Watch live: Michael Horowitz testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee


  1. yeahnaahbro

    yeahnaahbro2 dias atrás

    Is this reporter under the influence?

  2. Janice Blake

    Janice Blake3 dias atrás

    I now know that when people say I or someone else is a conspiracy theorist, that I/we are needing to raise the pole because the reality of our life is much higher stakes than we are imaging! In fact conspiracy theorist really couldn’t go far enough to make this stuff up. The reality of this corruption just couldn’t be topped by the best writers imagination. Steven King couldn’t top the reality of what was happening in our capital while we were feeling secure and believing corruption was just in our local communities. Certainly explains why there has been no action to stop the corruption in our localities. I’m sure we have all see families disrupted and children’s lives altered because of local corruption. With what is coming out at the very TOP of our countries government that stopping local corruption is not even possible. May be time we start at the top and make sure there is some accountability for our top officials. In fact we need some checks and balances in all areas of our government!

  3. The Bad Gamer

    The Bad Gamer12 dias atrás

    hillary is so scared she left the country

  4. Chatree Suwannoi

    Chatree Suwannoi15 dias atrás

    from Post NXH10Kid #U004671

  5. Кристофер Хей

    Кристофер Хей20 dias atrás

    CBS you are on my no watch no listen list for life due to your mocking bird BS attacking the best president we have had in my life. So tired of your fake manipulations to reality calling it "news".

  6. Richard kendrick

    Richard kendrick21 dia atrás


  7. Luanne David

    Luanne David25 dias atrás

    How does Ms Harris know all that stuff? Seems likes she’s getting her information from the media. So sad.

  8. Luanne David

    Luanne David18 dias atrás

    She was doing great until she said apparently. She cited news reports stated that if what she was saying was true wouldn’t it be awful. Lots of ifs and what ifs to be facts.

  9. Dan

    Dan20 dias atrás

    How does Kamala know all that stuff? Because she’s incredibly smart, knows how to do her job and pays attention on the intelligence committee (which she also serves on).

  10. Albert Patino

    Albert Patino26 dias atrás

    Feinstein was shook!

  11. Scape Goat

    Scape Goat26 dias atrás

    NSA fun 💪

  12. Scape Goat

    Scape Goat26 dias atrás


  13. InfiniteNoodle

    InfiniteNoodle27 dias atrás

    Just because you have justification to open an investigation doesn't mean its all fine and dandy to abuse your powers and do whatever you want to keep the investigation alive.

  14. InfiniteNoodle

    InfiniteNoodle27 dias atrás

    Come on Antwon. Way to quote Trump on the "few bad people" line. but this guy clearly couldn't get passed being a democrat to being honest about the situation.

  15. Eric Powell

    Eric Powell27 dias atrás

    Wow, over 1K thumbs down. The truth hurts. Horowitz toes the line and the testimony is still damning. Obama's muh' legacy.

  16. Ray Cabana

    Ray Cabana28 dias atrás

    CBS sucks. Stop covering for LIES AND ABUSE OF FISA. Wow so corrupt media is

  17. RunningStories

    RunningStories28 dias atrás

    You are fake news

  18. reposhizz

    reposhizzMês atrás

    I applaud CBSN; at how good they are at sophistry against a clear abuse of power by the FBI and State Dept. while pretending that Trump is the one that abused his power. They've been investigating Trump since before he was a clear candidate. With the full force of the government-and I'm sure, upwards of 50 million dollars(of your money)-the two articles are what they have? Just in time to smear hime just before another possible election?

  19. Luanne David

    Luanne DavidMês atrás

    So upsetting that these Democrats are more interested in the statement that he found no bias than in the fact that we have liars and thieves in our justice department.

  20. HatRatt

    HatRattMês atrás

    Was it intentional... was it incompetence? Maybe it was: "I don't want to loose my cushy job so I will do anything you say boss.... like I will hear no evil, say no evil, see no evil."

  21. HatRatt

    HatRattMês atrás

    If Trump's attorney gets investigated (for offering to trade favors with Ukraine for an investigation of Biden) would OUR investigators THEN look into Biden's activities with Ukraine?

  22. A Russian Asset

    A Russian AssetMês atrás

    I will say I had my reservations about watching this, but it sounds like some MSM may be seeing the light, and disclosing facts, not conjecture, opinion, or presumptions.

