Wedding Photography Behind the Scenes with the Sony A7III & RIII


  1. kkehoe5

    kkehoe53 dias atrás

    Great video. I have been asked to shoot a wedding for a friend this July, and I have never done anything like that before. This video was a great help. I normally shoot our kid's band performances. I'm pretty sure their wedding will be small and will not have as much going on as this. Now I know that direction is key. I will watch this video at least once a week until the weeding shoot, to hopefully retain everything. I will make a shot list based off what I saw in this video. Keep up the great work.

  2. Dan Watson

    Dan Watson3 dias atrás

    Awesome!!! So glad this helped

  3. Ivan Zapana

    Ivan Zapana9 dias atrás

    *at **15:36** the man says: "this girl always in my way with her camera 🤨 LOL*

  4. Heather Hales

    Heather Hales13 dias atrás

    This is a great video

  5. Luis Calderon

    Luis Calderon15 dias atrás

    Love the video and the way you worked! thanks for sharing!

  6. Nội Đồng Food

    Nội Đồng Food17 dias atrás

    Thank chanel

  7. Richard Kordts

    Richard Kordts18 dias atrás

    The directing makes me cringe

  8. Emily Grace

    Emily Grace23 dias atrás

    I could listen to Sally talk all day... What a calm, collected, quietly in charge but steady and reassuring voice. SOOOO much easier to watch and listen to. THANK YOU for posting these videos on here for those of us who are still working towards making enough to afford Patreon. I'd rather sit through monetized accounts with extra commercials any day when it's helping you to put them over here on youtube to help me. I can't begin to thank you enough.

  9. Al Steiner

    Al Steiner25 dias atrás

    Excellent explanations and great soft skills with the clients. Wow. You're hired😁😁

  10. Nils Ninja

    Nils Ninja28 dias atrás

    Wow Looks so esthetic !!😊 The A7III is a very nice Camera, but i wait of the A7iv, or the A7sIII.. Check my New Wedding Film, thanks advance🙂

  11. Aeson Dadon

    Aeson DadonMês atrás

    Absolutely love this video 🙌🏽

  12. Satyakam Parida

    Satyakam ParidaMês atrás

    That exactly the way I shoot. Hope you can use me one day.

  13. m77ast

    m77astMês atrás

    so nice... I enjoyed this and I dont enjoy many of them...

  14. m77ast

    m77astMês atrás

    Wow you are shooting macro with 24 - 70 mm lens.. That is intense... I guess you are cropping in with no magnification.

  15. Dan Watson

    Dan WatsonMês atrás

    Yeah, a 42MP camera so a crop works great. Never had a bride ask for a large format print of the ring lol

  16. m77ast

    m77astMês atrás

    Look of shear terror - I like that... Be prepared guys... Anything can happen... Be prepared.

  17. Lacie Richards

    Lacie RichardsMês atrás

    What were the camera settings you used?

  18. Max S.

    Max S.Mês atrás

    17:00 The look of the woman next to you^^ "Who's she talking to?"

  19. Max S.

    Max S.Mês atrás

    Isn't the live view the same as Canon's, except the screen can't be moved as much?

  20. Auburn Blue

    Auburn BlueMês atrás

    I noticed for the brides, that you shot BW, does this help "paint" the picture for you?

  21. Auburn Blue

    Auburn BlueMês atrás

    Dan Watson Oh well I mean SOOC. I looked at her live view and it was black and white. I’ve heard of photographers doing this but wondered what her purpose was.

  22. Dan Watson

    Dan WatsonMês atrás

    It's usually based more around the lighting and contrast in the scene whether we go black and white in post

  23. Auburn Blue

    Auburn BlueMês atrás

    My heart dropped right with you on that SD error! I thought it was because of the shoe horn at first. Then when you said the camera was having issues I clutched my pearls.

  24. Ruth Veronica

    Ruth Veronica2 meses atrás

    Luv it!

