1. HellthyJunkFood

    HellthyJunkFood3 meses atrás

    Where should we order the entire menu next? 😋

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  3. Ptxphan 13

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    Olive garden

  5. Panda Nguyen

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    Burger King

  6. Alison G

    Alison G18 dias atrás

    Mary0687 ! Buffalo Wild Wings!

  7. Jack May

    Jack MayDia atrás

    5:53 I thought you were actually crying for a second lol 😂

  8. Grace Upton

    Grace UptonDia atrás

    all chicken is made fresh in-store and the tenders and the nuggets are marinated in different ingredients

  9. 7 0 7

    7 0 72 dias atrás

    Spicy chicken deluxe with the pepper jack cheese, some fries, and just a bunch of chik-fil-a sauces..and sweet tea with no ice (cause it’s sweeter and doesn’t bother my throat lol)

  10. Emili Stilwell

    Emili Stilwell7 dias atrás

    "The...girlfriend goulia"

  11. VonGero

    VonGero7 dias atrás

    i hate it when theres so many good foods and i cant pick which one i should get.

  12. morgan

    morgan7 dias atrás

    i hope they ate allat

  13. Faizaan Naseem

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    This video is what happens when you take too many drugs.

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    Junk good

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    Fav channel 💕💕💕

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    Angie Kistil9 dias atrás

    camera-guy has parkinson?

  17. Justin Jahn

    Justin Jahn10 dias atrás

    you really have to sauce their food up, its comes dry as it is.

  18. Ose Aburime

    Ose Aburime14 dias atrás

    5:14 i would put that as my profile picture

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    How do you not like frosted lemonade

  20. M In J’s

    M In J’s15 dias atrás

    “You come here 10 times in a month” “I come here 10 times a day” Lmao 😂

  21. Jerald Goffney

    Jerald Goffney16 dias atrás

    Her and rhat dude a little too close

  22. shooketh shister

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    Is no one gonna talk about when Julia and What's his name mouthed the kids scream 😂

  23. Kid Profit

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    5:53-5:55 on replay

  24. Kristiana Lee

    Kristiana Lee19 dias atrás

    I LOVE Chick-fil-a it tastes so good!

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    Levi Walker19 dias atrás

    I live in UK sad days for me I can't have chick-fil-a until I go to America again

  26. MASTER Alema

    MASTER Alema20 dias atrás

    I also love salad I’m with you Julia goolia

  27. IceMaster 2

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    How do you guys maintain weight

  28. ChunkyFingers GD

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    Chikn smantwich or chikn mniiz

  29. musicksol

    musicksol22 dias atrás

    Bobby Lee has gained a little weight

  30. Julissa G

    Julissa G22 dias atrás

    6:48 MOOD


    RON JAGRAF/X25 dias atrás

    What was most interesting is the fact that one of the defining parts of their locked away chicken recipe is effectively brining the birds beforehand. The resulting salt content in the meat puts Chic-fil-A in what might be called cruise ship territory in terms of salt content. That's OK for once a month for seniors and others who have to watch salt content in the food they eat- but probably not much more. This is why the company is giving the 100 year old fellow chicken for life. To verify what we are saying here; just go to one of the Chic-fil-A DIY best guess recipes on BRreporter and see what probably goes in to the chicken you are about to eat. Most everyone we know out here in California just love the place; ----LGBTQ and all. Too bad they have to closed on Sundays for mystical reasons; but everybody [especially in America] has their strange side; after all.

  32. Batman

    Batman26 dias atrás

    Duchess of the Fastfood Julia

  33. kpop nonstop

    kpop nonstop27 dias atrás

    Literally Chick-fil-A Hates sauces lmao. Some of those chicken sandwiches are dry as fuck bruh

  34. kpop nonstop

    kpop nonstop27 dias atrás

    *Notice how it has Yellow American not White American cause their not racist*

  35. HannahBecca

    HannahBecca28 dias atrás

    are you based in Tampa? I see the USF shirt :)

  36. Super Moosie

    Super Moosie28 dias atrás

    EVERYTHING NEEDS MORE SAUCE/DRESSING! All of it looked sooooo dry. 😐

  37. 2 11

    2 1129 dias atrás

    But I love salads........

  38. Mary Martinez

    Mary MartinezMês atrás

    Order the hole menu at outback

  39. Braiden Lohman

    Braiden LohmanMês atrás

    Julia looks like such a mom!

  40. Ophillia Balls

    Ophillia BallsMês atrás

    No shit we hand bread our chicken

  41. bacara18

    bacara18Mês atrás

    Whos the ugly guy with glasses

  42. Mami Devil

    Mami DevilMês atrás

    I'm hungry and sad

  43. Keith R

    Keith RMês atrás

    All I gotta say is... If I wanted buffalo hot sauce chicken, I'd order buffalo hot sauce chicken. Their spicy chicken is lame to me because of it. Grease pit to boot. First time I tried it this week. Didn't live up to the hype. Even BK has a better chicken sandwich to me, least their spicy is spice instead of straight buffalo hot sauce. Now their bread is damn nice. Their products are pretty premium. Miss me with buffalo hot sauce as a spicy chicken sandwich though. Let alone the grease pit.

