We Made Home Alone R-Rated


  1. Bill Eh

    Bill Eh42 minutos atrás

    G rated Cannibal Holocaust

  2. Akhiyah Harton

    Akhiyah HartonHora atrás

    Do sonic

  3. Aleksi Suuronen

    Aleksi Suuronen5 horas atrás

    "And paintcan to the face, how could they forget" Umm maybe because of braindamage?

  4. Ariyana안녕하세요

    Ariyana안녕하세요7 horas atrás

    Oohhh try Venom the movie lmao

  5. rae

    rae7 horas atrás

    make pulp fiction g rated

  6. H A V O K

    H A V O K7 horas atrás

    3.6k burgulars disliked this video

  7. Neon Cathedral

    Neon Cathedral17 horas atrás

    Make Saving Private Ryan G rated!

  8. Marcus McKenzie

    Marcus McKenzie19 horas atrás

    make Holy Mountain G rated

  9. Party Ninjas

    Party Ninjas21 hora atrás

    Y’alls cgi is trash bro

  10. Diego Beltrán Lowndes

    Diego Beltrán LowndesDia atrás

    You should do straight up Gore r rated with movies like Saw or The collector

  11. Sirpixel

    SirpixelDia atrás

    Now the movie is perfect

  12. Wickedable

    WickedableDia atrás

    Friday the 13th g rated

  13. Bomber 44

    Bomber 44Dia atrás

    You’re offended that I’m not subscribed? That doesn’t affect me at all. Have a nice day

  14. Nick Haviland

    Nick HavilandDia atrás

    Fucking awesome

  15. nothingspecialaboutmyname

    nothingspecialaboutmynameDia atrás

    Make the suicides of the downfall G-rated. That'd be cool

  16. Jojo W.

    Jojo W.Dia atrás

    the whole nail scene CRINGE CRINGE CRINHE 😭😭😭😭

  17. Tutoy Tv

    Tutoy TvDia atrás

    Make final destinations G rated

  18. Nathan Hillis

    Nathan HillisDia atrás

    Crank 2 high voltage g rated

  19. Aryan Singh

    Aryan SinghDia atrás

    That home should have blast at last scene

  20. Alex Miamorsch

    Alex MiamorschDia atrás

    300 G-rated

  21. Rijal Khoirul

    Rijal KhoirulDia atrás

    Dude you just ruined my childhood movie :(((

  22. just a hamster that codes

    just a hamster that codesDia atrás

    Make peppa pig R rated

  23. Michael_ Vampyre

    Michael_ VampyreDia atrás

    The VPN guy should be an advertiser! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  24. Mark Boyle

    Mark BoyleDia atrás

    Owwwwwwww the fuckin foot scene

  25. Tyler Cieszenski

    Tyler CieszenskiDia atrás

    Rambo... good luck

  26. Lana

    LanaDia atrás

    I stepped on a large rusty nail that was in a board while wearing tennis shoes. It came out the top of the shoe through the middle of my foot. I had to step on the board with the other foot to pull my foot of the nail. It hurt so very bad. Lucky it went between the bones. I was lucky, it did not get infection.

  27. Squishy The Vampire

    Squishy The VampireDia atrás

    Lol y’all are kinda psychotic 😂

  28. Francisco Cabello

    Francisco CabelloDia atrás

    Echen al negro, es muy sobreactuado

  29. sǝɯɐظ ıuuɐʌoıG

    sǝɯɐظ ıuuɐʌoıGDia atrás

    7:39 VPN guy needs his own show

  30. Kramm Farm

    Kramm Farm2 dias atrás

    This is the best thing ever !!!!!!

  31. richard klegin

    richard klegin2 dias atrás

    he would be a criminal .

  32. Allan Laevens

    Allan Laevens2 dias atrás

    Can you make the Matrix sound like beavis and butthead? Maybe make them like metal music and try to score chicks?

  33. Jorge L. Nieves

    Jorge L. Nieves2 dias atrás

    Holy fuck

  34. Tyson Jandreau

    Tyson Jandreau2 dias atrás

    make friday the 13th, jason goes to hell g

  35. marshmello72

    marshmello722 dias atrás

    Kingsman church scene g rate

  36. Fatbulous Christal

    Fatbulous Christal2 dias atrás

    Now dodnt they make jome alone 2 and 3 if the prrent forget him THREE GOG DAMM TIMES WOULDT CAI TAKE HIM AWAY

  37. Chris Reid

    Chris Reid2 dias atrás

    Terminator 2 Rated G


    SMOOTHIE SOUNDZ2 dias atrás

    I bet you couldn't make the end of Evil Dead G rated. Raining blood, chainsaw chases, crushed limbs? Impossible to cover.

  39. 666 DEATH 777

    666 DEATH 7772 dias atrás

    Twist this is actually how the movie happened,the other one was how kev interpreted it,Kev is actually Jigsaw.

  40. Ralsei

    Ralsei2 dias atrás

    G rated hallloween 1978

  41. knight

    knight2 dias atrás

    Make Saw G-Rated ! xD

  42. Riley Brabbs

    Riley Brabbs2 dias atrás

    Home alone 4

  43. Parker Lynn

    Parker Lynn2 dias atrás

    Mortal Kombat as it should be

  44. Raven Pascasio

    Raven Pascasio2 dias atrás

    Deadpool g rated

  45. Olvrem

    Olvrem2 dias atrás

    I feel like the Express VPN ad is a Workers comp disaster in the making

  46. Maji’s World

    Maji’s World2 dias atrás

    Omg make saw G rated I wanna see how you pull that off

  47. Mpider -San

    Mpider -San3 dias atrás

    Dude that's a toy gun, Not a real gun

  48. The gamer Who doesn’t do gaming videos

    The gamer Who doesn’t do gaming videos3 dias atrás

    Maybe we should have a part 2????

  49. lilynmal h

    lilynmal h3 dias atrás

    hocus pocus

  50. Mr Grumpy

    Mr Grumpy3 dias atrás

    A Marvel childish crap R rated wanna be? In what wet dream? 😂😂 You want to scare all the marvel incels? They are used with childish crapso disney movies, with cheesy lame jokes every 5 minutes!

  51. SpaZn

    SpaZn3 dias atrás

    G rated Hacksaw Ridge

  52. RL Games

    RL Games3 dias atrás

    IT G rated

  53. SirRandom

    SirRandom3 dias atrás

    Continuity error: You used a clip of the tall guy with the "iron mark" on his face *before* you showed it falling on him 14:22

  54. DoubleAMakki

    DoubleAMakki3 dias atrás

    This is making me ticklish in every part of my body.

  55. pz100

    pz1003 dias atrás

    Make a G-rated Annabelle

  56. Ender Soul

    Ender Soul3 dias atrás

    Make Game of thrones G rated

  57. Asad Saeed

    Asad Saeed3 dias atrás

    Make hatchet g rated movie #challenge to you

  58. Fox gamer Girl

    Fox gamer Girl3 dias atrás

    Do they like this stuff?!?!? WTF

  59. SH1T KID

    SH1T KID3 dias atrás

    Make hocus pocus less family friendly

  60. cynthia suni rosales

    cynthia suni rosales3 dias atrás

    With great creativity comes great responsibility