Wage Gap: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)


  1. Benjamin Kelly

    Benjamin Kelly15 horas atrás

    If I had a business, and could hire an employee that is just as qualified, and pay them 17% less (or more) why would I hire ANY employee that would cost me 17% more? From a business standpoint this makes ZERO sense.


    CARDBOARD MASTERS19 horas atrás

    What about the 1963 equal pay act?

  3. Nyantee A

    Nyantee A8 dias atrás

    If women make less generally Bc they take jobs like nurse and school teacher and caretaker which ultimately should pay more Bc of the value they add to our society, or because they are passed up for opportunities Bc their male bosses have trouble bonding and connecting and mentoring them, or Bc their companies don’t offer paternity leave so they have to take off work removing them from track to partner or ceo, it doesn’t matter! The root is the same : say it with me sexism. To say the wage gap doesn’t exist is to deny that sexism exists which is absurd Bc look at most of our top ceos in Fortune 500 companies and all our presidents and most of the people in government

  4. Chris Papad

    Chris Papad12 dias atrás

    Continue to stupidly play the card of political identity and Trump will govern us for centuries.....:)

  5. tabaluga aquaxos

    tabaluga aquaxos15 dias atrás

    Lying feminists...sad to see J. Oliver fall for that nonsense! even the 6 % do not cover all variables! It is just feminist propaganda to achieve more female privilage...because they do not factor in private choices.... brreporter.com/v/video-QcDrE5YvqTs.html

  6. Wayne Morgan

    Wayne Morgan16 dias atrás

    If I work 60 hours why should a woman who only works 20 hours get paid the same as me? If I work in construction why should someone who serves customers get paid the same as me? Am I to blame for a woman’s poor life choices?

  7. Ghost EndGame

    Ghost EndGame16 dias atrás

    Why the fuck are these idiots talking about average annual salary? it's easily sorted with what is the $$ per hour for each occupation. also why is this in my fuckin feed 5 years later lol.

  8. Everyone is Ignorant - To varying degrees

    Everyone is Ignorant - To varying degrees17 dias atrás

    I want to know which companies are sending out job offers to people that only sent in a resume. Because if that is the case, wow, do i have a resume for you. Don't worry about actually vetting me in person though, they will only want to pay me more.

  9. Andrew Boldt

    Andrew Boldt17 dias atrás

    I know I am five years late but the wage gap is actually just an Asian man named Wa Ge.

  10. lily monroy

    lily monroy17 dias atrás

    I have read nearly every articulate on it I think besides getting higher paying job. Is negotiating for better pay is very important factor. I noticed. Other factors from degree, experience, hours worked and no. children if you seek higher paying jobs, job positions. I do think people have presumption when comes to female employees

  11. IHazMagics

    IHazMagics17 dias atrás

    It’s hilarious that a show that dedicated in part, a portion of an episode to P-Hacking and misrepresenting statistics, would then misrepresent statistics.

  12. Koala From Tomorrow

    Koala From Tomorrow18 dias atrás

    I mean I equal pay for equal work is fine but not doing the same type of job

  13. Bilbo Faggins

    Bilbo Faggins19 dias atrás

    This is so inaccurate. And it is womens fault the statistics don't support the claim, you wont get same amount of money if you work less or in lesser paid profession.

  14. an anomally

    an anomally19 dias atrás

    lets just hope he doesn't try to defend the pink tax this shit is stupid as it fails as it determines total pay difference oer every sector instead of giving average values per job with similar working hours and experience for a fair evaluation this is why i choose egalitarianism instead of feminism

  15. so zen

    so zen21 dia atrás

    I was a very young girl, 8th grade, when I heard from the media that there's a gender wage gap. I immediately went to the most intelligent woman in my life, my mother, a college professor. I asked her if she was ever paid less monthly salary than any of her male counterparts. Her answer was a surprised no. Because that would be illegal. All of her male and female colleagues received the same salary. She was an associate professor at that time so her salary was obviously less than the head of the department, who happened to be a man. But after 5 years when my mom became the head of the department, she was actually being paid equivalent to her predecessor (technically higher because of inflation because the salaries of all the jobs had gone up in this time).

