1. Dat Dieter

    Dat Dieter8 horas atrás

    i mean i know its a skid but atleast put a motherboard in the case... xD

  2. Xx_i-_-try_not_to_mod_xX

    Xx_i-_-try_not_to_mod_xX21 hora atrás

    Mason looked like scp 096 at the begin of video

  3. Riley Gaming & more

    Riley Gaming & moreDia atrás

    This is straight up that mission from GTA sa

  4. EVR Mark

    EVR Mark2 dias atrás

    Mcreamy looks like a high version of lazarbeam

  5. SurftasticFPS

    SurftasticFPS3 dias atrás

    "Were going up the gutter cunt"

  6. Drewsmash

    Drewsmash3 dias atrás

    wtf kinda crack house are you guys a part of XD

  7. carlos deves devesse

    carlos deves devesse3 dias atrás

    Imagine thinking you're funny for being a criminal

  8. _

    _3 dias atrás


  9. SilentSID 1119

    SilentSID 11194 dias atrás

    I just noticed, who was the blurred person in the beginning

  10. LiL-_HA-Y-N _-479

    LiL-_HA-Y-N _-4794 dias atrás

    Who the fucc posts a vid of someone robbin a house

  11. XiLe Fox

    XiLe Fox4 dias atrás

    I act like mason

  12. King Bob

    King Bob4 dias atrás

    You can take a man from rust But you cant take rust from a man.

  13. that one kid in school who eats glue

    that one kid in school who eats glue4 dias atrás

    Dude muselk is Rich af

  14. Travis Parker

    Travis Parker4 dias atrás

    Mason is by far the best out of the misfits, just saying.

  15. Blaxify

    Blaxify5 dias atrás

    Elliot look like Elon Musk

  16. Zebra

    Zebra5 dias atrás

    Peak Australia

  17. AbysmalAce139

    AbysmalAce1395 dias atrás

    Fuck my house, oh yeah Mason took it

  18. Ezeqiel Nathan

    Ezeqiel Nathan5 dias atrás

    Fuck uou

  19. Ezeqiel Nathan

    Ezeqiel Nathan5 dias atrás

    Why the fuck did you do that you idiot

  20. Pyro150

    Pyro1505 dias atrás

    Mason looks like the biggest fucking homeless cunt I’ve ever seen

  21. Ultra_Enderman26

    Ultra_Enderman265 dias atrás

    It wouldn't be a misfits vid if zuckles wasn't naked at some point

  22. SiegeGaming

    SiegeGaming5 dias atrás

    isn't Mason the definition of a mad Australian?

  23. StatFTW

    StatFTW5 dias atrás

    Oi is that Shellharbour KFC mate?

  24. Snikz Gaming

    Snikz Gaming5 dias atrás

    Watching this at school ;)

  25. NoLimitGamer

    NoLimitGamer6 dias atrás

    Mason might be retarded, but he's ripped as fuck

  26. JudoJosh06

    JudoJosh066 dias atrás

    Australia is a mad one

  27. O̶h̶ ̶ ̶T̶h̶a̶t̶Z̶o̶y̶B̶o̶i̶K̶i̶n̶g̶

    O̶h̶ ̶ ̶T̶h̶a̶t̶Z̶o̶y̶B̶o̶i̶K̶i̶n̶g̶6 dias atrás

    I couldn't breath throughout the entire video 😂

  28. Fin Tait

    Fin Tait7 dias atrás

    Is that bbno$ 😍

  29. StormZ Marten

    StormZ Marten7 dias atrás


  30. MaggotDiggo1

    MaggotDiggo17 dias atrás

    These guys are wankers.

  31. GammaRaze

    GammaRaze9 dias atrás


  32. AK-47Archer P

    AK-47Archer P9 dias atrás

    Ummmm... wasn’t jay with you guys to Sydney? Where um... where da fuck was he I am confusion

  33. Steven. 453

    Steven. 45310 dias atrás

    Did you really need to steal loser fruits pc

  34. Steven. 453

    Steven. 45310 dias atrás

    What are you fucking poor do you need to steal people's expensive stuff

  35. TheEliminator36 -__-

    TheEliminator36 -__-10 dias atrás

    Mason looked like Pulse from R6 at the end of the video

  36. Niglet Gang

    Niglet Gang11 dias atrás

    “Oi i found this mug *Snickers* “ “Nah mate look at what i just yoinked” *EVERY SINGLE SHOE IN THE HOUSE*

  37. Reghan Blake

    Reghan Blake11 dias atrás

    I feel like Click + Misfits is a dangerous combo, but at the same time, iconic.

  38. Ivan Utrera

    Ivan Utrera13 dias atrás

    Yall are just greedy

  39. Rhino boy

    Rhino boy14 dias atrás

    The bad gamers met the good gamers

  40. Flippy Flip

    Flippy Flip14 dias atrás

    Mason's Rust instincts kicked in. LOOOOT!


    JUSTBLAZ315 dias atrás

    Bruh I’ll report you

  42. nimbuds

    nimbuds15 dias atrás

    they robbed it but its just a case look closely to the case no ports at the back

  43. M7MD DEAD

    M7MD DEAD14 dias atrás

    No shit Sherlock

  44. Nate Myrick

    Nate Myrick16 dias atrás

    This so against the law cops now demonitize

  45. Rowan Sanders

    Rowan Sanders17 dias atrás

    i just want to say, mason yoinked just a PC case

  46. N H

    N H18 dias atrás

    He looks like pulse

  47. Aiden Herwill

    Aiden Herwill18 dias atrás

    When did the bit start

  48. Felipe Varberg

    Felipe Varberg18 dias atrás

    Fuck you

  49. Failed Abortion

    Failed Abortion14 dias atrás

    That's a bit harsh

  50. Jimho Lambo

    Jimho Lambo18 dias atrás

    Actually it's: Look son, a retard!

  51. suckmysquiggly ass! you knee gear

    suckmysquiggly ass! you knee gear19 dias atrás

    Zuckels is the crazy I aspire too be 😂😂😂

  52. Sp0ukStream

    Sp0ukStream19 dias atrás

    Mason would rob his own house

  53. DeyzXD Slav

    DeyzXD Slav20 dias atrás

    Anyone realize there's no parts inside the pc? lol

  54. Red Supreme

    Red Supreme20 dias atrás

    I know swagger,fitz,Toby but who’s the red head? I keep forgetting his name and why can he not drive

  55. Failed Abortion

    Failed Abortion14 dias atrás

    Mason aka Zuckles

  56. squanch

    squanch21 dia atrás

    Muselk is a nice guy for not smacking Mason up

  57. Pespi

    Pespi21 dia atrás

    yo ngl mason has some pretty nice hair

  58. Carter Darron

    Carter Darron22 dias atrás

    Fitz is such a father figure

  59. Toru4

    Toru422 dias atrás

    fucking cried when he drove off with the shit

  60. NightM43R

    NightM43R23 dias atrás

    i love watching videos that are demonitized i dont have to have ad blocker on

  61. Viennoiserie

    Viennoiserie24 dias atrás

    It feels like muselk is havingna terrible time😂

  62. Eion Slaski

    Eion Slaski24 dias atrás

    I like how there's quite obviously not a computer in the case

  63. Rings817

    Rings81726 dias atrás

    Australian Breaking bad