Wakey Wakey...


  1. Brightyest

    Brightyest41 minuto atrás

    2018: 2019 is going to be the worst year for youtube... Dhmis: LET’S GET CREATIVE

  2. milòwó

    milòwóHora atrás

    Marvel: Avengers Endgame is gonna be the talk of the year DHMIS: *Hold my beer*

  3. Yazmin Pie

    Yazmin PieHora atrás

    :0 .c muere*

  4. Lysander .O.C.

    Lysander .O.C.2 horas atrás


  5. A Random Mom

    A Random Mom2 horas atrás

    This seems like such a great show for my kids! I haven't seen it all, but I can tell its a great kids show! I can't wait for this show to be released!

  6. no Garcia

    no Garcia3 horas atrás

    Am i a joke to you?

  7. BobTheFrog

    BobTheFrog3 horas atrás

    Don’t hug me I’m scared: *Doesn’t release new one for half a year* Fan base: Am I a joke to you?

  8. nuew1e

    nuew1e4 horas atrás

    i forgot this existed

  9. Lauren Lopez

    Lauren Lopez4 horas atrás

    Bro am honestly hyped up for this

  10. timur ismailovic

    timur ismailovic4 horas atrás

    "wakey wakey" -Richard Watterson

  11. DarkStream Gaming

    DarkStream Gaming5 horas atrás

    I love how everyone is still here and ready for this to release.

  12. That One Girl Bre

    That One Girl Bre5 horas atrás

    well we're waiting

  13. Fiona Coyle

    Fiona Coyle6 horas atrás

    **7 months later and no video** *aM i A jOkE tO yOu?*

  14. MissFoxieGirlIsHere

    MissFoxieGirlIsHere6 horas atrás

    Post again pleeeaaaassseee

  15. Sharky

    Sharky7 horas atrás

    7 months and no video?! As a great duck never said: “ That’s too much time! “ Like if u understand

  16. Kako Ramirez

    Kako Ramirez7 horas atrás

    I'm waiting the temp 2

  17. CarJack

    CarJack7 horas atrás

    These guys said “ wakey wakey “ and then dipped

  18. Alan

    Alan8 horas atrás

    I miss DHMIS

  19. LazarLazar BloodyLegend

    LazarLazar BloodyLegend10 horas atrás

    HEy GuEsS WaT it's BeEn 7 MonThS I ThInK wE kNoW wAt patience Is

  20. Connshell

    Connshell11 horas atrás

    Don’t stand by me I’m scared a parody of stand by me with the don’t hug me I’m scared characters make it happen

  21. London Amundson

    London Amundson15 horas atrás

    any more vids comeing out

  22. Mia Strongpaw

    Mia Strongpaw16 horas atrás

    It's been half a year :D jOKE: So... WE ARE STILL Scrubbing ourselves...the water has gone brown by the way!

  23. Joshua The Hedgehog Boy

    Joshua The Hedgehog Boy8 horas atrás

    It probally turned *black* by now!

  24. TomSee

    TomSee16 horas atrás

    19th June hopefully

  25. Lettuce Jones

    Lettuce Jones16 horas atrás

    i didn't realize super deluxe was involved with these vids. SD got canned though so does that mean it's never coming?

  26. Keira Mills

    Keira Mills16 horas atrás

    Special bowling ball YESSSSS 0:17

  27. why tho

    why tho17 horas atrás

    Still waiting..

  28. LazerWolf

    LazerWolf18 horas atrás


  29. Annika Snell

    Annika Snell21 hora atrás

    Umm hello? Still waiting in 2019

  30. Retrosteamknight

    Retrosteamknight21 hora atrás

    *Checks channel for new updates Wow, look, nothing!

  31. Joshua The Hedgehog Boy

    Joshua The Hedgehog Boy8 horas atrás

    *D I D G I T A L S T Y L E !*

  32. EricLikeFries!

    EricLikeFries!16 horas atrás

    Don't just look at the channel... Other channel has the pilot...

  33. Melissa Chapman

    Melissa Chapman23 horas atrás

    I’m hyped for DHMIS on TV and/or Netflix 👍🏻

  34. thebombymaster random chanel Xander Pascal

    thebombymaster random chanel Xander PascalDia atrás

    *Doesn't Release For 7 Months* Tony: Am I A Joke To You?

  35. lesgo brogamin

    lesgo brogaminDia atrás

    Not again

  36. Jalen Trudeau

    Jalen TrudeauDia atrás

    For all of you wondering June 19 is the date that appears in every don't hug me I'm scared episode so people think that the episode is going to happen then

  37. Grape Head

    Grape HeadDia atrás

    Everyday i get a little more excited for this

  38. brayan the noob

    brayan the noobDia atrás

    Dis is a new episode

  39. Chad Marmalade

    Chad MarmaladeDia atrás

    I need this song as my alarm.

