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  2. oof oof

    oof oof2 dias atrás


  3. The Junk Yard Kids

    The Junk Yard Kids2 dias atrás

    I got a duct tape commercial in the middle of the video!!!! I laughed because they started talking about the duck after the ad was not very

  4. Unicorn Bros

    Unicorn Bros2 dias atrás

    mike wears the tub!

  5. Tara H

    Tara H2 dias atrás

    Mike wears the tub!!!!

  6. Stephanie Henry

    Stephanie Henry4 dias atrás

    Mike were the TUBE!!!!!

  7. Cheyenne Merino

    Cheyenne Merino4 dias atrás

    anyone else notice Kristin's (sorry if I spelled your name wrong) highlight?

  8. Nikita-Wicca

    Nikita-Wicca5 dias atrás


  9. Pawz Plays

    Pawz Plays5 dias atrás

    all three girls:mike wheres the TUB me:MIKE WHERES THE TUBO

  10. Anna anna

    Anna anna6 dias atrás

    12:06 duck name??? is rose😅

  11. kyley

    kyley6 dias atrás

    His name is rubber ducky from bert and earnie

  12. Carlita Bonita

    Carlita Bonita6 dias atrás

    Why is Mike's nipples so so pink? Like irritated pink lol

  13. shamoo loo

    shamoo loo8 dias atrás

    is Gen not part of lady like anymore?!!?!

  14. Amanda Egan

    Amanda Egan9 dias atrás

    Dicky the duck

  15. Maddie 1909

    Maddie 19099 dias atrás


  16. Moon Girl

    Moon Girl9 dias atrás

    Omg Kristen's purple highlighter it's killing it

  17. Amber Dinsdale

    Amber Dinsdale10 dias atrás

    mIKE WERES THE TUB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Eleanore T

    Eleanore T10 dias atrás

    Ah! Shout out to my job Illegal Pete's! Repping my favorite shirt too!

  19. Rowan Mcnabb-Friedmann

    Rowan Mcnabb-Friedmann11 dias atrás

    Lessons learned: NO POLYESTER

  20. Kristina Andersen

    Kristina Andersen11 dias atrás

    The whole "who gets what costume" seems kinda fake since only one of the costumes were in Kristin´s size anyways

  21. Raven Wolfe

    Raven Wolfe8 dias atrás

    Kristina Andersen I kept thinking the same thing! They’re not all the same size so there’s no way they would realistically interchange outfits.

  22. Zoë Bruce

    Zoë Bruce12 dias atrás

    The duck can be waddles

  23. Crazy_Kar

    Crazy_Kar12 dias atrás

    Mike wears the tub Mike wears the tub Mike wears the tub

  24. Catherine Shope

    Catherine Shope12 dias atrás

    Totally unrelated BUT, doesn't Devin look JUST LIKE Lily Rabe from American Horror Story? I've seen it and now I can't unsee it...

  25. Anna Ankrom

    Anna Ankrom12 dias atrás


  26. Namara

    Namara13 dias atrás

    Lil ducky

  27. Aarifah Ali

    Aarifah Ali13 dias atrás

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 love it

  28. Eduardo Martinez/Tejeda

    Eduardo Martinez/Tejeda13 dias atrás

    Mike wears the tub 🛁

  29. Christina Horta

    Christina Horta14 dias atrás


  30. Rach V

    Rach V15 dias atrás

    Mike has a bit of a dad bod going on. I did not expect that, you go Mike

  31. Caven Fultz

    Caven Fultz15 dias atrás

    can i just comment on how cute mike is, man is cute

  32. Sophie Leinchen

    Sophie Leinchen16 dias atrás

    "please name my `duck`" for sure xD

  33. Jacki Hill

    Jacki Hill16 dias atrás

    and the name for the duck can be Alex then you can pick the gender

  34. Jacki Hill

    Jacki Hill16 dias atrás

    mike wears the tub

  35. Ana Moore

    Ana Moore17 dias atrás

    Mike wears the tub

  36. Everlight_ Queen

    Everlight_ Queen18 dias atrás

    The name of le duck

  37. Everlight_ Queen

    Everlight_ Queen18 dias atrás


  38. pink trixiee

    pink trixiee18 dias atrás

    please name my duck

  39. Candice Zamora

    Candice Zamora19 dias atrás

    This whole video is an HR nightmare and I’m here for it 😂

  40. jmaico phillipe

    jmaico phillipe19 dias atrás

    These people work at a private version of a government office. Lowest common denominator as a 3d fun house of a time waste

  41. jmaico phillipe

    jmaico phillipe19 dias atrás

    How to make costume not sexy.

  42. jmaico phillipe

    jmaico phillipe19 dias atrás

    Sad for these people.

  43. Jasmine Bruce

    Jasmine Bruce20 dias atrás


  44. 93cgl

    93cgl20 dias atrás

    Mallard the duck!

  45. Abigail Williams

    Abigail Williams20 dias atrás

    Does anybody else notice how there videos and the tryguys videos line up and at some points are exactly the same or is it just me?

  46. Sena

    Sena20 dias atrás

    devin?? that's Cho Chang y'all

  47. Nethara Fernando

    Nethara Fernando20 dias atrás

    How have I not seen this. 😂😂

  48. The UnicornTrash690

    The UnicornTrash69020 dias atrás


  49. Danika Gibson

    Danika Gibson21 dia atrás

    Freddy looks like a queen in this video 🥰💗

  50. sun bear

    sun bear21 dia atrás


  51. vklane

    vklane21 dia atrás

    Havent seen chantel in long time

  52. Bri

    Bri21 dia atrás

    Mike wears the tub Yeahhhhh

  53. sonia nadeau

    sonia nadeau21 dia atrás

    Mike where’s the tube

  54. Robyn Martin

    Robyn Martin21 dia atrás

    Mike: Name my duck! Freddie's Face: 😳 😂😂😂

  55. Lauren Ocel

    Lauren Ocel22 dias atrás

    Kristin actually looks really cute in a sailor style costume, she pulls it off soooo well

  56. Shereito Grace

    Shereito Grace22 dias atrás

    Can I just say, the duck made me smile.

  57. Hannah Wacker

    Hannah Wacker22 dias atrás

    Kirsten pulled the sailor costume of really good

  58. Val Orr

    Val Orr22 dias atrás

    mike wears the tub!!!!!

  59. Jennifer Franklin

    Jennifer Franklin23 dias atrás

    "Please name my duck" I literally spit coffee out of my nose! Thanks guys, thanks

  60. Fox Love

    Fox Love23 dias atrás

    The ducks name is Fuck the Duck

  61. Devin But Better

    Devin But Better22 dias atrás


  62. Allyson Yenerall

    Allyson Yenerall23 dias atrás