Waxing and Ranting: the sequel


  1. Heather Elizabeth

    Heather Elizabeth13 horas atrás

    if you like The Office you might like letterkenny

  2. kawaii leafeon

    kawaii leafeonDia atrás

    me if I ever waxed my legs: OH IMA DIE SIS TELL CRACKER BARRELL I LOVE IT Joanna waxing her legs: ~ rips the wax off ~ ITS NOT A PHASE MOM

  3. brianna gallinal

    brianna gallinalDia atrás

    little did she now in 2019 everyone would throw up at the thought of river dale

  4. Han Mai

    Han Mai6 dias atrás

    Joana is not wrong, Dolan twins is not hot, they are just so attractive, like l-em-no, no no

  5. Too Daloo

    Too Daloo7 dias atrás

    U could watch parks and recreation it’s on Netflix it’s so good

  6. Manni -

    Manni -9 dias atrás

    Any female youtuber: exists Emma’s fans: STOP COPYING 😤😤😤 BE U 😡

  7. milky suga honey

    milky suga honey11 dias atrás

    funny because i cant STAND emma c. but i loooove joana lool

  8. Typical Gacha

    Typical Gacha15 dias atrás

    I got a wax stip ad like two seconds ago.... Ok ThE liTeRAl FuCK!? JOANA THE GODS HAVE SPOKENNNNNNN

  9. Olivia W

    Olivia W17 dias atrás

    0:00 Turn captions on 😂

  10. Amira Kaylana

    Amira Kaylana17 dias atrás

    Jane Celerystick 2018: being a small creator is great Jane Celerystick 2019: *has over 2 million subscribblers*

  11. David McCall

    David McCall20 dias atrás

    I prefer extortion love creed

  12. FattyFlapJack !

    FattyFlapJack !22 dias atrás

    Differences between Emma and John Cena: 1) Joana doesn’t curse every .69 milliseconds 2)Joana is hygienic 3)Joana is actually funny 4) Joana has a wide vocabulary that doesn’t just consist of curse worlds and “like” 5) She actually makes appealing content

  13. Iszya Castaneda

    Iszya Castaneda23 dias atrás

    watch friends but the office is really good in fact it is great

  14. julissa trujillo

    julissa trujillo23 dias atrás

    Binge watching John cena... I'm almost dead of laughter 😂😂💖✌😜

  15. Eleanor UwU

    Eleanor UwU24 dias atrás

    * A wild John Cena appears *

  16. ALE TMN

    ALE TMN25 dias atrás

    geez i hate Riverdale so fucking much

  17. Nehir Ozpinar

    Nehir Ozpinar27 dias atrás

    11:55 yes joanna you are a small youtuber with just 2.97 million subcribers

  18. this is cool Lat

    this is cool Lat27 dias atrás

    My friends last name is Chamberlain😂

  19. Cupcake Marshmallow

    Cupcake Marshmallow28 dias atrás

    *Small BRreporterr*

  20. Emily Jones

    Emily JonesMês atrás

    Love the intro....

  21. anxious person

    anxious personMês atrás

    i don’t and have never watched emma chamberlain so if jesus christopher makes a reference to her i have no idea

  22. Aesthetic Plants

    Aesthetic PlantsMês atrás

    The reason John Cena doesn’t watch that many TV shows or much BRreporter is because she is her own entertainment and she has been very generous to share her entertainment with us

  23. Ciera Alvarez

    Ciera AlvarezMês atrás

    Turn on your captions at the very beginning of the video

  24. twitchy mist

    twitchy mistMês atrás

    Finally someone agrees with me a bout riverdale

  25. Nalani Marie Ramirez Garcia

    Nalani Marie Ramirez GarciaMês atrás

    beeswax is the real chapstick!!!!! beeswax is where its at

  26. ÜnicornPugs Schwarz

    ÜnicornPugs SchwarzMês atrás

    My tea is to hot ☕️ And i oop

  27. Dorcas Powell

    Dorcas PowellMês atrás

    5:43...my dream lifestyle🤩.My 13 yr old son told me about your channel.

  28. ging3rdragon

    ging3rdragonMês atrás

    👍 nice talk.