  23. Carolyn Moore

    Carolyn MooreMês atrás

    Notice how the Dems want to get off discussions about FISA abuse.

  24. ferenzpushkash

    ferenzpushkashMês atrás

    So Molly Hooper insists that the investigation started when information came to light from Australia, about Papadopoulos' contact with Russians came to light. Papadopoulos was set up and stitched up. The USA intelligence community interference in the election started earlier. Who can trust the main stream media to get anything right? Let's wait for Durham.

  25. June Buggy

    June BuggyMês atrás

    CBSN is not reporting the depth of what was revealed in the senate during this testimony. A real news station would report the historic findings. I’m furious at our main news resources, they are sticking their heads in the sand.

  26. Bill Brown

    Bill BrownMês atrás

    If "that's not what prompted" the investigation, she says. If that were true, the FBI would not have "omitted" CIA emails 17 X's in VA, DC, & NY on 4 fisas

  27. alvin bond

    alvin bondMês atrás

    Should have gave him a medal.

  28. Jolujo 58

    Jolujo 58Mês atrás


  29. Steph A

    Steph AMês atrás

    I could do without the ridiculous media opinions and go straight to the video.

  30. Joe Blow

    Joe BlowMês atrás

    Amen they're completely full of crap.

  31. HAI

    HAIMês atrás

    It’s hilarious to see announcers trying to cover up coverup of actual Bias while trying but failing to be Fair

  32. HAI

    HAIMês atrás

    These announcers have to read dot understand report before actually commenting on what report. Said on bias. They would acyually be useful if they did this

  33. Cinemma

    CinemmaMês atrás

    You guys are clearly deleting comments on this video. 600k views and the top comment has 39 likes and there’s literally only about 8 comments with over 4 likes... I’ll probably get thanos’d too. Thanks for the fascism.

  34. joshua tutorow

    joshua tutorowMês atrás

    May be Russian interference but to put it on Trump??

  35. joshua tutorow

    joshua tutorowMês atrás

    When Cruz mentions Hillary Horwitz goes to his Hillary folder and tries to look at really quickly when I'm asked this what am I supposed to answer

  36. Jolujo 58

    Jolujo 58Mês atrás

    Try to make sense when you post please

  37. HatRatt

    HatRattMês atrás

    Can anyone guess who the "friendly foreign government" was?

  38. HatRatt

    HatRattMês atrás

    @Brett Elliott Thank you.

  39. Brett Elliott

    Brett ElliottMês atrás

    HatRatt he said it was Australia in the beginning but later said he wouldn’t disclose it as it was classified... oops 🤷🏻‍♂️

  40. Ibrahim Issiakou

    Ibrahim IssiakouMês atrás

    And don’t use the fake Fox News use cnn. And the New York Times and the Washington Post.

  41. Jonathan Clark

    Jonathan Clark27 dias atrás

    keep the truth hidden, hum?

  42. Ibrahim Issiakou

    Ibrahim IssiakouMês atrás

    I’mpeach Trump!!

  43. Kyle Chandler

    Kyle ChandlerMês atrás

    Lindsey has a bright future as a breitbart spinner- expect a Paul-esque corporatist exit

  44. Keg

    KegMês atrás

    You could of included CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, VOX, NYT, WAPO....Well you get the idea.

  45. Kyle Chandler

    Kyle ChandlerMês atrás


  46. Peter Ciurea

    Peter CiureaMês atrás

    Think of flipping a coin, one that had a pro -trump and a anti-Trump side, Let's call it SCALES OR FEDS. FEDS, U lose, SCALES, U WIN. Here are some of the probabilities involved in consecutive flips going either for or against you. Flip once, it's a 50% chance you lose(or win). Flip 6 times (remember HRC's Nevada primary was won this way) your chance of winning(or losing) all of them in a row is 0.0156% . To have the flip go against you 17 times is a 0.00076% chance. Now, Horowitz called out 17 Major issues, but referenced there were many, said around 50 such issues, but less important. The chance of 50 flips going against you is 1 in a Quadrillion!!.That's 50 considering Horowitz was not authorized to talk to ANYONE outside of FBI. Just thinking about Mueller, add another 19 because he was unable to find ONE gop leaning member on the team. if you take the number to 69 it's a chance so remote it rivals major cosmic questions

  47. Oto Varovs

    Oto VarovsMês atrás

    Fake news. CNN level.

