We Now Know Why Peyton List Left Disney Channel's Bunk'd


  1. triniti hutchison

    triniti hutchison2 dias atrás

    nobody gonna talk about how that was the wrong nina...

  2. Lakee RBLX

    Lakee RBLX3 dias atrás

    Bruh when i scroll through the comments it’s all about camron

  3. Rachel Elizabeth

    Rachel Elizabeth10 dias atrás

    I’m sorry did this guy put a pic of Victoria justice at 1:12

  4. Swan Ronson

    Swan Ronson12 dias atrás

    I got an ad- sponsored by Disney Channel

  5. Audrey Mullins

    Audrey Mullins12 dias atrás

    tell me why they put a picture of nina dobrev instead of nina lu

  6. James Keagle

    James Keagle13 dias atrás

    He used a picture of Nina dobrev instead of Nina lu

  7. Keeley Moon - James

    Keeley Moon - James13 dias atrás

    Anyone realise that that he put a picture of Nina dobrev instead of Nina lu

  8. Griffin Cook

    Griffin Cook13 dias atrás

    Why do Cameron Boyce leave tho?

  9. brendan mills

    brendan mills14 dias atrás

    The movie is called wheres the money tho

  10. Seth MARTIN

    Seth MARTIN14 dias atrás

    She said she wanted to be apart of something bigger than Disney she said she doesn’t like Disney anymore

  11. Katelynn Coleman

    Katelynn Coleman14 dias atrás

    i miss peyton

  12. Jaidyn E. Carrasco

    Jaidyn E. Carrasco15 dias atrás

    I thought that when she got older she wanted to do harder rolls. And her fashion line is amazing

  13. Hi F.A_Grafx

    Hi F.A_Grafx15 dias atrás

    Honestly if you are now 14+ Disney is not the same. Disney back in the day was life. Now it’s just trash

  14. snickermacchio

    snickermacchio16 dias atrás

    sir i think you forgot to put cobra kai in there

  15. Hannah_Banana N

    Hannah_Banana N17 dias atrás

    I don’t understand why they wouldn’t end a spin-off when the characters from the original show left. It’s a spin-off!!! Also, season 4 sucks.

  16. Esa Dybala

    Esa Dybala18 dias atrás

    Every time I watch Jessie I think about Cameron boyce acting like Luke 😢

  17. Simply Bubbly

    Simply Bubbly18 dias atrás

    As long as she’s happy, it was a very good choice

  18. Kenzie

    Kenzie18 dias atrás

    Debbie Rayan: (I know i didnt spell it right) God that show Insatable HAUNTED MY FRIGGIN DREAMS i mean, she killed her salker ex- bf with crowbar while yelling: IM A GOOD PERSON! over and over agin..... I love that show you are now dissmissed, class. (sorry for the spoiler alerts) GASSSPPPP ITS BOBS WIFE STARRING IN THE MOVIE WITH PEYTON!! its a small world, innit, folks

  19. Linda Hunter

    Linda Hunter19 dias atrás

    You Bitch she is the way she is stop your just jelis your not famous and when she sow your face and that's why she gone

  20. Spencer Carter

    Spencer Carter20 dias atrás

    Boi said eating a dead rat 😂😂.

  21. Maggy Studios

    Maggy Studios25 dias atrás

    I’m dying because I just recently watched Batman Hush and I didn’t even know it was her 💀

  22. mason yates

    mason yates25 dias atrás

    The pic of the all I’m crying

  23. Ayo _jordang

    Ayo _jordang29 dias atrás

    Can we just acknowledge the fact that he said Nina Lou but showed a pic of Nina dobrev

  24. Nolan Boles

    Nolan BolesMês atrás

    I hope Peyton succeeds at whatever she chooses to do.

  25. Nikki Jayne

    Nikki JayneMês atrás

    I can’t believe they didn’t even mention Cobra Kai 🧐

  26. Princess_Gamer2009

    Princess_Gamer2009Mês atrás

    Disney is only doing one thing Losing good cast members!

  27. ShaniaRBLX_

    ShaniaRBLX_Mês atrás


  28. Katelyn Lang

    Katelyn LangMês atrás

    Bella Thorn is a bad actress

  29. yaltagirl1

    yaltagirl1Mês atrás

    I watched a video where they said that Peyton was one minute older then her twin brother and here they are saying 10?

  30. Thediamondpleb

    ThediamondplebMês atrás

    No, Zendaya still does a few Disney things like Spider-Man Homecoming and Spider-Man Far from Home.

