Was Windows Vista THAT bad?


  1. Newezreal

    NewezrealHora atrás

    it just works

  2. Sanket Mukherjee

    Sanket MukherjeeHora atrás

    I luvd vista!!bcuz of the graphics mainly....

  3. Gwen Walcott

    Gwen Walcott3 horas atrás

    ??? I had Vista. NEver had any problem with it. Didn't particularly like 7. Hate 10. Use 8.1

  4. B. Maguire

    B. Maguire10 horas atrás

    Yes Worse, but not sooooo much. Thanks, but I'll stay with Win7, 64-bit, Ultimate... ;)

  5. Battista Verardi

    Battista Verardi11 horas atrás

    I have a 10 year old computer where I'm still using Windows Vista home Basic and I have never had a problem with anything.

  6. Dudeomfgstfux

    Dudeomfgstfux12 horas atrás

    I came here to check for the artifacts in Linus's eye

  7. Zayd Abbas

    Zayd Abbas13 horas atrás

    How much was the dell optiplex payed for that godly intro??

  8. Mike M

    Mike M14 horas atrás


  9. Jloc

    Jloc16 horas atrás

    8:08 That task switcher actually looks cool. Why'd they trash it? (Asking as someone too young to remember Vista.) Edit: Never mind. The first (Win7) laptop I remember using frequently... I remember it having gadgets. Meaning, I actually must have used it some back before it had Win7 on it. I wanted those gadgets to just go away. Stupid input language gadget wouldn't get out of the way. I hated it so much. Thanks for bringing back memories I didn't even know I had.

  10. TheYootz Media Group

    TheYootz Media Group17 horas atrás

    My 2003 LAPTOP supports Aero.

  11. TheYootz Media Group

    TheYootz Media Group17 horas atrás

    At least it takes up 5 minutes of your time "installing a device driver." Some of these things are plug n' play and don't need the dedicated drivers. Oh wait, I just plugged in my Logitech Unifying Receiver on my Windows 10 machine... installing device driver...

  12. TheYootz Media Group

    TheYootz Media Group17 horas atrás

    "janky" *monitor flops around*

  13. chargermopar

    chargermopar21 hora atrás

    I liked w2K and resitsted going to XP because of the security and driver issues Not till the service packs came out did I even install it. Ran XP till my hard drive failed last year and now it's Linux only no more Windows. However I still have vintage computers with 3.11, 95. 98 and 2000.

  14. GameWekelijks

    GameWekelijks22 horas atrás

    I used windows vista untill 2017 on my pc.

  15. Rosija Rosijanov

    Rosija RosijanovDia atrás

    and witch Windows is the best?

  16. Caleb Bredemeier

    Caleb BredemeierDia atrás

    That sponsorship killed the mood tho.

  17. TheDesertsweeper

    TheDesertsweeper2 dias atrás

    Yes it was!...It sits firmly on the shelf along with ME and Windows 8 as embarrassments to Microsoft.

  18. anonymous Crabz

    anonymous Crabz2 dias atrás

    one of the like, 5 computers in my house still uses windows vista

  19. ThaKos69

    ThaKos692 dias atrás

    I felt so emotional after the cinematic in the start and al of the sudden MEMORY EXPRESS

  20. Nawas

    Nawas2 dias atrás

    i had windows 98, then XP , then 7. still using 7 because its stable and works with most new and older games.

  21. RᴀɪɴDᴇᴠᴏᴜʀ

    RᴀɪɴDᴇᴠᴏᴜʀ3 dias atrás

    As someone who actually had the pleasure of using this one hell of an OS, it's really not that bad as people make it seem to be. Not the best for sure, but not the worst either.

  22. Ginanjar Utomo

    Ginanjar Utomo3 dias atrás

    Windows barely change after 13 years. Seriously. I still think Windows 10 has Vista roots.

  23. Spartan 117

    Spartan 1173 dias atrás

    Every OS from Microsoft was good for their time. And yes, for Windows Vista haters, I consider that vista was good, probably not perfect, because nothing in world is perfect, but need perfection.

  24. d Katsuya

    d Katsuya3 dias atrás

    0:17 i have the same laptop OMG :o

  25. Albert Chow

    Albert Chow4 dias atrás

    Do you remember Windows ME? BTW I'm sticking with Windows 7 !