  25. Lizzie Wandling

    Lizzie Wandling2 meses atrás

    The ‘good’ count had me cracking up , AMAZING video. I’ve been looking for some different ways to shoot. I’m doing my first wedding shoot in a few months and I’m trying to get in my research

  26. Amy Becker

    Amy Becker2 meses atrás

    Would absolutely love to see more videos like this! Super entertaining and informative

  27. Sabir Arsh

    Sabir Arsh2 meses atrás

    Nice picture cen you please take my daughter widdeng pictures please.

  28. jose angel garcia jr.

    jose angel garcia jr.2 meses atrás

    This was fun to watch

  29. Theresa. Bellagala

    Theresa. Bellagala2 meses atrás

    Towards the end of a first dance, my screen flashed "This card is corrupt and cannot be used". Once you get too close to the end, memory wise, it says that. Images were fine, card was fine, but memory was done. #mildheartattack

  30. Keana Conyers

    Keana Conyers2 meses atrás

    k ending made me cry 😭

  31. Mohamed Salim Shaikh

    Mohamed Salim Shaikh3 meses atrás

    keep long exposure NR off to avoid card error coz it takes time to...

  32. Gleb

    Gleb3 meses atrás

    Great video

  33. po mong

    po mong3 meses atrás

    looking nice

  34. Passion M

    Passion M3 meses atrás

    This is such a great video👌

  35. Dan Watson

    Dan Watson3 meses atrás

    Thank you so much!!

  36. David Howard

    David Howard3 meses atrás

    I must say this is awesome. Nice to watch another togs view and without some form of advert to pay them for a subscription. Well done. Also is there a way to get sparklers that size in the UK?

  37. Tyler

    Tyler3 meses atrás

    Sally’s demeanor is so warm and inviting with your clients. That’s awesome. Thanks for showing behind the scenes.

  38. Galaxy Jazz

    Galaxy Jazz3 meses atrás


  39. gurudeclan

    gurudeclan3 meses atrás

    10:50 truly nightmarish editing. Sorry, but it's really bad. Shooting posed shots against a window with no flash, you weren't doing yourself any favors, even before you added the nails in the coffin with photoshop.

  40. victor mendoza

    victor mendoza3 meses atrás

    Beautiful job, I'm curious, I don't see any external light or flash in the getting ready part, how you get the correct exposition? in particular agains the window?.Thanks

  41. Dan Watson

    Dan Watson3 meses atrás

    We work with that in post typically because I don't like using lights during these moments. Most cameras can push the shadows without issue. We do use flash at the reception

  42. Justin vargas

    Justin vargas3 meses atrás

    Wow! This was amazing. Thanks so much for this video 👏👏👏

  43. I am Orazio

    I am Orazio4 meses atrás

    With wich AF are you focusing? Do you use the center focus? I switched from Canon to Sony a7iii and i had a lot of issues with the AF. Unrelible and slow. I like to shoot with the Center focus but i feel like the sony isn‘t good in that.

  44. Dan Watson

    Dan Watson4 meses atrás

    So we have eye AF turned on usually with a large spot if there are multiple people with the spot on the subject or wide if there is only 1 subject. Honestly I think it's the best AF system I've ever used

  45. Chris Mayne

    Chris Mayne4 meses atrás

    Wtaf is this, made me cringe like hell as a photographer I’ve always wanted to get the moments that are unexpected, a one in a life time shot natural, dancing laughing, not staged and tell the bride and groom what they can and can’t do, it’s there wedding day, your not shooting a movie, you should be able to get all the shots that you did but without asking

  46. GullWing Storm

    GullWing Storm4 meses atrás

    The groom shots - total James Bond.

  47. rosa gonzalez

    rosa gonzalez4 meses atrás

    what editing software do you use for pictures?

  48. Dan Watson

    Dan Watson4 meses atrás

    Adobe Lightroom

  49. Glenn Guiao

    Glenn Guiao4 meses atrás

    yikes sony lagged on you?

