Was Windows Vista THAT bad?


  1. perfection

    perfection2 horas atrás

    Windows Vista had arguably the best looking UI, but everything else... not so good

  2. Naveek Darkroom

    Naveek Darkroom3 horas atrás

    While I did borrow a Vista computer a few times I mostly skipped straight from XP to 7, both of which a probably remain the best Windows releases. Even if Vista wasn't that bad it was a misstep. Now do one of these for Windows ME.

  3. Gabriel Korytiak

    Gabriel Korytiak4 horas atrás

    Try installing Windows Longhorn Build 4093 and not final vista !

  4. Krystal Myth

    Krystal Myth6 horas atrás

    Windows Vista wasn't awful. It just was a pack of lies.

  5. iHelloway

    iHelloway6 horas atrás

    until today propram run confirmation still exist ... and like some pro u must disable stuff in system to solve such problem ... also since vista Personalisation of Pc downgraded ... I mea Plus ! theme pack was the shit during win 95 and 98

  6. squiggly101

    squiggly1017 horas atrás

    Yes, yes it was.

  7. JoeStuffz

    JoeStuffz7 horas atrás

    When I had to use a Mac for work, I got the escalated privileges prompt. I then remembered the "allow or deny?" Mac commercial, and went "WTF?!"

  8. James Carter

    James Carter12 horas atrás

    I liked Vista in 2008, but had a pretty good PC with it - new ATI Radeon and AMD FX64. Then FedEx killed my desktop when I moved to Hawaii.

  9. Dave Fenton

    Dave Fenton13 horas atrás

    I run it with plenty of ram and had no problem with it

  10. Nik Gervae

    Nik Gervae14 horas atrás

    Mac OS X's Aqua interface put out translucency years before Windows ever did (and it sucked, making everything harder to read). The other stuff, I'd have to look up, but it seems Apple did put out those features later.

  11. Dbn Poldermans

    Dbn Poldermans14 horas atrás

    Import several gigs of pictures and video. Then start checking them quickly like you're doing a speed run and watch Vista die. I saw Windows Vista die several times in 2010.

  12. Diederik H.

    Diederik H.15 horas atrás

    Still one of the prettiest, most consistent UIs Microsoft has ever made. It always ran fine on my machine, but that was only because I installed it on a computer that was powerful enough to handle it. A lot of fools installed Vista on machines with 512MB RAM.

  13. Phil Griffin

    Phil Griffin16 horas atrás

    Yes it had several issues UAC being one of the most annoying things ever. Though I think it really got a bad reputation because many, many if not all of the major pc makers built machines with 1gb ram or less, installed Vista on them and shipped. (along with the usual bloat packages that were common at the time) Giving an end user a slow unresponsive annoying mess.

  14. SMaze17

    SMaze1716 horas atrás

    This is why Linus has the best PC enthusiast channel on YT. I mean, going back to revisit the infamous Vista is going above and beyond.

  15. beingsneaky

    beingsneaky16 horas atrás

    HMM i dont recall having any problems with Vista??

  16. Kurt E. Clothier

    Kurt E. Clothier16 horas atrás

    *After the updates and service packs were added* I had no problem with Vista and used it as a primary machine for years until a motherboard failure forced me to build a new machine and I chose a motherboard without drivers for Vista. After initially installing & using x86 XP, (and laughing at how outdated it was) I reformatted with x64 7 to take advantage of everything the hardware could do.

  17. p3u3g3 poultree

    p3u3g3 poultree19 horas atrás

    You skipped opening and assigning ports in Vista. It was fraud from release to retirement. Vista did not work for the first year from release.

  18. DudtSpeed

    DudtSpeed19 horas atrás

    Nice the short mentioning of Windows Millennium Edition.

