We Built a Life Size Minecraft House


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    no again

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    spend 24 hours in it

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    Lmao 6:58 the dude on the background 😂😂😂 is looking at y’all like “what” 😂

  7. Ha-ha-ha-hapa

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    Whose house? Very fancy, parents making money. Ryan's house, very boxy, also made from money

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    So like I'm sorry like how many times like did you like say like in this video though (no offense ) LIKE LOVE YOUR VIDEOS! 😋

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    Mincraft succccccccccs 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

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    I barely realized you were the one in rugs vid🤧💀🥴🤦‍♀️

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    This reminds me of when i was young. Used to make forts, it was so fun. We would put sleeping bags and tvs in there and sleep outside. Now i am depressed most the time lol

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    I gasped when I saw the pug... ❤️

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    My friend: *Goes in my backyard* we need to talk about your minecraft addict- Me: *Building a minecraft house* Umm... This is for science... I mesured... And... Umm...

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    Love the bAsKeTbAlL gOaL (first few min)

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    Yo imagine when Ryan finds out that there's something called Minecraft Earth

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    use me as a “i want ryan to do a 24 hour in the house” button

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    Each block is a meter

  20. Johan Lee Meyer

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    Wtf he did a video with a faze clan member wtf

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    fake miniature!!! no its really a block

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    2000 ÷ 150 = 13.3333333333 ,Ryan there's your andser


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    HIDDEN COMMENT: no one: ryan: im 9 feet tall

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    I recommend 14:46 😃

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    Not going to lie. I really wanted to jump in one of the boxes without anything and sleep. How much does one of the boxes cost? 😂✌🏻

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    my shoulders are *intense pause* QUAKING.

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    *Rain starts pouring*

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    and we're totally 6'4 hahah

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    No one: Ryan: im 9 feet tall

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    How much the real house ?

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    6:58 his face tho😂

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    spend 24 hours in it!

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    More colabs plz

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    8:55 pug alert!!! (And 9:09) 😁😁

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    Y'all should help Donald Trump build his wall

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    6:56 look at that dood....

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    6:45 to see what he was looking at

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    Yoo dude your low on recourses


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    Next day later it rains

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    Yoo shud teem up with cad wild cla he is a ninja

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    No one: Ryan: iM nInE FeEt tAlL

  42. The Life of Elise

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    Ive been playing minecraft for 5 years

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    Faze rug nice collab

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    classic youtubers following the current trend

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    Epic gamer moment

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    Mr.Beast startttt

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    They should have just gone on creative... it would've been faster

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    6:59 hez starin👀 Lmao

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    The 3.7k dislikes is FortNite on 3.7k accounts

  50. Victoria Wojcik

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    Yeah 2 boxes are approx 5inches higher/taller than Faze cause he’s only 5’7 (super short) and 2 boxes are 6ft!

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    HAVE A PART 2!!!

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    Put a door

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    omg you know faze rug ow

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    Holy shit I watched brians video and I remember being like "oh that dudes probably just a nobody..." and then one day I saw ur "survived on a penny for 3 days" video and I totally forgot who you we're, I was like "damn faze rug and ryan trahan should do a collab" and lmfao here I am now finding out that guy I thought was a nobody became my fav youtuber xD

  55. Why the fuck

    Why the fuck7 dias atrás

    No one: Ryan: I’m 9ft tall

  56. Me and the buds Vlog life

    Me and the buds Vlog life7 dias atrás

    OhHh your not

  57. Me and the buds Vlog life

    Me and the buds Vlog life7 dias atrás

    Your at tfox’s house ?

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    Why did you collab with faze rug???

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    I can just imagine a 7 year old asking this guy to bring this to minecon and him being like , how I used the pieces for packing!? Or whatever I think he should keep it though or put it inside!!

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    Just use minecraft earth you incels

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    Call papa Jake and you good for the rest of the time

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    no one: ryan: i’m 9 feet tall

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    14:44 did donald trump see this yet

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  65. Drahoslava StormSea

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    The guy in the backround at the home depo: guy: wtf are they doing ????

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    @9:14 who's pug is that XD

  67. Epic Eliza

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    Ryan your house is AMAZING!

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    thx for not stealing content and put the cred in the descprictoin cant spell

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    that guys face 😂 6:55

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    2:13 whyyyyy did u do thaaaat

  71. Cameron Kuperman

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    i cant even make that house in minecraft how did they do that in real life 😂

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    i thought the car was rolling off the drive way

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    Sub 2 Ryan. He works very hard on all of his videos. And he is very funny.(: keep up the good work Ryan!

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    I wonder how much this costed

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    I really thought this was going to be Minecraft AR edition

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    the guy at 6:58 who looks directly at the camera 😂

  78. Random Name

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    Steve is 2 blocks tall which is 2 meters and a meter and a half is 5 feet so Steve is 7.5 feet so that means 2 blocks is 7.5 feet not 6 it’s not to scale

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    who that

  80. Bhavreen Kaur

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    I just have a felling that characters in Minecraft are going to take over and make this world Minecraft like if u agree 🧟‍♂️👍🏽

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    Good video but I think I could do without Mr. Hypeman. Ryan alone is 10/10.

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    I just paused the video when I say Brian lmao

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    Would be been easier spray painting lmao