  16. The Viewer

    The Viewer22 dias atrás

    Here's a question. How come the majority of teachers are female, but the majority of teachers with power (heads of departments, depute and head teachers, etc) are male? And its quite far on both ends, it's not even close to 50%. Both have the same hours but different salaries, take a guess as to which is higher.

  17. Olivia Eyes

    Olivia Eyes22 dias atrás

    who the fuck was yelling about battlestar galactica mom i'm scared

  18. Matthew Morgan

    Matthew Morgan23 dias atrás


  19. Sandra Anderson

    Sandra Anderson24 dias atrás

    The Gender Pay Gap is a Feminsit myth. 94% of all work place deaths are men.

  20. Sandra Anderson

    Sandra Anderson22 dias atrás

    @De Women tend to chose very safe jobs in Education and Nursing death at work in these sectors is unheard of. While men tend to chose extremely dangerous jobs like firefighting, truck driving, working on oil rigs, fighting in Iraq and Afganistan. Dangerous jobs pay higher wages than safe jobs. The New York Fire Department would be a great example there is a HUGE gender pay gap in the NYFD. Not because of sexism but because the men chose to do a dangerous job while the women tend to chose safer jobs in the NYFD like in administration. On September 11 women played a huge role answering phones and handling very difficult situations. But it was the men of the NYFD that risked their lives, became disabled and who died. Not one woman from the NYFD died on September 11. Men on average are more likely to do risky things this can be rewarding but it can also end in death, becoming disabled or even Bank Ruptcy. Men on average become Bank Rupt more often because they take big risks.

  21. The Viewer

    The Viewer22 dias atrás

    Maybe if dangerous high paying jobs were more accepting of women then that wouldn't be the case.

  22. De

    De23 dias atrás

    And, what, you think they sacrifice the men or something?

  23. Nutty McSquirrel

    Nutty McSquirrel24 dias atrás

    This video is just not facts. Look at the studies 4head, the pay gap is fake news

  24. artistphilb

    artistphilb25 dias atrás

    In the UK there has been an equal pay act since 1974 which came about after a strike by Ford workers, immortalised in the film "made in Dagenham" America has had an equal pay act since 1963, Politicians talk about the "wage gap" to get votes, its an easy one because they don't have to do anything about it, people are already paid the same amount for the same work.

  25. Leviathan Xyzzy

    Leviathan Xyzzy25 dias atrás

    For people saying that there is no pay gap, I have a small argument for you. How do you then explain pay inequality between two people with the same amount of education and experience, age, nationality, and race and SOMEHOW the men always gets picked over the women, and then they get paid more, they get more promotions quicker, despite both of them being absolutely as adept at their job as the other? What about the massive pay gap between the sexes that are multiplied by race and having an ethnic name? How do you explain when it's right in front of you that men, typically white men, will get picked for jobs more often and get paid more than men and women of the POC community. We're talking about salaries here, something that should be based on what you know and how well you know it. If a man and a woman enter the same workplace, at the same time, start on the same day, in the same position, why doe the man move higher up in promotions? Why did the man start out with a higher pay rate? They both entered the same job, why is he getting paid more even as women will more often then not take their work home to continue and finish it during non-work hours. Fuck off with that bullshit, none of you want to focus on the fact that there's a pay gap no matter how you look at it.

  26. so zen

    so zen21 dia atrás

    @The Viewer Could you please give me an example to understand that better? A male dominated line and a female dominated line, equal in workload, stress, and risk, but unequal in pay?

  27. The Viewer

    The Viewer22 dias atrás

    Another thing of note is the difference in gender balance and wage. Male dominated lines of work tend to get payed really well whereas female dominated lines don't, even if both are about comparable in term of workload and stress.

  28. Paul Thompson

    Paul Thompson26 dias atrás

    Stop making excuses and be someone worth paying.

