Wage Gap: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


  1. T.H.M. Productions

    T.H.M. Productions10 horas atrás

    Yes, let's just ignore the education, experience, career choice and all of factors except for gender. And don't bullshit us, this kind of discrimination is illegal and is not happening. Men recieve harsher proson sentences for the same crimes, are less likelly to recieve help in life threatening situations or financial aid, more likelly to be assulted, are underpaid by google and discriminated against, portrayed as idiots in tv, ridiculed, demonized shamed for their gender and always assumed to be inherently sexist. The gender wage gap is nonexistent, just like an real arguments for it and this guy's self rescept.

  2. Margaryta Yakovenko

    Margaryta Yakovenko23 horas atrás

    While the adjusted pay gap is considerably smaller in all countries studied, it can still make a significant difference over time. For example, in the U.S., where the adjusted gap is 4.9 per cent and the average annual salary reported on Glassdoor is $55,450, women stand to lose more than $81,000 over a 30-year working life - more than a full year of salary. globalnews.ca/news/5097399/gender-pay-gap-2019-canada-glassdoor/ . So you make 81K more just because you have a penis?! Eat dirt.

  3. zonescat

    zonescatDia atrás

    Sex and gender are different, and nonbinary genders have existed forever.

  4. Jacob Josefsberg

    Jacob JosefsbergDia atrás

    At a whopping 0.6% of the population. If it makes you feel better we're talking exclusively about the 99% who identify as one of the binary ones, so gender would still be correct here, especially considering the idea that the supposed wage gap he's talking about would apply to trans men and women too, and using the term "sex" would exclude them.

  5. The Patriarchal Democrat

    The Patriarchal Democrat2 dias atrás

    its true, there really is no pay gap its just irresponsible bitche's bitching to get = outcome NOT = pay which means they want superior pay. women are never willing to work as much as men are ALWAY'S Willing to put in more work, also that commercial was fucking retarded. and The Factual Feminist seems to agree. brreporter.com/v/video-bWJxUSdeZDw.html

  6. The Patriarchal Democrat

    The Patriarchal DemocratDia atrás

    @MurrayTheMac i know but its still the factual feminist who's speaking at least.

  7. MurrayTheMac

    MurrayTheMacDia atrás

    Your link is to PragerU, mate.

  8. The Patriarchal Democrat

    The Patriarchal Democrat2 dias atrás

    holy jumping shit balls the Feminist-assassin himself A.K.A.Turd Flinging Monkey has another Video to add to the credence of my argument. brreporter.com/v/video-tmdGImPTMs8.html

  9. Vincent Gonzalez

    Vincent Gonzalez4 dias atrás

    my dad used to work as a weilder with toxic and flammable material, he had to wear full body suits to prevent corrosion of his being, and scuba so he wasnt choked from toxic gas and a pipefitter at an oil refinery my mom works as a massage therapist they better not be getting payed the same amount thats fucking stupid

  10. Attu Sharma

    Attu Sharma7 dias atrás

    One of the reasons that woman don't get paid more is because they settle for minimum pay whereas men are more likely to demand more while getting hired. Everyone should know their skill's worth.

  11. Brucifer Wienerdog

    Brucifer Wienerdog7 dias atrás

    Ultimately there is the issue of equal pay and the issue of the wage gap. Two completely separate issues that somehow got conflated and smashed into one issue making the whole debate nonsensical and pointless. Equal pay is a significantly smaller problem than the wage gap. And the wage gap doesn't account for things like: experience, education, career choice, regions, employment rate, maternity/paternity leave, etc. It takes none of these variables into consideration and so the debate has been taken in a very pointless direction.

  12. Maria Giulia Rodriguez

    Maria Giulia Rodriguez7 dias atrás

    the ignorance in these comments regarding the socio-economical relations within the wage gap problem is astounding..

