[VLOG] How I got my abs back!! Full AB ROUTINE + finally showing you *secret*


  1. Kezi Nathalia

    Kezi Nathalia3 dias atrás

    SAAAARRRAAHHH!!!! 💕 I've Ben obsessively looking for a coffee mug like that! Where can I find one? 😩

  2. Shelley Picott

    Shelley Picott8 dias atrás

    The swimwear looks epic....and the voice over for the ab workout was on point...I will add a few of these moves to my at home workouts to keep working on these abs.

  3. Zeyna Nd

    Zeyna Nd9 dias atrás

    Years and years ago I saw study on why certain people snap back faster. Short conclusion: sports had a cummulative effect on the body and the body always wants to go back to it's regular state. If that state was very fit for many years, after birth your bodu wants to snap back to that state. models and athletes don't just rely on good genes. It's more good habits.

  4. Manuela Ramirez Ospina

    Manuela Ramirez Ospina10 dias atrás

    Hello!!! Wow I looove the new collection!! Do you ship internationally (to Spain)?

  5. Lamar Love

    Lamar Love12 dias atrás

    She is way too beautiful to be this down to earth

  6. Essential Eden

    Essential Eden15 dias atrás

    Been looking for black on black trainers. What are those?

  7. Jamie Jane

    Jamie Jane15 dias atrás

    So many ads I can watch 🥱 also am surprised in this day and age we are associating abs with swimwear. Very much diet culture 👎🏽

  8. Ania Itpo

    Ania Itpo15 dias atrás

    Myślisz ze jestem ładna? - zapytała. On powiedział "nie". Zapytała wiec jeszcze raz: " Jestem w twoim sercu? Powiedział "nie". Na koniec się zapytała: "Jakbym odeszła, to byś płakał za mną? Powiedział, ze "nie". Smutne - pomyślała i odeszła. Złapał ja za rękę i powiedział: "Nie lubię Cię, kocham Cię. Dla mnie nie jesteś ładna, tylko piękna. Nie jesteś w moim sercu, jesteś moim sercem. Nie płakałbym za Tobą, tylko umarłbym z tęsknoty." Dziś o północy twoja prawdziwa miłość zauważy, że Cię kocha. Coś ładnego jutro miedzy 13-16 się zdarzy w Twoim życiu, obojętnie gdzie będziesz w domu,przy telefonie albo w szkole. Jeśli zatrzymasz ten łańcuszek, nie podzielisz się tą piękną historią - to nie znajdziesz szczęścia w 10 najbliższych związkach, nawet przez 10 lat. Jutro rano ktoś Cię pokocha. Stanie się to równo o 12.00. Będzie to ktoś znajomy. Wyzna Ci miłość o 16.00 Jeśli ci się nie uda wysłać tego do 20 komentarzy zostaniesz na zawsze samsama

  9. Rosa  Brenes

    Rosa Brenes17 dias atrás

    Don't mind me! Just learning the abs workout while eating a McFlurry with extra fudge. No regrets, just listening to my body! HAHAH

  10. Lydia Gachuhi

    Lydia Gachuhi18 dias atrás

    Oh my goodness, your son is Beyond! Beyond! Beyond! adorable ❤️♥️♥️ you have such a beautiful family. Wishing you all the best, happiness and success ✨🌠🌟

  11. Rebecca Tercero

    Rebecca Tercero18 dias atrás

    I love the suits but I just know my tits would absolutely fall out :(

  12. Emma Jeng

    Emma Jeng20 dias atrás

    Love you and Kurt

  13. rachel baisley

    rachel baisley20 dias atrás

    I just love Sarah, love kurt and Sarah together love fox just love everything!!😂🥰

  14. Julia Griffin

    Julia Griffin21 dia atrás

    Fox looks just like Kurt! lol

  15. Brigita Kancleryte

    Brigita Kancleryte21 dia atrás

    Love the relationship y'all have together

  16. Brigita Kancleryte

    Brigita Kancleryte21 dia atrás

    How does Sarah look so good after giving birth? Jesus.

