We Offered $100 to Eat this Gummy Bear (most wouldn't!) • White Elephant Show #5


  1. Vat19

    Vat194 meses atrás

    Which spicy gift would you have gone for? Check out more of the white elephant show here! brreporter.com/v/video-1VfGtIig0io.html

  2. jordy lemus

    jordy lemus20 dias atrás

    None because me the camera man just can’t do it JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Isac Söderlund

    Isac SöderlundMês atrás

    The jerkey or the burn or bliss

  4. Isac Söderlund

    Isac SöderlundMês atrás

    Jeanette Hansen they made it. Its called ”the toe of satan”



    None I will legit puke if I have to eat anything spicy

  6. Stuffed_animalist7

    Stuffed_animalist72 meses atrás

    I think the gummy bear... it would be worth the pain for 100 bucks

  7. JKE Hijazi

    JKE Hijazi14 minutos atrás

    I ordered that gummy bear it’s so spicy I. Cried for an hour

  8. Xavier Collin

    Xavier Collin55 minutos atrás

    Will smith be like Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa that’s hot

  9. Rosbelt Argumedo

    Rosbelt Argumedo8 horas atrás

    In like 5:38 or something it says I haven’t tryed this shit

  10. Rose Kim

    Rose Kim12 horas atrás

    What if someone put the spice gummy bear in a regular bag of gummy bears I will feel bad for the person who got that gummy bear 😆

  11. Max Macklin

    Max Macklin21 hora atrás

    they should make a theme for grossest thing for white elephant. live if you agree

  12. agnes tapar

    agnes taparDia atrás

    its wrong

  13. agnes tapar

    agnes taparDia atrás

    his weong its 18

  14. TwicksBarr

    TwicksBarrDia atrás

    "Can you do simple math-- what's three times six?" "N I N E T Y" "Okay it's working-"

  15. Mordecai

    MordecaiDia atrás

    Nina is sooo cute! 😍🥰😘

  16. River Graham

    River Graham2 dias atrás

    Vat19= 100$ Mr beast= 1000,0000$

  17. Juggalo42240

    Juggalo422402 dias atrás

    Ate one of these a week ago with a buddy from work. He challenged me lol. Our other friend's wife made a chocolate dip and added a 350,000 Scoville hot sauce to it, then dipped the gummy bears lol. We chewed for just over 2 minutes before we swallowed it. Probably the hottest thing I've ever eaten, but we handled it very well. He said he threw up later and it burned for a second time! I will get the footage lol

  18. Subz paragon gaming

    Subz paragon gaming2 dias atrás

    Vat 19 crew: this lil nitro thing is simple Lil nitro:imma gonna end this whole mans career

  19. Miuna A.

    Miuna A.3 dias atrás

    I love this company. Feels very personal. Good move!

  20. M4sked

    M4sked3 dias atrás

    Are we not gonna talk about how tall Nina is? Just look at her legs.

  21. Freckled Toad

    Freckled Toad4 dias atrás

    What’s 3x6-? *NINETY* ME IN MATH LMAO

  22. Mary Lane

    Mary Lane5 dias atrás

    9:44 hahhh

  23. Bob Rodrigues

    Bob Rodrigues5 dias atrás

    5:45 he said I haven't tried this shit

  24. Sillent Rose

    Sillent Rose5 dias atrás

    i've had the little nitro its really hot! my cous who also had one went running out side and drinking from the hose XD

  25. tatinalanegrina

    tatinalanegrina6 dias atrás

    Imagine putting the Little Nitro in a batch of normal gummy bears, and watch the world burn

  26. Ivan Sjolund

    Ivan Sjolund6 dias atrás

    Wat happens if u get a golden ticket and some one steal and u get a another one

  27. Mathias the Raccoon

    Mathias the Raccoon7 dias atrás

    Ben is the man!

  28. Truman Manwaring

    Truman Manwaring7 dias atrás

    I love all of your videos👍👍👍

  29. REA Dark Reaper

    REA Dark Reaper9 dias atrás

    yummi a nice gummybear i want to eat one XD


    THE MASTER BUILDER9 dias atrás

    Should have put Satan's toe

  31. shenelle thomas

    shenelle thomas10 dias atrás

    I will eat the gummy bear

  32. Popy Akter

    Popy Akter10 dias atrás


  33. |Xx0T4KUxX|

    |Xx0T4KUxX|10 dias atrás

    What the fuck is this channel?bunch of middle aged dudes and some teens?