  26. Pokémon Master

    Pokémon Master4 dias atrás

    I like how the Vista thing in the thumbnail was poorly edited onto the monitor.

  27. Lisa Kakazu

    Lisa Kakazu4 dias atrás

    Would use Windows Vista any day over Windows 8.

  28. Br. Bill

    Br. Bill4 dias atrás

    macOS then called v10.14: Mojave

  29. Ryker Bingham

    Ryker Bingham5 dias atrás

    hello children

  30. Ryker Bingham

    Ryker Bingham5 dias atrás


  31. Lancelot

    Lancelot5 dias atrás

    Memory Express is great

  32. SoldierPayne

    SoldierPayne5 dias atrás

    I remember when Win 7 came. I was like: This is what Vista was meant to be. I never used Vista on a daily basis though. I used XP and 2000 Pro until the launch bugs of Win 7 was fixed before switching to 7. I really liked the look of Vista though, and that instant search was like a gift from heaven!

  33. Ryker Bingham

    Ryker Bingham5 dias atrás


  34. Sam Anderson

    Sam Anderson5 dias atrás

    my first actual computer used windows vista home basic... dark days... dark days indeed.

  35. Sam Anderson

    Sam Anderson4 dias atrás

    +Ryker Bingham ?

  36. Ryker Bingham

    Ryker Bingham5 dias atrás


  37. JAG 0937 EB

    JAG 0937 EB5 dias atrás

    fuck microsoft

  38. JAG 0937 EB

    JAG 0937 EB4 dias atrás

    +Ryker Bingham i watched it and my conclusion is that is very good and appropriate. In fact it is exactly the response that most people should have against this evil monstrous company.

  39. Ryker Bingham

    Ryker Bingham5 dias atrás

    watch your language

  40. UltimateGamerYT

    UltimateGamerYT6 dias atrás

    Vista was my second favorite windows os

  41. UltimateGamerYT

    UltimateGamerYT4 dias atrás


  42. Ryker Bingham

    Ryker Bingham5 dias atrás


  43. Djlaw56

    Djlaw566 dias atrás

    best widget program is rainmeter just that easy

  44. prismstudios001

    prismstudios0016 dias atrás

    One of my laptops is still running Vista, and runs perfectly. My NEW Windows 10 one boots up slower. I ended up running Chrome through the Vista laptop because it is unsupported, and I can't do some things in vista ( like BRreporter).... I really do not like 10 at all. If I find a Win 7 disc with a license that isn't looney expensive I will update the Vista unit, but so far so good. Watching and responding to this on my iPad.....Don't judge me.

  45. Jauvo

    Jauvo2 dias atrás

    Get a win 7 iso preactivayed online for free lol

  46. StormTehSinner

    StormTehSinner6 dias atrás

    @5:46 Everyone who knows what they're doing, don't even care for the UAC at all. That's pretty much the first thing I deactivate when installing a fresh windows. It's pretty much the "Noob filter" of Windows. If you're raging because of it, then you're one of the persons who needs it. If you're experienced enough to NOT need something like that, than you'll find the setting.

  47. StormTehSinner

    StormTehSinner6 dias atrás

    I actually liked Vista to some extent... Back then I build myself a highend gaming PC (AMD Phenom 9950 4x 2.6GHZ, 8GB DDR2 RAM 1066MHz and a nVidia GeForce GTX 280) and therefore I had no problem with running Vista. The major problem was for the old PCs and the "Office-PCs" of that time. Every PC with 2 GB of RAM (or less) had a hard time with Vista because of how demanding it was. But if you have a good enough machine Vista is almost as good as 7. In my opinion it's far better than Win10, but so is every Windows except for Win8/8.1. I really REALLY hate Win10. It's a spyware with OS-features. And of course it doesn't provide as much freedom as older versions. It's my PC so why shouldn't I be able to decide EVERYTHING? And why should MY OWN PC send data to MS when I don't want to? Other than that, I also can't stand the design, but that's more of a subjective term.

  48. TheBar20

    TheBar206 dias atrás


  49. Prasad Raghu

    Prasad Raghu6 dias atrás

    Correct order of release would be - windows xp -> windows 8.1 -> windows 7 -> windows 10 -> windows vista

  50. karlwjm

    karlwjm6 dias atrás

    I liked Vista. ME was just a pre-XP OS

  51. Motor Miljø

    Motor Miljø6 dias atrás

    I ran Vista just fine, to be honest I never regretted making the move. As mentioned in the video, it was pretty much up to hardware.

