We're Your Babysitters! | Hannah Stocking & Kára McCullough


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  3. Sueannie Mann

    Sueannie MannMês atrás

    Okay 😊

  4. Danie Johnson

    Danie Johnson2 meses atrás

    Hannah Stocking I love you 😘💕❤️

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    Bella Upton3 meses atrás

    Good video

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    Jenny Coreas3 meses atrás

    Kayleigh Smith nhbh

  7. Aaliyah Toys To See 2

    Aaliyah Toys To See 2Dia atrás

    The new name of 2019/2020 Mr. Steal ur girl

  8. I Am Aqua

    I Am AquaDia atrás

    When i saw Hannah lick her elbow I tried to lick mine...and I couldn't do it lol

  9. Aby Eyayaw

    Aby Eyayaw2 dias atrás

    0:33 - 1:16 me in class asking my teachers questions 0:27 is my teachers when I raise my hand to ask a question

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  11. Kayden Caldwell

    Kayden Caldwell5 dias atrás

    Wtf toooo many questions But still love ya

  12. Lilla Eid

    Lilla Eid6 dias atrás

    Dang these questions that the kids asked made me start thinking (Am I the only one )

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    H Ha Han Hann Hanna Hannah Hanna Hann Han Ha H

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    The boy is agĺllllllly

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    Great video Hannah

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    Great baby itters

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    Guess it runs in the family

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    Does the crap think that the fish’s fly? Me:........google your job

  22. Ashley Dota

    Ashley Dota18 dias atrás

    All their questions are gonna get me thinking a lot

  23. Dwayne Sharp

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    I real,n' j'h 'jhvj'hb,hgkutcyktfhgf.jhvuktfkhtfhktckutckutf,utcugyfhn.gy don't know what to say

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    You rool

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    I know today that i can't lick my elbow😂😂

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    THATS WHAT I ASKED is a hotdog a sandwich

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    This was a pretty weather video I had her stocking you really need to put some more brand new videos and I mean like today today said nine a boost them right now

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    2:34 DAMNNN

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    like who dont know how to walk i high heels


    JULIA MATHISMês atrás

    omg these kids and their questions!! its so me lol I feel understood haha 2:50 and then we see the alien. lmao

  31. Lilith Sucks at art

    Lilith Sucks at artMês atrás

    my stage name is "Mr.StealYoGurl" lol

  32. Amiyah Gary

    Amiyah GaryMês atrás

    Is her talent playing basketball or playing basketball in heels?

  33. Gaming Plays

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  34. Gaming Plays

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    3:16 how did you do that

  35. Bat Woman

    Bat WomanMês atrás

    Was this a sketch or just you having fun with two kids?

  36. Brandy Allen

    Brandy AllenMês atrás

    Why is Hannah always failing in heels I’m 6 and I always walk in heels and there tall

  37. galxy_girl Dodd

    galxy_girl DoddMês atrás

    Hannah stocking said be your self and don't wear makeup even though she's wearing makeup! Me: is this the wrong video?

  38. PiggyIsAnAimBotter 7

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    Those questions made me wondering for the whole day 🤔

  39. Maddie Bradbury

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    and hannah tell lele i a big big big fan

  40. Maddie Bradbury

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    can you go to florda at 4604 in brainton

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    I can move my ears too UwU

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    I know I'm late to say this but you shoulda said go look for all that information on google

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  45. lyra conrad

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    That guy was crazy in that video