  13. Maria Giulia Rodriguez

    Maria Giulia Rodriguez3 dias atrás

    11 11 lol because you do? Tell me how fare is it to pay someone less, basing yourself on the outcome of already unequal circumstances, ( women being historically cockblocked from every position of influence)leading along with other factors to a discouragement of women joining that work circle in the first place . That’s why the wage gap is problematic

  14. 11 11

    11 113 dias atrás

    @Maria Giulia Rodriguez gender pay gap is crap, you don’t know the implications of the employment of women. Please return to your sugar coated matcha latte filled universe.

  15. Anders Grøn

    Anders Grøn8 dias atrás

    The argument at 3:20 is completely valid. JO if off on this one

  16. B c

    B c9 dias atrás

    John Oliver. You. Are. Retarded.

  17. Name Last Name

    Name Last Name9 dias atrás

    Notice how he often pretends to cover a point by just making a face and a voice and letting you assume it's self-evident, without delving in the details. Better hear another comedian, like Milo, talk about this issue.

  18. Depressed breakfast

    Depressed breakfast10 dias atrás

    Fucking Fox News

  19. Tommy May

    Tommy May10 dias atrás

    Any real statistical analysis would control for confoubding variables. When statistician did, the gap disappeared! It is like saying 16 + 6 = 12 because you neglected to carry the one....

  20. Luis Naranjo Zeledón

    Luis Naranjo Zeledón10 dias atrás

    Does wage gap also take place in business run by women? Are socialists much too worried about other genders' wage gap?

  21. Michael Quallet

    Michael Quallet10 dias atrás

    Amazing the innumeracy on display.

  22. Toby White

    Toby White11 dias atrás

    Kelly Anne Conway makes more than all of you watching this!

  23. Alex Kay

    Alex Kay12 dias atrás

    I can’t believe this is still even debatable. Thomas Sowell squashed this absolute nonsense 40 years ago. Milton Friedman, Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams should be idolised, not this moron.

  24. Stephanie Davis

    Stephanie Davis13 dias atrás

    The incel chuds really came thru in the reactions to this.

  25. MrAlejandroap

    MrAlejandroap15 dias atrás

    Let's take all staff in this show, divide it between males and females, get the average salaries and see if there's a wage wap. Oh wait, maybe the fact that JOHN is the face if the show affect our data? 🤔

  26. John Jeffrey

    John Jeffrey16 dias atrás

    I am a little confused..so..if a position is offered for $15.00 an hour, do they tell women "Of course the $15.00 offered was for men..you get 77% of that!"...If you work 33 hours and I work 40 , it stands to reason I am going to make more money..... I am told this is a myth based on total take home amounts and that women prioritize work time differently because of issues out side of the workplace and therefore earn less because they don't put as much time into the job...as I said I have been told this is what is going on, I haven't put much thought into it because frankly, like I said..any job I have had the men and women were paid an hourly rate..and received the same starting pay and got raises with the same frequency..

  27. San s

    San s16 dias atrás

    I’m obviously all for equal pay, but I’m interested, in these large surveys, did that take into account the ratio of men to women at work, simply because if there are more men working, for whatever reason, then that will obviously skew the results.

  28. Hibou Owll

    Hibou Owll17 dias atrás

    I'm surprised. They usually do far better research before doing a comment on something. I am dissapointed on them and are starting the question the validity off everything else I have heard so far.

  29. I Ya

    I Ya11 dias atrás

    How are they wrong. Please tell me

  30. Julian Martinez

    Julian Martinez18 dias atrás

    I wondered why I did watch john Oliver anymore. Ahhh that's why. Yup

  31. trahouston

    trahouston18 dias atrás

    I hate that people can literally keep repeating talking points that have been proven to be misinformation and lies.

  32. I Ya

    I Ya11 dias atrás

    What did they get wrong?

  33. spiko 1337

    spiko 133719 dias atrás

    If you had a woman and a man with the same qualifications wouldn't you hire the man because there is a chance the woman would take a lot of time out because of kids?

  34. Luca

    Luca20 dias atrás

    i dont like it when imbeciles ignore facts and get positive feedback from other imbeciles

  35. I Ya

    I Ya11 dias atrás

    What facts did they ignore.

