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    WTF post the dang video!

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    Thanks for continuing the series, I'm so happy for this!! Thank you!! *sends virtual hug*

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    Uhhhh ho

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    If DHMIS will upcoming for 2019.

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    Oh I loved that

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    travel vlogger where ARE YOU

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    хочу продолжения

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    Come on More Dhmis

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    I'm such a huge fan and also great job with everything from ur BRreporter channel too the gumball clab I'm sooooo proud of you guys and am looking forwards to your guys CREATIVE ; 3 Genius!!!!! I can't wait someone!!! don't hug me I'm scared!!!!! XD may u guys become super famous and be blessed Amen!!!!! Jesu Loves you😊

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    When is this? Do I have to wait a year or three for the actual episode??

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    When will it be here? I have been waiting forever for this it feels like

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    From just looking at the sponsors, please don’t directly/indirectly get political or relate anything to politics. Conaco and Super Deluxe are very biased and if the show does lean with their agenda then your future videos will either 1) receive little to no views and/or 2) get a lot of thumbs down and comments corresponding to those thumbs down. I’ve seen it happen to many BRreporterrs and BRreporter videos, just wanna give a small heads up.

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    Is the bird a duck or a penguin? I all ways wondered that.

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    Almost looks like theyre doing a real deal show

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    *_Its been 2 months_*

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    Plz return DHMIS 😭😭👏

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    CONACO? :0

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    I thought they escaped!

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    2 months counting

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    I’m scarred for life and it’s just the trailer

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    2 months

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    Hyyyyyyyypeeeeeeee!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh

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    Please Release it faster

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    doo doo do do doo doo doo do *DOODODODO*

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    Rip Stan Lee

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    Play the video from slowest to fastest it’s fuckin crazy

  32. Daniel Flanard

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    Makes a series critiquing the harmful effects of the media and the controlling aspects of large corporations, then sells out to continue a series that has been completed and told the message they wanted to tell.

  33. Daniel Flanard

    Daniel FlanardDia atrás

    +Grapeyy I did some more digging last night and looked up some of the other theories. I now feel different about it all. Everyone should stop bashing them because of one opinion, I see the fault in my reasoning now.

  34. Grapeyy

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    Well, want me to tell you something? Matpat's theories are just theories and not even fucking confirmed by the creators yet.

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    when WHEN??

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    i hope your haviing agreat day and hi v=everyone your great bai

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    Yess I’m going to have nightmare tonight

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    deltahug: chapter 1

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    I’m ready to start making some fanart :)

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    Don't rug me I'm chaired.

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    when is it coming out?????????????????????????

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    Yes! James

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    We need more

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    Algo me dice... que esto es falso

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    When is this coming out?

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    Just fucking release it

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    Im so excited but so scared I rlly want it coming out soon LIKE IF U AGREE (Jk u don't have to but like if u wanna

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    When is it going to come??

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    a TV show kids will believe this is for them but its for adults and its not meant to be normal

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    0:17 why does everyone say that is a memberberry? it looks like a bowling ball

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    I remember I was younger and I watched this channel every time was wonderful! Until it started to go weird..

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    ...patiently waiting 😭😭😭

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    0:19 damn you seen things

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    did you guys have trouble putting duck back together

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    Holyyyyy mollyyyyyy pleaaaasseeeee more

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    Plz Relies It Soon

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    Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii am so excited for this new series yeaaaaaaaa

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    I’m so glad to have more nightmares

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    Wait isnt this a tv show now and what about red in the forrest and the inerveiw!!!!!

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    I. Cant. Wait. Any. Longer.

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    0:12 He has a badge with the number 38... is that his age? bc somewhere else in the video the green duck is at a place that looks like a party is goin down (the scene where a can fell off a table)

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    Make another c'mon!

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    I already made a comment, and beat all the big commenting BRreporterrs. But, I FIGURED IT OUT. IT'S JUST A DREAM...

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    Candle cove beat you guys

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    Pls make more I love this I’m crying pls I want more dhmis

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    THIS is a sign that they're making more, what the fuck do you want them to do?

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    Ive been waiting so long

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    I just re-watched the whole series and then I watched this in every speed

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    Okay it’s been months now WTF

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    So excited

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    YASSSSS LETS F***ING GO!!!!!!!!(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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    I'm concerned. A few weeks ago, AT&T shut down Super Deluxe, which is the production company that has been working on DHMIS since I think third episode and has also worked on this series. Does this mean that the series is cancelled?

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    Inkwell Tv epicness and I’ll commit aliven’t

  80. Inkwell Tv epicness

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    If that is true I will commit Die

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    +Skyler B I hope not

  83. Skyler B

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    Mr. Sheep please say it ain't so...

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    Play this at 2x to get anxiety

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    Bro when this stuff come out

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    Yay !

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    EGGS AND BAKIE!!!! plz no hate me TT

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    They should make an episode of Creativity 2 (when they are there favorite color) Sports Space Music Junk food Fruit And an episode where they all break the 4th wall and that camera with eyes is singing to them about dhmis

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    When this was on television, would you please set it on youtube?

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    Yes yes yes

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    Yessa my nightmares bc i love this show :)

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    I dont know if is going to be a tv series but the song maybe can be an opening song.

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    HYPE :)

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    Now I maybe the last one to jump on this bandwagon but I have theory so as we know:when red guy unplugs the tv all the characters turn into the colors they said on the first video. So we know all of the symbolism in dhmis is tv's influence on the general public. However what if when red guy unplugged the machine he was rejecting television and advertising and societys expectations and became the color he wanted to be along with his friends, thus defying social expectations.

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    Please make the new episodes now

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    Here we go again, LETS DO THIS!!!!!

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    Yes there’s a new series

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    Was that teaser of new season?

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    Hi James

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    I love this trailer

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    bold of us to assume that you were done with dhmis huh

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    i found this because my brother told me about the series but i waited like 6 months and i watched all the episodes and...JESUS CHRIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF

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    Cant wait for this IM SO HYPED

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    A tear came from my eye when I saw this

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    I need more Nightmears

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    pop rocket ruin the kids make serial killers

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    let’s do this thing

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