was a big fan. This is how money and parasites eat these so called stars. Way to many yes men around him. And he's to stupid to realise it

  50. mixio hili

    mixio hili2 dias atrás

    Like how everyone was just chillin after it happened

  51. Kuya Bryan

    Kuya Bryan2 dias atrás

    Arrogant & stupid Conor! Some day, you will be assassinated becoz of your very bad attitude. And we will all rejoice!

  52. Lost Halo

    Lost Halo2 dias atrás

    old man was unnecessarily rude

  53. Gang

    Gang2 dias atrás

    Wow conor couldnt even punch a old man he should stick to being a gay stripper

  54. Gang

    Gang2 dias atrás


  55. Bro Chai

    Bro Chai3 dias atrás

    Old man : who's the chicken that touched me? 😛

  56. mixio hili

    mixio hili3 dias atrás

    lol, he can't even KO an old codger with a sucker punch. weak.

  57. L Godfrey

    L Godfrey3 dias atrás

    Not a mcgregor fan but the khabib comments are ignorant af. No shit khabib best fighter in world but he’s a piece of shit too

  58. Anas

    Anas3 dias atrás

    I think ...he is madd

  59. Myoi Mina

    Myoi Mina3 dias atrás

    He didn't even flinch

  60. mixio hili

    mixio hili3 dias atrás

    In Indonesia, we called this guy Congor (Big mouth) McGregor.

  61. Avitar Magnus

    Avitar Magnus3 dias atrás

    Conor was man enough to apologize and we all who have a brain accept that!!!! but lets face it someone calls you a cunt the dirtiest thing on earth and you know they deserve a smash PERIOD!! WE ll love you COnor you shared your drink and thats something know one else does so hats off to the man who donates millions shares his drink and we all know that if the chicken who wouldnt get off the bus ever has the islamic chicklets to fight #2 you will do to him what you did to diaz 2 then the haters can fuck them selves as you are still MMA and fighting !!AMEN CHRIST IS KING

  62. Joe Ruth

    Joe Ruth3 dias atrás

    A bitch that hits like a little girl