  36. Matthew Guthrie

    Matthew Guthrie20 dias atrás

    It doesn’t account for HOURS WORKED

  37. I Ya

    I Ya11 dias atrás

    Even when taking into account hours worked there is still a gap. Also when it comes to the proposed pay women get a lower number on average.

  38. Jason Learakos

    Jason Learakos21 dia atrás

    I think he has a gap in his brain.

  39. Jason Learakos

    Jason Learakos11 dias atrás

    @I Ya Women usually choose lower-paying jobs. That's where the gap is. Also, women usually stay around the household during the day. But when it's the exact same job, same company, they are paid the same.

  40. I Ya

    I Ya11 dias atrás

    Please tell me specifically what they got wrong.

  41. Scott

    Scott21 dia atrás

    I used to own a landscaping and lawn service company. I paid pretty, or at least I thought so. I never even had a woman apply!

  42. GuylianWasHier

    GuylianWasHier22 dias atrás

    Say we are working in IT and, a programmer, would have a masters degree in computer science and thus get paid a lot of money to program. Then we have a woman who did a basic course on programming and works the same hours as I. say the man gets paid $4000 per month, and the women get's paid $2000 per month. How is that unfair?, As the man would be higher educated and thus has more experience.

  43. GuylianWasHier

    GuylianWasHier21 dia atrás

    @Scott I think youtube has a chat function, youtu.be/addme/8sQmjmXiDRo8M27FL9k6PpzZMzDikg

  44. Scott

    Scott21 dia atrás

    I have been to Holland and I have to say I loved the country. If you are considering coming to the US I would like to know your motivation for doing so. The US can be a harsh and unforgiving place economically for those who are not skilled or willing to endure hardship of discomfort. For Europeans who have low value skills and education and want to remain in those occupations I would suggest staying put. The US is a very difficult place for people in certain occupations. However if you have a University degree or a high value added skill and are willing to work hard prosperity is much easier to accomplish. Generally speaking, Americans expect less from government than most Europeans. Americans don't feel it is governments responsibility to insure the success of every resident. It is each persons responsibility to take care of themselves and they family without the governments help. If a person struggles economically there is little help from the government compared to European countries. I don't what you to be scared and think that America is all doom and gloom. America has some really great things about it as well. I wish there was a way to send you a private message to talk about it more.

  45. GuylianWasHier

    GuylianWasHier21 dia atrás

    @Scott I'm getting that sense from America too. I really want to immigrate to America one day, but before I do that I have a feeling that I need a lot of backup money xD. Also I appreciate you apology, not a lot of people do that anymore these days.

  46. Scott

    Scott21 dia atrás

    My apologies for the harshness of my statement. I didn't realize you were speaking hypothetically. FYI, in the US the national minimum wage is only $7.25 however this is not a livable wage anywhere in the nation. The cost of living here varies dramatically depending on where you live. The most populous cities are the most expensive and have higher minimum wage laws. The highest minimum wage in the US is Seattle Tacoma area. Employers there have to pay a minimum of $16/hr even though this is not nearly enough to live in the city. I feel like America is plagued with older people who have gotten theirs and want to deny younger workers opportunity.

  47. Kyle Mark

    Kyle Mark22 dias atrás

    Female porn stars make more than male porn stars female wait staff makes more than male wait staff... oh I forgot the show is left liberal propaganda rolled into comedy... I got you John Oliver I got you good

  48. I Ya

    I Ya7 dias atrás

    @Kyle Mark what about lawyer, librarian or doctor? Those aren't physically demanding yet women are paid less. Even if they work the same hours.

  49. Kyle Mark

    Kyle Mark7 dias atrás

    It’s just an example of how men and women aren’t equal a lot of women can’t do the same jobs men can do because they’re not strong enough physically or mentally that’s why there’s more men working on oil rigs and working in prison

  50. Kyle Mark

    Kyle Mark7 dias atrás

    Women want to be treated equal I don’t want the same punishments men would receive example Loreena Bobbitt never went to jail for cutting off a man’s penis if it was a man who cut off at woman’s Parts it would be incredibly different.