  44. Jahnell Rich

    Jahnell RichMês atrás

    There is no ChickfilA here in Canada so... here I am watching this feeling envious

  45. Bathin Nate

    Bathin NateMês atrás

    I don't care how racist they are....I'll eat there everyday.....if i can afford it

  46. Heather Cantu

    Heather CantuMês atrás

    Chick-fil-A is no doubt the bomb.💣💣💣💣 McDonald's tastes like shit💩💩 and stale and frozen

  47. Angel Quintas

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    What about the soups???

  48. manameschris m

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    Are they together or?

  49. Naom Mad

    Naom Mad29 dias atrás

    JP and Julia are engaged.

  50. ToeJam

    ToeJamMês atrás

    If they ever walked into a restaurant I was working at id literally quit on the spot... it's so rude to order that much food. They have to make all that food while trying to take other orders.


    REBEL VIKINGMês atrás

    Spicy chicken club is by far the best chicken sandwich in the world

  52. demo support

    demo supportMês atrás

    ...... and a "diet coke"

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    Ten times a day and 30 days in a month and 10 times 30 ...what the hell im saying jp is math he’ll do the the math

  56. Levo GAMES

    Levo GAMESMês atrás

    I'll visit America and I already have a feeling I need to lose some weight beforehand. Cause I wanna try all the famous fast food places.

  57. ankush budhiraja

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    She has porn expressions idk wat that means but she has them

  58. Commander Htm

    Commander HtmMês atrás

    *the spicy chicken is spicer that the regular chicken*

  59. Demont Bowden

    Demont BowdenMês atrás

    I'm not really a big fan of Chick-fil-A, but I do enjoy eating is the waffle fries (with or with ketchup) and sweet tea.

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  61. jordan bookhart

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    How Can they eat all that food at once?

  64. Tueem Syhu

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    The Entire Menu of this episode and FIVE GUYs are GOOD!!😁🍝🍕🍖🍗🍤🍭🍮🍳🍔

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    As you eat, please rate each item. You missed telling us how you liked the shakes and cookies.

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    Fucking chicken tenders brah! End of game.

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    Look how sad gulia is INSERT SONG TITTLE HERE

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    Eats so much food doesn't get fatter🤔🤔

  69. Zac Hernandez

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    American cheese doesn't belong on the spicy deluxe chicken sandwich. Just keep it with the original one that it comes with

  70. Jonathan Serrano

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    Julia gulia

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    That girlfriend with the blond hair was so annoying

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    Gabe was the funniest part of this video

  73. T MOT

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    Girls expressions are so ugly and fake.

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    What’s the price?

  75. Average

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    HellthyJunkFood: Can we get... the whole menu? cashier: ay guys, prepare yourself, physically, and mentally. sorry that will be $93

  76. - Loki -

    - Loki -Mês atrás

    I think you missed the point of the sauces. They need to go on the sandwich too. So you can do a bbq chicken sandwich or one of the other sauces for 7 different versions. Best sandwich is the spicy chicken deluxe, no cheese (they never had cheese when I was in GA) and Polynesian sauce.

  77. IDontKnowWhatToNameMyChannel

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    Video starts at 1:50

  78. Tymeer Anderson

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    You sould make a giant croissant

  79. Rainier Velazquez

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    I'll say sonic or burgerking

  80. Emily Moisant

    Emily MoisantMês atrás

    I love when Gabe’s home!

  81. Danishue Q

    Danishue QMês atrás

    Is it just me or it triggers me that the vid dosent have an ad because it 9:59 long

  82. *Queen OGreen

    *Queen OGreenMês atrás

    I've never been to a chic fil a😭🤤

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    That girls red nails are really gross and disgusting looking

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    make me one I live in anderson street majest higets

  85. Jaylen Livsey

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    do zaxaxsby next

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    That’s a lot of beef ;3

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    Mmmmmmmmm that good

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    5:52 Thank Me later

  90. Dating jungkook he just doesn't know yet Jeon

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    Julia look crazy in this videos

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    Why do i watch this ITS TORTURE Food is the TORTURE

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    This is at Florida

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    I love Chick-fil-A-a

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    They dont make it hand made they buy the chicken because my mom works for chicken factorie so yeah

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    I have to drive an hour to get to my nearest chick-fil-a

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    order ktc

  97. sinsor yamen

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    can you make Oreo hashbrown

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    78 ñ

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    How much of your everything on the menu order wound up in the garbage?

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    I wish they delivered

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    FUUUUUUUCK wix, don't be ad whores guys :(

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    Chick-fil-A is seriously awesome! U guys r also awesome! I love your content!

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    I haven't went to chick fil a in over 6 years and I'm finally going on Friday for my birthday

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    This business is involved in PEDO-GATE. Note the name, and what a chicken is to FBI code. Pay attention now to the 666 chicken symbol. Filet = philia You heard it here first.

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    Make a. Waffle. Bacon egg hash brown. Chicken. Burrito. Jp love you goes

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    You should do Taco Bell