1. Gabriella Trapani

    Gabriella Trapani3 horas atrás

    2 days after he did what he did

  2. Kristy Aragon

    Kristy AragonDia atrás

    Bee you tee ful!!!!

  3. Kim Key

    Kim KeyDia atrás

    Austin cheated on Catherine on the 22 in June on his birthday in a hotel in Miami and he raped somebody in the hotel and there was blood on the sheets Austin is a big fat cheater and Catherine did not go to Austin‘s birthday party

  4. Catelyn Vans

    Catelyn Vans2 dias atrás

    Was this when you raced her you sick fuck

  5. Tammy Truong

    Tammy Truong2 dias atrás

    this was two days after austin raped a girl in miami.

  6. lulviii xxl

    lulviii xxl2 dias atrás

    you are disgusting

  7. lulviii xxl

    lulviii xxl2 dias atrás

    how can you be smiling 2 days after you and your dad RAPED girls.

  8. Rose Peacock

    Rose Peacock3 dias atrás



    DOMONIQUE CHARMING3 dias atrás

    Is it just me cause everytime the intro song is over i be ready for them to say hey ACE FAMILY...Whats going on EVERYBODY omg i love that part

  10. jamal willabus

    jamal willabus14 dias atrás

    "You can't want another man's blessings, because you don't know his burdens" - Cedric the Entertainer Over the past three years that i was in the process of figuring myself out, I have lost some of the most important things that I ever held dear to my heart! My ex gf, My bestfriend dying, and most importantly, LOSING MYSELF! But by the grace of god i was able to pull myself out of a very dark place with some help from gods greatest creations! There are some books, music, and people who helped me tremendously with getting back to who I was. And I noticed that it helped a lot. I'm still at the bottom of life right now due to my financial situation. I been through so much for such a consistent period of time that i almost given up hope. But because of you ace family, YOU GUYS HELPED RESURRECT A HUGE PART OF THE THING THAT KEEPS ME ALIVE WHICH IS MY SPIRIT AND DREAMS. I AM so very happy that you guys exist in the world because you make me believe that happiness is attainable no matter how f'd up life can be. When i watch your channel i feel like im just like you. You guys help me realize that I am Human but I am a great human that can actually choose happiness. And it changed my life forever. I do not value a persons financial status, or how much power they possess. All I care about is a person who is honest and genuine and those type of people are rare commodities these days. Its very hard to find people who share the same interests who are mature and doing their thing in life. I have a long way to go in life but I still believe that we all deserve great people in our lives that really want nothing but the best for us. Anywho, there are a lot of things in life that can help me financially, but you guys helped me gain the peace of mind and Creativity, and determination that i haven't had since i was in middle school lol ! Haters have it hard because they think they need what others have, and they don't know how to fuel their own life towards their dreams and success, but keep working and inspiring the people who do love and respect you guys. Thank you with all my my soul for contributing to helping me make myself whole again. You guys are god sent! - JAMAL WILLABUS NEWARK NJ TWITTER - RELAXITS_JAMAL IG- RELAXITS_JAMAL

  11. Estella McCoy

    Estella McCoy18 dias atrás

    All move about 2 or 3 house or 4 or 5

  12. Avery Norman

    Avery Norman18 dias atrás


  13. Cynthia Amankwah

    Cynthia Amankwah22 dias atrás


  14. Cynthia Amankwah

    Cynthia Amankwah22 dias atrás

    Is that Chris Brown

  15. Pmchampion Man

    Pmchampion Man27 dias atrás

    I ❤ Chris Brown! His Music is da best

  16. lunetta williams

    lunetta williamsMês atrás

    He obviously CONTROLS the money because he has bis hands in EVERY part of reassembling the house TOGETHER, usually the lady of the house completes that. And the GLASS is Dangerous with kids, a selfish move.

  17. Adriana Urasma

    Adriana UrasmaMês atrás


  18. Quinta Belle smith

    Quinta Belle smithMês atrás

    Hi ace family :-) I’m new here, currently enjoying binge watching all your guys BRreporter videos. Honestly so awesome!! Your daughters a super cute! And well, I’m excited for more videos to come .. also hi from New Zealand :-) y’all are welcome here any time :-) cheers !! My notification thing is defiantly on so y’all can post as much as y’all want I won’t even get sick of use. So much love for you and your cute family :-) .. Kia Ora

  19. Jodielee Higgins

    Jodielee HigginsMês atrás

    Love it all guys , is the sweet shop done yet cant wait to see it xxx

  20. Kia Wolf

    Kia WolfMês atrás

    *sees blue thingy* Austin: “here hold this i wanna sit on it) Austin: pretends he’s a mermaid 😂

  21. Brittany Lopergolo

    Brittany LopergoloMês atrás

    I love the new furniture

  22. Frozen_Łillypad

    Frozen_ŁillypadMês atrás

    Please stop moving houses, your wasting trees and it's bad, just stay in one house please