  51. I Ya

    I Ya9 dias atrás

    @Kyle Mark jokes need to be funny.

  52. Kyle Mark

    Kyle Mark9 dias atrás

    That’s was not a serious comment have some humor !!!

  53. Snappingturtle 267

    Snappingturtle 26722 dias atrás

    John Oliver denies basic. Facts.

  54. Snappingturtle 267

    Snappingturtle 26711 dias atrás

    @I Ya because your arguments hold no water. Statistically, the gender pay gap is disproven. You have to ignore lots and lots of matrix to try to "prove" a false gap. You deny education choice, family choice, workload choice, negotiation for pay choice, risk of career choice, job type, hours worked by choice, education choice, education level choice and degree choice, the gap in career to have kids choice, and on and on and on. the gender pay gap is comprised of choices made, not discrimination by gender. but again. nice try. Everyone is a victim somewhere in the liberal mind.

  55. I Ya

    I Ya11 dias atrás

    @Snappingturtle 267 That doesn't solve the problem, it just opens a space for another women to be discriminated by that employer. Why did you not address my arguments?

  56. I Ya

    I Ya11 dias atrás

    @Snappingturtle 267 No I don't think YOU understand. Just because you personally don't discriminate doesn't mean other people don't. Also a lot of this is most likely subconscious.

  57. Snappingturtle 267

    Snappingturtle 26711 dias atrás

    @I Ya you totally ignore the fact that we have a free market. if a woman doesn't like what she is offered or currently paid, she can negotiate more, or move somewhere that is willing to pay her more. it's no different than a star athlete. if they hold out for more money, and a team refuses to pay them more, they run the risk of leaving and maybe they get another team to hire them, maybe they sit the season out. in a free market, you choose to work where you work. you accept the pay, or you leave. so there is no gender pay gap that was not mutually accepted by both parties. Women can not negotiate their pay, choose to work at a company, and then complain they are underpaid when they accepted the pay rate. Nothing you are saying holds any water, but keep trying. lol.


    MMA HIGHLIGHTS23 dias atrás

    If everyone got the exact same pay then wouldn’t that be communism? The exact thing this country fought againest for years

  59. DiGiornoGiovanna

    DiGiornoGiovanna25 dias atrás


  60. hmblguy

    hmblguy26 dias atrás

    If I opened my own business and hired women only... I'd be in business only 0.77 of the time in the year when all of their "monthlies" align and insync with one another forcing me to close 1 week every month. Hmmm.... Nah. I rather pay men more who will be there 99% of the time in the year.

  61. hmblguy

    hmblguy6 dias atrás

    Its actually a joke meant to piss off the up tight feminist that do nothing but complaint, like you. Lol. Everyone understood this to be a joke that only you replied. How up-tight are you? Can we stick coals up your ass and pull them out to reveal diamonds? Everybody wins.

  62. JamievsJamie

    JamievsJamie20 dias atrás

    WTF? How do you even become this dumb? Are your parents brother and sister?

  63. DM 1522

    DM 152226 dias atrás

    Want to get paid what I do lady? Do the same hours I do!

  64. domo mitsune

    domo mitsune26 dias atrás

    The gender gap does not exist. If you work the same hours on the same job then you get paid the same.

  65. domo mitsune

    domo mitsune20 dias atrás

    @JamievsJamie me and the other staff at my job make the same amount of money. It's well above minimum wage $17 an hour. And the amount of money you make is depends on how many hours you work in the week.

  66. JamievsJamie

    JamievsJamie20 dias atrás

    If you don't think the way to gap exists then you must work in a position where it doesn't matter. If you work at McDonald's, which you likely do, then you all are making the same minimum wage. So this type of conversation as well above your pay grade.

  67. Kudmond

    Kudmond27 dias atrás

    Is this guy a fucking retard??