  19. Flanger

    Flanger19 horas atrás

    Nothing can compare to WinME. At some point, I'd had to reinstall it every week. Great intro by the way =)

  20. ryan epperson

    ryan epperson20 horas atrás

    Off topic question. Is it more harmful to have 2x4GB of ram or 3x4GB ram? Does the oddball 4GB stick of ram harm anything or simply improve my RAM?

  21. Muhammad Habiiburrohman

    Muhammad Habiiburrohman21 hora atrás

    vista is the great, but not for upgrade from XP pc. on its vista PC (PC released on 2007-2009), vista is very good and great performance. its have better power management, memory management, and stable performance instead of using XP.. but the worst is the windows. its REALLY CUT COMPATIBILLITY from XP and its CUT GENERATION to Windows 7. The Vista PC only can run and only best in Vista. Its have driver have only support in vista. like VIA p4M890, ATI Radeon Express X200M, and some audio devices that very confuse if someone try to upgrade from VISTA to Se7en #sorry my bad english

  22. Mateus Carvalho

    Mateus Carvalho21 hora atrás

    As I have always said... It was a clear case of "Ctrl+c Ctrl+v", they didn't and don't really know what they are talking about, they read, heard, from a "reliable" source/friend and just started saying the same without any kind of actual experience/trial.

  23. Serty Fox

    Serty Fox22 horas atrás

    7:14 Time 20/5/2560 He in future

  24. Senvae

    Senvae22 horas atrás

    I was running Vista Ultimate when it was a year old (I think). Had a AMD Phenom 2 950, 8gb ram, and dual GTX280 in SLI. It was very pretty and totally usable. It even ran Crysis decently well on high but not perfect settings. However the screensaver was set to slideshow with transition effects and cycled my 1080p backgrounds. Apparently that would cause my video card to overheat and created a driver error which sent me a coded error message. It took me months to finally dig up the cause. Google was not as helpful as usual. Had to join and create forum posts in tech help forums. What a pain in the ass that was!

  25. Hallucinogenichusky

    Hallucinogenichusky22 horas atrás

    ckedwin 7 is still the best windows in my opinion, vista sucked first version of 8 sucked

  26. Akash Guha

    Akash Guha22 horas atrás


  27. leaf 4

    leaf 423 horas atrás

    best is 7, then 10. 8 is hated and vista is just bad, but not that much of hatred.

  28. damon22441

    damon2244123 horas atrás

    So, it was THAT bad, but a necessary growing pain. It was still garbage, lol. Win7 can't be used to evaluate it.

  29. Blue Dog

    Blue DogDia atrás

    Win 8

  30. Amit Padaliya

    Amit PadaliyaDia atrás

    windows 7 is my favourite till date.

  31. Vage Playz

    Vage PlayzDia atrás

    Was windows xp also that bad?

  32. SmaragdMaster

    SmaragdMasterDia atrás

    fav. os ever

  33. Craig J

    Craig JDia atrás

    I guess after SIX YEARS people were expecting more. I don't think it was ahead of its time. Hardware was and is progressing rapidly. Software was and is not. Home operating systems are like a bad joke at this point. Give it another 10 years, and we will all realize how bad it actually was (is)?...

  34. James Marlin

    James MarlinDia atrás

    Yeah, I used Vista and it was okay for me. I upgraded for the new bleeding edge DX10. What a disappointment, kind of like DX12 is turning out to be... go Vulcan. But I'd rate it as microsoft's number three on the wall of shame. ME was by far the worst, poorly conceived and rushed to market it sucked. I actually had a new pristine install crash while playing solitaire. Number two is good old Win8, the mobile OS for desktops, under the hood it was fine, but the UI just didn't work well for M&KB and it was such a jarring change from Win7 that I just never used it much. OTOH, the top of the pile? Windows 7 of course. It's the quintessential hierarchy based UI, a true evolutionary pinnacle of all that had come before. Then Win XP SP3 or Win98 SE, pretty much a draw for me on those two and rounding it out Win 3.1. It's funny but each except for XP is actually the final refinement of revolutionary concepts introduced in earlier versions. And even XP kind of is because of it's merging of the 9x and NT families into one product, plus it had such a long life span that it had its own separate evolutionary arc. As for the current windows Win 10. I don't know, I still prefer Win 7. But I feel the problem is still the same one Win 8 had. It's really hard to merge the mobile touch centric experience with the M&KB concept that has been the cornerstone of the GUI for almost all of its existence. And I think that's possibly part of the problem. If we had a new desktop interface, say VR or maybe the touch surface tech milan that microsoft was working on in 07. But as it stands now while great for mobile use, touch on the desktop is a non starter for me, making Win10 an also ran as well.