  17. A Pinch Of Stardust

    A Pinch Of Stardust21 dia atrás

    Will there be swim wear for curvy ladies? I literally dont own swim wear because nothing within my price range fits large chested women, or does but fits poorly and is uncomfortable.

  18. Orsolya Tóth

    Orsolya Tóth23 dias atrás

    Anyone know where are those black leggings from? 😍 loved the core workout Sezzy 👌🏻😍

  19. Laney Winslow

    Laney Winslow23 dias atrás

    She said I’m coming out and that was all I heard and was like ohhhh?😂😂 then I replayed it and was like I’m dumb

  20. Paloma Pereira

    Paloma Pereira23 dias atrás

    Abs workout: 1- Mountain climbers 1 to each elbow 2- vertebrae roll downs 3- leg raise with med bad 4- static hold with med ball 5- split leg slides 6- bicycles slow mo 7- front squats 8- crossbody band pulls Slow and controlled! ❤️

  21. Patricia

    Patricia23 dias atrás

    You look so good after having a baby and your tummy looks so good too that I need to get my shit together coz there are no excuses haha !

  22. Tori Rach Cortez

    Tori Rach Cortez24 dias atrás

    Thanks so much for sharing this 👏🏻 You’re such a motivation for me to reach my fitness goals!

  23. Isabelle Almeida

    Isabelle Almeida24 dias atrás

    Loved the trainning explanation, Sarah. It would be great to have it more times.

  24. Amanda Dixon

    Amanda Dixon25 dias atrás

    Where is that coffee cup from? I NEED one!!!

  25. Katie Duncan

    Katie Duncan25 dias atrás

    Where is your reusable coffee cup from? It’s so cute ☕️

  26. The Coco

    The Coco26 dias atrás

    Sara when will you stok back the body bloom, and if I’m pregnant can I take it I’m 5 weeks ❤️❤️❤️

  27. Lisa James

    Lisa James26 dias atrás

    Kurt just agrees with anything Sarah says. It’s nauseating

  28. Delia Iannalfo

    Delia Iannalfo26 dias atrás

    Need more health code

  29. Fran Ziska

    Fran Ziska26 dias atrás

    Yeah, Sarah! being a pilates instructor I dare to challenge you now to do all your exercises on the paddle board! It's so much fun and really hard work! Have fun!

  30. Claudia Bertrand

    Claudia Bertrand26 dias atrás

    Love, love, love the voice over each exercise! 💙

  31. Jazz's Recipes4Health

    Jazz's Recipes4Health26 dias atrás

    So happy for you sezzy!!! You’re an inspiration and I can’t get over how cute fox is :)

  32. Tifany Summer

    Tifany Summer27 dias atrás

    And because u eat it all the time

  33. Tifany Summer

    Tifany Summer27 dias atrás

    Sarah I wanted to tell u u can slow down your period using all that organic vinegar

  34. Michelle N

    Michelle N27 dias atrás

    I would love to understand how you do these exercises after having prolapse? No hate but I have prolapse and these would be impossible for me (even with a pessary). I think it’s important to address this because other women might think it’s safe with prolapse but it may not be 🙏

  35. Cristal Navarro

    Cristal Navarro27 dias atrás

    I'm SO happy for you and this swing outfit its hottie!! Take Time with Kurt and love each other

  36. cassandraforget3

    cassandraforget327 dias atrás

    Just bought one of your bikinis 🤩 can't wait until it comes in! They are all so beautiful, so happy !!!

  37. Courtny Kellum

    Courtny Kellum27 dias atrás

    Did your exercise routine affect your milk supply at all? Do you do anything to help prevent a drop or has everything seemed to just remain normal in that regard? I am currently breastfeeding my 4 month old exclusively and want to get into shape but am afraid of a drop off in supply.

  38. Hannah Kohl

    Hannah Kohl27 dias atrás

    What kind of camera do you and Kurt use when you go paddle boarding?

  39. Ellie Elvira Berzina

    Ellie Elvira Berzina27 dias atrás

    So much love for you both omg !!!!!

