1. Brittany Jackson

    Brittany Jackson15 dias atrás

    It’s 2020 time to get Patty a girl

  2. Aisha Cole

    Aisha Cole20 dias atrás

    okay clare i see you with the turtle neck on 💧🤩

  3. jayde Smith-Paul

    jayde Smith-Paul24 dias atrás

    wait one side of the chain was legend and clare but was the other side

  4. Alayzha Toston

    Alayzha Toston29 dias atrás

    Clarence nyc 📺 tv 📺 is one ☝️ I was Christmas Eve is the Love 💗 day one of day your

  5. Alayzha Toston

    Alayzha Toston29 dias atrás

    Are all burn all morning call you old old are you where are all the birthday boy will be looking for warm what are you know the Tommy birthday card I don’t know why you’re always cold yeah I don’t want to call love you I am your not nowadays I just did

  6. Alayzha Toston

    Alayzha Toston29 dias atrás

    Royal family is one ☝️ was the day day you were going out for the day

  7. Loretta Randell

    Loretta RandellMês atrás

    I did not know bjfrombruv was friends with them 😮

  8. Jess Yd

    Jess YdMês atrás


  9. Melinda Jean Pierre

    Melinda Jean PierreMês atrás

    Is that BJ from BjfromBruv??

  10. Bri Rose

    Bri RoseMês atrás

    When they was going down that hill together all i could think about is that be they bedroom sounds 😂

  11. Michelle VanGuilder

    Michelle VanGuilderMês atrás

    That white girl really needs to go looking at every body like she is to good to be there that girl is lucky to be with all of you...

  12. Tia Love

    Tia LoveMês atrás

    nah lie your video person is good!

  13. Olivia Parchment

    Olivia ParchmentMês atrás

    Omg I went there wit my bsf

  14. mersaedes hubbard

    mersaedes hubbardMês atrás

    queen look dumb high in the end

  15. Maia Milani

    Maia MilaniMês atrás

    It should be a crime to be that damn fine Claremce. If it was, I sentence you to life with me.

  16. Xiomara’s YouTube

    Xiomara’s YouTubeMês atrás

    Clarence be getting so embarrassed Lmaaooo

  17. Gnyria Simpson

    Gnyria SimpsonMês atrás

    Me and Clare got the same Birthday!!!!!❣️😘🥳🥳🥳

  18. Se rena

    Se renaMês atrás

    Clarence lil scream going down the hill 😂😂 y’all killing vlogmas and this whole youtube thing that’s wassup much love ❤️

  19. Mary Jae Louis

    Mary Jae LouisMês atrás

    Yall I gotta know where can I get a fur coat from like urs….. I loooooovvvvve it.....

  20. Mekyiala kidd

    Mekyiala kiddMês atrás

    Clarence funny he mad sure them "Tims" didn't touch that snow though. Lol

  21. Prohoe Baggins

    Prohoe BagginsMês atrás

    That chain brought tears to his eyes. 😭

  22. yanistar10 c

    yanistar10 cMês atrás

    Was Queen about to say doctors visits? 👀 is she pregnant again?

  23. OyaLuvv

    OyaLuvvMês atrás

    Smh did his ex have to do all of this just to keep him?? Things Queen need to ask herself

  24. Chelsea's Light

    Chelsea's LightMês atrás

    Queen never lost her man voice lol

  25. Crystal Sykes

    Crystal SykesMês atrás

    Great birthday gift

  26. yeye 123

    yeye 123Mês atrás

    12:11-12:13 I'm in tears awwwh❤😭

  27. yeye 123

    yeye 123Mês atrás

    8:15-8:20 is literally my reaction when ppl start singing happy birthday on my bday😭

  28. destiny morrow

    destiny morrowMês atrás

    My bday in 16 days

  29. Reajean Bennett

    Reajean BennettMês atrás

    Clarence in a black turtleneck with his drip around his neck is soooo icy💎❤❤❤

  30. CameriM

    CameriMMês atrás

    This has to be one of my favorite vlogsss🥺🥰full of love, laughter, friends, and family❤️much love and happy belated Clare

  31. TheRealNunu.K

    TheRealNunu.KMês atrás

    Where is this place they went snow boarding at ?