  29. Paul Thompson

    Paul Thompson23 dias atrás

    @De no your full of shit you have no basis to your arguement. I hire men and women alike to do the same job. And men by far surpass women and I also pay them the same. I'm talking about women gossiping stiring the pot causing trouble. It's what they all do no matter who they are or were they are from. You dont know what you are talking about. You have probably never ran a company in your life. And its ridiculous to say that women are paid less. They choose different jobs than men do. And alot of those jobs dont pay the same as jobs men do. And alot of jobs are performance based if you do a good job you are paid more. I give raises to people who do the same job but often give raises to people who work for it and alot of them are men and some women but men out perform women in physical labor often. And women out perform men in our marketing so I pay each what is owed to them. To say women are paid less in this day and age is total bullshit.

  30. Paul Thompson

    Paul Thompson23 dias atrás

    @De oh but I'm sorry you would know that wouldn't you from your extensive experience of doing nothing but being a sissy cry baby

  31. Paul Thompson

    Paul Thompson23 dias atrás

    @De I am an employer trust me they dont work the same and have less integrity

  32. Svitojus

    Svitojus26 dias atrás

    Come on. This is one of those rare videos where you are wrong man.

  33. Vojtěch Tranta

    Vojtěch Tranta28 dias atrás

    I used to like John Oliver but that's biased trash. The fact that women god bless them decide to stay with their babies or stay more with their kids is obviously not the reason for lower wages. Consequence is that their work less. So, if one argues for not taking care of women has kids and should still get paid the same it means that he argues for inequality when one working more should get the same as one working less. Now, I think John Oliver is smart enough to know it. So either he assumes that women are forced to stay more with kids or they work the same time but just having kids. Or he is just a populists....

  34. Vojtěch Tranta

    Vojtěch Tranta23 dias atrás

    @Leviathan Xyzzy No I directly addressed what Oliver said. He practically claimed that it does not matter how long someone works they should get paid less. You misunderstood. I have not ever said that there is no gender pay gap since there obviously a one is. However, the reasons why is there a gap are subject of debate since it is unquestionable that this pay gap is not due to discrimination. There is certainly a part of pay gap that there is here due to discrimination but it is absolutely not 22% or 15% as may studies have shown. In fact, the unexplained gap is from 4 - 8%.

  35. Leviathan Xyzzy

    Leviathan Xyzzy24 dias atrás

    @Vojtěch Tranta You made a statement; The Wage Gap Doesn't Exist, it's just men working more hours. Clearly you saw women asking to be equal and you must have seen red because otherwise you would actually know what a wage gap is. The wage gap is a difference of pay in SALARY positions, where it does not matter how many hours you work because it is salary. And you just agreed and admitted that there is a wage gap.

  36. Vojtěch Tranta

    Vojtěch Tranta24 dias atrás

    @Leviathan Xyzzy I am not objecting to this. I obviously agree that it is a bad thing. So you are objecting to something I did no mention and we both agree. Why do you assume that I would be for it? I understand that it is from the employer's perspective rational to expect a woman to go to maternity leave though I also know that it is unfair.

  37. Leviathan Xyzzy

    Leviathan Xyzzy24 dias atrás

    @Vojtěch Tranta You didn't address what I said. A man and woman with the same level of knowledge and ability, but yet the man starts off with a higher wage. Explain that.

  38. Vojtěch Tranta

    Vojtěch Tranta25 dias atrás

    @Leviathan Xyzzy I don't care why someone works less than other one. It is obvious when someone works less than he should get paid less. I said nothing about expectations. One should get less if he works less because of being a smoker or any other reason. Working less is objective and just reason for lower salary regardless of reason. If two women one with kids and with no kids are to be paid equally when one of the work more thats pure unfairness.

  39. Mandy B

    Mandy B29 dias atrás

    We were calling for "equal pay for work of equal value" when feminism in the 60s kicked off. Look up the Ford plant in Dagenham (Essex, UK) and how the ladies who made the car seats went on strike for equal pay with guys whose level of craftsmanship were equal to theirs. Still waiting for it to fully happen, but things are better than before (even by the time I started working in the 80s, we were usually paid the same. Just not so many opportunities to get promoted...)