  68. timevampire83

    timevampire8329 dias atrás

    *The wage gap is simply the average earnings of men and women working full time. It does not count for different job positions, hours worked, or different jobs. It has nothing to do with the same job. It has nothing to do with discrimination.*

  69. Hatred

    Hatred20 dias atrás

    JamievsJamie 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 dance puppet !!!!!

  70. JamievsJamie

    JamievsJamie20 dias atrás

    You're stupid and uninformed.

  71. Juhi Sharma

    Juhi Sharma22 dias atrás


  72. AGenericAccount

    AGenericAccount28 dias atrás

    Hai june

  73. Abdul

    Abdul29 dias atrás

    6:41 I smell a Battlestar Galactica superfan

  74. fishmasteruniverse

    fishmasteruniverseMês atrás

    there is no pay gab

  75. fishmasteruniverse

    fishmasteruniverseMês atrás

    women have equal pay

  76. Jennie Kelly

    Jennie KellyMês atrás

    Darn, there was a boss I had, a long time ago, I swore if I ever saw him again, I was going to kick him in the dick.............

  77. Bananaman WhydoIneedaname

    Bananaman WhydoIneedanameMês atrás

    Men work more and you get a higher marginal wage for your 50th work hour than your 40th. It's 1st year undergraduate economics... This can easily explain the 5 percent or less remaining after controlling for private sector, job type etc. Also the fact that women take parental leave more often than men simply makes them less attractive employees - hence the bias in hiring.

  78. Snappingturtle 267

    Snappingturtle 26711 dias atrás

    @Bananaman WhydoIneedaname dont even try. feminists love to ignore facts.

  79. Bananaman WhydoIneedaname

    Bananaman WhydoIneedaname19 dias atrás

    @JamievsJamie Look up any statistic and this is true. They have a higher work frequency (a higher percentage of men work), and among those who work they work more on average than the women who work

  80. JamievsJamie

    JamievsJamie20 dias atrás

    No they don't.

  81. Chad Stewart

    Chad StewartMês atrás

    Hey John..... When it comes to matters like this. There is something is being overlooked and I am getting tired of bring attention to it. How come few people fail to discuss that males are slowly being phased out of the workforce. This is more noticeable in Professions then that Trades. There is another matter that needs to be discussed. That is the amount of males being discriminated in our current workplace. In Canada, there is no court case where males are facing discrimination based on their gender. Try being a male working in the following professions Human Resources, Legal Support (Paralegals) Nurses (Private Clinics) Clerical (Secretary) Male participation in these profession(s) is trivial!

  82. JamievsJamie

    JamievsJamie20 dias atrás

    Mails aren't being phased out of the workforce idiot.

  83. Snappingturtle 267

    Snappingturtle 267Mês atrás

    Totally twisted liberal crap

  84. Snappingturtle 267

    Snappingturtle 267Mês atrás

    Omg. Another liberal bullshitter.

  85. Simone D'Angelo

    Simone D'AngeloMês atrás

    But, in the end, it is 2019 and we're still waiting for some evidence about the existence of the so called gender pey gap... greetings from Italy!!!

  86. GooseMan69 420

    GooseMan69 420Mês atrás

    The wage gap is a hilarious myth that has been disproven thousands of times. It’s a dead joke by now. Please just stop

  87. GooseMan69 420

    GooseMan69 420Mês atrás

    JJ's Kaleidoscope I have done my research, and when factors such as hours worked and jobs, the wage gap disappears. It’s been illegal to pay women less since the 60’s, and in legal cases where women sue for unequal pay, they often win if they are actually paid less. I have done my research. Try again

  88. JJ's Kaleidoscope

    JJ's KaleidoscopeMês atrás

    GooseMan69 420 I suggest maybe go do a bit of research and rinse your brain with some anti-stupidity soap before you spill your ignorance all over this comments section, you sexist creep. Just sayin’

  89. donald taylor

    donald taylorMês atrás

    This is bs. What woman takes less money? I want to hire all of them and fire these expensive men. They are all evil anyways.