  35. FakeCrousanator

    FakeCrousanatorDia atrás


  36. Brandon Bourg

    Brandon BourgDia atrás

    ME was win2000 released too early, Vista was 7 released to early. They just wanted to get it out for some reason.

  37. raw_ input

    raw_ inputDia atrás

    install arch linux!

  38. Dobrin Ivanov

    Dobrin IvanovDia atrás


  39. Diakun

    DiakunDia atrás

    I miss xp and vista, they were great days

  40. Anthony Vidal

    Anthony VidalDia atrás

    People hated it simply because of the UAC was something new to Microsoft. People were so used to making changes and configurations without having a dialog box pop up and ask if you have the required permissions to make the changes to what you were doing.

  41. Thomas Howl

    Thomas HowlDia atrás

    I never really had an issue with Vista. It was a bit laggy sometimes, but that was the extent of my troubles.

  42. Alpha17x

    Alpha17xDia atrás

    I never had an issue with any Windows OS up until 10 and I suspect that's only because I upgraded from 7 to 8 to 10. I watch all these videos about whether windows 98 or or ME or 2000 or whatever else was 'bad' or 'good' and I suspect for a vast majority of users that they wouldn't have and outright didn't notice any difference.

  43. Timothy Jan

    Timothy JanDia atrás

    I still use Windows XP.

  44. Jrcunion

    JrcunionDia atrás

    8 bit beavis and butthead t shirt makes it worth the watch. haha

  45. czdaniel1

    czdaniel1Dia atrás

    Vista = *Best 3-D chess* game, *Worst photo preview* program that stopped to load every movie in a mixed media folder

  46. Fernando Clewater

    Fernando ClewaterDia atrás

    I'd loved the Vista, it was so beautiful!

  47. Rajesh Boddepalli

    Rajesh BoddepalliDia atrás

    i haw windos 7

  48. J.Walter Swartz

    J.Walter SwartzDia atrás

    Defense of Windows Vista negates ALL credibility.

  49. Greg Specht

    Greg SpechtDia atrás

    So basically Vista is the Battlefield 4 of os's

  50. Cheese105

    Cheese105Dia atrás

    Are you going to do one of these on Windows ME?

  51. apollion888

    apollion888Dia atrás

    Good stuff, dude, I appreciate the clarity and the memories

  52. Dr. Jonas Venture

    Dr. Jonas VentureDia atrás

    Vista was a memory hog, but 8 was unreliable trash that ruined major parts of the GUI and in much deeper and worse ways than were immediately obvious. It might be the worst mainstream OS release for it's time ever.

  53. Garfielf

    GarfielfDia atrás

    If they waited a couple more years, Vista would've done fine. Vista being slow at the time was because of people's laptops and PC's still having 512 mb of Ram and low specs. Vista was simply ahead of its time and very misunderstood.

  54. RandomActivities

    RandomActivitiesDia atrás

    I still like ME and Vista better than 8.

  55. Nicolay Giraldo

    Nicolay GiraldoDia atrás

    Windows ME. Remember it. Now that was an ugly OS.

  56. Phoenix1592

    Phoenix1592Dia atrás

    he put that vista disk in there and I wanted to rip out the disk drive. that "excrement hit the air circulation unit" earned you a sub sir. Congrats.