  29. Savannah Swindoll

    Savannah SwindollMês atrás

    I watch The Hunger Games when I was five with my sister and my mom and Riverdale is my favorite show ever

  30. Selena Shalash

    Selena ShalashMês atrás

    I don't like riverdale either man

  31. Alyssa Dosemagen

    Alyssa DosemagenMês atrás

    Emma v Joanna

  32. chai tea

    chai teaMês atrás

    you make me happy when i'm sad.

  33. LuckOf Thebeans

    LuckOf ThebeansMês atrás

    How dare you insult Stefan Karl Stefanson. The Dolan twins look like a Dr Seuss character


    SIMPLY SAVANAMês atrás


  35. Ann Lester

    Ann LesterMês atrás

    Joana if you are reading this i Shrek got stuck in my swamp and please come to help me because fiiona just went to the bottom to find her wallet Sincerely Shrek

  36. Katie Gacha gamer

    Katie Gacha gamerMês atrás


  37. Brittskaya

    BrittskayaMês atrás

    I just keep rewatching the office... lol

  38. Marah Morris

    Marah MorrisMês atrás

    I feel like Emma, Joanna, and all these other ReLaTaBLe BRreporterrs are just being normal people (and by normal I mean 21st century teenagers raised with social media).

  39. savannah lemons

    savannah lemonsMês atrás

    oh and joana the thing about the office is you cant stop watching the office. just watch it over and over and over again. Im 13 and I have watched it 5 times. Good Luck!🔥🔥

  40. savannah lemons

    savannah lemonsMês atrás

    james Charles: achoo- *And I o0p* joana ceddia: ach0oO- *coughs*

  41. Filip Bošnjak

    Filip BošnjakMês atrás

    What's riverdale?

  42. L Rusk

    L RuskMês atrás

    I HATE riverdale I can not stand it

  43. Helena Kondrova

    Helena KondrovaMês atrás

    Seems she likes posting waxing videos . You must do a tutorial👏🙌

  44. Bangtan Forever

    Bangtan ForeverMês atrás

    its eleven at night, i have 4 things due in the next 2 days, i have been binge watching joana for 7 hours now... i don't regret it, that's what makes it worse.

  45. Izzy Orozco

    Izzy OrozcoMês atrás

    I was brushing my hair was watching this video and watching joanna keep waxing her legs and I got Distracted I ended up brushing my legs😂🤣

  46. carson

    carsonMês atrás

    A wild john cena appears

  47. Carly Taylor

    Carly TaylorMês atrás

    The office is life I'm ten Do you hear me? I'm reading The Hunger Games I relate to this video

  48. that wierd dinosaur

    that wierd dinosaurMês atrás

    its better to watch it with captions

  49. nam jams

    nam jamsMês atrás

    If one hair gets plucked of of me I act like I'm dying but joana.......... Sis how do you keep a straight face like I cant 👁👄👁 I'm not hating I'm mesmerised

  50. Yara Rivera Medina

    Yara Rivera MedinaMês atrás

    This beautiful creature motivates me to wax my long ass hairy legs

  51. rianna yong

    rianna yongMês atrás

    7 nanny’sOMGAHGODDDDDDD so many many nanny’s I have zero cuz she ded

  52. Sydney McGee

    Sydney McGeeMês atrás

    I agree with u on riverdale, like its so bad after season one. I'm now just watching friends cuzzzzzz

  53. portable tnt

    portable tntMês atrás

    And the hunger games!!!!!!!!

  54. portable tnt

    portable tntMês atrás

    Never read the books tho....

  55. portable tnt

    portable tntMês atrás

    I llllllllllloooovvvveeeee the office!!!!!!!

  56. Alexandra Tromborg

    Alexandra TromborgMês atrás

    5:53 yes yes yes yes yes yes

  57. Barbara Pinto

    Barbara PintoMês atrás

    I had to see this video to actually realise that Joana has the most attractive feet on BRreporter

  58. fionna cake

    fionna cakeMês atrás

    Who loves both Emma & Joanna *_equally_* everyone : 🙅‍♂️🙅‍♀️ me : 🙋🏻‍♀️

  59. maureen tiamiyu

    maureen tiamiyuMês atrás

    If in the beginning of the video you put it in subtitles it says a wild John cena apears

  60. amer alkulaibi

    amer alkulaibiMês atrás

    Hoi like if u love joana

  61. FML FMS

    FML FMSMês atrás

    I fucking love the English subtitles. 11/10