We Transform Into Pinup Models • Ladylike


  1. Meghan Smith

    Meghan Smith20 horas atrás

    Kristen looked so HOT!!!! The hair was perfect, the color of her gown was perfect, the gown was perfect for her body, she was just killing the whole thing!

  2. Amsiekins

    AmsiekinsDia atrás

    I love these ladies!! Where was Michelle? She would’ve rocked this look!!

  3. Andrea Lopez

    Andrea LopezDia atrás

    Soooooo how do we feature Freddie in the (you know it's coming) Old Town Road remix?! 😂

  4. Georgia Hildenbrand

    Georgia HildenbrandDia atrás

    Chantelle, It’s awesome that you’re a feminist and everything. Clearly so are Devin, Kristen and Freddy. They all really tried. I just think that if you weren’t comfortable with pinup or you were going to only do this to take a stand, you maybe couldn’t have said ‘I am doing pinup’ instead ‘I am doing inspired pinup on a modern feminist way. Thanks.

  5. Momo the Sloth

    Momo the Sloth2 dias atrás

    Kristin made this video a goddamn delight

  6. Li Wen Ong

    Li Wen Ong2 dias atrás

    Devin looks like Daisy from The great gatsby

  7. D Jess

    D Jess2 dias atrás

    Devin NAILED it!

  8. SoftKJ

    SoftKJ2 dias atrás

    I used to love Ladylike back in the day and I love Pin up fashion and photoshoots. Needless to say, this video disappointed me.

  9. veertjesuperbeertje veertjesuperbeertje

    veertjesuperbeertje veertjesuperbeertje3 dias atrás

    I have the feeling I’m looking at the ... of kristan the hole time her skirt is to short

  10. Ozzisiya

    Ozzisiya3 dias atrás

    Chantel’s was not pinup at all, but i absolutely loved the look anyway!

  11. Ozzisiya

    Ozzisiya3 dias atrás

    Devin was born in the wrong time oh my goodness

  12. Camiron Schafer

    Camiron Schafer3 dias atrás

    Fred is like a MATURE version of those Got Milk posters they used to have at school

  13. Tiny Mimi

    Tiny Mimi3 dias atrás

    Ok ms Megan

  14. Mary Leleux

    Mary Leleux3 dias atrás

    0:00 - 0:17 Kristen, this is why you're my favorite lady in Ladylike, and why we must be related. (The related part was a joke, but me and Kristen are VERY similar.)

  15. emma davis

    emma davis3 dias atrás

    Chantel has always been so unlikable shes the reason i barely watch lady like now. Get rid of her

  16. B Tarunicka

    B Tarunicka3 dias atrás

    F off

  17. Alexandra Rays

    Alexandra Rays4 dias atrás

    I would like to see an historical and accurate introduction when you do those kind of videos. You just give some random superficial informations that might be true. You can do better.

  18. Pixel Pudding

    Pixel Pudding4 dias atrás

    Devin and Kristen were the only ones who really looked like pinups. Freddie tried though, and she looked good, because, well, she was trying! Chantel’s was just, no.......

  19. Star Rae

    Star Rae15 horas atrás

    Pixel Pudding they all looked pin up and they all looked fabulous. They where gorgeous and stunning. Also, I’m not expecting that you researched but Freddie’s outfits and Chantel’s makeup had a lot of common pin up details and they where trying to make it look modern AND old. Plus, how do you think you made Chantel feel when she read your comment?

  20. Laura Maloney

    Laura Maloney2 dias atrás

    That's just rude and FYI if the girls like how they look it's got nothing to do with you no one needed your opinion 😡👿😡

  21. kittykatkate Katlynn

    kittykatkate Katlynn4 dias atrás


  22. Lavi Draws

    Lavi Draws4 dias atrás

    bruh this was so great but Chantel ruined it lmao

  23. Trix Is life

    Trix Is life5 dias atrás

    Freddie is so hot ❤️🥰🥵 I love her

  24. Janine

    Janine6 dias atrás

    Did anyone else notice the missing foot at 13:55?

  25. B Tarunicka

    B Tarunicka3 dias atrás

    Omfgggggg yessssssssssssss

  26. B Tarunicka

    B Tarunicka3 dias atrás

    Janine itz not missing

  27. Carlie Byrom

    Carlie Byrom6 dias atrás

    Chantel or whatever was on yhe wrong track..... sheesh

  28. Banion’s Comet

    Banion’s Comet6 dias atrás

    Freddie is still better than all other girls in ladylike

  29. Natasha Sliger

    Natasha Sliger6 dias atrás

    Everyone looks so stunning but what made me excited for this video was Kristins looks. Gives me hope for women of plus size, being a plus-size woman myself. much love Kristin.