  40. Ghost Killer

    Ghost KillerMês atrás

    If I have more experience damn right I'm supposed to get paid more

  41. your below average viewer

    your below average viewer23 dias atrás

    @De Just having the same job doesn't mean you will be paid the same

  42. De

    De23 dias atrás

    That's not the case, they have the same work

  43. Pablo Rodriguez

    Pablo Rodriguez29 dias atrás

    if you are better are your job ou get better pay its simple

  44. your below average viewer

    your below average viewerMês atrás

    how about the million other factors that go into deciding how much you will be paid? you gonna ignore those?

  45. Justin Kamperveen

    Justin KamperveenMês atrás

    Women make less because they choose to have children is a dead argument considering these same dudes want to make it illegal for women to get abortions

  46. Cerebral Hemorrhage

    Cerebral HemorrhageMês atrás

    According to the AAUW a feminist organization, if you factor in hours worked, education, etc it factors from 77 to 6.6 cents. Also let me ask you this: if women are paid less then men, why don’t companies fire all male workers considering a company spends most of its money on its workers? Answer: because the ‘gender’ wage gap is myth and has been proven false. (If there is any wage gap, you can be sure that it is mostly likely due not to gender, but to work ethic.

  47. Leviathan Xyzzy

    Leviathan Xyzzy20 dias atrás

    @Cerebral Hemorrhage OF FUCKING COURSE YOU USE PRAGERU. You're absolutely hilarious, perfect lolcow bait. Mine is the New England Journal of Medicine, Nature, Lancet, ARCP and CPR. Please, PragerU isn't a source. It's the mindless ramblings of a man with no knowledge about reality but his own. PragerU is simply a bad opinion piece with no basis in truth, fact, or logic.

  48. Cerebral Hemorrhage

    Cerebral Hemorrhage20 dias atrás

    Leviathan Xyzzy PragerU,AAUW. Where are yours?

  49. Leviathan Xyzzy

    Leviathan Xyzzy22 dias atrás

    @Cerebral Hemorrhage Incorrect, please give me your sources, because I can fully back up my claims.

  50. Cerebral Hemorrhage

    Cerebral Hemorrhage22 dias atrás

    Leviathan Xyzzy that statement is absolutely false, if they have the same everything, they get paid the same. Actually in most situations like that, the woman gets paid more than their male counterparts.

  51. Leviathan Xyzzy

    Leviathan Xyzzy25 dias atrás

    Your comment gave me a grand mal seizure. It's very obviously a gender pay gap because again, a man and a woman, equal experience, equal schooling, start at a company at the same time, and the man starts with a higher annual salary than the woman.

  52. zachatraz

    zachatrazMês atrás

    How about just a shred of evidence instead of making cringe rhetorical jokes, just saying

  53. zachatraz

    zachatraz29 dias atrás

    Kami ok but how do u fact check something when there’s no facts. He literally did not state a single fact in the video so how would the facts be true. Lmao that shit makes no sense

  54. Kami

    Kami29 dias atrás

    @zachatraz hey i just got back from fact checking the entire episode. everything he said is true.

  55. zachatraz

    zachatrazMês atrás

    Kami still should be accurate, this is the reason why so many people believe this shit bc ppl like this guy blatantly lie to their faces. Im all for comedy as long as it’s accurate.

  56. Kami

    KamiMês atrás

    it is a comedy show last time i checked, but alright zach.

  57. Ukko

    UkkoMês atrás

    A section from the conclusion of a Harvard University study (Bolotnyy & Emanuel, 2018): The gap of $0.89 in our setting, which is 60% of the earnings gap across the United States, can be explained entirely by the fact that, while having the same choice sets in the workplace, women and men make different choices. Women use the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) to take more unpaid time off than men and they work fewer overtime hours at 1.5 times the wage rate. At the root of these different choices is the fact that women value time and flexibility more than men. Men and women choose to work similar hours of overtime when it is scheduled a quarter in advance, but men work nearly twice as many overtime hours than women when they are scheduled the day before.