  57. Killerean

    KillereanDia atrás

    Few things the wiewer fears more, than a word from a sponsor. :D Also - Windows CE, ME, NT... ... Or CEMENT for short :D

  58. velociraptor898

    velociraptor898Dia atrás

    The worst Windows was millennium !

  59. Bobby Melanson

    Bobby Melanson2 dias atrás

    If I needed surgery I wouldn’t want to use a first year med student. Windows 7 and 8 were awful too. Think of windows 7 as residency and 8 as early specialty before 10 emerges as a properly capable surgeon. On the positive side Microsoft and Apple timelines complemented each other really well. I switched to Mac OS as a result of vista and back to Windows 10 as a result of Apple’s aggressive policies, quality control issues and increasingly disposable hardware. In both instances I had to switch up hardware anyway and with most of my major software now cloud based for the switch back those costs were less significant. Many people predicted that the switch to Intel would hurt Apple. Back then as someone who believed RISC was the superior model I agreed. Today with the cost savings of cross platform Intel I’m glad they did it and look forward to Apple becoming a software company much like Blackberry did.

  60. Joey Olive

    Joey Olive2 dias atrás

    Vista was not bad. People just had shit PC's since Vista was all about Aero-effect: which was a Graphics hogger. Buying a machine at a crappy store like Best Buy, just was bad. BAD! It was so much better after SP1.

  61. Murad Beybalaev

    Murad Beybalaev2 dias atrás

    Yes it was, Linus. Now stop with these silly clickbait questions. I'm not watching this.

  62. Peachfuzz

    Peachfuzz2 dias atrás

    true, Vista was a very good OS.

  63. e1

    e12 dias atrás

    Vista was a good OS. The main problem was that users try use it on the old hardware where XPs run ok, but it wasn't enough for the Vista. The minimum for normal run was dual core CPU, 2 GB of memory, the optimal 4 GB or more. That time the new low end computers came out with 1 GB, Atom processors and preinstalled Vista Basic. Of course, it was slow. The another problem was the drivers. Normal hardware was ok, but if you had some printer or scanner from 90's, you can't use it anymore, becuase there wasn't drivers for them. But if you had new and fast hrdware that time, with enough memory, Vista was a perfect and modern OS that time. I loved it, and used it till the beginning until 2009 without any problems.

  64. jim bob

    jim bob2 dias atrás

    windows Me 2.0

  65. Martin Kuliza

    Martin Kuliza2 dias atrás

    and....LET'S HAVE A MOMENT OF SILENCE....... for that forgotten poor bastard who was so psyched and paid $30,000 for a copy of vista that was personally signed by Bill Gates (i'm pretty sure it was the first released copy, and i think bill signed like 6 of them only) hehe $30k for the WORST OPERATING SYSTEM EVER.......... (le'ts not speak of M.E. shall we) hehe, Poor bastard had he paid $30k for windows7 that would be different NOW A FEW ACTUAL FACTS FROM THE DAY - YES, The driver (or lack of drivers) issue was a big thing, definitely - Consider how fucked up of an impression Vista gave the world, When windows 7 Came out (and i remember this) people were not sure what to expect and they sort of still stayed on XP for the most part, People were scared of Win 7 - The only reason they left XP was because microsoft stopped support - by that time they jumped on Win 7 but by that time Win 8 had come out and Most companies i was doing was for decided they would upgrade to 8 hehe.. STUPID STUPID MOVE, but hey, it was all about the fucking tiles, wasn't it ? So.. Vista was looked upon as the worst fucking thing ever Win 7, was the best thing ever When Win 10 came out, IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE THE HOLY GRAIL, but given microsoft's arrogance, it turned out to be UNTRUSTWORTHY

  66. smackhead

    smackhead2 dias atrás

    Windows noobs. I've been on Linux for 20 years and haven't looked back. You are aware the top 500 supercomputers are Linux? You are aware windows CPU scheduler is an absolute joke no matter what the version. You are aware even M$ uses Linux for its backend, and for all it's networking services? Newbs be Newbs.

