We Made A Giant 30-Pound S'More For Quinta


  1. Alvin Zhou

    Alvin Zhou23 dias atrás

    I’d never thought squishing my face into a marshmallow would be so fun. Especially with m-my..best f-friend..Rie! *looks around nervously*

  2. UltraMike YT

    UltraMike YT18 horas atrás


  3. Sharon Hato

    Sharon HatoDia atrás

    I would want Rie to be my best friend

  4. Sharon Hato

    Sharon HatoDia atrás

    alenajin add Alexis into the mix and get them to make it with something unconventional 😂

  5. Lesley Mitchell

    Lesley Mitchell3 dias atrás

    Ooooooo 😏🤫😉

  6. Rusty Carlos Valdez

    Rusty Carlos Valdez5 dias atrás

    you like her don't you

  7. Josh B

    Josh B32 minutos atrás

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.......it's Quintaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  8. Rozia Akter

    Rozia Akter48 minutos atrás

    Does anyone else just want to reach in the screen and eat it all up??

  9. Hey_itz_ Yo gurl

    Hey_itz_ Yo gurlHora atrás


  10. LiamDaLemon

    LiamDaLemonHora atrás

    Glad Quinta appreciated it hahah

  11. s drabek

    s drabek5 horas atrás

    more rie YEEEEES

  12. Turky Bulbasaur

    Turky Bulbasaur7 horas atrás

    10:30 Quik mafs

  13. NIBE 2

    NIBE 29 horas atrás

    i thought that marshmallow was supposed to go on top of the chocolate to melt it

  14. UltraMike YT

    UltraMike YT18 horas atrás


  15. Nila Vedantam

    Nila Vedantam19 horas atrás

    Asian math be like..not judging,im Asian too

  16. milky

    milky20 horas atrás

    More rie

  17. Polaris Ice

    Polaris Ice20 horas atrás

    Keebler elves helped you

  18. Renae Hurteau

    Renae Hurteau20 horas atrás

    Is that a real apple

  19. Tech of The Blind

    Tech of The Blind21 hora atrás

    You should make giant mochi

  20. Keira York

    Keira YorkDia atrás

    or a giant Starbucks pinkity drinkity

  21. Keira York

    Keira YorkDia atrás

    you should do a giant mac n cheese or a giant taco or giant pretzel.

  22. GucciGamer XD

    GucciGamer XDDia atrás

    I guess you could say Quinta got S'more than she expected

  23. A Torres

    A TorresDia atrás

    Could you make a giant bowl of pho?

  24. Olivia M

    Olivia MDia atrás

    I’m sorry... did he call them lasagna *noodles*? 😂 I’ve never heard that one before

  25. Sydney Cullis

    Sydney CullisDia atrás

    If that was me, I would have burnt the graham cracker , sone how made the marshmallow toxic, and spilled the chocolate on the ground and all over myself, they have a gift of not being a total disaster like me, the person who leaves chaos everywhere I go

  26. Sydney Cullis

    Sydney CullisDia atrás

    I really want to see Rie make canned nacho cheese fancy.

  27. Kawaiiaxya c:

    Kawaiiaxya c:Dia atrás

    10:50 lol

  28. monstersandcupcakes

    monstersandcupcakesDia atrás

    I just can't handle Alvin 😂 He's cute, he's funny, he's smart, he cooks, he's talented, is he single? Can I slide in his dms?😂 does anyone else feel that way?😂

  29. Thor Duldulao Vergara

    Thor Duldulao VergaraDia atrás

    Danm Alvin is so good at math He is a Human Calculator And Rie is Making herself fancy


    AAGAM DOLEYDia atrás

    Giant popsicle!!!!!!

  31. GunslingerInGlasses

    GunslingerInGlassesDia atrás

    I honestly think this is the best food content on the internet I’ve ever seen. Making It Big is great content, and Alvin an amazing host.

  32. GunslingerInGlasses

    GunslingerInGlassesDia atrás

    5:00 Get the Keebler elves.

  33. lnoths

    lnothsDia atrás

    Tasty needs to get Alvin a Hobart. The biggest one they can fit.