  50. fabien Delmas

    fabien Delmas4 meses atrás

    did you made that shooting session before or after the actual wedding ? cause it look like it took a lot of time and prep to do it + a lot of direction , + do you need that much of a setup ? i feel like there is a bit too much of "pretend to do that and that" and not enough genuine moment , i love being a shadow and shoot really candid moment and this feel a lil bit too setup imo i mean you got amazing shot but i feel like maybe when they are gonna look at thoses shots after wards they are gonna remember thoses setups etc in weddings the goal is to capture thoses moment and not creating them no ? maybe i'm wrong i'm only getting into weddings so anyway that was really interesting to see how you worked on that wedding and was really nice to see a different vision than mine i would actually try some tips and ideas so thanks :)

  51. Aj Thrailkill

    Aj Thrailkill4 meses atrás

    Honestly I don’t know why you insist on getting more of the trees in frame then the actual subjects.

  52. Adam Jobs

    Adam Jobs4 meses atrás

    I wonder what the couple will feel later in life when they look back on these staged memories that in reality didn't even happen, because in most part they only pretended doing stuff they were told. Its kind of fake and the fact that these memories are recreated over and over for almost every couple takes away even the slightest originality of these shots.

  53. Jessica Witherspoon

    Jessica Witherspoon4 meses atrás

    The houses in the background just don’t make for nice shots, in my opinion. I would have moved them somewhere else.

  54. jazroa

    jazroa4 meses atrás

    excellent BTS coverage, your direction was amazing! thank you for sharing!

  55. Jorge Rossi

    Jorge Rossi4 meses atrás

    Sony A7III the best camera

  56. Rudy Rodriguez Jr.

    Rudy Rodriguez Jr.4 meses atrás

    Great video on wedding photography!

  57. prince. king

    prince. king4 meses atrás

    Nice photography but some click good Your short good night mode like all's people stand here OR groom bridal short all people hand fire 🔥

  58. Lodis Brothers

    Lodis Brothers4 meses atrás

    The videographers always in the way? I mean, he needs to do his job too right? weddings are fast-paced and decisions are being made on a minute-by-minute basis. Work as a team, there is so much that can be accomplished. it’s important to work together, and not against each other. Be a team and not opponents. Both photographers and videographers are at the wedding with the same goal - to capture wonderful videos and photos. It’s about the couple and their special day, and your goal is to save it for them. So, help each other out! Another typical wedding photographer thinks she’s superior. Unsubscribing. btw, your directing sucks

  59. Phiron J

    Phiron J4 meses atrás

    I love your work. You did amazing job.

  60. Reem Khattar

    Reem Khattar4 meses atrás

    His left shoulder/sleeve was off in the beginning that I was just like: PLEASE TELL HIM TO FIX IT!

  61. Raphael Hohler

    Raphael Hohler4 meses atrás

    Sorry, i maybe missed that, but which lens mm did you use? 16-35 2.8 and 70-200 2.8?

  62. Dan Watson

    Dan Watson4 meses atrás

    24-70 and 70-200 F2.8 almost exclusively

  63. Matias Marin

    Matias Marin4 meses atrás

    Subtitulos please español

  64. Mavic_Mitch

    Mavic_Mitch4 meses atrás

    Your husband does a great job with color grading footage!

  65. Dan Watson

    Dan Watson4 meses atrás

    Appreciate that!!!

  66. Gabriel Vivio

    Gabriel Vivio4 meses atrás

    What focus mode do you use for most of your shots throughout the day ?

  67. Dan Watson

    Dan Watson4 meses atrás

    Now we use wide or single point with eye AF turned on for almost everything

  68. Mari Berg

    Mari Berg5 meses atrás

    Can anyone tell something about the results of pictures taken with all the light coming from the window as a background as in 11:08?

  69. Pastel Collection

    Pastel Collection5 meses atrás

    I'm over here terrified that there isn't a strap lol But seriously enjoyed seeing this

  70. Peter Kramm

    Peter Kramm5 meses atrás

    This is a great video as Im about to leave to the brides house LOL - thanks for the tips

  71. Jubair Bin Iqbal

    Jubair Bin Iqbal5 meses atrás