  67. JERealize

    JERealize2 dias atrás

    I once used a Vista PC (Compaq Presario SR5633WM) from 2008 to when I got a new computer in 2012, and although I had a few issues with it, there were never any game-breaking problems for me. In fact, that computer was still being used by family members up until January of this year when I finally decided to upgrade it to 7 (the upgrade was long and hard, but it is what it is).

  68. Derrick Parkson

    Derrick Parkson2 dias atrás

    This guy is so effeminate it makes me want to slap myself and see if he would feel it.

  69. MassDynamic

    MassDynamic2 dias atrás

    to answer the question, yes.

  70. Asher E

    Asher E2 dias atrás

    I grew up on vista. Once it lost support I had to choose between 8.1 and 10. I chose 8 and still use it to this day. I might be that one guy who still likes the old and not as popular versions of windows.

  71. Robert Carnevali

    Robert Carnevali2 dias atrás

    I always kept up with the latest version of Windows (I was one of the ones who attended the midnight launch of Windows 95 at Computer City to get my copy). Vista.... wasn't terrible. Like said in the video, it had some good features. But it was overly aggressive in its interactions with the user, it was sluggish, and it just didn't feel complete. It felt like a prototype. Which is why Windows 7 was so well received.... it's what Vista was supposed to be. Though I don't understand the hate I see here towards Win10. I used Win10 at home and would go to work and use Win7. No comparison! Win7 feels crude and clunky compared to 10. Win7 was great at the time, but can't compare now.

  72. Everette Singleton

    Everette Singleton2 dias atrás

    Pure evil

  73. Mark Yates

    Mark Yates2 dias atrás

    Vista is your 95 yr old grandmother in the coffin rising up to say I'm not dead yet. Wait for SP2 lol.

  74. Mark Yates

    Mark Yates2 dias atrás

    Yes the Vista Capable was a nightmare. My customers would say well it's Vista Capable and I'm like well yes but your performance will be sluggish and it's not new enough to run Home Premium which your gonna want. Well yeah it's Vista Capable. I realize that but your not listening lol.

  75. Mark Yates

    Mark Yates2 dias atrás

    No alot or Vistas problems lay directly on the hands of software publishers for not being ready. Alot of apps just weren't compatible yet. MS kinda dropped it on them without much time. Vista was Pre Windows 7 and was actually a solid OS! I am a PC Tech and I used it for years. It's a decent or good OS but no not great.

  76. terastarship2

    terastarship22 dias atrás

    Windows Vista considered BAD due to hardware and pe·riph·er·al are seriously outdated and they work best at Windows XP. And Windows Vista is the most beautiful OS of all times.

  77. Island Computers

    Island Computers2 dias atrás

    You clicked on something on your computer, are you sure you wanted to do that? You opened Internet Explorer, are you sure you wanted to do that? You added a USB printer, are you sure you wanted to do that. You bought Windows Vista, are you SURE you wanted to do that?

  78. Island Computers

    Island Computers2 dias atrás

    Haha. The horror that is Vista. I still see a few machines running it now. 98 - good sheep ME - bad sheep, so very very bad. XP - good sheep Vista - bad sheep 7 - great sheep 8/8.1 - BAD sheep. Start sucks, Classic Shell ftw. 10 - good sheep, after a lot of class actions and updates ... - bad sheep ... - good sheep I take it you see the pattern here? Not including enterprise-only OS's obviously.

  79. Ben Miles

    Ben Miles2 dias atrás

    The birth of User Account Control. The right royal pain in the arse "FEATURE" I always instantly disable on a new computer setup. I would question your statement about it being an essential part of Windows Security (not that Windows HAS any decent security in my opinion) as I have found most people just click Yes to UAC queries without even reading what they are being asked to verify, which then leads to them becoming infected because they are under the wrongful impression that Windows Security Centre actually DOES protect them, which it doesn't ... because it's sh!t ... and I can prove it if you're reading this Micro$oft.