  48. Nancy Markoff

    Nancy MarkoffMês atrás

    Families torn apart??? What about children in dog kennels away from their parents.

  49. jannmutube

    jannmutubeMês atrás

    ---- > The purpose of a counter-intelligence investigation is NOT to protect the President, any individual person or group, or conspiratorial actors who invite foreign interference in our elections. It is to protect the Constitution and national security. What's the purpose in briefing a potential criminal, a person (Michael Flynn) who is already the subject of an FBI investigation?. .... Trump didn't fire his National Security Advisor after finding out from the FBI that he could be compromised and lied to them ... until after the media exposed it. It's ridiculous to brand someone as biased because they don't want a president who solicits help from a foreign adversaries.. Republicans are so disingenuous. They won't even pass legislation that requires back up paper ballots in elections. ---- > The ones to be remembered: Former mi6 agent Christopher Steele gave the dossier to the FBI and to his own government. Former British diplomat, Sir Andrew Wood, gave the dossier to John McCain. Lyndsey Graham advised McCain to give it to the FBI. McCain gave it to the FBI and the McCain Institute. .... Steele informed Mother Jones News about the existence of a dossier in September. 2016 The In January 2017, McCain Institute gave the Steele dossier to Buzzfeed who was the first to publish it. ---- > it was not in U.S. interests to fire one of our top intelligence agents for more than 20 years. Strzok was the senior person in the U.S. government in charge of investigating foreign governments mounting intelligence operations against the United States on U.S. soil. ... "Reports say pressure to fire Strzok came from Trump. The OPR (Office of Personal Responsibliity) was over ruled by Boutisch, the deputy director." Peter Strzok’s Lawyer: Firing Was ‘Political’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC .

  50. nardina estrella

    nardina estrellaMês atrás

    Childish impeachment against the President? Only for election propaganda? More damage done to the US government!

  51. James Blare

    James BlareMês atrás

    WHOA WHOA WHOA their first guest was wrong. the Steele dossier was quote “We determined the Crossfire Hurricane team’s receipt of the Steele election reporting on Sept. 19, 2016 played a central and essential role in the FBI and Department’s decision to seek the FISA order". you can find it on pages 80, 94, 95, AND 102 Why are they trying to spin it to say it wasn't the main reason to open the investigation? MSM is at it again. This report should scare every American.

  52. James Blare

    James BlareMês atrás

    @B They had spies in the Trump campaign long before that and used the FISA to justify their spying on Trump's campaign as early as April and May. It isn't hard to find just look it up Horowitz investigation was narrow in scope and if you had heard what he said, he said that they wouldn't give him a date to as when they started to spy on Trump. We know this, You cannot spy on an American citizen without a FISA warrant. Without the dossier they would not have probable cause.

  53. B

    BMês atrás

    Perhaps i am misunderstanding you James but you seem to be confusing the beginning of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation (Jul 31) with the FISA application (Oct 21) the latter of which was a result of the FBI receiving Steele’s dossier on Sep 19.

  54. James Blare

    James BlareMês atrás

    I'm just saying what the report says.

  55. B

    BMês atrás

    I believe Crossfire Hurricane was launched on Jul 31 whereas the FISA order was sought upon receipt of Steele dossier on Sep 19 and issued on Oct 21. Nevertheless “the real” reason (Papadopoulos) the FBI claim it launched the investigation is even WORSE. Quoting Kimberley Strassel’s book Resistance: “Papadopoulous’s April conversation with Mifsud was supposed to be what inspired this entire FBI probe. But it took the Bureau nine months to formally interview Papadopoulos. The former aide sat willingly and would later testify that he thought he was there to assist the FBI. The FBI would instead turn around and charge him with lying about whether he was officially part of the Trump campaign when he had his conversation with Mifsud. The Mueller team would labor to explain how these “lies” had materially impeded their investigation, in particular their ability to fully question Mifsud when he was in the country in February 2017. Papadopoulos to this day insists he did not intentionally lie to the FBI-that he simply misremembered dates-and that he was pressured into a plea deal. And the claim that confusion over those dates hurt the FBI’s investigation is nonsensical. The FBI had known since at least July about the Mifsud communication. Mifsud in February talked to the FBI, and according to The Hill columnist John Solomon, then followed up by sending the FBI an e-“mail. The FBI was in contact with Mifsud! It could have gone back to clarify issues. Papadopoulos was a minor figure in the Trump campaign, caught up in a sensationalized story that we now know was irrelevant. So why would prosecutors work so, so hard to get jail time? Because they needed a scalp.”