  34. Satara Jeon

    Satara JeonDia atrás

    This is the cutest video I’ve seen and that is because of Alvin and Rie❤️

  35. Levi Moore

    Levi MooreDia atrás

    You should make an 80lb apple pie

  36. Toar

    Toar2 dias atrás

    Because that's what bestfriend do ! :)

  37. T.M. Will

    T.M. Will2 dias atrás

    Rie is so attractive. Quinta is so awkward.

  38. Monroe Robbins

    Monroe Robbins2 dias atrás

    Alvin and Rie are like marshmallows and chocolate, they go well together but are prone to making huge messes once they’re put together, and one of them gets roasted. Also, respect to Quinta and her fears, I used to be super scared of hurting myself or my kitchen with my food (especially after starting a fire in my oven). Also, her comedy skits online are fantastic!

  39. LillyCookies DDAENG

    LillyCookies DDAENG2 dias atrás

    Alvin and Rie are a power couple

  40. Daron L

    Daron L2 dias atrás

    Can u make a giant pasta

  41. Sanana the skenana

    Sanana the skenana2 dias atrás

    Where's the giant pumpkin pie or do i have to do it myself?

  42. Adrija Mukherjee

    Adrija Mukherjee2 dias atrás

    Alvin's so cute ❤️

  43. Thor Malakowsky

    Thor Malakowsky2 dias atrás

    What was the point of having Quinta in the video? She didn't come up with the idea, she didn't help with the s'more, and she didn't seem to care for it when she saw it. Shoehorning in celebrities like this just brings down otherwise good shows.

  44. Katie-did

    Katie-did2 dias atrás

    Anyone else wonder what the purpose of the big metal bowl was? Cause from my standpaint all that acomplished was making another dish dirty and making them have to lift one heavy thing instead of them each taking one lighter thing and pouring it in.

  45. hawaiiandez808

    hawaiiandez8083 dias atrás

    They made a penis by the heart

  46. ButterBiscuits

    ButterBiscuits3 dias atrás

    *Roses are red* *Violets are blue* *I want smore* *Give me more*

  47. razzle dazzle

    razzle dazzle3 dias atrás

    wow i must not be asian cause i dont meet the stereotype lmaoo

  48. salma lubani

    salma lubani3 dias atrás

    rie got best friend zoned

  49. d.ronzo17

    d.ronzo173 dias atrás


  50. Jc vLogs

    Jc vLogs3 dias atrás

    Can u make a giant halo-halo? :)

  51. Sydney W

    Sydney W3 dias atrás

    he has such a crush on her

  52. Matthew Ramnath

    Matthew Ramnath3 dias atrás

    You all should do a 50 pound fried chicken and fries

  53. dramacatqueen

    dramacatqueen4 dias atrás

    Oh i just love this duo alvin and rie

  54. Hadar Fraiman

    Hadar Fraiman4 dias atrás

    Rie arm muscles and i oop

  55. Blessing Adejumo

    Blessing Adejumo4 dias atrás

    Did anyone else see the heart on the marshmallow after they blowtorched it ?❤️

  56. Savannah Foote

    Savannah Foote4 dias atrás

    Rie is an old god

  57. Elisha Blando

    Elisha Blando4 dias atrás

    I would like to pitch a concept where you make a big cookie and have cookie monster as your guest. Thank you!

  58. Harvey Talento

    Harvey Talento4 dias atrás

    Yes nag-thank you

  59. Yesthepotatoislookingatyou

    Yesthepotatoislookingatyou4 dias atrás

    Rie is precious

  60. Speedymonkey

    Speedymonkey4 dias atrás

    Rie be like 3:53 'hAvE yOu seEn mInE?'

  61. Mrbananahead 1

    Mrbananahead 14 dias atrás

    Imagine a video with Alvin, rie, inga, the can this chef cook a 3 course meal with person, and the dude on making traditional burgers? That would be the god video of gods

  62. Dan

    Dan4 dias atrás

    Me: have they invented another version of whack a mole?

  63. Aneesa Tejada

    Aneesa Tejada5 dias atrás

    Wow that was awesome!!

  64. Ella Cranmer

    Ella Cranmer5 dias atrás

    Rie: we are gonna use half the chocolate chips for now *brings out giant bowl full of chocolate chips

  65. Sapheria

    Sapheria5 dias atrás

    Make a crepe together please!!

  66. naomiexe

    naomiexe5 dias atrás

    1... - 2... - 3... - -yogurt advert comes on-