1. jimmy marshall

    jimmy marshall4 horas atrás

    This is Australia for ya some cunt named Mason robs a famous BRreporter's house lol

  2. Dylan Radatz

    Dylan Radatz7 horas atrás

    You gyys are the definition of cunts you know that right

  3. Kristóf Szilvási

    Kristóf Szilvási11 horas atrás

    I thought they didn't make any new Heists for Pay Day 2

  4. Alex Alderete

    Alex Alderete19 horas atrás

    Who was that blurred out at the beginning of the video

  5. Stephanie Martinez

    Stephanie Martinez22 horas atrás

    I want to be a Misfits someday

  6. #TheGamingDog

    #TheGamingDog23 horas atrás

    Dumb bitch

  7. Drew J

    Drew JDia atrás

    Mason is the only reason why misfits channel is still alive

  8. Myles Ballard

    Myles BallardDia atrás

    I came here because mccreamy said misfits.store in a video so I came for mccreamy

  9. Jordan Jiles

    Jordan JilesDia atrás

    Please for the love of God this crap better have been returned

  10. Cxrt3r

    Cxrt3rDia atrás

    hearing this on podcast and then watching the recording is hilarious

  11. Kyler Cochran

    Kyler CochranDia atrás

    Why is fits like the dad of the squad

  12. trtlgmr777

    trtlgmr777Dia atrás

    If someone broke into my house and searched for money, I would laugh and search with then.

  13. Bradlee Stethen

    Bradlee Stethen2 dias atrás

    Masons the crackhead my mom tell me not to stare at at the gas station

  14. Carlos Navedo

    Carlos Navedo2 dias atrás

    You pice of shit leave my bois alone

  15. Dstar Productions

    Dstar Productions2 dias atrás

    Me: Watches mason steal literally everything he sees *steals muselk’s play button* Also Me: okay, no that’s not right that’s criminal

  16. MattParody ASMR

    MattParody ASMR2 dias atrás

    0:38 yo is that bbno$ to the left

  17. OwlMas

    OwlMas3 dias atrás

    are you guys high

  18. Julian Zambrano

    Julian Zambrano3 dias atrás

    Wow misfitz and click did not see that coming

  19. L. Bakker

    L. Bakker3 dias atrás

    I get such anxiety when mason is driving the RV

  20. Mohammed Alghamdi

    Mohammed Alghamdi3 dias atrás

    james corden smoking a fag 1:19

  21. Svante

    Svante3 dias atrás

    Shaving your head while drunk is a bad idea. You regret it so hardly after. Not the fact that you shaved it but that you did it while being fucked and couldn’t think it through

  22. Max Winkler

    Max Winkler3 dias atrás

    I feal like after watching this video nothing else will ever top it or make me happy again

  23. Elise Lockhart

    Elise Lockhart3 dias atrás

    Australia is weird

  24. Jeremiah Moreno

    Jeremiah Moreno3 dias atrás

    whats that intro song?

  25. Jacob McGill

    Jacob McGill3 dias atrás

    Lannan comes out with a knife🤣

  26. BAt MAN

    BAt MAN3 dias atrás

    mason litterly caring that pc normally the fucking thing has a handle

  27. Kanna Kamui

    Kanna Kamui4 dias atrás

    Mason is the definition of "fuck it"

  28. j o c e l y n g

    j o c e l y n g4 dias atrás

    You know...Mason makes Florida look like a sane state and that’s fucking saying something

  29. Wyette Simbajon

    Wyette Simbajon4 dias atrás

    Why did you let this creature in your house?


    TOXIC KILLER4 dias atrás

    Who is the blurred face in the intro is it Big D?

  31. Minor Pear

    Minor Pear4 dias atrás

    *PayDay 2*

  32. Ben Gibbons

    Ben Gibbons4 dias atrás

    Mason dummy t h i c c

  33. Tyler Stokes

    Tyler Stokes4 dias atrás

    was that bbno$ with them in the beanie?

  34. JimmieJack

    JimmieJack4 dias atrás

    Blurred person at start?

  35. mikail nazeer

    mikail nazeer4 dias atrás

    Hey swagger y the fuck are you so short did you have like a growing disorder ya fucking midget zuckles is the crackhead version of ninja

  36. Reactedgaming 341

    Reactedgaming 3415 dias atrás

    Oi who got a fucking cigi !!!!!!!!

  37. atfalcons 11

    atfalcons 115 dias atrás

    I wish lannan was there for this

  38. Casey Leal

    Casey Leal5 dias atrás

    I hope it's fake

  39. Rackarungarna

    Rackarungarna5 dias atrás

    mason didnt drink before driving

  40. BonkasHD

    BonkasHD5 dias atrás

    Song at 1:08??

  41. CosmicStranger

    CosmicStranger6 dias atrás

    9:32 Mason looks like pulse from rainbow six siege

  42. Big foot boy39 Bois

    Big foot boy39 Bois6 dias atrás

    How’d they get ads

  43. Simon Veening

    Simon Veening6 dias atrás

    Mason is basically a infinite source of content

  44. Landon Harrold

    Landon Harrold6 dias atrás

    I wonder if zlybrads there

  45. Electricspaz16 XD

    Electricspaz16 XD6 dias atrás

    Hahahahahaha @swaggersouls who knew you were so short

  46. -_-Aiden -_-

    -_-Aiden -_-6 dias atrás


  47. Mediocre Salad

    Mediocre Salad6 dias atrás

    Mason has so much crack head energy

  48. ajajaj adadad

    ajajaj adadad7 dias atrás

    i actually wish i had friends this retarded (cause im a retard)

  49. 1000 subs with 2 videos? ?

    1000 subs with 2 videos? ?7 dias atrás

    yooooo bbno$ is there wtf

  50. Daniel Emery

    Daniel Emery7 dias atrás

    "I stole a pair of shoes" "Haha i stole this mug" "ok i stole every single shoe in the house"

  51. kath munro

    kath munro3 dias atrás

    Daniel Emery “haha i stole the million follower play button”