Vlad Tells Nick Cannon He was Offered an Eric Holder Interview, Turned it Down (Part 5)


  1. MzansiXperience Channel

    MzansiXperience Channel2 dias atrás

    I agree with the America being bullies is true

  2. kidsavage86

    kidsavage862 dias atrás

    The lack of is how no luv no understanding of love or one another not knowing i know trust me i know sad to say because it once was me life dont matter when you feel you dont matter why care if no one care for me feel pain for what when i hurt nobody cared so thats it point black i cant understand when no one understands me

  3. PJ Hernandez

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  4. Moisés Torres

    Moisés Torres3 dias atrás

    yo nick lets smoke a blunt and have a conversation!

  5. Ray Hogan

    Ray Hogan5 dias atrás

    I Respect Nick's prospective. Very insightful. He also hist taught me a new word. pon·tif·i·cate verb 1. express one's opinions in a way considered annoyingly pompous and dogmatic. "he was pontificating about art and history" synonyms:hold forth, expound, declaim, preach, lay down the law, express one's opinion (pompously), sound off, spout (off), dogmatize, sermonize, moralize, pronounce, lecture, expatiate;

  6. Raindeer

    Raindeer8 dias atrás

    Don't agree with Nick much BUT here he speaks Truth about America a BULLY country even down to want to be the world police. It's no wonder America like this since that how the country got founded

  7. O R

    O R8 dias atrás


  8. Eighce Billion

    Eighce Billion8 dias atrás

    Vlad would'a needed to quintuple security if he bailed out that Judas muf*cka out.

  9. Aaron Kelly

    Aaron Kelly11 dias atrás

    Nick said cultures in Africa do not bully each other. Rwandan genocide anyone?

  10. KiDiMSo

    KiDiMSo11 dias atrás

    brreporter.com/v/video-rxQm-IFxPPc.html 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  11. Davaughn Sinclair

    Davaughn Sinclair11 dias atrás

    Nick is so smart bruh

  12. Kimberly Shelton

    Kimberly Shelton11 dias atrás

    Nick is speaking so much truth about the ways of America.

  13. yungj2006

    yungj200611 dias atrás

    I’m gonna be objective here - it really makes sense why Eric holder killed Nip. Hatred is literally a controlling force. It can make anybody do anything.

  14. big gym

    big gym12 dias atrás

    I'm starting to like the nick cannon interviews! Respect NICK.

  15. TuneGang x BBMG

    TuneGang x BBMG12 dias atrás

    where did ryan bowers interviews go👀🤔

  16. Chi Shaun

    Chi Shaun12 dias atrás

    Nick was wrong about the Africa part. Xenophobia is happening right now in South Africa. Where they are burning each other’s businesses, cars etc.

  17. Anthony Mann

    Anthony Mann12 dias atrás

    Pure evil preach nick

  18. Mas Man

    Mas Man13 dias atrás

    Nip called a dude. snitch and that snitch shot him, No matter what politics people try to paint on that situation "it cost Nip his life!" If that dude was a snitch or wasn't Nip is gone now... I hope others learn from it and not fall down that path. God bless his family...

  19. CTSFive

    CTSFive13 dias atrás

    Yeah because African tribes haven't been killing each other off for millennia because they think they're better

  20. You Know

    You Know13 dias atrás

    Trump 2020

  21. Rashameire Jones

    Rashameire Jones13 dias atrás

    The people at Popeye's must've seen this interview .....

  22. macbirdy 9

    macbirdy 913 dias atrás

    notice leaving race out of describing this wanna be mass shooter

  23. Joe Black

    Joe Black14 dias atrás

    Sometimes mf just over think sh#$ . He was hating on "I will kill u level" . Do you think this was the first time he killed or shot at someone.

  24. EaST CoAsT MaCHete

    EaST CoAsT MaCHete14 dias atrás

    Nick cannon corny for tv but intelligent in real life. I respect that.

  25. Juwel Lewis

    Juwel Lewis14 dias atrás

    That was the wrong boosie clip

  26. Retro Mason

    Retro Mason14 dias atrás

    #ProtectNickCannonAtAllTimes what he said about Babylon is 100% true

  27. Sheneider Gilles

    Sheneider Gilles14 dias atrás

    In that concept that's why U.S.A call themselves america in reality the continent call america with that being said every people living in that continent is americain, but the way U.S.A potray themselves now everybody think once you say you americain you just from U.S.A

  28. Sheneider Gilles

    Sheneider Gilles14 dias atrás

    We don't even care about each other...that's the capitalism system at is fitness.

  29. Sheneider Gilles

    Sheneider Gilles14 dias atrás

    The americain mentality for real😒

  30. Len Halz

    Len Halz14 dias atrás

    "unless it's self defense" man Vlad is clueless.

  31. Jimmy Lopez

    Jimmy Lopez13 dias atrás

    Vlad is the kind of white guy who comes back and shoots u, then claims his life felt threatened

  32. njcwhiteboynick

    njcwhiteboynick14 dias atrás

    Middle man my ass

  33. njcwhiteboynick

    njcwhiteboynick14 dias atrás

    Glad glad didn’t do that interview fuckin PIG


    MICAHISGOD14 dias atrás

    Good call, Vlad. Because if you did do the Eric Holder Interview, an act that would had given him the opportunity to free himself from jail on bond, you would had became Public Enemy #1 in the BlacK Community.

