Wale Flips On Breakfast Club, Talks New Music, New Girlfriend + More


  1. M J

    M J18 horas atrás

    Wale seems on edge in this interview

  2. Mandy Mandiee

    Mandy Mandiee21 hora atrás

    He entertains while entertaining because he is an entertainer......

  3. Nelly chanelle

    Nelly chanelle23 horas atrás

    In all honesty, Wales not meant for the fame. His music is good bt just mentally, and spiritually it’s not for him.

  4. Dantrell k

    Dantrell kDia atrás

    This guy has no confidence...

  5. Jen

    JenDia atrás

    "cloudy with a chance of fame, Charlamagne" 😂😂😂 Say what you will about him but he's funny, talented and much more self aware than a lot of people.

  6. Lamira Onyai

    Lamira Onyai2 dias atrás

    this is soooooo me i have social anxiety I've learned to cover it up this is sooo relatable


    COCOAPIE3 dias atrás

    Word WEIRD is the NEW CLICHE' word. Soo fucking corny. Calling someone WEIRD, is weird.

  8. Gypsy Beats

    Gypsy Beats4 dias atrás

    He really thinks that women don't care what people think? Literally everything we do is for other people male or female. You get your hair done a certain way yes you may like it but if it wasn't socially acceptable you would find a style that is.

  9. Daneille Foster-Russell

    Daneille Foster-Russell4 dias atrás

    Dude I hope he’s in therapy. He’s a lot.

  10. ishola azeeez

    ishola azeeez4 dias atrás

    Wale folarin this guy is Nigerian.

  11. Chvonne Howard

    Chvonne Howard4 dias atrás

    I love wale!

  12. zuriislandgurl

    zuriislandgurl5 dias atrás

    Trying to find a word to describe dj envy🙄

  13. Good Girl Chronicles

    Good Girl Chronicles5 dias atrás

    I’m here for talking about mental illness. It’s real talk. I live with anxiety and major depression..... Thanks for being real WALE

  14. Good Girl Chronicles

    Good Girl Chronicles5 dias atrás

    They have absolutely no control over this interview.. but it’s entertaining

  15. Nai Skyy

    Nai Skyy6 dias atrás

    My wife suffers from everything he described about anxiety to the T, she loves his music. Wale you are in my thoughts & prayers 🙏

  16. CAPO

    CAPO6 dias atrás

    One thing I can say is this guy is talented Please don’t live for other people live for ur self god bless u r in my prayers

  17. CAPO

    CAPO6 dias atrás

    So u mad because they didn’t take pictures of him and he is mad

  18. Tamara Thomas

    Tamara Thomas3 dias atrás

    I think it was an reality check for him

  19. Jarret Smith

    Jarret Smith6 dias atrás

    I think this industry has ruined a lot of people's perceptions of what "normal" and "real" is...I see a guy (wale) that is still in touch with his reality and normalcy but bc he isn't following the pack talking about drugs..guns..disrespecting women and how much money he has on his records but instead opens up about the effects the industry and social media can have on mental health he is considered weird? People being normal is actually weird now? Damn I've been doing it wrong!!!

  20. Heirotech Studios Big G

    Heirotech Studios Big G6 dias atrás

    Wale is one of the best Interviewees. I'm learning and rollin 😂

  21. Robert Taylor

    Robert Taylor7 dias atrás

    Yooo this nigga man

  22. Karanda Farmer

    Karanda Farmer7 dias atrás

    🤣😂😂Wale threw shade at Yee I believe her this time 🤣🤣I’m 💀

  23. Tamara Thomas

    Tamara Thomas3 dias atrás

    Thought I was only one that caught it.

  24. kenyatta hayes

    kenyatta hayes7 dias atrás

    Dont worry about what nobody thinks of you. Just love yourself. Wale needs self care. Envy an idiot

  25. Brittany L. Cobb

    Brittany L. Cobb7 dias atrás

    I appreciate Wale discussing Introversion and the real social adaptations we have to learn to fit in and not look like weirdos in public. #Wale #Introversion #Empath #Intuitives

  26. Ulowwxrld

    Ulowwxrld7 dias atrás

    Wale is just trying to protect her.

  27. Guide to Total Healing

    Guide to Total Healing7 dias atrás

    This interview was my favorite ❤️

  28. Ga Outkast

    Ga Outkast7 dias atrás

    Wale Is My "Nigga" -Virgo! One of 2 rappers I'd be like... Big boi n 2 chainz the others.... Be Virgo ppl.. It's better for you!

  29. Ga Outkast

    Ga Outkast7 dias atrás

    N on my 320 purple is the color of royalty! Wale fuq wit me on 1 dm! When I say the Force is strong I mean it!

  30. Sarita Bonitaa

    Sarita Bonitaa8 dias atrás

    Black version of The Office This interview got me weak asf cuz it’s hella awkward in a similar way, some parts are just cringey and not funny tho. Literally my face throughout the entire interview is between 😂 😬🥴 Nah on some real shit tho, later in the interview when he starts talking about mental illness, women etc its easier to watch, there’s more confidence and calmness. And I hope he gets better and can take it a little easier, and this is coming from someone who has a lot of social anxiety/depression. I’m learning to stop forcing certain things and to let go of my fear of being judged. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  31. J Main

    J Main8 dias atrás

    That soft feet comment 🤣😂

  32. The Sunny Experience

    The Sunny Experience8 dias atrás

    This interview is washed. Wale doing wayyyy too much.