  90. JamievsJamie

    JamievsJamie20 dias atrás

    That's just how sexist companies are. They know they're paying women less but they still don't want more women as employees so they still hire more men. Kind of like how people smoke knowing that there's no upside to it and it's only going to kill you. You'd think that knowing that it's just going to screw up your lungs and give you cancer would make people not smoke but newsflash, it doesn't.

  91. U-R-A-^2

    U-R-A-^2Mês atrás

    I came here looking for a laugh, my bad.

  92. Grt124 Z

    Grt124 ZMês atrás

    If this is the case why do not companies employ more women? This would save them a lot of money. Well, smth is not right here.

  93. JamievsJamie

    JamievsJamie20 dias atrás

    Because they don't want women employees in those positions, that is the real heart of the issue. The gold paying them was is the either frustrate them out of the workforce.

  94. Operator 801

    Operator 801Mês atrás

    Equal pay for being equally valuable to your employer. I don't know too many men who saddled a company with their maternity leave, or caused their health insurance costs to explode. It doesn't matter if raising children isn't a woman's fault, it's even less their employers fault.

  95. Crowley9

    Crowley9Mês atrás

    Saying the wage gap is due to women going into lower paying fields of work on average is not an answer. It just means the real question we should be asking is, "Why are female-dominant fields (on average) so much lower-paying?" Looking into history, there is an unsettling trend that whenever the gender balance in a field shifts, it corresponds to a shift in pay and prestige that field enjoys, and it is always to the benefit of men. Veterinarians used to be predominantly male. Computer programmers used to be predominantly female. Looking at all this I find it difficult to escape the conclusion that we live in a society which structurally screws women over. Some people say that men and women are just into different things, and why shouldn't we allow people to freely choose what work they want to do? To that as far as I know there is zero scientific evidence that such preferences are based on some kind of innate biological differences and not shaped by social factors. If a girl is raised by parents and taught by teachers who think science and technology is for boys, that is going to influence the child's choices, even if it is unintentional. The ideas for what is fitting work for women have also changed through history. I personally find incredibly arrogant the implicit assumption that we currently live in some kind of ideal society which does not apply any kind of social pressure that could push people away from their interests. Finally, there is still a wage gap between men and women doing the same work, though it is much smaller, around 3-5 %. One explanation I often see proposed is that men tend to be more aggressive in negotiating for raises. But, there are also studies which indicate when women apply the same kind of aggressive negotiation as men, it actually has a negative effect on the outcome for them.

  96. Crowley9

    Crowley9Mês atrás

    @thomas perkins Are stressful dangerous outdoors jobs generally better paying? Farming, logging, construction... I've never heard anyone saying those are significantly more lucrative than office work. I'm open to being proven wrong.

  97. thomas perkins

    thomas perkinsMês atrás

    so why do they go on about the 18 percent then .. like for like jobs. they should be trying to redress the 4 percent.. that i have no argument with.. its the BS 18 percent that is BS.. address why women dont want to do stressful out doors dangerous jobs.. where men typically get more than a woman sitting in an office.. there is a whole bunch of reasons.. but i agree when its like for like jobs.. and there is a 4 percent difference.. then that should be addressed.. you cant compare apples and oranges.. and try to get a melon out of it.

  98. awstevens120021

    awstevens120021Mês atrás

    If wage discrimination is so prevalent, where are all the lawsuits?

  99. JamievsJamie

    JamievsJamie2 dias atrás

    @ThatOneGuy 2401 I'm sure you forget a lot of shit.

  100. ThatOneGuy 2401

    ThatOneGuy 24012 dias atrás

    JamievsJamie I forget just how nice and civilized people are on the internet

  101. JamievsJamie

    JamievsJamie3 dias atrás

    @ThatOneGuy 2401 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  102. ThatOneGuy 2401

    ThatOneGuy 24013 dias atrás

    JamievsJamie your comment is what we call “losing an argument”

  103. JamievsJamie

    JamievsJamie20 dias atrás

    Up your ass.