  56. C JO

    C JOMês atrás

    And NOTHING will happen to a single one of the crooked corrupt liars. They will collect their BIG salaries on the backs of honest Americans. Americans need stop fighting each other and revolt against the corrupt government.

  57. miopera40

    miopera40Mês atrás

    The brits and zionists have way more influence on US elections AND ACTUAL US POLICY than Russia

  58. Jim Snelling

    Jim SnellingMês atrás

    CBS cut testimony by Horowitz telling this idiot Comey and anyone who touched this was not vindicated!!!!!!

  59. Md Khan

    Md KhanMês atrás

    Amy K says we can be honest. Ironic indeed.

  60. Tsering Kindy

    Tsering KindyMês atrás

    They didn’t tell him because Donald Trump is the culprit with you Mr chair

  61. GTC

    GTCMês atrás


  62. C JO

    C JOMês atrás


  63. Bonnie Nero

    Bonnie NeroMês atrás

    Bull! Horowitz deliberately started his investigate late..omitting emails between Page and Stroz

  64. Cherry Top

    Cherry TopMês atrás

    Feinstein looks like a corpse

  65. Michael Rom

    Michael RomMês atrás

    Antoine is one of those blinded Trump haters that's just not going to listen to reason no matter how clear the facts are.

  66. Rex Parker

    Rex ParkerMês atrás

    Did anybody catch that BS Kamala Harris was running? What a crock! Her narrative is from the lame stream media who hype all things fake news! She's a liar! No wonder she's a presidential drop out. Honest democrats don't support liars. Also, I was surprised that fake news CBS brought up some points in favor of the truthful narrative that Trump was spied on. Cudos to Molly Hooper for trying to keep the narrative on point.

  67. joyce roberts

    joyce robertsMês atrás

    Oh this is precious. Ted Cruz flapping his gums about abuse of power, while defending the orange blowtard who insinuated that Cruz's father had a part in the assassination of JFK.


    -AWO ASTRALWORKZ-Mês atrás

    1:45 :00 Is the friendly foreign government they want to hide England..!!!!!

  69. Gandalf

    GandalfMês atrás

    No, the friendly foreign government was Australia (the individual involved is a man named Downer). BUT your instincts are right because the CIA was conspiring with GCHQ (the British NSA) to gather intel on American citizens. This scandal, I think, is the largest in history.

  70. tim huston

    tim hustonMês atrás

    demoRATS ARE the Problem ! demoRAT voters should be ashamed !

  71. geminimc692

    geminimc692Mês atrás

    ...and now CBS is complicit in the coup against the President CBS lied about the dossier and the Russia hoax for over 2 years and covered up for Epstein for years as well Despicable enemies of the people!


    MTTM TMMTMês atrás

    I can't wait until the child trafficking evidence against the DS is released. The MSM will have their work cut out for them.

  73. J Frank

    J FrankMês atrás

    They’re part of that. CEO of MSNBC just resigned

  74. Beverly Thompson

    Beverly ThompsonMês atrás

    The FBI stands with Killer Clinton. Clinton probably had Seth Rich killed and the FBI probably killed him for Killer Clinton. They’re dirty crooks.

  75. Jamie Penrose

    Jamie PenroseMês atrás

    Greatest danger to a free system and civil liberties is a dictator who tries to control the entire state. Checks and balances works best to preserve a democracy. FBI should be biased against criminal behaviour and focus on uncovering the facts, let them do their job. The findings should be challenged not hidden. Maybe a president is not qualified for the job if he or she retains a huge legal team, and continues to tie things up in the courts in order to preserve secrets.

  76. Jonathan Clark

    Jonathan Clark27 dias atrás

    what sort of bollox is that? best you can do?

  77. John Barney

    John BarneyMês atrás

    They. Spun a wheel, and it landed on TRUMP 2020. Seventeen times in a row ! Filthy liar. Horowitz ! CIA agent lied on by dem filthy lawyer !