  52. Matt Sparks

    Matt Sparks6 dias atrás

    watch windows on windows' ( brreporter.com/title-MajorSky17 ) series on vista development

  53. Matt Sparks

    Matt Sparks6 dias atrás

    vista ftw (i have a triple load of 10 7 and vista)

  54. Putzak

    Putzak6 dias atrás


  55. Kirbysanch

    Kirbysanch6 dias atrás

    I have a place in my heart for vista because the first computer I ever worked on was my family’s dell with a single core sempron

  56. Russ G

    Russ G7 dias atrás

    Peer to Peer networking? New in Vista? What about Windows 3.11 for workgroups?

  57. Paweł Warowny

    Paweł Warowny7 dias atrás

    I liked vista.

  58. Microprod

    Microprod7 dias atrás

    1:17 my favourite screensaver when i was a lil boi. u brought me back memory [||_||_||_||]

  59. Phantasima

    Phantasima7 dias atrás

    I was probably one of the only people who actually had no issues with Vista growing up. Even my gaming friends at the time were snotty about me having vista, mind you, I was like 11... Maybe it was because I was just a kid and only used my computer for homework and MMORPGs haha

  60. Alfonso

    Alfonso7 dias atrás

    30 years old, and the worst computer experience I have had was windows vista. Was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo terrible that I can't explain easily. I had to change to windows xp FOUR TIMES, the four times in to computers that I tried to use vista (different builds). It was unstable, it was buggy, it was fucking terrible man. Windows 7 didn't brought the blue screen of death EVERY TIME I TRIED TO USE IT, differently from Vista. In fact, it didn't brought it to me ever. Was vista that bad? No. It was worse. You can't judge the system after just try it. You must have it. You must use it daily. It will fuck you up in a few months. That's why people today seems to think better of it. Because they don't use or maybe they use very fixed versions. I tried to use Vista, I really loved its design and functionality. And It fucked me every time. It was only a matter of time, like a clock bomb.

  61. Mitronify

    Mitronify7 dias atrás

    Windows 8-10 are absolutely trash, windows 7 is the superior system

  62. Spiros78

    Spiros787 dias atrás

    Anyone with actual IT knowledge and not knowledge gained from videos and tips (meaning samples of knowledge), can customize an OS (and that PCs BIOS which is essential to customize) and make it work stable, nice and with minor issues, Vista included yes. Let's not forget that no matter the OS, they're all made by human hands, so none of them is perfect, they all have pros and cons and none is impervious to attacks and issues. Btw, idk if it was intended, but my eye caught that Win xp pro SP3 reference in this video, while there was never Sp3 for pro edition (as far as i'm aware).

  63. Dead-Trend

    Dead-Trend7 dias atrás

    "Areo theme is too slow" *cough cough* windows classic and standard themes

  64. nextg3n

    nextg3n8 dias atrás

    adding wireless in xp was cavemen compared to vista :)

  65. Nathan

    Nathan8 dias atrás

    I remember really liking vista.. windows 8 was the one I wished would burn..

  66. Matthew Bailey

    Matthew Bailey8 dias atrás

    K, now shit on Windows 8 plz.

  67. Christopher R

    Christopher R8 dias atrás

    I loved Vista.

  68. Bozidar Z

    Bozidar Z8 dias atrás

    hahahahha,like in Telltale!!!Grat job again!

  69. SomeRandomIdiot

    SomeRandomIdiot9 dias atrás

    Windows 8/10 was way worse

  70. Jack Of All Gulf City

    Jack Of All Gulf City9 dias atrás

    I had windows vista office pro, I had no problems with it at all, then again I had quite a high end PC back then.

