We Built a Life Size Minecraft House


  1. Ryan Trahan

    Ryan Trahan5 meses atrás

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  2. Rachel Sandland

    Rachel Sandland3 dias atrás

    Ryan Trahan P

  3. Sira Ledford

    Sira Ledford10 dias atrás

    Y wouldnt i ?

  4. The dark reaper 534

    The dark reaper 53413 dias atrás


  5. Fee Mail

    Fee Mail18 dias atrás

    Ok boomer

  6. Smile Today

    Smile Today19 dias atrás

    I did like 10 months ago

  7. Troy Maxsom

    Troy Maxsom10 horas atrás

    The guy in the back at 6:58

  8. Pigeon Productions

    Pigeon Productions14 horas atrás


  9. kinterecc

    kinterecc15 horas atrás

    0/10 not defying gravity

  10. BEAST MODE!!!

    BEAST MODE!!!15 horas atrás

    Ryan is over here like,”Hold my potion of Strength and watch this shit.”

  11. BEAST MODE!!!

    BEAST MODE!!!15 horas atrás

    He shoulda used Flex Tape

  12. darandomthangs official

    darandomthangs officialDia atrás

    each minecraft block is 1 meter. true fact. so the player is 2 meters tall

  13. EEK Turk

    EEK TurkDia atrás

    Rain comes and BOOM

  14. Battsie

    Battsie2 dias atrás

    the tallest guy in the world was 6 feet when he was 8 and managed to become 8 11

  15. Oliver Kronborg

    Oliver Kronborg2 dias atrás

    do you have a Lamborghini urus

  16. Ashlee Romer

    Ashlee Romer2 dias atrás

    15:28 kills me

  17. Ohm Animation and drawing

    Ohm Animation and drawing2 dias atrás

    The texture update...

  18. Lil McNugget

    Lil McNugget2 dias atrás

    Rain rain go away

  19. izaiah jenkins

    izaiah jenkins2 dias atrás

    each block weighs 10 lbs



    Ryan: I think we exceeded anyone’s expectations Me: my expectations was the thumbnails

  21. Rachel Sandland

    Rachel Sandland3 dias atrás


  22. Brayden Michael

    Brayden Michael4 dias atrás

    Just watching this vid makes my back hurt....

  23. Michael Castillo

    Michael Castillo5 dias atrás

    I remember seeing this on faze rugs channel and I was like who the heck is that guy and from there I met you and haven’t left since

  24. Dee23 Gaming

    Dee23 Gaming5 dias atrás

    Dang I thought it was Minecraft Earth

  25. Isak filbært

    Isak filbært6 dias atrás

    steve dont skip leg day

  26. Autistic Big Brain

    Autistic Big Brain6 dias atrás

    Who watched this on faze rug's channel

  27. Survivor man Ricks

    Survivor man Ricks7 dias atrás

    Look in the back 7:01

  28. Claire Lu

    Claire Lu7 dias atrás

    1 Minecraft block = 1 meter that’s what my brother told me

  29. Brick Noob TV

    Brick Noob TV8 dias atrás

    Used Minecraft earth for thumbnail

  30. jerry Perez

    jerry Perez8 dias atrás

    66 0_0

  31. Tyson

    Tyson8 dias atrás

    Steve can hold 64 of this house in his pockets

  32. Wyatt Worley

    Wyatt Worley9 dias atrás


  33. Stik Ninja

    Stik Ninja10 dias atrás

    Just imagine the random people walking by like "What the f*ck are those people doing?"

  34. Adonai Flores Solis

    Adonai Flores Solis10 dias atrás

    Faze rug

  35. Ronan Bochnia

    Ronan Bochnia10 dias atrás

    My dad is 6 feet so he is a real Minecraft person

  36. sammie krimpelman

    sammie krimpelman11 dias atrás

    you said your 6 feet then 7 feet now 9 feet how much feet are you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. sammie krimpelman

    sammie krimpelman11 dias atrás

    omg o my gosh

  38. THE Masked_CUCUMBER

    THE Masked_CUCUMBER11 dias atrás

    Which doushe bags dislike these videos

  39. Mr.WarriorYT

    Mr.WarriorYT12 dias atrás

    look at the guy in the back round at 7:00

  40. AKA

    AKA12 dias atrás

    Respect to him for not putting ft.Faze Rug in the title

  41. Jeandre Florez

    Jeandre Florez12 dias atrás

    If you guys wanted to paint it you should have called marko or messege him he is a desinger and painter search him up on youtube

  42. Luke Martin

    Luke Martin12 dias atrás

    Best collab

  43. Heath Dick

    Heath Dick12 dias atrás

    Stack two and put it on the other two

  44. Ender Ghoul

    Ender Ghoul13 dias atrás

    If you build house in minecraft and done You=okay. Done If you build minecraft house in reality and done You=yaaasssss..... The house its done!!!! Horray

  45. Beastmode

    Beastmode13 dias atrás

    My mane rug