  40. sean love

    sean loveDia atrás

    Still waiting 🤔

  41. THEHI and Stuff

    THEHI and StuffDia atrás

    All I have to say is . . . Finally

  42. Jon Landon16

    Jon Landon16Dia atrás

    Oh my

  43. deney delisi kutay

    deney delisi kutayDia atrás

    Love you

  44. Porcini Mushroom

    Porcini MushroomDia atrás

    It’s been 7 fucking months


    PRO PLAYERDia atrás


  46. Duebam

    DuebamDia atrás

    I wanna hug them since they said don't hug me

  47. DATBOI123

    DATBOI123Dia atrás

    Seems like a trailer

  48. new number who dis?

    new number who dis?Dia atrás

    Bitch when tf is this shit gon drop bc y’all taking a little bit to long with this😤😤😤😤like I’ll really throw my hands sis

  49. SnoFox

    SnoFoxDia atrás

    7 months ago: Let’s Goooooo 7 months later: wow look nothing

  50. G

    GDia atrás


  51. The Foundry

    The FoundryDia atrás


  52. EricLikeFries!

    EricLikeFries!Dia atrás


  53. MaxRavTM PL

    MaxRavTM PLDia atrás

    Part 7???

  54. Elliott Salt

    Elliott SaltDia atrás

    0:16 pause it what do you see

  55. EricLikeFries!

    EricLikeFries!Dia atrás

    The town is safe. m.brreporter.com/v/video-qSA1e8YHjmY.html

  56. Little Queen Bee

    Little Queen BeeDia atrás

    The creature whos purple that had eyes apired and that creature is a in first episode

  57. EricLikeFries!

    EricLikeFries!Dia atrás

    Duck stole that bowling ball!!! Time Travel Confirmed!!!

  58. Nerd Gerk

    Nerd GerkDia atrás

    june 19 2019

  59. Lily Ferris

    Lily FerrisDia atrás

    Just watched film theorys theory on this, and I hope it comes out this year. God, I need this!

  60. EricLikeFries!

    EricLikeFries!Dia atrás

    They're still fiddling our bin lids till it release.

  61. Outcast TV

    Outcast TV2 dias atrás

    *Well* *Anytime now...*

  62. Tirhas Goytom

    Tirhas Goytom2 dias atrás

    Is it just me or i see things moving!🤔🤒😱

  63. Tirhas Goytom

    Tirhas Goytom2 dias atrás

    I,m scared😥😣🙁


    IDENTIFIED PLAYZ2 dias atrás


  65. NyanCat 1829

    NyanCat 18292 dias atrás

    come back pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. EricLikeFries!

    EricLikeFries!Dia atrás

    Hope aint copyrighted m.brreporter.com/v/video-qSA1e8YHjmY.html

  67. lepoldo gonsales

    lepoldo gonsales2 dias atrás

    Andddd nothing :.)

  68. deadpoolonso :v

    deadpoolonso :v2 dias atrás

    Va a regresar?

  69. Celestina Blanco

    Celestina Blanco2 dias atrás

    The person that made these needs to make mire now!!

  70. Emma McCormack

    Emma McCormack2 dias atrás

    The countdown is on! Almost to 2 million subscribers everyone

  71. Charlie Ryan

    Charlie Ryan2 dias atrás

    the anIMATION AAHH

  72. EricLikeFries!

    EricLikeFries!Dia atrás

    Big Ian: But that belongs to us!

  73. Mike Grey

    Mike Grey2 dias atrás

    I can't wait till the new don't hug me I'm scared coming out

  74. Popped Pillys

    Popped Pillys2 dias atrás

    Your head look like a phone

  75. mashmello1111111111 mash

    mashmello1111111111 mash2 dias atrás

    it's time to be creative again

  76. JJ's Workshop

    JJ's Workshop2 dias atrás


  77. Ali Şahin

    Ali Şahin2 dias atrás

    man.. ıf ur goıng to wiew somethıng dont wıew traıler of ıt

  78. Jay Moriarty

    Jay MoriartyDia atrás

    and you said “eepisode”

  79. Jay Moriarty

    Jay MoriartyDia atrás

    your Is

  80. Ali Şahin

    Ali ŞahinDia atrás

    +Jay Moriarty what do u mean?

  81. Jay Moriarty

    Jay MoriartyDia atrás

    ok, but why is your font messed up

  82. Ali Şahin

    Ali ŞahinDia atrás

    +Jay Moriarty well ıts looks lıke a new eepısode


    WRENCH PLAYS2 dias atrás


  84. Luiza Brandão

    Luiza Brandão2 dias atrás

    Vila sésamo do mal

  85. JullioGamer BR

    JullioGamer BR2 dias atrás

    Vila sésamo do demônio, isso sim

  86. The Dominator

    The Dominator2 dias atrás

    What if the new episodes come out June 19th 2019

  87. Jay Moriarty

    Jay Moriarty2 dias atrás

    Haha. I am wondering. Because every episode goes on June 19th. What a statement!