  31. Vlog By Jamerykah !

    Vlog By Jamerykah !Mês atrás

    That was nina from vampire diaries

  32. Kimeron-Kyrese Burlingame

    Kimeron-Kyrese BurlingameMês atrás

    that wasnt nina lu that was nina dobrev how....?

  33. Charlotte Ehlke

    Charlotte EhlkeMês atrás

    😢😱😭 she was like the 👑💲👗👡👙💳💰

  34. Charlotte Ehlke

    Charlotte EhlkeMês atrás

    The queen

  35. 1k Subs With No videos

    1k Subs With No videosMês atrás

    She’s amazing

  36. Diarri Arri

    Diarri ArriMês atrás

    That was Nina Dobrev not Nina Lu

  37. Hannah Kumeh

    Hannah KumehMês atrás

    I am is Zack

  38. Hannah Kumeh

    Hannah KumehMês atrás


  39. Hannah Kumeh

    Hannah KumehMês atrás

    I am Zack 💏💏💏💏💏

  40. Hannah Kumeh

    Hannah KumehMês atrás

    l am in American

  41. Hannah Kumeh

    Hannah KumehMês atrás

    I love you Paxton L ist

  42. Hannah Kumeh

    Hannah KumehMês atrás

    I love y

  43. Hannah Kumeh

    Hannah KumehMês atrás

    I just said she

  44. Turkeynuggets

    TurkeynuggetsMês atrás

    All the good people left on Disney I don't see the point of it Plus they want more actors I feel like they need to slow down on making new shows because that's to much and people sometimes dislike shows more then usual Just saying and this is my opinion so please respect it

  45. Andrew Rodriguez

    Andrew RodriguezMês atrás

    Do fearless

  46. Hailey Lennox

    Hailey LennoxMês atrás

    I mean right she had to grow up some time right guys

  47. Heather Byrd

    Heather ByrdMês atrás


  48. sad editz

    sad editzMês atrás

    BRO the new season season 4 is TRASHHHHHHH BRO 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  49. SkullFlamer retro

    SkullFlamer retroMês atrás

    Season 3 and 4 of bunked are trash

  50. Ardmore Tanksley

    Ardmore TanksleyMês atrás

    Disney gives 91% WHITE kids a chance to start and grow a career.

  51. Skullzy FE

    Skullzy FEMês atrás

    Omg theses titties are huge

  52. Shiloh Darrah

    Shiloh DarrahMês atrás

    I used to be friends with her I think she forgot about me

  53. Shiloh Darrah

    Shiloh DarrahMês atrás

    We both went to ps.58 Carrol school

  54. 3230malaz

    3230malazMês atrás

    Brent’s on light as a feather ahhhhhhh

  55. lynae Hoffman

    lynae HoffmanMês atrás

    Will the new Valley Girl ever be released?

  56. Anabelle Moore

    Anabelle MooreMês atrás

    No she sis the best actress I ever seen



    6:33 Wait, hold up. Is that Brent Rivera? I'm pretty sure that's Brent Rivera. I love him so much

  58. Young Goten

    Young GotenMês atrás

    My brother and I are two years apart (me being the older one) and we always always need to pee at the same time it's so weird can anybody explain this scientifically

  59. tabugemumeka

    tabugemumekaMês atrás

    I stopped watching bunk'd once the new cast came. Just like diary of a wimpy kid.

  60. Allean Eppse

    Allean EppseMês atrás

    😥 i miss peyton she is one of the best actresses

  61. Danyka Rogers

    Danyka RogersMês atrás

    I haven't watched Disney since Cameron Boyce died and Payton List left Bunk'd

  62. Marisol Feliciano

    Marisol FelicianoMês atrás

    They put the wrong Nina 3:19 And also Bunk'd is not going to be the same without Emma, Ravi, Zuri, Xander, Tiffany, and Jorge.

  63. qngel

    qngelMês atrás

    Peyton is OFF THE List! (hAhaahahah... Pun.. ......no?--)

  64. Belen Ruiz

    Belen RuizMês atrás


  65. Colleen’s Cookie

    Colleen’s CookieMês atrás

    Why is Peyton and her twin so gorgeous? 😍

  66. FabulousSir

    FabulousSirMês atrás

    Disney has gone liberal, even after buying Fox Studios. She made the right choice.

  67. Leigha Alexander

    Leigha AlexanderMês atrás

    0:39 Look at the water all the way to the left, looks demonic I know it's just a mind trick though.