  33. Kimoraxblac

    Kimoraxblac8 dias atrás

    I thought Charlemagne did great on this interview he connected and made wale feel super comfortable and kept laughs and the conversation going . I thought it was so ignorant and immature if dj drama to call anyone a weirdo . He should be careful what he says . I love wale I would just love on him 😩😘

  34. Antonio Sneed

    Antonio Sneed5 dias atrás

    Kimoraxblac refer yo bruh as envy. Drama is a GOAT

  35. Mike

    Mike8 dias atrás

    Dark skin ppl always pulling out that light skin shit towards some end...like they disgruntled...light skin dark skin it don't matter you black in America

  36. Chalestina Wallace

    Chalestina Wallace8 dias atrás

    He said he believes her this time lmfao 💀💀💀💀💀

  37. Zanenhle Msibi

    Zanenhle Msibi8 dias atrás

    Had no idea Wale had so much personality. Not sure if I'm pleasantly surprised or disappointed...

  38. Cho Taylor

    Cho Taylor8 dias atrás

    Bro gay...

  39. Cameron Palmer

    Cameron Palmer8 dias atrás

    In Sandra Bullock's defense... she finer than a mofo, and shes white so.... 🤷🏽‍♂️

  40. Body TV

    Body TV8 dias atrás

    People assume that cus you have a public job that you gotta always be "on"! Let this man just be....

  41. Curly Hair Gawd

    Curly Hair Gawd9 dias atrás

    Wale is strugglin. I see it because I’ve been there before. He just need to find himself tho he’ll get there.

  42. J.T. Weber

    J.T. Weber9 dias atrás

    Got a lil painful after the 17 minute mark. We love u Wale, Focus on all the love, dont allow the hate to occupy any more space in your brain. Too much work left to do. Slow down. Everythings alright

  43. James Reese

    James Reese9 dias atrás

    Wale needs to work with Kanye West and Cudi. He’s the best writer in rap in my opinion but his sound is boring and stale way too often.

  44. Shocker 3one6

    Shocker 3one66 dias atrás

    He'll absolutely fit in with them... 👌🏿👍🏿💪🏿

  45. mrsladylondon5

    mrsladylondon59 dias atrás

    Love Wale!!!Please enjoy being you King 👑!!Do not get caught up in your head!Being a artist is showing people who you are!Trust your artistry speaks for itself🙏😍🎉🤗👏🙌☝

  46. Ashley B

    Ashley B9 dias atrás

    Yikes this interview is the biggest cringe worthy thing I've watched in a while.

  47. Jaleesa Parker

    Jaleesa Parker9 dias atrás

    I love Wale!

  48. Toro Loco

    Toro Loco9 dias atrás

    if this rap thing dont work out my mans can get into stand up

  49. sweetest gurll

    sweetest gurll9 dias atrás

    I find him very sexy... i guess im weird 😋

  50. Bee Love

    Bee Love9 dias atrás

    I like Wale. It takes time, but at some point his anxiety will go away when he stops worrying about other people. His music is a gift, when you are actually saying something it takes people a while to get you. Look at Erykah Badu, she is brilliant, but it took me years to really catch on to the messages in her songs although I have always loved her.

  51. Terrell Kpa

    Terrell Kpa10 dias atrás

    That weirdo line was stuck in Wales head

  52. Bree Naturals

    Bree Naturals10 dias atrás

    Wale a whole mood in this interview

  53. OneDeep Speak

    OneDeep Speak10 dias atrás

    100% SODOMITE right hear 😂🤣 🤦‍♂️ OneDeep #👁720°

  54. Jay Bah

    Jay Bah10 dias atrás

    Stay strong Yee 😂😂😂


    ROYAL HEBREW DNA10 dias atrás

    He so lame

  56. KeAna' Marie

    KeAna' Marie10 dias atrás

    His locks are nice nice

  57. Marquez Palmer

    Marquez Palmer11 dias atrás

    "That was Fast" Hahahaha


    QUENESS YOMy11 dias atrás


  59. TeamYELLOW17

    TeamYELLOW1711 dias atrás

    Okay, why is nobody talking about that smirk Wale gave Angela Yee at 1:17 #Classic I need this created at into a meme.

  60. PassioN *

    PassioN *11 dias atrás

    He throwing shots at CTG and he's laughing a little too hard. Like Bro, he said you tap dance. Um, go in on him like you do everyone else, Charlemagne. He is sucking up so bad. Terrible interview.

  61. Lazizi Soumia

    Lazizi Soumia12 dias atrás

    Wale has a crush on Angela

  62. Kristiana567

    Kristiana56712 dias atrás

    love angela jacket, wondered where she got it from

  63. Maxi Edwards

    Maxi Edwards12 dias atrás

    This is annoying

  64. Olu Bukonla

    Olu Bukonla12 dias atrás

    I love this dude SOOOOO much.

  65. Tynisha Lewis

    Tynisha Lewis12 dias atrás

    Wale was actually pretty funny...