  104. haunted House

    haunted HouseMês atrás

    Women do get equal pay for equal work, moving on,,,

  105. Bella Nova

    Bella NovaMês atrás

    Part of this should be solved by forcing employers to reveal everybody’s salaries. That way, at the very least, you know when you’re being completely screwed over. A friend of mine found out she had 1.5x workload and success and wasn’t making as much as the top dudes...she complained and then left. Luckily, being an insanely successful corporate lawyer, she moved to a way higher position at a similar bank. Balls of steel.

  106. Bella Nova

    Bella NovaMês atrás

    She did.

  107. Conquering Lion

    Conquering LionMês atrás

    Or she could've negotiated her pay increase just as her male colleagues did. Also common sense tells you that if a large corporation can save 30% every month by hiring females then wouldnt it make sense for them to only hire women and make a 30% profit per head? If a Silicon valley company pays a total 1 billion in salaries for their staff then by hiring women only or mostly women they get an additional 300 million in profits!!! Fact of the matter is, there isnt a pay gap but a gender workplace hours gap. Men work more hours and don't take a year or 2 out of the workforce to give birth and nurture a child which for most women and the baby is more important than her salary. It is illegal by law to pay women a lower hourly rate than men.

  108. Ultra Mega

    Ultra MegaMês atrás

    the key part there is "EQUAL WORK", what a very disappointing episode from John Oliver, why are you parroting something false?????

  109. thomas perkins

    thomas perkinsMês atrás

    i normally like J O.. but he got it wrong this time..

  110. Average

    AverageMês atrás

    It is illegal to pay women less than men. It is undeniable that women on average work less than men and take more days off. Should women get paid the same for doing less work?

  111. JamievsJamie

    JamievsJamie20 dias atrás

    I'm a woman, I'm a software engineer, and I don't do "less" work. I mean really, where the fuck is the line for women to do less work? Because if anything I had to do more work. In addition to my undergrad and masters degrees, I have to spend the rest of my fucking time re-convincing people that I am indeed qualified to hold the positions that I do because they are gender bias. Your comment is moronic.

  112. PatchtheRap _Pacione

    PatchtheRap _PacioneMês atrás

    The Jennifer-John example is so flawed. They are gonna favour men b/c they know Jennifer might take time off during pregnancy. That’s just a reasonable assumption. Women have kids. If she is taking a year and a half off with pay, where as John can be atche office working everyday, no shit John is gonna get picked

  113. thomas perkins

    thomas perkinsMês atrás

    and if the women are still bitching about it. remind them they get on average 8 yrs ever life than us.. F uc k em

  114. Tyrant

    TyrantMês atrás

    You stupid english cunt, women don't work the same jobs that we do. They're all admins instead of engineers. So fuck off back to England you fucking pandering liar.

  115. Seven

    SevenMês atrás


  116. Gegen Radikale

    Gegen RadikaleMês atrás

    The Number came from a Study, comparing the Salray of ALL Men vs. The salary of ALL Woman. It dosnt account for Experience, Education, regions or even Different Jobs

  117. RoadKillzine

    RoadKillzine10 dias atrás

    It's bullshit, peddaled by idiots to the easily led

  118. Bruno Bastos

    Bruno Bastos11 dias atrás

    @Stop the madness Please if you take so long to realize that i have nothing to say, but if you explore the pay gap you will understand the comments, because 100% of all buildings in usa were MAN made that every feminist didnt care

  119. Stop the madness Please

    Stop the madness Please11 dias atrás

    @Bruno Bastos now that i think back on this i feel like you were being sarcastic or took my comment as sarcasm and decided to reply sarcastically. Well...

  120. Freddie Ellis

    Freddie EllisMês atrás

    More perpetuating of this ridiculous myth! 😪

  121. Mathew Mccormack

    Mathew MccormackMês atrás

    I love John Oliver... But his math is well fucking off...

  122. Bennett [BLEEP]

    Bennett [BLEEP]Mês atrás

    The wage gap is simply the average earning of men and women working full time. It does not count for different job positions, hours worked, or different jobs. It has nothing to do with the same job. It has nothing to do with discrimination.