  88. Mitchell Smith

    Mitchell Smith2 dias atrás

    But when is it coming

  89. yürüyen çalı

    yürüyen çalı2 dias atrás

    hooray !!!! what a beautiful day to die fucks

  90. Chloe H

    Chloe H2 dias atrás

    All this time I never heard the “wakey wakey” sound at 0:02

  91. EricLikeFries!

    EricLikeFries!Dia atrás

    That's yellow guy singing wakey wakey, it's a new day! And to-day it's my birthday! The yellow baboon up in the sky which means a perfect time to say sorry for spoiling. Please forgive me!

  92. DevilsCreation

    DevilsCreation2 dias atrás

    Top 10 anime returns

  93. Handstand Fam

    Handstand Fam2 dias atrás

    But When though!? The whole second episode was talking about Time now use that time and post a new video please 🙏 we can't wait much longer

  94. The Dominator

    The Dominator2 dias atrás

    Handstand Fam I’m guessing June 19 2019 to represent the show and a little Easter egg

  95. Ayarsız TV - Mustafa & Berkay

    Ayarsız TV - Mustafa & Berkay2 dias atrás

    Hic mi turk yok yav

  96. Mgsal

    Mgsal2 dias atrás


  97. AmaiCandy

    AmaiCandy2 dias atrás

    Somebody called? *i know I’m late sksksk*

  98. KylieMUSICVEVO 1

    KylieMUSICVEVO 12 dias atrás

    *just a few more months to June and June the 19Th is my death date 2019*

  99. KylieMUSICVEVO 1

    KylieMUSICVEVO 1Dia atrás

    At 0:03 to 0:04 yellow guy says Wakey Wakey

  100. KylieMUSICVEVO 1

    KylieMUSICVEVO 1Dia atrás

    Wakey Wakey clay hill

  101. KylieMUSICVEVO 1

    KylieMUSICVEVO 1Dia atrás


  102. KylieMUSICVEVO 1

    KylieMUSICVEVO 1Dia atrás

    Wakey Wakey!

  103. Joseph Lucero

    Joseph Lucero2 dias atrás

    Alright I’m ready for some more messed up shit

  104. Az 95

    Az 952 dias atrás

    Man, yo estaba buscando "Wakey Wakey" de NCT 127 y me sale esto. JAJAJAJA nmms

  105. Red Playz

    Red Playz2 dias atrás

    Kermit And Friends But They Are Now Killers.

  106. Alpha Beta

    Alpha Beta2 dias atrás


  107. Rocket Off

    Rocket Off2 dias atrás

    This is a tráiler of...: A game A series A piloto of a new episode Another episode A new beginning A new way to die A new life A deadly broken bones ...


    YOUTUBE TÜRKİYE2 dias atrás


  109. Emily O'HALLORAN

    Emily O'HALLORAN2 dias atrás

    If you listen VERY CLOSELY, you can hear the terroring sounds, of MatPats future theories. We’re still waiting.

  110. FaZe_Twitcheria

    FaZe_Twitcheria3 dias atrás

    I want new vid!

  111. Patrick Noll

    Patrick Noll3 dias atrás

    I have rewatched this more than I probably should have. And my anticipation has decreased 0.0%

  112. FuNnY_ films

    FuNnY_ films3 dias atrás

    So what date are you waiting to upload the series on. If you can make something we can figure out, that be swell

  113. Mercia Alcantara

    Mercia Alcantara3 dias atrás

    why u guys did that with the fans bro not cool its been 7 monthsss

  114. Nathan Z

    Nathan Z3 dias atrás

    Blue hair Now pink hair

  115. Anime Trailer

    Anime Trailer3 dias atrás

    Half year comes nothing... Fanbase : am i a joke to you?

  116. İske GT

    İske GT3 dias atrás


  117. Emma McCormack

    Emma McCormack3 dias atrás

    I may have broken the replay button

  118. Emma McCormack

    Emma McCormack3 dias atrás

    0:09 literally how my friend draws their eyes. They look like cats

  119. Drama

    Drama3 dias atrás

    *waits 7 months* bruh moment

  120. Ahmet Berat Aktar

    Ahmet Berat Aktar3 dias atrás

    Adaldan gelenler

  121. Dad’s Belt

    Dad’s Belt3 dias atrás

    This trailer came out. Me:I CANNOT WAIT! Half a year later.... Me: I CANNOT WAIT FOR AVENGERS ENDGAME!

  122. Palm Slimes DIYs

    Palm Slimes DIYs3 dias atrás

    Yo if this shit doesn't come out on june 19th, imma b real pissed.