We Destr… Hydro Dipped a $1200 GPU!


  1. PearlHitman69

    PearlHitman696 dias atrás

    apply some flex seal on it

  2. Minethink 144

    Minethink 1447 dias atrás

    2080 ti Asimov

  3. ben hopkins

    ben hopkins7 dias atrás

    Still waiting for that hydro dipped Case! ;)

  4. FL3X beats

    FL3X beats9 dias atrás

    i got a razer advert on this video and it said sitting on the fence makes ur ass hurt and i thought looking at the razer website makes ur bank account hurt

  5. Kitten

    Kitten10 dias atrás

    NUMBER 5:04: The last thing you'd want in your noctua cooling fans is someone's paint, but as it turns out, that might just be what you get

  6. sKar

    sKar15 dias atrás

    "I don't know why Asus glued their gpu shut." *Because NOBODY is going to go in their gpu but you!*


    WILFRED ALMEIDA16 dias atrás

    Do giveaways

  8. The OverSaturated Gamer

    The OverSaturated Gamer16 dias atrás

    “We’re just not recommending it............... speaking of things we recommend” oh Linus

  9. Accuracy

    Accuracy17 dias atrás

    today's video is sponsored by *skips 20 seconds*

  10. Daniel Souza

    Daniel Souza19 dias atrás

    That looks like crap to be honest Linus

  11. notthere83

    notthere8320 dias atrás

    "Why they would do this?" - to keep you from hyrdro dipping, obviously. :)

  12. Carter Mathison

    Carter Mathison21 dia atrás

    Nobody. Linus: [a-soos]. Me: [ace-us]. IDK man i think its just personal preference to pronounce the way i do.

  13. Joshua Fisher

    Joshua Fisher22 dias atrás

    Soooo what you're telling me here is...when I void the warranty and open my expensive graphics card open to liquid metal thermal paste the processor anyways...that I should also hydro dip its' enclosure? I like the way you think!

  14. MRzHiT

    MRzHiT22 dias atrás

    I love hydro dipping

  15. Goncalo Madeira

    Goncalo Madeira22 dias atrás

    Double dip dat chip

  16. Anton W.

    Anton W.22 dias atrás

    *Linus:* *heats up metal with a heatgun *Touches it *also Linus:* *"Ouch, that's hot!"

  17. Glaander

    Glaander22 dias atrás

    is shadow of the tomb raider, not rise of the tomb raider ;)

  18. matéo osorio lobato

    matéo osorio lobato22 dias atrás

    That Segway has been done before brreporter.com/v/video-dQw4w9WgXcQ.html

  19. Victor Ov

    Victor Ov22 dias atrás

    N95 mask is your friend.

  20. GLobDeli

    GLobDeli23 dias atrás

    I never questioned Linus' opinions until this day when I watched him say it doesn't look bad...

  21. Drackxeon

    Drackxeon23 dias atrás

    Setting up the graphics of a graphics card. That's true customization.

  22. fried stuff

    fried stuff23 dias atrás

    yeah lets hydrodip 2.5 times my pc

  23. Dr Strange

    Dr Strange23 dias atrás

    how about this, you give me a rtx 2080 ti, and i'll give you my gtx 1080 oc dual gpu

  24. holdorf333

    holdorf33324 dias atrás

    Removing contaminants with iso alcohol...and bare hands

  25. sokarash

    sokarash24 dias atrás

    Was that first card a ASUS 7800GT? I had one of those, that was the best bang for the buck card of its time.

  26. Anthony Arnold

    Anthony Arnold24 dias atrás

    Also painting 101...your fingers have oil on them

  27. Bean 3333

    Bean 333324 dias atrás

    God help us all,

  28. Jacob Tennant

    Jacob Tennant25 dias atrás

    Dear Linus: please use dark mode, it is not helping my headache lol

  29. Roast Lord

    Roast Lord25 dias atrás

    This was painful to watch, you needed a lot more paint

  30. on4sax

    on4sax25 dias atrás

    hydro dipping. goes on to drown every piece entirely instead of only dipping the surface lightly into the paint. also who preps hydrodrip with spraypaint...

  31. Arizona is Tasty

    Arizona is Tasty25 dias atrás

    guys if robots take over the world just paint them

  32. Black Phantom

    Black Phantom26 dias atrás

    Linus: Todays video brought to you by Me: fast forward 20 seconds!


    rT.NTJTGAMING26 dias atrás

    What GPU did you throw in the water? 😳😳

  34. Clutch Cu

    Clutch Cu28 dias atrás

    I am soooooooooooooooooooooooo sad. I've been looking for a cheap good gaming pc then I see this guy hydro dipping something more expensive than a pc that part of a pc

  35. Jrlomay0616

    Jrlomay061629 dias atrás

    Modern Alchemist

  36. WaZe

    WaZe29 dias atrás

    When spraying the water do many sprays of each color, aim the spray in the center and don’t move when spraying and repeat so you get like a tree log pattern or a target shape. Then take a toothpick and go through all the layers so it looks like the new pewdiepie pattern

  37. icomplainaloot

    icomplainalootMês atrás

    if i did this i would just yeet the gpu in there

  38. TheSkepticSkwerl

    TheSkepticSkwerlMês atrás

    So cool. Wish I had a hydro dipped 2080ti for my opencl projects.

  39. XTC

    XTCMês atrás

    That looks like shit

  40. nexxusty

    nexxustyMês atrás

    This isn't how you hydro dip a $1200 item. SMH guys.... really. I spend more on hydrodipping $200 Transmitters for drones.... Really, massive fail.