  32. LifeOfNey

    LifeOfNeyMês atrás

    Queen on the escalator “this is so fun” 😭😭 she’s so cute and innocent

  33. Melanin Bri

    Melanin BriMês atrás

    Why do they all just pick with patty :(

  34. Lovely Zahara

    Lovely ZaharaMês atrás

    That chain was lit asl🔥

  35. Kamea Stew

    Kamea StewMês atrás

    That place is real fun going there for Christmas🥳🥳

  36. Jamila Stidham

    Jamila StidhamMês atrás

    At 5:28 Queen looks very Arabic not even funny

  37. Ki Ki

    Ki KiMês atrás

    “Can u come inside.. can u come inside please” Queen: “yeahhh... “ Knowing damn well only cause ya ass cold 🤣

  38. Kia Carter

    Kia CarterMês atrás

    When Queen said “hell yeah mane” and Clarence was like “hell yeah” 😂

  39. Jeniz Ferreira

    Jeniz FerreiraMês atrás

    That’s a maddddd breakfast 🥞 😍😍

  40. mzcynik1

    mzcynik1Mês atrás

    Queen you are an extremely thoughtful and sweet girlfriend. I remember the issue with his previous necklace..but for you to keep that on your mind knowing how much it meant to him and craft a new necklace with Clare, his father and Legend...wow, you're amazing👌🏽

  41. Tonya' Sutton

    Tonya' SuttonMês atrás

    Y’all in atl huh why u ain’t take Cj to Stone Mountain for Christmas 🎄 wait hol up real quick where y’all at? This look funner than Stone Mountain wait I gotta google this

  42. OhThatsReeny

    OhThatsReenyMês atrás

    whats the name of this place?

  43. princess dej

    princess dejMês atrás

    New York people always litty where ever we go ... 😝💪🏽... I love the necklace

  44. Jelly Reynoso

    Jelly ReynosoMês atrás

    Who the one put on the change on him he looking like a dinner

  45. Jorge feliz

    Jorge felizMês atrás

    Am I the only one that don't really like the camera man? the video quality is very amateur like

  46. Maria Miller

    Maria MillerMês atrás

    The necklace moment! So beautiful-Tears 😭 I love you guys! Queen you’re the Queen and your King loved and appreciated it! 🙏🏽🙏🏽💕💕

  47. Maria Miller

    Maria MillerMês atrás

    Awww so much fun you guys! I love it. Happy Holidays everyone! God bless! 🙏🏽💕

  48. Maria Miller

    Maria MillerMês atrás

    Awww so much fun you guys! I love it. Happy Holidays everyone! God bless! 🙏🏽💕

  49. Gabriela Santos

    Gabriela SantosMês atrás

    You guys make me laugh and put me in a good ass mood fr, love you guys!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  50. Victoria & Dre

    Victoria & DreMês atrás

    Yeah she smoking

  51. victor sinanan

    victor sinananMês atrás

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Happy Birthday Clare

  52. ShayTheDon

    ShayTheDonMês atrás

    The cameraman be having me deaaad aab just by not saying anything 😂 nigga act like lanny off lizzy mcguire. Clare will ask shit and he still wont speak lol he probably be trying hard asf not to laugh at them

  53. Princess Taylor

    Princess TaylorMês atrás

    where is that place at lol I want to go

  54. Jamilet B

    Jamilet BMês atrás

    Awww seeing Clarence tear up made me get emotional 😍😩😭❤️🙌🏽

  55. Rachel Faith

    Rachel FaithMês atrás

    Queen: “I know I can’t replace....what I took from you...with the chain and all...but hope you like it” 🥺🥺🥺 I didn’t know the full story until I read the comments. I know it wasn’t Queen fault but she felt blame bc it was her sister. I think it’s beautiful that now he has a piece of his dad that he can look at 🥰❤️❤️ it would be amazing if someone ever turns in his basketball chain that his dad gave him. Bc i heard tina pawned it, she didn’t throw it away. But HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY CLARENCE 🎊🎉

  56. Jael Meade

    Jael MeadeMês atrás

    Queen were is this place at i wana do a cabin for my birthday

  57. Bridget’s Makeup

    Bridget’s MakeupMês atrás

    That’s so cute 😩💗

  58. Candyy !

    Candyy !Mês atrás

    "We getting rich together yeeaahh!" That's how cute this was😍💞

  59. Shyla Logan

    Shyla LoganMês atrás

    clare lil scream was funnt

  60. Alex Da Goat

    Alex Da GoatMês atrás

    “You want me to cry for you” 🤣🤣🤣🤣