  71. Mario0416

    Mario04169 dias atrás

    before i could remember, all the way to 2018, my dad used vista. then he finally got a pc upgrade

  72. Chicken Permission

    Chicken Permission9 dias atrás

    Whispers Windows ME

  73. Frankie Wren

    Frankie Wren9 dias atrás

    I had Vista at launch with a Q6600 and an 8800 Ultra. Nvidia was the bane of my existence. Their drivers were absolutely appalling, and crashed even on the desktop every few minutes. Different cards didn't matter, Vista simply could not game on certain hardware, but it was due to third parties releasing faulty or outright bad drivers rather than the OS itself. I ran Vista alongside 7 till 2014 in my home server. It was a fine OS for the average consumer. Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if Nvidia crashes accounted for far, far more than what was represented in the chart - for god's sake, around the same time, Apple was prepping to outright boycott the company, and let's not forget what Nvidia did to Sony with the PS3. Nvidia was also extremely common in desktop GPUs at the time, which would explain why so many people experienced senseless instability. Of course, Nvidia's hardware from the period had absolutely abysmal reliability records, so that could have contributed as well. IMO Vista was just "beta 7", whereas W8 was the true antichrist. Now running W10 for DX12 and OSX for creative work (applications not hardware). Vista was better than 10 by a long way.

  74. -DoubleBubble-

    -DoubleBubble-9 dias atrás

    nice plug! XD

  75. PiPArtemis

    PiPArtemis9 dias atrás

    I remember in 7th grade a friend of mine was bragging about a PC he and his dad were going to put together that summer. I dont remember specs as its been 12+ years but one of the things I'll always remember is him talking about it coming with Vista. I had no idea what Vista was at the time and it didnt seem all that important to me that it had a different OS. After my family moved to Florida that same summer and while we were initially staying with my Aunt and Uncle I had the extreme displeasure of getting familiar with Windows Vista on their computer and to this day I think back on how excited he was to use that buggy, unstable mess and giggle

  76. Cèilidh Nevling

    Cèilidh Nevling9 dias atrás

    You guys should totally do a review of Windows ME lol

  77. Danny Boyd

    Danny Boyd10 dias atrás

    (win ME, vista, w8 ) = lemons... WINDOWS vista ONLY worked ok, when you dumped LOTS of ram in it - which most pc's back then were NOT released with enough ram on a vista system. nearly all systems back then in retail, only decided to have 2gb ram.


    CUISINED10 dias atrás



    CUISINED10 dias atrás

    I bought windows Vista Ultimate with my new PC. Installed it. 3 hours later Uninstalling it. Greatest decision of my life and my sanity. Got back to my Windows XP Happily ever after. Then I cracked Windows 7 just to get even. Happy Days :-)

  80. Julian Kennerknecht

    Julian Kennerknecht10 dias atrás

    to sum it up in 3 words: yes it was.

  81. Albanian Gamer

    Albanian Gamer10 dias atrás


  82. twopairsofaces

    twopairsofaces10 dias atrás

    They renamed it "Windows 7" and then everyone loved it. I loved Vista, it was like Windows XP, but with less crashing.

  83. Ethan Bradshaw

    Ethan Bradshaw10 dias atrás

    vinesauce already did this.

  84. Patriot 03

    Patriot 0310 dias atrás

    I actually loved Vista, to me it was the modern age of Operating Systems, 7 was a good refinement. 10 After disabling all the crappy parts is a nice upgrade from 7. PS: In consider WIN 7 and WIN 10 to be a part of the Vista lineage, with 8.1 being more mobile centric but still part of the overall family although I completely skipped 8/8.1.

  85. Fred Pilcher

    Fred Pilcher10 dias atrás

    Using Windwoes is its own punishment.

  86. fαмιℓιαяя ѕтяαиgєяя

    fαмιℓιαяя ѕтяαиgєяя10 dias atrás

    I liked windows Vista very much. But switched back to windows xp when service pack 3 came out

  87. Saiko Productions

    Saiko Productions10 dias atrás

    I had 3 computers in my life, the first two had the worse windows you can have, ME and Vista, i have windows 10 now and this its just caviar in comparison with those windows back in the day. I had try windows 95 98 ME xP Vista 8 and 10 by far the worse ones was ME and Vista in my opinion.

  88. blast boy

    blast boy10 dias atrás

    I remember way back when after our old ass Xp finally broke, my dad bought a windows vista which was the newest windows OS at the time. Honestly though I remember it being a pretty big update compared to the Xp, and it ran perfectly fine.

