We Transform Into Pinup Models • Ladylike


  1. Morgan V.

    Morgan V.21 hora atrás

    That intro Kristen lmao

  2. Jade Farrugia Cachia

    Jade Farrugia Cachia23 horas atrás

    I want that book .were waiting ladylike

  3. Santos Mccusker

    Santos MccuskerDia atrás

    I can see Kristin's private at 9:39

  4. Georgia stone

    Georgia stone2 dias atrás

    I thought I was straight until I saw Freddie😂😂 😂

  5. bath water

    bath water2 dias atrás

    chantel is just..... giorno

  6. Jimsu Taekook

    Jimsu Taekook3 dias atrás

    Loved all their looks. Interesting concepts by Fred and Chantel, but they all looked beautiful.

  7. Rachael Rice

    Rachael Rice4 dias atrás

    Chantel has clearly no perspective for the past. Devin is a feminist and in touch with her sexuality and she was still all into it. Freddie tried but Devin and Kristen were the only ones that actually did pinups.

  8. Rae Chan

    Rae Chan8 dias atrás

    I loved Kristen’s pin up outfit

  9. Bunny Dobbie

    Bunny Dobbie8 dias atrás

    LOVE the pink glasses frames! They are gorgeous on Kristen. This looks like so much fun. The space thing... so not pinup.

  10. julia c

    julia c9 dias atrás

    freddieeeeeee ahhh she looks so pretty❤️

  11. Lily McCabe

    Lily McCabe9 dias atrás

    ‘The poses were just flowing out’ yeah nah...

  12. System_bug 330

    System_bug 3309 dias atrás

    I want to hang myself

  13. J.M. Keith

    J.M. Keith11 dias atrás

    Freaking love you guys. Like. So much.

  14. Owen 99

    Owen 9915 dias atrás


  15. Anna Carter

    Anna Carter17 dias atrás

    Fuck you chantel

  16. Lillian vallance

    Lillian vallance18 dias atrás


  17. Saranya

    Saranya18 dias atrás

    I read this as PIMP models instead of pinup

  18. Kaitlin Ellerbe

    Kaitlin Ellerbe21 dia atrás

    3:06 That was the gayest “Yes” I’ve ever heard, Mike, but we appreciate your bolster.

  19. Isabelle Flores

    Isabelle Flores21 dia atrás

    I wanna do this

  20. Deepa Lall

    Deepa Lall21 dia atrás

    Chantel would have looked pretty dressed as a classic pinup model.But she had to drag feminism into it.I am all for freedom and equality for women but can you just give it a rest once in a while and embrace your beautiful body and feel confident being bold and sexy without thinking of it as being objectification?

  21. omomoification

    omomoification23 dias atrás

    I think it's good that Ladylike had ladies at different levels of excitement. Fun video. Just wish I knew about the camera flashing during the photoshoot, my eyes hurt!

  22. Jan Elling

    Jan Elling23 dias atrás

    If this group of women is the mentality of modern feminism... No, thank you.

  23. Katelyn Pillittere

    Katelyn Pillittere23 dias atrás


  24. Denneal Villafana

    Denneal Villafana23 dias atrás

    I dislike that space idea total. It was more space less pinup. Atleast u saw what Freddi was coming with. The other two ladies were legit. They should blow the pics up and frame it in their homes

  25. Møøn Shiñe

    Møøn Shiñe24 dias atrás

    Freddies are to modern to bd pinup. And chantel is my queen, but she didnt respect it at all


    FIESTA FLANDERS24 dias atrás

    Why is Chantel getting so much hate in the comments section? She was out of her comfort zone but she still tried and gave some pinup-ish poses. It looked like they all had fun and that was fun to watch

  27. Whisk

    Whisk24 dias atrás

    Is it just me or did Devin look like a different version of miss cooter lmao I love you if you understand that

  28. ishika bhaduri

    ishika bhaduri25 dias atrás

    Kristin is my spirit animal!! 😘😘💜😘

  29. love monomi

    love monomi25 dias atrás

    8:57 ohmygod... she looks like Ursula..

  30. lumi tikru

    lumi tikru25 dias atrás

    Okay i´m a feminist but i don´t brag about it every 5 minutes until it gets annoying. i love these girls but Chantel was being a lil too much.

  31. enrique redondo garcia

    enrique redondo garcia25 dias atrás


  32. Lioness006

    Lioness00626 dias atrás

    Freddie totally nailed her looks! They were giving me 90s hip hop/R&B music video meets strong, powerful woman. Not totally pinup, but maybe inspired by. Devin's were really cute too. Her hair and outfit were pretty and she has the poses down!

  33. Hessed3712

    Hessed371226 dias atrás

    Everyone looks gorgeous!