  80. Tarquin Farquhar

    Tarquin Farquhar2 dias atrás

    "All positions." Hehe Ruby Rod.

  81. Marcin Wieśniak

    Marcin Wieśniak2 dias atrás

    I have a laptop with Vista, which has a processor protection, which is blocking almost any app I install (I use it just for controlling some stuff, so I have no security issues)

  82. JustinsGotGame

    JustinsGotGame2 dias atrás

    If you use a pc designed for Windows 7 on Windows vista, it works GREAT

  83. jbrisby

    jbrisby2 dias atrás

    I still use Windows Vista, and I won't stop because I like how it lets me easily edit photos with sliding bars right from the viewer.

  84. jbrisby

    jbrisby2 dias atrás

    Windows 8 is far worse than Windows Vista.

  85. pamparitas

    pamparitas2 dias atrás

    i run my first movile record studio with vista in a sony notebook and before some tweeking i can say "not so bad"

  86. Aaron Darkus

    Aaron Darkus2 dias atrás

    So in conclusion: Vista was released in a time in where hardware specs cannot match it very well/ cooperate very well with the software specs, so, in consequence can we say... that Vista was a "system above it's time"?.

  87. lordraptor11

    lordraptor112 dias atrás

    as someone who had vista ultimate x64 from the original TechNet release of longhorn I can say all the user complaints were complete BS, not once did I EVER have a driver issue or a sluggish pc with vista. I even moved to a custom build pc which I also installed vista on and then eventually moved to win 7 and to be honest 7 was a much larger nightmare than vista ever was and lets not even get started on win 8, 8.1, and now win 10 which for the love of god I don't know how people could think win 10 is good. win 10 only good thing is dx12 everything else is nothing more than a bloated phone/tablet os. that is right win is basically cheaping making a mobile OS and porting it to a desktop/laptop

  88. A E

    A E2 dias atrás

    YES, YES it was

  89. Alex

    Alex2 dias atrás

    Yes. Next.

  90. cassius969

    cassius9692 dias atrás

    The faults were not worth the upsides of Vista. It was an open Beta customers got charged for.

  91. Hazard3k

    Hazard3k2 dias atrás

    i like video wallpapers, i wanna some in 10!!!

  92. big bus man boris 3384

    big bus man boris 33842 dias atrás

    Windows 10 is worse with all three of my windows 10 PCs all are buggy and they all say they use 100 percent of disk and are so much slower than my winows xp laptop

  93. big bus man boris 3384

    big bus man boris 33842 dias atrás

    I still use my windos vista laptop it's still good with its 2gb of ram and its 1.86 2 core processor I still regard it a valid item

  94. Ese Callum

    Ese Callum2 dias atrás


  95. Jeřábek Jan

    Jeřábek Jan2 dias atrás

    I was running Vista for about 5 years with no reinstal and no problem at all. As for me ... It was great system. Just saying

  96. Spekerz

    Spekerz2 dias atrás


  97. Leonardo Fernandez

    Leonardo Fernandez2 dias atrás

    Windows ME gave me cancer.

  98. Mares Fillies

    Mares Fillies2 dias atrás

    Lmao, @4:10 Apple Users experience that on a daily basis. XD Apple literally forces us to upgrade and makes it public that they do.

  99. Phoenix Jesse

    Phoenix Jesse2 dias atrás

    The main and prominent feature I absolutely adored in Vista was Aero. I'm an eye-candy kind of person and love for my computer to (or try to) look like a futuristic type of OS. I absolutely loved the amount of translucency and "glass" look and feel of the OS. Now, unfortunately Windows is (in my opinion) extremely unappealing in terms of visual appearance. It's UI has become bland and plain, and very ... Elementary.

  100. Mares Fillies

    Mares Fillies2 dias atrás

    Lol, I thought at first it was halloween. XD