  35. Trint D Great

    Trint D Great15 dias atrás

    Don't click this link brreporter.com/block-UC31pUFUFMpLpugY9ljG2cJw?view_as=subscriber

  36. blakdad

    blakdad15 dias atrás

    There would be far fewer incidents of this happening once the ADOS community is made whole. Cut the damn check..

  37. Edward Newsome

    Edward Newsome16 dias atrás

    Nick is a nice guy but sometimes he runs his mouth about shit he doesn’t understand. Africa has the same bully mentality. Go to Nigeria and see how much trading and sharing they do. The rich elite bully everybody else just like the rich do in every country. Nick is like most Americans who go overseas for a couple of weeks or a month, sees only a part of that society and comes back to America as the expert on other cultures. Typical American

  38. Jamal Weekes

    Jamal Weekes16 dias atrás

    I just wish he would take off my granny’s head cap for when she feel a cool breeze passing through

  39. Young brrr

    Young brrr17 dias atrás

    Ryan Bowers’s

  40. Tommy Astro

    Tommy Astro17 dias atrás

    Damn Nick Cannon is on 1 in this interview must've been smoking a loud 1 right before this a special strain of Cess and used the ancient holy scrolls of wisdom to roll up

  41. young solo

    young solo17 dias atrás

    If he did that interview the world woulda been like dayuuuuuuuuum

  42. Solomon Israel

    Solomon Israel17 dias atrás

    All praises to the Most High! Nick's eyes are open. He knows who he is! He knows what's going on!

  43. Isaac Davenport

    Isaac Davenport17 dias atrás


  44. Flosstin Powers

    Flosstin Powers18 dias atrás

    Don't give that bitch no excuse this that JFK shizz they making him take the heat but it's more to it

  45. Jay Lee

    Jay Lee18 dias atrás

    The reason why people have no regard for humanity is because humanity has no regard for them. Point blank period.

  46. LsOut DaLane

    LsOut DaLane18 dias atrás

    Nick please don’t get killed by them people for speaking the truth ya digg!?

  47. patricia walker

    patricia walker18 dias atrás

    Nick Cannon is absolutely right about Americans!!! We as Americans have been strong in our wrong for soooo long that we think it’s the norm!!!!

  48. Jonathan Samudio-Facyson

    Jonathan Samudio-Facyson18 dias atrás

    What you said about America and Babylon is 2019 to the up most. And what you said about Trump is the way we are viewed as a whole. Even the ones who don't carry themselves in a arrogant tone get the same label

  49. Camden McInnis

    Camden McInnis18 dias atrás

    Should be say NO regardless if it was going to cost you money PERIOD.

  50. WestLaPitbull Channel

    WestLaPitbull Channel18 dias atrás

    Nick cannon please shut the fuck up. Your total fucken idiot. I feel a lil bad. Cuzz I know your sick man. But train of thought. On hood stuff. Is total ignorance.

  51. Mack Doza

    Mack Doza19 dias atrás

    Dj vlad looka like captain spalding from devila rejects stfu

  52. Mack Doza

    Mack Doza19 dias atrás

    So it went from eric holser to babylon n greeks....weeeeird haha fuckin idiots

  53. Mack Doza

    Mack Doza19 dias atrás

    Vlads a fuckin fruitcake

  54. Yelo Jazz

    Yelo Jazz19 dias atrás

    Yes! I am sooo curious about his frame of mind, and how his mind was molded into that space. It starts somewhere! The contribution as a whole that allowed him to get into that space needs to be RECOGNIZED and corrected.

  55. 1 611

    1 61119 dias atrás

    Eric holder killing Nipsey is way deeper than the narritive being pushed! This has as much to do with handlers and mind control as it does with Hollywood and child sacrifices! This was more of a Sirhan Sirhan situation then it is a typical hood jealously situation! We will see it all come out and blacks are going to realize they're just as useable as other races and cultures when it comes to assainations! This is a war between belief systems not races, countries, or color! Soon we'll all know it was and always has been going on behind the scenes, we just didn't pay attention because it cost too much! Remember satanist VS the rest of us! Now ask yourself do you really know what and who is a satanist? Reconcile!

  56. LIBryda

    LIBryda19 dias atrás

    Vlad didn't "turn down the interview," he said he didn't wanna pay for the dude's bail. When he's out Vlad will interview him.

  57. NUCA

    NUCA19 dias atrás

    Did Vlad say “hipmatized” too hollering 😂

  58. Damien Lopez

    Damien Lopez19 dias atrás

    Hes actually an intellectual muthafucker..respect

  59. markus brown

    markus brown19 dias atrás

    Eric holder needed 2 dollars for a burger but had a gun 😂😂wtf type of shit is that the gun cost more than the burger i would hope


    START THE CONVERSATION James Tate iii20 dias atrás

    He said its in our food...f If it actually nutritious or not....i JUST want to make money off it and pump b.s. chemicals in it. Gospel truth, i been looking at the labels for 3 4 years now...reading them....if i cant pronounce it...i DON'T eat it.

  61. Hezekiah Shiel

    Hezekiah Shiel20 dias atrás

    Lol if vlad put that money up he wasn’t gonna make it