  34. Israr Ahmad

    Israr Ahmad11 dias atrás

    Prank with lil nitro

  35. RED MONKEY2009

    RED MONKEY200912 dias atrás

    Buy spicy Cheetos

  36. ItzHasan Playz

    ItzHasan Playz12 dias atrás


  37. ItzHasan Playz

    ItzHasan Playz12 dias atrás

    Everyone:What's 3x6?? Ben:90 Arggggg Lol😀

  38. Connor Kral

    Connor Kral13 dias atrás

    I plan to put this spicy gummy bear in a mix of regular gummy bears to prank a friend

  39. Brown Choco Human

    Brown Choco Human13 dias atrás

    I could simply swallow that gummy bear

  40. Super*PowerSisters

    Super*PowerSisters14 dias atrás

    Little nitro sure but EVIL he kills your throat :3

  41. Red Fire Gamer TV /ELEMENTS YOURSELF

    Red Fire Gamer TV /ELEMENTS YOURSELF14 dias atrás

    10:55 "Can you do simple math, whats 3 × 6?" *"90"*

  42. Joanne Marie Bautista

    Joanne Marie Bautista15 dias atrás

    Ooooo hohohoho too

  43. Santiago Garcia

    Santiago Garcia15 dias atrás


  44. Eng Jing Xian

    Eng Jing Xian16 dias atrás

    I will put a fire extinguisher with Lil nitro

  45. Benjamin Gonzalez

    Benjamin Gonzalez16 dias atrás

    Llega porque vio el video de xpresstv*

  46. Ameria Paramita

    Ameria Paramita17 dias atrás

    Whats 3X6? 90! Ok its working

  47. Buck The Adventurer

    Buck The Adventurer17 dias atrás

    I call lil Nitro Lil Chrnobyl

  48. Jade Harrison

    Jade Harrison19 dias atrás

    What if you melted a bunch of lil nitro bears into a mold the size of the world’s largest gummy bear? Could you get anyone to take a bite out of it?

  49. adrianna aguilar

    adrianna aguilar22 dias atrás

    Someone didnt bleep drew

  50. Layla Hasan

    Layla Hasan24 dias atrás

    "hello darkness my old friend" 🤣

  51. StarSong’s Spirit

    StarSong’s SpiritMês atrás


  52. cc cav

    cc cavMês atrás

    I think I'll slip some of those into my candy dish for when my friends come over. I just won't eat the red ones. Hahahaha...

  53. Bee Phenix

    Bee PhenixMês atrás

    I’m gonna put it into a gummy bear pack and give it to my enemy

  54. Saanvi Krishnan

    Saanvi KrishnanMês atrás

    Is the toe of Satan still hotter ??

  55. Sylvie Star and Brave Brielle are awesome

    Sylvie Star and Brave Brielle are awesomeMês atrás

    my moulth burns watching this

  56. sans the skeleton

    sans the skeletonMês atrás

    U could prank ur friends by opening a gummy bear case and put the spicy gummy bear in and seal it and pranked ;)

  57. MoonShark 21

    MoonShark 21Mês atrás

    Then eating the gummy bear made MY eyes water

  58. • cinnamochi •

    • cinnamochi •Mês atrás

    what happens if i just swallow the lil’ nitro without chewing edit: nevermind, i don’t want to be burned over and over 😥

  59. Blah Bloop

    Blah BloopMês atrás

    9:34 is still so funny

  60. Sydney & Olivia

    Sydney & OliviaMês atrás


  61. Partykido Hi

    Partykido HiMês atrás

    When he was gonna eat the gummy bear/ lil nitro a add poped up

  62. Noah Burner

    Noah BurnerMês atrás

    Its the whole gang 😍😍😍 nostalgia big time...

  63. Scott Tsetsendelger

    Scott TsetsendelgerMês atrás

    Jamie: 100$ for eating a gummy bear Mr.Beast: Am I a joke to you?

  64. Charlie Adamson

    Charlie AdamsonMês atrás

    They reacted better than brandonfarris 😂😂😂

  65. Lori Labree

    Lori LabreeMês atrás

    Want you my me to for you i will do it