  30. leilani lee

    leilani lee6 dias atrás

    Devin surprising everyone with her dirty humor at the end.😂😂

  31. leilani lee

    leilani lee6 dias atrás

    No offense to Chantel but "intergalactic space feminist" is definitely not "pinup" But I still love you and your message

  32. Ragna Jonsdotter

    Ragna Jonsdotter6 dias atrás

    I think being a pin-up means different things for different people. Some can get into the whole retro vibe without associating it with outmoded views of women. Other women want to take it some place else. To me, the point of feminism is really that each person's choice is legit. Why would I, as a woman, want to tell YOU what constitutes a proper pin-up featuring your body? I wish women weren't so critical of one-another's choices. I don't understand why so many comments are just hyper-critical. Also: I wish we could have gotten a butch/stud/tomboi pin-up. Why not?

  33. Hannah

    Hannah6 dias atrás

    can Freddie do a hair video?

  34. Juana Corona

    Juana Corona6 dias atrás

    captain America vibes lol

  35. Dan Nicolas

    Dan Nicolas7 dias atrás

    devin is really for modelling

  36. Depresso Espresso

    Depresso Espresso7 dias atrás

    13:41. One time my health teacher pointed out all of the boys that had boners. Ok Good talk

  37. Gaby Z

    Gaby Z7 dias atrás

    Devin was amazing. Kristen was good. Freddie was okay, she tried, it was good but a little more modern. Chantel hated it, she was annoyed, she didn’t try, :/

  38. mrs11w

    mrs11w7 dias atrás

    so good, I watched the first 20 secs a zillions times ^_^

  39. KareBear 7760

    KareBear 77607 dias atrás

    Why are yall so negative about chantel if you dont have anything nice to say dont say it at all

  40. Saeedat A

    Saeedat A8 dias atrás

    Why did Chantel even take part in this video. She should have just made her own video.

  41. Hannah Stater

    Hannah Stater8 dias atrás

    where did yall get kristen's shoes for the light pink look!!???

  42. Molly Weir

    Molly Weir8 dias atrás

    you all look great!

  43. Heidi Richards

    Heidi Richards9 dias atrás

    Is this supposed to be the 1950s it doesn’t look like it.

  44. Starshine

    Starshine9 dias atrás

    *think old town road* 😂

  45. wHaTs tAsTy iN bUsan

    wHaTs tAsTy iN bUsan9 dias atrás

    All this comments about chantel and stuff I know chantel and Freddie were not pin up but I don’t think it was there choice on the outfits I don’t think they choose it i think the people who designed the outfits choose them for each girl and I love chantel is trying to get more woman’s right in but right now I think since they live in the US that they fine cuz now I’m the us woman get a lot of rights but idk about other parts of the love u chantel and love ur movement for woman’s rights and stuff but really give them better outfits for chantel and Freddie since devan and Kirsten nailed it

  46. Anon Haha

    Anon Haha10 dias atrás

    Sorry to say but the Ladylike videos just aren’t the same anymore 💔

  47. Jennifer Pembrooke

    Jennifer Pembrooke10 dias atrás

    Lol Freddie, it's pronounced 'shaaps'.

  48. Aria Eireen

    Aria Eireen10 dias atrás

    Nowadays kristen becoming so extra =/

  49. Kiley Perry

    Kiley Perry10 dias atrás

    i wish everyone went more traditional pinup like i think fred and chantel just weren’t close

  50. Grab

    Grab10 dias atrás

    don't get why chantel even did this video

  51. Wake up Style

    Wake up Style10 dias atrás

    Kristen is my spirit animal 😂😘

  52. Mia Sarenac

    Mia Sarenac10 dias atrás

    Do i hear an apology video to the pin up community? 😂

  53. Mia Sarenac

    Mia Sarenac10 dias atrás

    Only the first outfit looks like pinup...

  54. Andrea Nicole

    Andrea Nicole11 dias atrás

    Jajaja the kristen macarena

  55. pallas

    pallas11 dias atrás

    chantel kinda ruined the video ngl

  56. mdrd10

    mdrd1011 dias atrás

    You guys seem to be a little confused

  57. amadeussyndrome

    amadeussyndrome11 dias atrás

    version 2.0: each of you suggest 3 themes, put them in a hat, and each draw 2 to do. version 2.1: each girl gets styled by another. all pin-up styles. just more of this glammed out, feeling yourself, loving it all FUN! pretty please and thank you!

  58. Don't Contact me

    Don't Contact me12 dias atrás

    This was my least favorite video of all ladylike videos :(

  59. Pamela Constante

    Pamela Constante12 dias atrás

    Listen to Dimash Kudaibergen's singing voice instead of wasting time watching Ladylike shove their social opinions down our throats.

  60. Kori Aguilar

    Kori Aguilar12 dias atrás

    I thought I would like Kristen’s the least but Kristen and Devins are my favorite

  61. Samantha Ashley

    Samantha Ashley12 dias atrás

    Devin reminds me of Jamie lee Curtis in her picture

  62. Carrie Krout

    Carrie Krout12 dias atrás

    Pinup was actually a feminist statement... *so...*

  63. Why Not Read

    Why Not Read12 dias atrás

    Devin did the best, chantel the worst..... just omg

  64. Madalyn Nguyen

    Madalyn Nguyen13 dias atrás

    The only thing I knew about pinups was a store in my mall

  65. Veronika I

    Veronika I14 dias atrás

    Kristen was my favorite