  40. Alina

    Alina27 dias atrás

    I personally LOVED the voice over, like a mini fitness course :*

  41. Tierra-Leigh Chang

    Tierra-Leigh Chang28 dias atrás

    Hi Sarah, I've been following you for a few years now on BRreporter and Instagram and have loved the motto you live by and the holistic health lifestyle you promote :) I was born and raised in Hawai'i on O'ahu and just wanted to ask about your bathing suit named Malakai and if it's named after the island of Molokai? I noticed in your vlog that you and Kurt call it Malakai, but that's not actually a place in Hawai'i. I know it's probably too late since the swimwear line is coming out tomorrow, but just wanted to let you know since you were talking about your line being named after some of your favorite beaches.


    LAUREN WOOD28 dias atrás

    What do you do to whiten your teeth so good??

  43. Maura Abrams

    Maura Abrams28 dias atrás

    Palm Bays are really tasty canned wine coolers in Canada 😂 I love them & your swim line so 😛

  44. Natalie Haviland

    Natalie Haviland28 dias atrás

    Why are these two so entertaining 😂

  45. Emma Watson

    Emma Watson28 dias atrás

    Hey! What headphones do you use in the gym?

  46. Lorel Webber

    Lorel Webber28 dias atrás

    Hi Sarah I know you may not respond to this but still thought I would ask your advice. Gluten free ? Does it help you because you are coeliac or just intollerant. I am trying to figure out myself and think my 7 month baby girl is Coeliac but now I am thinking it is both of us. We are strictly going Gluten Free now for 6 months to see if that is the case.

  47. Emily P

    Emily P28 dias atrás

    LOVE YOUR SWIM LINE SEZZY!! But quick fyi, my boyfriend is from Oahu and I also lived/worked on Maui for a summer - the "Malakai" location you're referring to is probably "Molokai," which is the Hawaiian island lying east of Oahu and north of Maui :) Maybe that's just how Australians pronounce it, but I just didn't want you to name your beautiful swimpiece after an island that doesn't exist!


    SARAH O'ROURKE28 dias atrás

    ur swimwear comes out on my birthday!!!!

  49. Yvette Dolding

    Yvette Dolding28 dias atrás

    Hey you should totally do a how to learn how to handstand video😍😍😍

  50. Ciara Palermo

    Ciara Palermo28 dias atrás

    love your videos so much sarah!! fox is the most adorable baby ever!!❤️❤️

  51. Abi Hooton

    Abi Hooton28 dias atrás

    Where is that reusable coffee cup from????!!!!!! x

  52. Madison O'Connor

    Madison O'Connor28 dias atrás

    Anyone else as thrilled as I am about Sezzy posting vlogs more often? 😍❤️ always my go to!

  53. Ellen Kehoe

    Ellen Kehoe28 dias atrás

    Love this Sez!!!! So excited for your swimwear!!!

  54. Shawnice Seager

    Shawnice Seager28 dias atrás

    It does not get easier leaving them, mine are nearly 8 & 5 years old. If they go for a sleepover at their nanny & grandads (10 minutes drive away) I constantly message my parents and my babies have to video chat me before they go bed 😅😂 P.S. you look amazing Sarah! 😘

  55. Ruby Mia

    Ruby Mia28 dias atrás

    What accessories did you use for the GoPro whilst paddle boarding? I’m going travelling this year and want to get loads of amazing videos!!xxxx

  56. Sofia Herrera

    Sofia Herrera28 dias atrás

    Can we all appreciate how good Kurt looks without a mustache! lol

  57. maddy piepenburg

    maddy piepenburg28 dias atrás

    I can’t wait to buy these pieces❤️

  58. Denise Debreczeni

    Denise Debreczeni28 dias atrás

    What city in Australia do you live in it looks so nice😍

  59. Lucy

    Lucy28 dias atrás

    You look absolutely gorgeous!😍 Super excited for your swimwear🌈🌈🌈 Can you do another grocery shopping vlog/haul again soon? Those are super interesting and always so much fun! 💕Congratulations to your engagement 😊💐

  60. Ptao Tom

    Ptao Tom29 dias atrás

    I love that you’re showing the swimwear and kind of giving a behind the scenes!