  34. LG Hakubi

    LG Hakubi27 dias atrás

    "you didn't want to see the same photos over again" Um, yes I did actually? Cause that's what a me is? I can check your Instagrams for different photos

  35. sami Burkowitz

    sami Burkowitz27 dias atrás

    Ok feminism is great, but chantels performance was very disappointing, it wasn’t even close to pinup

  36. Lian Yefet

    Lian Yefet27 dias atrás

    13:58 fredy where is your leg

  37. Viki B

    Viki B28 dias atrás

    This video could be called everbody hate Chantel... And they would be rigth, she is awful specially at the end.

  38. Angelique Oren

    Angelique Oren28 dias atrás

    How is Lil Kim a Pinup??? Very disappointed with Chantel and Freddie. There outfits were just sexy and not like a Pinup at all. Two ladies had Pinup photos and two ladies had photos of their sexy Halloween costumes. What was the point of referencing to Pinups if two people were just going to do modern sexy photos? You call it a twist I call it a FAIL! All the ladies are beautiful and looked great but the title was completely wrong.

  39. May May

    May May28 dias atrás

    I was not expecting Devin to say the grandpa's wet dream thing😂😂

  40. Hufflefluff _1217

    Hufflefluff _121728 dias atrás

    This vid reminded me of the musical Chicago

  41. Misty Gentry

    Misty Gentry28 dias atrás


  42. Mocha Chocolate Surprise

    Mocha Chocolate Surprise28 dias atrás

    Since y’all love to hate, Chantel and Freddie WERE BADASS PIN UP BITCHES 😌😌♥️♥️♥️

  43. BTS ARMY

    BTS ARMY28 dias atrás

    Everyone’s hating on chantel STOP PICKING ON CHANTEL

  44. Martian Mommie

    Martian Mommie29 dias atrás

    For those who are upset with Freddie just think about that era and what black women were and how they were portrayed... to be honest Lil' Kim and other female rap artist are our pinup equivalents....

  45. Hannah Wacker

    Hannah Wacker29 dias atrás

    This is totally Devin

  46. Shelby Dunn

    Shelby Dunn29 dias atrás

    I love kristen she inspires me so much she is bigger like me and she was wearing a scheer outfit

  47. King Clydesdale

    King Clydesdale29 dias atrás

    I hate how everyone is hating Chantel like she is just stating her views. Whether they are right or not doesn’t matter. It legit a *BRreporter VIDEO* like chill people stop giving her hate just because she thought of something differently than you did like back the heck up what on earth

  48. Jade Has Sum Squirt

    Jade Has Sum Squirt29 dias atrás

    kristen and devon were the only actual pinups

  49. Ems

    Ems29 dias atrás

    9:49 there's a little vjay leakage 💀

  50. jacky o

    jacky oMês atrás

    Why is it that someone has to be such a rude critic of stuff that is meant to be fun? The photos were tastefully done, funny at times and sexy. I don't think the ladies were purposely trying to put down pin-up or modern pinup. Back in the day pin-up photos had one main goal ...to give guys an eyeful of a woman's pretty faces and fabulous body. especially true for soldiers; whether it was meant to get them excited, cheer them up, to remind them of their women back at home, it was done for that purpose. If women today want to do it in a feminist way then so be it. put a spin on it and dress up however they want, it's all good. because everyone is entitled to their opinion.

  51. Ester Gomez

    Ester GomezMês atrás

    Freddies outfits in every video are everything .

  52. Jazmine Mitts

    Jazmine MittsMês atrás

    Help im in love with devon

  53. Rando gamer Girlzzz

    Rando gamer GirlzzzMês atrás

    Devin looks good very girls next door

  54. Itsa me

    Itsa meMês atrás

    I agree with chantal. Feminism doesn't mean having to show your body. Well you can if you want to but i feel like there are way to many opinions about how a woman has to look instead of other aspects of a woman. Woman aren't just what they wear or how their body is in pictures. There are so many different things to a woman. Why does like every feminist woman empowerment video have to do with what a woman wears or how she looks?

  55. Rando gamer Girlzzz

    Rando gamer GirlzzzMês atrás

    They are so insulting to every profession that involves pretty women only Freddy really got the do it for me mentalities

  56. Rhianna Andres

    Rhianna AndresMês atrás

    1:08 devin and a lot of girls named Betty

  57. Keely Atlover

    Keely AtloverMês atrás

    Devin looks just like Carol Channing

  58. Aleks Langdon

    Aleks LangdonMês atrás

    Everyone, SHUT UP! They didn't do or say anything to objectify pin-up (not that I saw). They all were beautiful and they all rocked. SO SHUT UP.

  59. LaurenIRL

    LaurenIRLMês atrás

    where are Freds outfits from?

  60. alaina paige

    alaina paigeMês atrás

    I like Freddie's but I feel like it was like a normal photoshoot...not a pin up photoshoot. Devin and kristen's were great but chantel just got on my nerves. Like we understand u want to make a statement but like common