  123. The Podcast Crew

    The Podcast CrewMês atrás

    What is your point? If a male office worker gets paid more then a female office worker simply on the merit of having a penis then that's discrimination

  124. Mike Jones

    Mike JonesMês atrás

    Let's compare the nerds who wear glasses to the fashion aware women who wear contacts and add that to the gender gap too.

  125. Mike Jones

    Mike JonesMês atrás

    4:43 Women earn $1.08 on average to every male dollar. Women after college earn on average 2% more. Why isn't there a huge movement about this(these) wage gap(s)? Let's go completely communist and get everyone the same pay for every job, no matter how detailed or straining.

  126. AJ

    AJMês atrás

    Anyone else notice how he didn't actually make any arguments?

  127. Gage Beck

    Gage BeckMês atrás

    This episode is from 2014, so he was not yet able to say "It's 2015! Come on!"

  128. Hex Arkos

    Hex ArkosMês atrás

    Anyone who believes or is beginning to believe that the wage gap is a result of oppression or discrimination, please watch some of Jordan Peterson's videos on the subject.

  129. Jack Brennan

    Jack Brennan2 meses atrás

    Excuse me Mr.Oliver, I feel that I should be the one to inform you that isn't 1964. Also a majority of business decisions are made by women, so we can blame women for this

  130. Biniam Gaming

    Biniam Gaming2 meses atrás

    Men don’t take maternity leaves and call in sick when they get their...

  131. JM - 11ZZ - Mayfield SS (2452)

    JM - 11ZZ - Mayfield SS (2452)2 meses atrás

    I'm not at all saying that the pay gap isn't there, but he didn't actually address women making different career choices. Teachers and nurses are predominantly female, while stem feilds and engeneering are prodomidantly male. Those are very different career paths and don't have to do with gender bias in hiring. Not at all disagreeing with his point, but I feel that if you bring something up, you should actually address it. I wouldn't be surprised if there is an actual argument against what I'm saying, but I didn't hear it in this video.

  132. Markús Böðvarsson

    Markús Böðvarsson2 meses atrás

    There ís no fucking pay gap

  133. A Mars

    A Mars2 meses atrás

    Noone: Democrats/leftists: women are only worth 77% of a man Republicans: actually that's been proven false several times over and is misleading Democrats: women are only worth 77% of a man Republicans: that's not tr... John oliver: women are only worth 77% of a man Republicans: fals... Barrack obama: women are only worth 77% of a man Way to go john (sarcasm), you tell those women how you think they're only worth three quarters of a man. Really drill it in there with repitition, until it sinks in for women that they're only 77% of a man (even though it's been PROVEN FALSE).

  134. A Mars

    A Mars2 meses atrás

    John, I'm extremely disappointed in how you represented this, and it leads me to question your intentions, considering the gender wage gap has been all but dismissed. Do your research people. If I work 8 hours less, am I entitled to the same pay as someone who works 8 hours more? No, I'm not.

  135. Kareem C

    Kareem C2 meses atrás

    What? No one ever said that was the case

  136. Myticals Musings

    Myticals Musings2 meses atrás

    Here is a question.. please enlighten me. If a company can legally pay people less for the same experience, time on the job, and same hours.. why is not every single employee female? I know if I was running a business, didn't care about paying people fairly, I'd have nothing but female employees so I could save that money...

  137. ThatOneGuy 2401

    ThatOneGuy 24013 dias atrás

    Myticals Musings this question keeps getting dodged over and over again

  138. Connor Purcell

    Connor Purcell2 meses atrás

    This is fucking retarded.

  139. Kilyan Austin Wierema

    Kilyan Austin Wierema2 meses atrás

    Paying someone less for the same work is illegal and goes against the equality act, you dumbfucks have to have a foreign guy tell you that. Know your laws before whining.

  140. aluisious

    aluisious2 meses atrás

    No one makes salary offers on resumes. I smell bullshit.