  23. Babyy Nessa

    Babyy NessaMês atrás

    done ❤️

  24. AT Diego

    AT DiegoMês atrás

    The only reason I watch them cuz of Catherine’s thick ass

  25. Timothy Gilbert

    Timothy GilbertMês atrás


  26. Florica-Dorina Chitonescu

    Florica-Dorina ChitonescuMês atrás


  27. Tiyana Volson

    Tiyana VolsonMês atrás

    Who's here after the house tour😂

  28. Becca Arfaoui

    Becca ArfaouiMês atrás

    Omg the marble and back splash in your kitchen is so gorgeous 😻

  29. Lin Dianna

    Lin DiannaMês atrás

    Can someone tell me the song title of their intro?

  30. Cheryl Cherries

    Cheryl CherriesMês atrás

    8:43 was the best😂😂😂

  31. Zandile Faku

    Zandile FakuMês atrás

    I'm so freakin happy for you guys😘😘

  32. Teresa Williams

    Teresa WilliamsMês atrás

    cute family

  33. Lala Lala

    Lala LalaMês atrás

    I laughed my ass out when Catherine said “Ones in my belly...” and Austin’s reaction was funny as hell !!! 😂😂 this is the best family on BRreporter !!

  34. mor

    morMês atrás

    i love you guys heyyyyyy ace familyy whats going on everbodyy

  35. mor

    morMês atrás

    alia is so freakin cute and ell and cathrine are so pretty

  36. EC squad You tube

    EC squad You tubeMês atrás

    This family is truly amazing

  37. Jay Jay

    Jay JayMês atrás


  38. seventh side baby 7

    seventh side baby 7Mês atrás

    3:44 is that an eye representing illuminati? is the ace family worshipping the devil?

  39. Marta Rodrigues

    Marta RodriguesMês atrás

    I love the house, I love your family and I'm so happy that all your dreams are coming true!! ❤️

  40. UhhYaqin

    UhhYaqinMês atrás

    She's a gold diger

  41. rae rae Raven

    rae rae RavenMês atrás


  42. malia Hunlen

    malia HunlenMês atrás


  43. Johane Hattingh

    Johane HattinghMês atrás

    when is the hous tour with furniture

  44. Angeline Hoover

    Angeline HooverMês atrás

    Catherine: there’s another baby in my belly. Austin:🥴🥴🥴🥴

  45. Keke A

    Keke AMês atrás

    What they goin do

  46. Art with Me

    Art with MeMês atrás

    My family is working on building our own house right now and we have done that one time before not to mention all twenty of my my dads rental homes he remodeled. Those problems you have are not hard or unusual problems. They are small problems that you don’t have to tell us about. And delays in the time you were supposed to get into your house is completely normal that always happens.

  47. Will Murphy

    Will MurphyMês atrás

    U guys should get Mr Kate do design your house for your house tour

  48. David McGeshick

    David McGeshickMês atrás

    I love your house!

  49. barbara vincent

    barbara vincentMês atrás

    I just love yall, the girles r so cute. You know God loves u, and so do i, i'm a great grandma of 5 boys, 24 grandchildren and7children, i've been batteling breast cancer, for a year now, i had it last year but it came back so i have to go threw it all over again, that is why i love all of u, u keep me going by all the love u have to share

  50. Sweetie Pie

    Sweetie PieMês atrás

    You would know im a fan girl because i new that was chris brown by his braids ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Sweetie Pie

    Sweetie PieMês atrás

    Fan girl over here CHRIS BROWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry austin

  52. Ollie Polly

    Ollie Polly2 meses atrás

    Do we really make them that much money?

  53. Keyshia Monteiro

    Keyshia Monteiro2 meses atrás

    Who else is guessing they’ll replace the wine seller room to a merch room

  54. cigarettes for life

    cigarettes for life2 meses atrás

    Yall are goals

  55. Rachael Leopold

    Rachael Leopold2 meses atrás

    5 chairs for each member in the family the one in my belly Austin in shook lol

  56. Felix 1

    Felix 12 meses atrás

    Its an incredible House

  57. Dajanique Johnson

    Dajanique Johnson2 meses atrás

    I love that Catherine lets us know about the complicated things that go on with them, because it just makes you realize that no matter what you have or if it looks like you’re set in life everybody goes through some troubling times. It’s just relieving to listen to her explain things

  58. Aislynn Collette

    Aislynn Collette2 meses atrás

    I got excited af when I seen chris brown🤧😻😻😻

  59. Mellie

    Mellie2 meses atrás

    where can I find that flooring 😭

  60. Queen •D

    Queen •D2 meses atrás

    I always thought auction got some dat reminds me chris brown idk why from da start I swear

  61. Sierra Rayne

    Sierra Rayne2 meses atrás

    We built our own house