  89. PatriArk

    PatriArk10 dias atrás

    Thought the beginning was an ad

  90. Jessica Nguyen

    Jessica Nguyen10 dias atrás

    Man it would be been so cool if you did the sponsor in the narrator voice

  91. Myles Trumbore

    Myles Trumbore10 dias atrás

    It worked FINE on powerful computers. The issue is that they kept putting it on pc's that couldn't handle it, and windows 7 fixed a lot.

  92. Marc Grondin

    Marc Grondin10 dias atrás

    I think windows ME was worst

  93. Katzelle3

    Katzelle311 dias atrás

    The unsung hero.

  94. viralshield

    viralshield11 dias atrás

    Y E S !

  95. Ivan Jerkovic

    Ivan Jerkovic11 dias atrás

    Lets not fool ourself. Vista was terrible. Vista was frankenstein. Its windows but terrible windows. Windows 7 is frankensten that had plastic surgeries and is fucking model. 7 is all that vista should be. So yeah vista is terrible but not as bad as 8.1

  96. PH10 AD600

    PH10 AD60011 dias atrás

    Vista was unmisunderstood a BAD experience. Like a car with maybe a better engine, but worse driveability. But why reminisce this old stuff at all? Is Linus that grampsy?

  97. Vijay Malayil

    Vijay Malayil11 dias atrás

    What's the gadget in your right pocket btw?

  98. Chris Kitchens

    Chris Kitchens11 dias atrás

    Windows 10 is just as bad as Vista...they will need to take win7 From my cold dead hands. Lol

  99. jon allen

    jon allen11 dias atrás

    Anything was/is better than windows 10!

  100. Debstool

    Debstool11 dias atrás

    7:15 the year is 2560 lol

  101. 96D4HS9

    96D4HS911 dias atrás

    Win Vista = Steaming Pile of $hit. I transitioned from Win XP to Win Vista, no real choice as that was the only Windows system being offered at the time. I endured many blue screens of death over the years that I was using Win Vista on my desk top and laptop. I was quite happy to upgrade to Windows 7 when the opportunity came and with that change over the blue screen of death is but a bad memory. One thing I really miss from the earlier versions of Windows is the old Card File program that was not featured in the later releases of Windows. I really miss that feature as it was something that was very handy and simple to use and maintain. No bells and whistles just a simple little program for storing information that did not need anything elaborate to do so.

  102. 96D4HS9

    96D4HS910 dias atrás

    +Katzelle3 - New purchase at big box store and that was the installed operating system.

  103. Katzelle3

    Katzelle311 dias atrás

    So you paid $100+ for a rebranded Service Pack?

  104. Renato Stuparic

    Renato Stuparic11 dias atrás

    10:15 The Mojave experiment you say in 2008? 10 years later Apple announced macOS called Mojave

  105. Malthe Petersen

    Malthe Petersen11 dias atrás

    I actually loved the side thing 😅

  106. Robert Hjalmarsen

    Robert Hjalmarsen11 dias atrás

    Xp : awesome. Vista : Shit. Windows 7 : awesome. Windows 8: Shit windows 10: OK.

  107. Robert Hjalmarsen

    Robert Hjalmarsen11 dias atrás

    Before I watch : Yes. Yes it was

  108. Matthew Joules

    Matthew Joules11 dias atrás

    It was vista that made me switch to Mac. Been a Mac user ever since. My friend wanted me to build him a PC. I recommend that I build it “vista compatible” but with XP installed until they made vista better with updates. That never happened lol

  109. Patriot 03

    Patriot 0310 dias atrás

    I'm sorry for you. Vista treated me great.

  110. sneakprev1984

    sneakprev198411 dias atrás

    I had vista at that time... probably because I got the license for free from my university at that time... and I actually liked it... to be honest, I had a pretty decent pc so I didn't run into any performance issues... my dad on the other hand had purchased a budget-system with vista on it and, like linus said, that was a pretty aweful experience, so changed that to xp^^

  111. Sparkplayzs

    Sparkplayzs11 dias atrás

    1:45 I was born in 2007 To and it's my birthday today

  112. Matthew Groves

    Matthew Groves12 dias atrás

    Windows vista is windows 6.5 xp which was a rushed product to address the eye candy issue that xp and all other windows before it had...yea you can make xp look amazing but vista was the birth of the suppose snappy ui with astestics built uhh worst compatibility ever #7forever