  58. Pablo Rodriguez

    Pablo Rodriguez29 dias atrás

    the more you work the more they pay you simple right?

  59. Kevin Benoit

    Kevin BenoitMês atrás

    The first video from you I’ve disliked 😭 you’re usually better than this

  60. Yashdeep Singh Bhatia

    Yashdeep Singh BhatiaMês atrás

    The great myth refuses to die Thank you John Oliver to give it some more oxygen👍👍

  61. De

    De23 dias atrás

    @Pablo Rodriguez they literally just told you both genders in this problem work in the same position, with the same qualifications

  62. Magnusdideverythingwrong

    Magnusdideverythingwrong29 dias atrás

    @Pablo Rodriguez I need a source to support this? And what the hell is "men and women are different choices?"

  63. Pablo Rodriguez

    Pablo Rodriguez29 dias atrás

    @Magnusdideverythingwrong men and women are different choices. men work harder and work more than women, the more you work the more they pay you

  64. Magnusdideverythingwrong

    MagnusdideverythingwrongMês atrás


  65. Katarina Brock

    Katarina BrockMês atrás

    I identify as an apache attack helicopter. Btw if you are getting paid less it is because you fail to effectively negotiate extortion rates...I mean your paycheck....

  66. nerd stuff

    nerd stuffMês atrás

    Once my mom’s boss accidentally sent her everybody’s wage information, she got paid less even though she had more education and that she, the only girl, was the one of two people who weren’t getting either a promotion or a bonus. She went to her boss and he said something along the lines of it’s because they are the bread winners for their family, or some bullshit like that. Seriously we need to get rid of these boomers.

  67. Lexender

    Lexender26 dias atrás

    Actually the younger the generations the lower the gap up to the point where current university graduates women make more money than men because currently women are getting more into higher education than men (about 60%)

  68. Angelo Pan

    Angelo Pan26 dias atrás

    Anecdotes aren't evidence of any kind.

  69. Religious Reasoning

    Religious Reasoning28 dias atrás

    nerd stuff does she work more less or the same

  70. your below average viewer

    your below average viewer29 dias atrás

    @Pablo Rodriguez Exactly. Being good at your job means being good at your job not having more educational background, even tho the two seem related to most people.

  71. Pablo Rodriguez

    Pablo Rodriguez29 dias atrás

    Not trying to offend but education means nithing if you arent good at your job

  72. 8

    8Mês atrás

    There is equal pay there is no wage gap

  73. john tucker

    john tuckerMês atrás

    100% total bullshit.

  74. Vision

    VisionMês atrás

    Equal Pay Act of 1963: Am I a joke to you?

  75. bademoxy

    bademoxyMês atrás

    so WHY is it a problem for Oliver-that if women CHOOSE to not take time off work for to have children -as men don't HAVE the option to be pregnant- that these women actually are paid a bit MORE than men of that same age? so we need to pay people the same , even when they choose to skip work days? isn;t that what's being demanded?

  76. De

    De23 dias atrás

    Men can take paternity leave. You don't qualify for one only if you were the one pregnant

  77. Funky Grow

    Funky GrowMês atrás

    As a long time fan of this show and a leftist, I have researched this topic in depth. And while Oliver just brushes of all the very real explanations as to why the wage gap is just a mythological talking point for feminists, he like many others on the other side of this debate never allow themselves to accept the facts. The facts being that women do very much so WILLINGLY sacrifice their overall pay in order to adhere to certain gender roles such as motherhood and caretaking of elders etc. The Obama administration actually released a study under the department of labor sourced through a private research group named consad. In this study it very much proves exactly how the perceived gender wage gap is a total myth. And if you're still too lazy to go off and read the study, one need not do anything further than ask themselves, "why would any company ever hire a man when they could get the same level of work, experience, expertise and output from a woman at 88¢ on the dollar" If the wage gap myth were true then no capitalist would ever hire a man when they could save money by hiring a woman. The wage gap is a convoluted mythological talking point. Period.

  78. Donald O'Ronald

    Donald O'RonaldMês atrás

    Time to leave the left